BOTTOM LINE:  THE ‘’OFFICIAL GLOBAL TEMPERATURE’’ IS: ALL THE HEAT IN THE TROPOSPHERE OVERALL, is ‘’the EARTH’s GLOBAL  TEMPERATURE’’ Forget about USA temp, or Arctic ice, or Antarctic, or Mediterranean, temp in your oven, or heat stored in the sea, in the fossil fuel, or heat stored in plutonium, or in new trees. All the heat they have is: ‘’STORED HEAT’’. Unless is ‘’ALL’’ the heat combined in the troposphere ‘’ONLY’’ and NOTHING MORE = everything else is  misleading / smokescreen for confusion by the Warmist; ignorance, by the Fake Skeptics! Cut the rot / dead wood; to get to the solid proofs / facts.  Cross the irrelevant zeroes – cut the ‘’empty talk’’

2] USING ‘’SEA TEMPERATURE’’ AS ‘’ part of the GLOBAL TEMPERATURE, IS SAME AS INCLUDING THE STORED HEAT IN THE CENTER OF THE EARTH. Con!!! Seawater temp is very important for meteorologist = rain or dry days ahead. Climatologist using the sea-temp anomaly, is only proof of their misleading lies, or ignorance!!!

3] USING THE AMOUNT OF ICE on the polar caps, as indicator for increasing / decreasing of the GLOBAL temperature – is another sleazy / dirty CON JOB! Other factors influence the amount of ice on the polar caps, NOT imaginary increased temp. Average polar temp is minus -30C / water freezes at zero C. That means: needs the planet to warm up by 30C, the temp to start melting the ice. Anybody suggest warmer planet by 30C?! it depends on: A] amount of row material reaching the polar caps for renewal the ice b] speed of the currents below the ice on Arctic C] depends how much freshwater drains from the Russian rivers and that water spreads on the top of the heavy / salty water and protect the ice from the salty water – less or more freshwater makes big difference. By the way: when is ”less” ice on Arctic’s waters -> USA & Europe have harsher / colder winters; laws of physics.

4] ’SEA TEMPERATURE’’ Forget about the temperature in the sea; submarine volcanoes /hot vents when active, increase the temp. Because the earth’s crust is much thinner on the bottom of the oceans; 97% of the active volcanoes / hot vents are on the bottom of the sea, plus: 95% of ‘’the Faulty Line’’ is on the bottom of the sea / most of the activity is around the ‘’faulty lines’’– all that heat released there, is 100% absorbed in the water and spread by the currents B] there is no difference if that heat is still part of the hot magma in the centre of the earth / geothermal heat, or is in the sea-water – that heat is unofficial earth’s heat; same as heat stored in plutonium, or stored in the new trees. Not an OFFICIAL GLOBAL HEAT. ‘Official heat’’ is same as cash – ‘’unofficial heat’’ is as ‘’assets’’  Not surprising,  Warmist are cherry-picking and including the energy stored in the sea; but not energy stored in the new planted trees, or the geothermal heat. Because is suitable for brainwashing, but not the other.

The instance stored heat is released into the troposphere – oxygen & nitrogen (troposphere) by expanding INSTANTLY – waste that extra heat in less than 10 minutes; which was previously stored. But, O&N cannot waste the heat that is ‘’STORED’’ in the center of the earth, or stored in the trees, or stored in the sea-water, or in the fossil fuel, or stored in the plutonium, before is released. (assets are wasted, after they are converted into cash). Fakes on the other hand, are too close behind the Warmist – because of being too close to the Warmist butts, the Fake Skeptics can’t see the reality. Unless the Fakes learn to distinguish between ‘’official’’ and ‘’unofficial’’ ‘’GLOBAL heat’’ they will stay as the ‘’Warmist Puppets’’ born losers = Warmist will keep talking via Fake’s mouths…  the Fakes Skeptics will keep doing the Warmist’ dirty job… (I’m glad that we cleared that one out)

5]winds, ruff sea; cools the surface water by evaporation– winds and ruff sea change locations and strength constantly. Winds from land onto the sea and from sea to land are constant = monitoring in details is theoretically impossible. Nobody can and does monitor, on the 2/3 of the planet = reports are useless and empty talk – apart for confusion and brainwashing. C] below the surface of the water; if is 10cm of 20C, and 55m of 23C; or is the opposite, nobody notices the difference; even though is tremendous difference in the AMOUNT of stored heat. B]‘Self adjusting’’ in seawater, heat regulation is ignored also: as soon as it gets warmer water than normal -> evaporation increases – evaporation is the cooling process. Plus, when evaporation increases -> cloud cover increases – cloud cover over the sea or land gives (I’ve given it in my book the name ‘shade-cloth effect’’. Like sun-umbrella for the land / sea -> clouds intercept big part of the sunlight high above the sea / land = less heat in the seawater – brilliant ‘’self-adjusting mechanism’’ ** Instead, the Shonks declared the non-existent extra heat(missing heat) as: stored heat in the sea…? WOW!!! Double lie, first, that extra heat doesn’t exist. B] if there was any ‘’extra heat’’ in the sea, nobody would have known ( because nobody is monitoring on every depth. Latitude and longitude) C] when is the water on part of some oceans ‘’warmer than regular’’ is from submarine volcanoes and hot vents.

C]Tectonic plate’s locomotion is same as yours – left foot – right foot. You don’t go 10 passes with your left foot, than start with the other. Same with tectonic plates – on some parts move = increased movement – activates the submarine volcanoes + hot vents -> is El Nino – then other parts readjust and create La Nina = increase heat / evaporation on some places – decrease on others. Around Australia is constantly monitored the water temp SOI, but why is happening, is a taboo, because in the climatologist Pagan beliefs, the sun suppose to be doing it. WRONG! Sun Not guilty!! It’s same sunlight where is El Nino and La Nina. Some years SOI is neutral / boring; in other words: not much movement of the plates. On the other hand, ‘’extreme’’ La Nina or El Nino are associated with big earthquakes, tsunamis. Sun-flares, sunspots are affecting electronic gadgets, but not the overall global temperature! Same as: solar eclipse doesn’t produce enough extra coldness, to cool one beer. Even though reflects a lot of sunlight, but O&N shrink instantly / release less heat for the duration of the eclipse – temp overall stays the same!!!

D] moist / dry winds, increase / decrease regularly – lots of evaporation = cooling of the water happens at night… but for them is important only the ‘’hottest minute’’ E] yesterday’s rain brought coldness from high up and cooled the ‘’surface’’ water; below hasn’t changed – but record will show: the Whole ocean as colder by 2C. F] When humidity increases above the sea -> evaporation / cooling decreases. SATELLITE DATA IS THE MOST INACCURATE, otherwise they would have used satellite collected temperature for the land also; wouldn’t have to waste millions of dollars on thousands of people to record temperature for every day on land. Energy / heat in the troposphere is 3 (three) dimensional. It’s stupid data for immature people. Designed exclusively for the fundamentalist and for the Urban Sheep. Instead of monitoring the temperature in the 10-11km of the atmosphere, above the sea – WHICH IS THE BIGGEST PART OF THE ‘’OFFICIAL EARTH’s temp” instead they are into the water temperature, but completely ignore the official temp ABOVE the water; WOW, that’s called: ‘’CON AND A HALF!’’

‘’Sea-water temp is ESSENTIAL for meteorologists – tool for misleading about ‘’OVERALL ‘’GLOBAL’’ temp for the ‘’climatologists Swindlers’’

2]Forget about Arctic temperature, or surface temperature, or Antarctic temp; they are all for confusing the ‘’already confused’’ The whole temp of the troposphere is earth’s temperature!!! If one is taken on Arctic in July, was warmer than normal, England was warmer than normal in May, Brazil in December was warmer than normal, Australia was warmer than normal in January, they are emphasizing – but avoid / overlook places that was colder that normal at those same times at OTHER PLACES… it’s all meaningless crap. Smokescreen / puling wool over ignorant eyes. To get from 10 light years away from the truth, down to only 9 light years: they should take on every monitoring place temperature simultaneously, on the whole planet. For example: at 12 pm Greenwich time to be taken temp on every monitoring place on the planet; then to take it at 8am Greenwich time ‘’on the whole planet’’ and compare those two. Lets call it: ’People’s request, model for monitoring’’

3]Forget about the temperature in the stratosphere. That temp doesn’t fluctuate. B] in the stratosphere are gases as aerosol, helium, ozone. Those gases just seat / spin there and never come to the ground to bring any coldness = they are irrelevant for the planet’s temperature regulation. Are used frequently, for confusion. B]  There is no methane in the stratosphere, it’s a lie. Methane sinks in the ground, because is produced together with other compounds. If some goes up in the atmosphere  at night – as soon as reaches altitude where is sunlight, UV, infrared; zaps it instantly and turns every molecule of methane into 2 molecules of water and one CO2. Staying 10y in the air, is a lie!

4] Forget about cherry picking, always is someplace warmer than normal; unless the Swindler finds out and reports the other place where is colder than normal; he is lying to you; or fundamentalist is usually lying to himself also / reassurance, fear of reality.

5]Forget about the heat in the smelters, converting ores into metals / my oven was yesterday 240C, making roast; does that means that GLOBAL temp is gone up by 225c? Idiots! Energy that came from the sun yesterday and was locked in the trees or crops – then released in 6months or 25y (the word: ‘’energy budget’’ is crap – energy budget = honesty deficient; sky is the limit). Red soil absorbs more heat than rocks – irrelevant if released in the air at 12pm or 11am. It’s not difference than; them talking about the energy locked into the fossil fuel, or into the atoms = con job. Those ‘’energy budgets, positive / negative signals and albedos’’ should all go into Hansen’s & Plimer’s arrses. Sand exchanges heat different than red clay. Fundamentalists from both camps: Q: what’s the difference if CO2 in the air releases the heat 2minutes before, during, or 10minutes after the ‘’hottest minute of the day?! Grow up, guys!! When is windy – oceans cool more; is it windy at same time of the day / night at every place of every sea?! Who is monitoring the fluctuation, is all that data included in the Shonky’s models?!

Rocks and clay don’t go up towards the stratosphere, to release / waste heat and exchange it for coldness. It’s the oxygen + nitrogen; they are 998999ppm, stupid! The amount of wool the Warmist pulled over the Fake Skeptic’s eyes; to keep the Fakes warm and cook their brains, is bigger than Mt Ararat. They will start ‘’researching’’ if the stew, goulash, soup, or french-fries have bigger energy budget and which of them is releasing heat faster ‘’and producing GLOBAL warming… As long as the Fakes are assisting them. There is money to be made on shonky researches. There is no money into acknowledging that: ‘’overall global temp is ALWAYS the same; that’s what the laws of physics and my formulas say!!! Fakes will ‘’search’’ for the ‘’non-existent missing heat’’ in the galaxy and ‘’stupid galactic dust, in sunspots, under the rocks and in the Warmist’ crevices; as part of doing the Warmist dirty job

6]Forget if the sea-level goes up or down, that has noting to do with any phony GLOBAL warming. There are real reasons for it.  ***

7]Forget about the ice on the polar caps + glaciers. They don’t depend on temperature.  Up there average temp is minus -30C. On the land, ice is melted from below, by the geothermal heat / on the sea is melted by the salty water / sweater can melt ice below zero centigrade. Ice regularly sacrifice some of itself – melts and as freshwater separates the rest of the ice from the salty water. B] if the currents increase speed -> take that ‘’freshwater’’ away – needs more and more ice to melt = less, or no ice. 2] 80% of the Russian rivers drain into the arctic – that freshwater spreads on the top of the heavier salty water and shields the ice from the salt. Less water drains from the rivers = less ice on arctic -> the con-artists from both camps are blaming the phony GLOBAL warming. Then next year more freshwater from the rivers drain and protects / creates extra ice -> the Fake Skeptics start beating themselves in the chest that: it’s more ice, must be colder planet… which is even more stupid and wrong, than what the Warmist promote. More ice / less ice; 100% depends on the availability of raw material for renewal of the ice every winter. That raw material ‘’water vapor’’  in the air, is treated as ‘’ bad for the climate’’ by the fanatics from both camps. Are Sahara and Brazil not big enough differences, as proofs, to notice the truth?

On Antarctic ice is melted constantly; day and night; summer and winter, by the geothermal heat. Needs replenishing every season. In El Nino year – more moisture goes on the side of Antarctic that is supplied with moisture from the eastern part of south Pacific – Antarctic peninsula gets more ice created -> the Fake Skeptics get in overdrive: yes, yes, there is more ice; planet must be getting colder!!! Then La Nina comes -> Warmist start with their bigger noise: look, look; ice is disappearing, panic, BOO!!! What a science… what a criminals… They cannot see and connect that: Australia gets one year more rain on the East-coast, another year on the west-coast. Well, rain is made from the same thing that replenishes the ice on the polar caps, idiots! Instead of paying attention to that thing, extra  ‘’water vapor’’ creation – the maggot brains are into CO2 molesting

They will stop molesting the ‘’ESSENTIAL CO2’’ when the people on the street know that: as soon as heat is released from wood, coal, volcanoes, smelter, plutonium, from the sea, from your oven, into the air; ‘’then it becomes /belongs as ‘’GLOBAL temperature’’. Oxygen & nitrogen cannot get read of the heat that is stored in the seawater or in the volcano, before is released into the atmosphere – when is released, no matter how much extra – O&N get read of it in less than 10 minutes. No matter if its heat in your room, backyard, Arctic, equator, 2-40-700m  in the air, or on 1-5-20km altitude. That is GLOBAL temperature. ALL OF IT, COMBINED!!!

Cherry picking every day; is for confusion, not science. For the last 20 years they have being cherry picking for warmer places – they could have being successfully cherry picking for COLDER places than normal, also; because simultaneously always is colder than normal on other places. Same as moving dollar coins from one pocket into the others = you have pockets with more dollars / but simultaneously have pockets with less dollars. That doesn’t make you richer or poorer = that doesn’t make GLOBAL warming; if England or Texas is warmer than normal, because some other places is colder than normal at that same time. Same goes for the Fakes to know: if Texas, England get colder than normal – it doesn’t mean that the WHOLE planet is getting colder! It only means that: the Fakes are even more stupid than the Warmist B] some other places simultaneously is warmer. Not very complicated, is it?

GLOBAL cooling is for the Fakes, if is colder than normal some places – because is warmer other places, or warmer in upper atmosphere. HEAT in the TROPOSPHERE IS THREE DIMENSIONAL, and changes every few minutes on different latitudes / altitudes!!! Using in account the temp only 2m above the ground, on few places; is top stupidity. Must be the warmth in the ‘’WHOLE’’ troposphere taken into account! All other crappy staff is for creating zombies / fanatics / rip-off and destruction of the democratic west. CO2 is increasing, not a hint of GLOBAL warming; fake Skeptics are looking for reasons why. Because isn’t such a thing, idiots, stop helping the Warmist. The Fake Skeptics are the biggest Sadomasochists. Stop looking for the ‘’imaginary’’ missing heat in the galaxy, sunspots, or under the rocks, or in the Warmist’s crevices; to shield the Warmist. Warmist must present the extra warming – or admit guilt. Not when the Fake psychos are looking for the missing phony  heat – instead of demanding justice for the Warmist Swindlers.

IF THE ”SKEPTICS” DIDN’T EXIST – WARMIST WOULD HAVE INVENTED THEM. Many of them are actually Warmist – as ”pretend Skeptics – to give impression that they are arguing about the non-existent GLOBAL warming – which they all support, by using loaded comments, as: -”because of the ”GLOBAL warming” since the 60’s..” NO, fellas, in the 70’s the same shonky profession was promoting: ”Nuclear Winter for year 2000” BECAUSE OF CO2 DIMMING EFFECT. B] or: it’s natural GLOBAL warming since the last ”LIA”……….. WRONG!!!  LIA wasn’t GLOBAL cooling – it was colder than normal in Europe for few weeks in the year, wasn’t colder the WHOLE planet, you Sadomasochists!!! Stop shooting yourself in the foot with a machine-gun.

When any extra heat is released, or produced in the air / troposphere; on the place / places released -> that O+N expand upwards, according to the extra amount of heat released. Intercept EXTRA coldness, to equalize, than instantly shrink again; not to redirect too much extra coldness. That’s what regulates the global temperature. Any other heat than the heat in the troposphere; is a smokescreen. No matter if is Arctic’s, Antarctic’s heat, or heat in the sea, or heat stored in the atoms, in the fossil fuel, or in your oven; ONLY becomes GLOBAL temp, when is released in the air, not before. All the solar/galactic influences on the earth’s climate is much less than one Al Gore’s fart!  Phony Skeptics, go and catch that fart, to prevent your phony GLOBAL warmings.

1] Presenting the unreliable ‘’IRRELEVANT’’ seawater temperature; to insinuate that the WHOLE planet is warmer, or colder; is bottom of the septic tank job / science!!!

2] presenting the amount of ice on Arctic ocean; as indicator of warmer / colder, the Whole planet; is from the bottom off the same septic tank! B] Where Greenland has 1km thick ice – on Same latitude, in Finland, Norway tomatoes are growing – on SAME latitude in Siberia is permafrost (permafrost is desert in a cold country) Climatologist not knowing that: the amount of ice on the polar caps depend on the ‘’availability of raw material’’ to replenish the ice deficit – is not a climatologist; but an arrogant dumb lunatic… or a professional extremist Swindler. Nobody knows what was the earth’s temperature last year, to save his life – the Fakes ”pretend” to know exact temperature for hundreds and thousands of years ago= by that, only advertising their dishonesty and stupidity; as born losers…

All the Warmist and most of the Skeptics work on atmosphere without oxygen & nitrogen; as if the atmosphere was made exclusively from CO2 & methane, big mistake.


 All normal greenhouses have solid glass roof. Glass is transparent for the sunlight; but ‘’SOLID’’ prevents hot air of getting out. On the other hand; CO2 is NOT transparent for the sunlight – intercepts sunlight high up = less comes to the ground.

 b] CO2 & water vapor are less than 3% of the atmosphere, the rest is oxygen &nitrogen. Which means: ‘’ if one removes 97% of the roof off a normal greenhouse – that wouldn’t be a greenhouse anymore!’’ When there is a small hole on the roof of a normal greenhouse – farmer instantly plugs the hole – heat not to escape out. Warmist are lying for profit and power / why are the ‘’Skeptics’’ misleading for, by referring CO2 &H2O as ‘’Greenhouse Gases?! Because of ignorance, or b: because they are born losers??

There is no such a thing as warmer the WHOLE planet – therefore, the Warmist don’t have a case / it’s all lies; but the Fakes are covering up the Warmist lies / shame – by inventing phony GLOBAL warmings = the ”Skeptics” became Warmist’ Fig Leafs

why is rising CO2 in the air seen as bad? Why depletion of the essential molecule CO2 is not seen as bad?!

Rain washes the CO2 into the sea, the more of it is – the more it washes down. Coral, algae, shellfish collect CO2 from the water – when they are dead -> get buried and cemented carbon for millions of years in form of limestone… Before the industrial revolution, CO2 was depleted to critically low level for the trees & crops. What’s wrong of having a bit more of it?!!! DOESN’T FIT THE CONTEMPORARY PROPAGANDA!!!


If there wasn’t one molecule of CO2 in the atmosphere; temperature would have being exactly the same as it is now – because CO2 has NOTHING to do with the temp; which is completely / 100% regulated by oxygen &nitrogen.


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