Global Warming ”OR” Climate Change

Yes, Global Warming ”OR”  Climate Change? 

Those are two different things – climate is in constant change – ‘’global’’ warmings are a con. Obviously the leading Warmist know that; reason they don’t call themselves: ‘’Intergovernmental  Panel for Global Warming’’ because they obviously know that isn’t any GLOBAL warming!

Wet/sunny weather – good/bad weather = that’s weather; for few days.

Summer climate – winter climate – sea-level climate – high altitude climate – tropical climate – temperate climate – desert climate – rainforest climate – wet climate – dry climate; BUT, sometimes wet climate gets dry / dry climate gets wet / rains. On the other hand, ‘’GLOBAL’’ warming, or global cooling overall doesn’t exist – that’s what the NORMAL laws of physics say! Some places gets hotter days than previous years – other places instantly / simultaneously gets colder days (but warmer nights) than previous years – otherwise the winds would have stopped; the planet is a big place! Q: can you prevent going from ”winter climate” into ”summer climate” by imposing carbon tax?

Past and future ”GLOBAL” warmings are phony BUT: climate always changed in the past, and always will change in the future; and that is essential, H2O changes the climate, not COT. The best proof that: the climate was always changing in the past, is: in most of the critters and plants – most of their genes have degenerated / useless, those are the ”junk genes” BUT: the ”genes for adaptation and diversification” are still alive, functioning in every plant and critter – to keep those genes functioning; that’s why the good lord made climate to be in constant change. The old saying: ”use it or lose it” couldn’t be more truth; whoever said that, must have being a clever person.

B]Concentrating on a small place difference in temp and referring it as ‘’GLOBAL’’ was the basic climatologist lie since Darwin published his book= they started playing god…? climatologist didn’t start lying in the 80’s, lying was always their bread and butter. C] ”Skeptics” using the shonky ”proxy data” are assisting blindly the Warmist – if the skeptics didn’t exist – the Warmist would have invented them…

The story goes: heat is ‘’radiating’’ from the ground up to the stratosphere B] from CO2 in the atmosphere – heat ‘’radiates’’ down towards the ground and keeps the planet warm. In reality, ‘’radiation’’ of heat is very, very lousy, because in-between is lots and lots of oxygen & nitrogen; which are very good ‘’Insulators’’ of heat! The Truth:

1]Listen to this: from a campfire of 700C – radiates only about 3feet, that’s from 700C. The ground, especially in the tropics, gets hot up to 70C-80C, and it ‘’radiates’’ heat about a foot; that’s why dogs suffer much more than human from heat in the tropics, because dog’s head is about a foot from the ground / definitely the heat is not ‘’radiating’’ from the ground for tens of km up into the atmosphere! Everybody knows that: in the fridge walls / door and in the walls of the cool box is air/ oxygen& nitrogen, to insulate heat from coldness, BUT, when it comes to the phony GLOBAL warming… everybody forgets the insulating properties of those two gases. Actually, everybody forgets that those two gases even exist in the atmosphere… precursor of all evil.
In the thermos flask bottle is kept your coffee hot for a whole day, by a small amount of O2&N2 trapped in the walls of the bottle! From the ground to the stratosphere there is 30km tick layer of those two gases = no ”radiation” like that, as promoted, exist!

So, the soil radiates heat a foot above the ground -> horizontal winds collect that heat; and then: the heated air / O&N try to expand – because of the atmospheric pressure – the heated air instead get squeezed upwards, to 2-3km up; when super-heated gases from volcano or atom bomb go to the end of the troposphere and even jumps a foot into the stratosphere (troposphere is; from the ground, up to where is oxygen and nitrogen. O.K, it does the same as: if you start to blow up a balloon on the bottom of the pool, or just get a tennis ball to the bottom of the swimming pool and release it – it will instantly go to the surface and even jump a bit into the air. So, when the hot air goes up, where air is very tin -> expands and releases the heat in that very cold place -> becomes gets very cold -> instantly shrinks and, as heavier per volume from the air below -> that air sinks back down as shotgun pellets, to take more heat. In other words: oxygen & nitrogen are ‘’SHUTTLING the heat up’’ not by the Warmist stupid ‘’radiation’’ of heat, but the vertical winds! That is; the ‘’vertical’’ winds that people with hang-gliders are using, keeps them up in the air for hours, b] the strength of hot air lifts half a ton hot air balloon up. That air in the upper troposphere can never get hot for more than few minutes; because the ”cold vacuum” that we are traveling trough – penetrates in the ”thinner air” every 9 minutes! The earth cannot take with her the ”warmed cold vacuum” because it doesn’t have friction or gravity! The earth is traveling at 108000kmh – that makes that the earth is into ”NEW  cold vacuum” every 9 minutes!!!

2] in the morning, the sunlight can see the CO2 close to the ground – warms it up, and by 9am, most of the CO2 lifts high up to 5-7km altitude. Up there is very cold from the constantly ”new cold vacuum” zooming trough – sunlight keeps the CO2 just a bit warmer than the surrounding air, so that it will stay there all day. In the evening, by sundown, CO2 loses the benefit from the sunlight -> cools instantly and falls down to the ground; that’s the time when the trees, crops are gorging themselves on the good stuff. (at night CO2 is close to the ground as invisible fog)

Which means: ‘’during the day, when the sunlight is on; on that high altitude CO2 cannot get much ‘’warm’’ it’s about zero degree centigrade up there, even in the tropics – that ‘’heat’’ of around zero centigrade cannot warm the warmer air down close to the surface, for a start heat goes only upwards, not down B] you guessed correctly: that heat from the CO2 molecule cannot ‘’radiate’’ to far below; because in the atmosphere, every CO2 molecule is surrounded by lots of O2&N2, as perfect heat insulators! C] experiment: take a red hot iron and place it one foot below your feet -> you will feel the heat, Then place it a foot above your head – you will not feel the heat. Because under the ‘’normal’’ laws of physics: heat goes upwards / coldness goes down. In other words: warmed oxygen, CO2 and nitrogen, when warmed extra, they instantly expand and go up. Speaking of ”radiating heat” is naive; should be referred as: ”O&N SHUTTLING HEAT”:  The truth: Warmist theory busted!!! Can you see why both camps are trying to silence me? Why not one of them mentions ever: ‘’oxygen and nitrogen’’ as if they didn’t exist..  they are 998999ppm in the troposphere. 

Same as in normal greenhouse glass roof – oxygen &nitrogen let the sunlight trough to warm up the ground – then same as glass roof, O2&N2 are slowing down cooling = O2&N2 are the real ‘’greenhouse gases’’. Those two gases don’t exist on the moon. B] CO2 is wrongly referred as a ‘’greenhouse gas’’ because of the minuscule amount; it’s same as putting a postage stamp instead of a roof on the greenhouse – then ad up another 3 postage stamps to represent water vapor, still 99% of the roof would be still open. So much about CO2&H2O being greenhouse gases = all is CON!

And Another Thing:

They ‘’compare: ’’the moon and Venus with the earth; because the moon doesn’t have CO2, earth has some, and Venus has a lot of it = in their opinion reason Venus is the hottest, is CO2’’ 

But, they conveniently overlook that: the moon doesn’t have oxygen &nitrogen – Venus has a bit, but the earth has a lot of it + water; not much water on the moon, or on Venus, is it? They never say that: on the side that is night on Venus, is COLDER than on Antarctic; because the night is 4 months long= they are not comparing apple with oranges, but are comparing apples with a watermelon

On the earth, sunlight goes trough transparent oxygen &nitrogen and warms the surface – then are ‘’slowing’’ cooling at night, because between the surface and the stratosphere, there is 30km thick layer of O2&N2. On the moon on the other hand – as soon as it gets dark, the coldness of over    -100C is touching the ground, instantly. Therefore, on the earth lots of heat is left for next day, AND 2/3 of the earth’s surface is covered with water, which releases heat even slower. How come nobody from both camps cannot notice all that water on the earth, and ALL the oxygen and nitrogen? See what an intensive bias propaganda  can do to grown up people?

2] Venus is closer to the sun and concentration of sunlight per square meter is greater than on the earth or the moon. B] because Venus is closer to the sun; because the sun is much larger / because of the proximity to the sun – about 52% of the surface of Venus is under permanent sunlight and that is accumulative heat created / on the earth is only 50% of the surface area under sunlight. C] on Venus both polar caps are under ‘’permanent’’ sunlight / on the earth one polar cap or the other is in darkness all the time, big difference, isn’t it? On Venus, during the day, the CO2 atmosphere absorbs the sunlight; only about 600m of oxygen is on the surface – when it gets dark, the CO2 atmosphere loses the benefit of sunlight and drops to the surface and pushes the small amount of oxygen outside. That oxygen when spreads on the top of the CO2 atmosphere – slows cooling of the CO2 atmosphere below, even though by than is only 400m thick – that’s enough to keep the heat below. Remember: in the fridge walls and in the hot thermos only few millimeters of oxygen& nitrogen prevent radiation, the heat from escaping?!

And Another Thing:

Skeptics say: Greenland’s ice melted in the past; and because of that, the sealevel was higher by 7m than today, simple arithmetic. So, the Warmist ‘’predicted’’ that: Greenland’s ice will melt again from the non existent global warming and whoosh, will rise the sealevel again! Panic!

Reality: on few places indicates that sea-level was higher, maybe by 7m, I will not argue how much exactly. 2] northern half of Greenland is almost on the north poll – which means: on the northern half of the island, the average temp is -70C, that’s 71C below melting point. If the planet was warmer by 71C, so that the ice can melt = on the equatorial regions the temp would have being 106C, that’s 6C above water boiling point. Everything, trees, animals and bacteria would have cooked in one hour flat, sterilized / evaporated everything… did that really happened?

The truth: for over 100 000 years Gibraltar was closed. There was land bridge between Africa and Spain – the Mediterranean sea didn’t have any contact with Atlantic. 2] about 60 000 years ago, human discovered how to make fire artificially, by rubbing two sticks of wood. Before that, fire was only coming from electric storm – that fire didn’t spread, because was associated with rain; and fire was occasionally created by volcano eruption, which was localized and not regular.

With artificial fire, was regularly, every season – after 20-30 fires on the same place – burns all the vegetation and nutrients; vegetation didn’t come back anymore. Human created big deserts on every continent, just by rubbing two sticks. The mongrels had lots of fun with fires, wasn’t any helicopters, to put the fires off… (which means: human is powerful enough, to destroy the climate by creating deserts – also human is powerful enough, to bring water back in the desert and re-vegetate – only if it wasn’t today’s sick propaganda that: ‘’ CO2 changes the climate’’) 

So, they turned Sahara into desert- desert creates dry heat – evaporation in the Mediterranean sea increased. There wasn’t enough tributaries, to replace the deficit of water evaporated. Creeks and rivers in Sahara dried, Nile decreased water = Mediterranean sea dried – when I say Mediterranean, it included Adriatic, Ionian sea, Aegean and the sea of Marmara (they are all connected) When those seas dried, also Black sea, Aral and Caspian dried, because they are even further away from the ocean. Well, where was all that water gone? Yes, you are correct; that water was gone in the oceans. Those, then ‘’inland seas’’ now they contain twice as much water, than all the water that is trapped in the Greenland’s ice – that’s the water in the past that made the ocean’s level to rise, NOT water from Greenland’s ice! Please note: that scenario today is not possible, because Gibraltar is opened for business; there is direct contact from Atlantic to Black sea. Greenland not guilty!! 

And Another Thing:

Skeptics bit themselves in the chest: 17 years of no ‘’significant’’ warming, they think that will bring them victory…?

In reality, that’s the sneakiest trick the Warmist have pulled. Reality: even if there was any warming, or cooling, they wouldn’t know – because nobody is monitoring on 99,999999999999% of the whole planet. The truth: ‘’by stating that was no ‘’significant’’ warming – the Warmist succeed two things a] to build trust, that they are honest – that’s the most important for any crooked person – Because is in the Warmist’ computers – they can lift the temperature again, when it suits them and b] they don’t say that it didn’t warmed, but ‘’no significant’’ warming…  Which means: ‘’they can monitor even ‘’insignificant’’ warming – WOW! Nobody is monitoring on 99,999999999% of the planet, but they can come up with even ‘’insignificant’’ warming = mother of all lies – unfortunately, the ‘’Skeptics’’ are buying the crap  (stand by, they are for a big shock)

And Another Thing:

Some people don’t trust the 6000 ”TELESCOPIC” thermometers on the ground, that’s monitoring the temp for the scientists; but they trust Satellites are monitoring temp on the ground, WOW! I was told that: on 14 satellites there are thermometers and are monitoring the WHOLE planet’s temperature. 1] there are 24 time zones, therefore: the ‘’14’’ thermometers are overlapping on different time zones. That’s not science! 2] you wouldn’t believe that: from the hospital, the doctor with his thermometer can monitor the temp of every citizen in town, without them going to the hospital… Why don’t you believe; it’s only 5-7km radius! BUT, they want you to believe that: with 14 thermometers from 400km distance, to monitor every variation on the surface temp; which are billions of variations…?

What they actually do is: they take ‘’two-dimensional’’ photo, from the three dimensional atmosphere; just to say that they are doing something and justify for the expanses. Those satellites are not doing much more than what you occasionally see on the weather reports! If the satellite temp monitoring was reliable – they wouldn’t have being spending millions of dollars and billions of man hours, to monitor on the ground. The satellite’s ‘’global’’ temp monitoring is a CON!

Funny enough, some skeptics don’t trust the contemporary monitoring with 6 000 thermometers, BUT, they fanatically, religiously believe in the monitoring from 100y ago, when was only few UNRELIABLE thermometers in Rome, Paris, London and New York only, and nobody was monitoring on the rest of the planet… hypocrisy at its best… They actually ‘’believe’’ the ‘’precise’’ temperature charts for thousand years before the thermometer was invented; when the planet was flat, and half of the planet didn’t exist…? that is aphrodisiac for the Warmist, to screw up the nation much better – knowing that they don’t have mature opponents… Warmist love Skeptic’s hypocrisy.

And Another Thing:

To avoid admitting that is no such a thing as GLOBAL warming – they concocted that: the missing heat is gone deep down in the ocean, and in few years will surface’’   That one is my favored classic; but many already created zombies are debating seriously the subject.

Dear friend: ‘’if you PUMP warmer water trough a pipe deep down – will surface in a jiffy; because ‘’HEAVIER’’ colder water from above will squeeze  the warmer water up, because ‘’warmer’’ water is not as heavy. Same as cooking oil, or fat, doesn’t stay in the middle of the pot of water, or below – because is not as heavy per volume. Having in mind that: that con came from leading Warmist… they are not very smart; only cunning and shameless liars = they know that they can get away with anything, they treat the opponents like 3y old children. No need to wait few years and see that was no missing warmth surfacing. B] no need to go and look for it; the normal laws of physics are the most reliable guidance. Experiment can be replicated in the kitchen.

Water temp at 4C (39F) is the heaviest – that’s how the learned people of the world invented ‘’kilogram’’ one liter of water (10sm3) of water at 4C is one kg heavy; warmer, OR colder water than 4C expands, and is not as heavy per volume. Therefore: water at 4C goes to the bottom and every layer above is by one degree warmer as it goes to the surface water, which is always the warmest, depends on what latitude, to how high it goes. (Only exception is: water of temp 3C to zero degrees CAN be found just above 4C; but that’s self explanatory why – because from 3C  down to zero are not as heavy as at 4C, actually; seawater is liquid to far below zero degrees) which is most of the water in every sea, including in the tropics; because below 100m deep is always dark and cold, cold!!!

2] water is ‘’FLUID’’ and that’s why instantly readjusts itself, by temperature; you cannot have ‘’warmer’’ water below the colder, for more than few seconds, because of readjustment per weights / temperature. Water is not as solid object, which means: you can put block of polystyrene on the bottom, then put brick on the top of it, then put a lump of lead on the top, and will stay that way, BUT with fluid water… NEVER! Don’t let anybody con you that: saltier water can pull and keep higher temp below; because: there isn’t any adhesion between the salt and water molecules. experiment: if you pump via pipe very salty hot water – down to the bottom  in a cold-water pot -> the hot-water will drop most of the salt and will surface instantly. To see that adhesion  between water and salt are almost non-existent: put a very salty cup of water in a pot of fresh water – stir it few times and the salt will instantly disperse to every other molecule of water. Therefore: the lie about: ”the missing heat is deep down in the oceans” is not helping much the professional conmen, on taxpayer’s expenses!

 And Another Thing:

How LIA started:////
Just before LIA, population in north Africa increased – uncontrollable wildfires made Sahara bigger and started producing ”extra” dry heat – that extra dry heat increased evaporation in the Mediterranean, Mediterranean doesn’t have any tributaries to replenish the water deficit from higher evaporation- it’s only Nile – decreasing vegetation upstream decreased water in Nile also. Therefore: EXTRA warm-water from the ”Gulf-stream” was going from Mexican gulf into the Mediterranean – ”gulf-stream” supplies water to Mediterranean and in North-Sea / Baltic – more into Mediterranean = LESS share warm tropical water going to Denmark and Latvia = less warmwater to evaporate around England and less warming the area = LIA. was created.

You will instantly say: but now Sahara is just as big, why and how LIA finished?!! Constant debate when LIA finished, because in the finishing years might influenced other freak events, so, it’s unclear for them, BUT, YOU will tell them exactly which year the LIA officially finished! I’ll tell you how: you go to the library, or Google and find out what year exactly the Suez canal was opened. BECAUSE: from that year on; some of the water ”deficit” from evaporation in Mediterranean was supplied by water coming from the Red sea into Mediterranean (I think was 1883, can’t remember) ”Less gulf-stream hot water” needed to come to Mediterranean = BIGGER share started going to Denmark – more tropical hot-water started evaporating around England and was warming the area = LIA finished!

Plus: you will find out that: since finishing day of LIA until today; LESS water from river Rheine  AND river Seine from Paris drains now in the sea; plus many other small rivers and creeks; because of use lots of water for industries, for bigger cities, much MORE irrigation = LESS cold water from the Alps drains into north sea from Rheine, probably only half of the water now, than during LIA. What that means: because is high evaporation there where hot and cold water meet = north sea and Baltic started sucking EXTRA tropical warm-water from the Mexican gulf – when more warmwater evaporation, warms more England. Do you think that those events affected the WHOLE planet. The ”Skeptics” think so…
The biggest proof of LIA you have is: on a picture people scatting on frozen river Thames for few days. Well, two years ago, 1000miles south/ closer to the equator; in Serbia and Romania rive Danube 10 times bigger river than Thames, was completely frozen for two weeks, well recorded, same as Thames frozen scatting (people record unusual events, good days are boring) , BUT – now the shonks were not able to declare it as: midi ice age for 150y, because: when Danube was frozen and people were dying from cold in England, Poland – at exactly the same time was record braking heat in Australia and people were dying in the big bushfires. Now you know how and why LIA happened – tell the world in your English.

There is logical explanation for all those ‘’cycles’’ phony ‘’global’’ warmings in the past and phony ‘’global’’ ice ages. The ‘’normal / honest laws of physics’’ don’t permit for those events to be ‘’global’’!!! Temp in the atmosphere is as water in the full bucket I.e. you cannot fit another cup of water in the full bucket, it would overflew. B] temp gets to extreme on different places, but NEVER on the whole planet – same as the children’s ‘’see-saw plank’’ the higher one side goes -> the lower the other side goes, simultaneously; both sides of the plank can’t go up, OR down, simultaneously!


fault #1:
All those past ”global” warmings and ”global” coolings and ”cycles” were NEVER global. The normal laws of physics doesn’t permit the ”whole” planet to be warmer, or colder for more than a day, there are logical explanations for what was really happening on individual occasions! Therefore: same laws of physics will be in 100y from now = proofs that is not going to be ”global” warming. b]As long as people on the street think that; the earth’s temp goes up and down as a yo-yo = Warmist won, will rob and oppress the world based on fairy-tales. You people should learn about ”the earth’s self adjusting mechanism” ::: a] earth’s troposphere is like piano accordion – constantly shrinks/expands, as required and wastes all extra heat. b] why did the engineers built bigger radiator in a truck than in small car?.A: truck engine produces 3 times more heat, BUT has same temp as a small car – because truck has bigger radiator – the troposphere (O&N) are the earth’s radiator; can double in an instant, if necessary b] when for ANY reason gets warmer than normal, which is most of the time close to the ground – the ”vertical winds” speed up = same as: when you rev the engine more -> instantly car moves faster, fen next to the radiator speeds up and water pump pumps faster BECAUSE: the engineers that build truck, cars they are smart people and put different size radiators. On the other hand; on the blogosphere, earth’s radiator O2&N2 don’t exist. reason they are ALL comparing earth with the moon and Venus………

fault #2:
the ”correct” monitoring is completely WRONG, not only the manipulated data; therefore: the temp is same every year, BUT, even if there was any fluctuation in temp, nobody would have known!!!

1] monitoring only for the hottest minute in 24h and ignoring the other 1439 minutes, in which the temp doesn’t go up, or down as in the ”hottest” minute…. statistically 1439 against one…
it’s same as: if the car is got 2440 different parts, but you are building that car, ”with one bolt only” you will not get very far…!

2] the ”highest temp minute in 24h, is not at the same time every day!!! sometime is the ”hottest at 11, 50AM, most of the time is after 1pm = that is many more warmer minutes.

3] pointing some place that is warmer than normal – is SAME as saying: ”the planet is warmer by 12C at lunch time, than before sunrise…?

4] a thermometer can monitor the temp in a room; but one thermometer for 10 000km2?

5] even those ”few” (6000) thermometers are not evenly distributed; no honest statistician would have taken to make ”statistic” if he wasn’t told; which individual thermometer, how much area represents.Example: if the workers in 4 countries have their pay packet increased by a dollar, and in 2 countries had ”decreased by a dollar Q: would the ”overall’ all workers in those 6 countries get more money, or less?
(the 4 countries were Luxembourg, Monaco and Belgium and Portugal, increased by a dollar. The other two were India and Chinese workers, decreased by a dollar

6] when is sunny – on the ground is warmer / in upper atmosphere is cooler – BUT, when is cloudy, upper atmosphere is warmer, on the ground cooler – overall same temp; BUT, because ALL thermometers monitoring are on the first 2m from the ground = they are completely misleading!!!

Therefore, the truth: in the 70′s was exactly the SAME temp as today, and will be exactly the same ”overall” GLOBAL temp in 100y = Warmist in jail
unfortunately: in the 70′s they were scaring the people from: CO2 ”dimming effect” that will produce cooling by year 2000 – so they were manipulating the data to reflect ”cooling planet”. After they started scaring the people with global warming and manipulate data ”as warming” — people compare those two ”manipulated” data and confuse the crap out of themselves…

Aristotle said: ”the truth is much more important, than million believers”:
The truth always wins on the end.
Past ”phony global warmings” don’t prove that is not going to be global warming in 100y!!! It only confuses the honest people on the street that the ”global” temp goes up and down as a yo-yo

The truth: in 2100, if you collect ALL the ”extra” warmth accumulated since the Kyoto conference in 97, you wouldn’t have enough extra heat, to boil one chicken egg!!! extra heat in the earth’s atmosphere is not accumulative!!!

so, they are the ”two things” that I’m correct and can prove everything now, no need to wait 100years, when the spend the money and are gone
Q: can you remember in 100y from now to ask them for the money back? The Warmist know the answer on that question

And another thing:

Those posts and pages on this blog cannot get outdated; they are all related, it’s not much, so, read the bloody lot


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  1. profitup10 says:

    Well done – using common sense and facts point out the fallacies of the Warming distortions.

  2. Kenneth Simmons says:

    An excellent read, with great examples!!

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