Most of the limestone deposits (calcium carbonate) was created 300-500 million years ago. We can comfortably presume that: at least 98% of those deposits are now on the bottom of the sea; and only limestone we can see and use is; from places that because of buckling of the tectonic plates, some sea-bottom surfaced. Those limestone deposits ((calcium-CARBONate)) are made off dead corals and shells.

At that time was no trees; so, the carbon that is now in existing tree and mulch, was in a form of CO2 in the air and in the sea. #2: the carbon now locked into ALL the fossil fuel, was as free CO2, in the air and into the sea. #3: even the carbon locked now into the limestone that was made *after* 300 million years ago, even THAT carbon was between 300-500 million years into the air and into the seawater, including the carbon in the coral and shells that died last year – and including the carbon into the bodies of the contemporary living corals, was in the air and into the seawater.

When coral was most prolific, CO2 in the air was at least 20 times higher, 2000% higher than now, and the coral is adjusted to that level; because was plenty CO2 available, that made the coral to be LOUSY CO2 COLLECTOR. Corals are now ON STARVATION DIET for CO2; they feel as fish out of water on the rain…

Shells and corals are made of *calcium-CARBONate*. Because calcium is very alkaline, they need to sweeten it -> CO2 from the air get washed by the rain -> as *carbonic acid* falls into the sea -> coral collects it, keeps the carbon for itself, and lets the oxygen from CO2 molecule into the water, is replenishing the sea with oxygen; and by binding carbon + calcium, creates its body, which is ‘’calcium-carbonate’’, or when dead, is limestone ((same as you use cheese / alkaline + and tomato / acidic, to make yourself a sandwich)). That’s how shells and corals have being depleting the water of carbon, because they can’t go to the shop, to get their essential carbon. And the CO2 has being completely depleted for their good prosperity; for them 400ppm CO2 is same as for you to collect dew droplets in the desert, and if somebody gives you a whole glass of water -> swindlers to say that is going to destroy you and drown you in the desert; only if the poor corals can talk…!!!

To tell the shonky marine biologist that: ‘’coral lives in the seawater, high alkaline environment, pH8,3; because salt is alkaline, also the very soluble elements as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and is desperate for extra CO2, for building his body, and higher alkalinity not to kill the algae that are giving the beautiful colors to the coral, to BLEACH it’’ ((BLEACH = BLEACHING, bleach is pH13))

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