posted on March 19. 2013

Interesting when they threaten with; less rainfall in Amazon, sinking Bangladesh, BOO! But not one say: climate change will increase the rainfall in Sahara…? Fear warmongering has always being big currency, but never as big as since the Kyoto conference. Floods and droughts, BOO!!! But nobody mentions of building few new dams… why? Because dams are built by honest / WORKING people (at least 98% of the active Warmist are sponging from the ”working” people / from the government’s / taxes)

Instead of molesting the essential CO2, to deteriorate the climate from bad to worse; climate on many places on the planet can be improved. On places that is gone to extreme, as in Australia, Pakistan, parts of Africa. In drought, we prepare for floods, in floods we save water for droughts. No, we don’t save water when the dam capacity is down to 20%. Same as when you have $200, you can save every cent of it – but will not make you very comfortable.

Queensland’s floods last season were good example. After prolong droughts; the soil was not water receptive / doesn’t retain moisture. Because of prolong droughts, the beneficial bacteria in the soil are dead. 2] because of the tremendous dry heat in the centre – clouds stayed 200km of the beach for few weeks, on the dividing ranges = terrible floods. If they went straight inland – wouldn’t have being any big floods  b] west of the divide, water drains into the Lake Eyer basin. If that basin has regular water – would fight against LESS dry heat – evaporation on farming land would decrease, and much more benefits.

Instead, the nation must obey the two biggest Warmist Bigots, Tim Flannery and Bob Brown. Because of the shonky Climatology scientist, they can get away with ‘’premeditated  mas murder’’

In the Victorian bushfires 170 people died. Not because is too much CO2 around Kyoto city, Detroit and Stuttgart, but because; for the previous 11 months, the dry heat from inland was vacuuming the moisture from the vegetation close to the coast.  B] because at that time; the N/H was experiencing extreme cold winter. What is that got to do with Victoria?

When is extra cold in the N/H, the air shrink – to avoid vacuum, big percentage of air from the southern hemisphere is puled north = less air on the southern hemisphere – cannot go high enough, to intercept extra coldness = we experienced extra heat = big bushfires. When the people were still sizzling in the inferno; David Karoly and Will Stephen were on extremist ABC, telling the nation that: those big fires are, because of the phony GLOBAL warming…? Suddenly for them the N/H wasn’t on the same globe. Shame, shame, shame!!!

On the commission of enquiry for those bushfires was decided: to chop the trees of the road – so that people can escape future fires. Nuclear shelters were not used during the Cold War, but people are building them now; to survive big bushfires… this is worse than a war.

The dry heat from inland did the Victorian fires. That dry heat goes in every direction during the year. When over Victoria – is usually on high altitude – destroys clouds. Chopping the trees of the road, the black bitumen will not have any shade all day – will create extra dry heat – that dry heat is much more effective locally, on the ground; will be much easier to start fires from exhaust spark, or cigarette butt. Or by Warmist lunatics – to blame the phony global warming.

Instead of, off the road planting bushy trees, with palatable leafs for the bacteria in the soil; the extremist unwritten rule is: eucalyptus or nothing. Toxins from the eucalyptus leafs kills the good bacteria – they cannot even get the dry grass into the soil – to prevent fuel for the fire. Australia is the smallest continent, surrounded by the biggest mass of waters on the planet – is the driest continent – thanks to the eucalyptus leafs. Bacteria doesn’t touch them = they accumulate for few years and wait for fire. Burn and produce lots of heat. Minus good bacteria, the dead grass is for continuation / spreading the fires. Less moisture in the air – high evaporation – less moisture in the air / less topsoil moisture and water storages – clouds are avoiding Australia as cars around a traffic island. Thanks to the leaders into the international extremist cult. Thanks to the ‘’pretend Skeptics’’

Wivenhoe dam was used as an example: Brisbane / Ipswich flooded in 74, after Sir Joh build a big dam = Brisbane was protected. The extremist had to discredit that theory. When another big storm finally arrived, it was their best chance – to prove that dams are useless for preventing floods. Dams prevent flooding on 1000 places around the planet; but that will not be mentioned by the politically bias media – don’t you worry about that.  It was in the beginning of wet season, of La Niña / wetter than average year.

Dam is full, 100%, to the floodgates. Above the floodgates can contain another 110% because becomes larger area. Floods were progressing from north Queensland for couple of weeks, before arriving to the Toowoomba ranges = it wasn’t a surprise storm. When the stormwater arrived from the headwater of Brisbane river to the dam; the dam was 197% full. Any moron would have known: is the beginning of a very, very wet season – water should have being emptied to the bottom of the floodgate, before the big stormwater arrived. Even a moron knows why those gates are called ‘’Floodgates’’ , but not the Commissioner and minister for water.

Appropriate solution: dam should have being emptied to the bottom of the floodgate; before the flood-water reached the dam. Even then, to leave open two out of five gates. During the floods, there was no rain below the dam; river can handle extra water, without flooding. To coincide with high tide, at appropriate time should be only one floodgate open. By the time floods were over – the dam would have being full, but no flooding. Instead, when the flood-water reached the dam, was 197% capacity full. When the flood-water decreased, the dam had only 185% capacity; before the flood-water arrived, was more water in the dam, than when finished = all back to front; beat that crime Bin Laden. Bin Laden can only dream off, what Bob Brown is doing to Australia. Instead of water being TO THE BOTTOM of the ”floodgates” when the storm-water arrived… the dam had less water when the flood finished… that is not premeditated…? Dams are preventing floods all around the world, they don’t have green senator Brown and ”climate change expert” Tim Flannery…

Stephen Robertson, minister for water admitted: he was asked to release 5% of the water before the flood-water arrived – he told them not to, because will not help much. He is correct; releasing 5% wouldn’t have prevented flooding. If they released 2%, would have being even less help. But, why they didn’t release all the water above the floodgate – is a taboo question. The commissioner for water on a conference was talking about dams; long before, she said: we don’t want dam on Fitzroy river (Kimberleys), not to happen same as to Murray river, drying. The lefty Crony doesn’t even understand that: dam saves water in floods, to have water in dry time. B] Fitzroy river would have being happy to have half of the water as Murray, in dry season. Only few pools of water survive in that rive during dry season. Another few bushfires – those pools will not have permanent water. On those pools of water depends all wildlife in radios bigger than western Europe. That crony has being given fat salary, to be in charge of the Brisbane’s floodwaters, and to con the ignorant

Instead of recommending few more smaller dams to be built upstream, was floated suggestion: to build expensive levy in Brisbane and prevent future floods. That levy would be a good ad for the Warmist – levy to protect from the phony GLOBAL warming…?! B] this time during the days that Brisbane was flooded – wasn’t any rain below the dam. That is unusual, next floods, most probably will be raining simultaneously in Brisbane. C] the areas of Brisbane that were flooded; they are floodplains for the city of Brisbane’s creeks. 

Levy is useless, unless is closed, where those creeks are draining into the river. If they are closed, water from the river not to go upstream in those creek’s floodplains – simultaneously raining; the rainwater would flood the same areas that was flooded last time by water overflowing from the river = lots of money can be spent on levy – same parts of Brisbane would flood again = the phony GLOBAL warming did it…?! Or is it the stupidity + green senator’s wishes: no dam to be built on the driest continent / Australia.  If I forget Tim Flannery, you should remember him. He made TV show, why no dam to be built in tropical parts of Australia. Because that would improve the climate on the whole continent.

All river’s catchment areas are one weather zone in Australia. Winds blow in all directions. If is any moisture = moist air blows – if no moisture, dry / hot  winds blow to places that is still some moisture = that deteriorates climate from bad to worse. Instead of money squandered to prevent the phony GLOBAL warming; ¼  of those money to be spent on improving the climate, by building lots of small dams in the tropics – climate on the whole continent would improve. Clouds will not avoid Australia as cars around a traffic island. Instead from every direction would be going inland and continued / spread to the red centre.

Australia has beautiful .rich soil. Trees would be growing sky high if the moisture content inland improves. We are constantly blaming Brazilians for chopping trees; but never blame our Green vermin for denying water to Australia, trees to grow. Australia is surrounded by more water than Brazil – should have more regular rain than brazil. Between Townsville and Broome, grass and new trees would have absorbed much more carbon than carbon trapped in all the fossil fuel on the planet. Needs water, to improve the climate, for grass and trees to grow. needs ”Bob Brown’s Water Embargo on Australia” removed / abolished.

No need to block the rivers for dams, even though they are not perennial. Small dams on creeks that are tributaries in those rivers – all those rivers will become permanent. Native birds / animals would become prolific, with permanent water available – if nothing on extinction list, the green vermin would be the only losers. Clouds avoid dry areas – why not one climatologist knows that? They even blame moisture in the air, same as CO2, for the phony GLOBAL warming…?! Many phony Skeptics are supporting the same stupidity. If you don’t know what is good climate – ask the trees; not the criminals calling themselves ‘’Climatologist’’ and the ”pretend Skeptics”, that are doing the Warmist’ dirty job.

On ‘’Skeptic’s’’ websites is regularly / proudly debated; how much extra water vapour in the air is harmful for ‘’their climate change’’ …  If you go inland Australia, Sahara; anybody with half a brains would have realized that more HO2 in the air = better climate. Yes, H2O + CO2 clouds intercept the sun’s radiation – but the sunlight comes from the OTHER SIDE of the water / dirty clouds. B]When is intercepted high up in the clouds – that heat never comes to the ground. C] up in the latitude of the clouds, cooling is much more efficient, than on the ground. Instead, Warmist cooked the brains of many skeptics, they are singing the Warmist’ lyrics: wavelengths, algorithm, albedo, anthropogenic, crapogenic, equilibrium!!! People on the street think: if there are proofs, leading skeptics will prove the Warmist wrong… WRONG! Abuse of trust makes the phony Skeptics bigger criminals than the active Warmist. From the Warmist is expected to tell lies, same as crocodiles are not blamed for eating people – it’s their job. Many leading Skeptics used Warmist lyrics, to sound trendy now they have to persist with the ‘’borrowed crap from the Warmist + to silence the truth – the hell with the interest of the nation.

Because of them, no dam is built any-more, on the driest continent. Bob Brown an Flannery cannot stop millions of people wanting to build dams and improve the climate. Unfortunately, the ‘’pretend Skeptics’’ blame H2O /CO2 in the atmosphere ‘’will produce less GLOBAL warming’’… only little bit…  For the people on the street sounds as: only little bit dead, or as saying; only little bit pregnant… Where they got that evidence? From same thin air that the Warmist got their evidences. Why should the Warmist be ashamed of telling lies, ashamed from whom?!

Stormwater must be drained into the sea. After nixing with the salty water – for billions of dollars is desalinated. When the hottest days arrive – sprinkler inspector. During the hottest days, sprinklers keep humidity in the air up. Dry air = more dust in the air for your children’s lungs. If you inhale CO2, it’s harmless gas, goes out again; when you inhale dust – in the lungs is moisture – dust turns into sticky mud. If sprinklers are used during the hottest days – grass / trees are greener – less work for the air-conditioners. No moisture in the air – dry heat is preparing for bigger bushfires and house fires… Congratulation senator Brown…

If farmers have sufficient water for irrigation – when that water evaporates, fights against the dry heat coming from the centre. Less farmers irrigate – remaining farmers must increase irrigation – because with less moisture in the air – evaporation increases. Instead, with ‘’pretend Skeptic’s blessings’’ Warmist are repossessing farmer’s water, to drain it into the estuary… Warmist are even draining water into the sea from the dam built when there was sanity in politics. Less moisture in the air – the dry heat from inland will dry the water catchment areas that are water supply for Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and for vegetable farms for those cities. More filtered sewage water for drinking… people will be ready to pay $300 per ton of carbon. Blame the non-existent GLOBAL warming. Congratulation Warmist…

Fact 1: clouds from the sea prefer to go on the land; because on the land is no secondary sun reflection as from water surface.

Fact 2: clouds are avoiding Australia as cars around traffic island; because of too much dry heat inland is repelling the clouds. Not because is too much CO2 around Kyoto city.

Fact 3: when cloud from Atlantic goes into Brazil – doesn’t rain for few weeks only on the first 150km – instead it spreads inland, because is no dry heat inland in Brazil, to keep preventing the clouds of going deep inland. Can the climatologist see the difference?!

Fact 4: when for prolong period doesn’t rain / soil depleted completely of moisture; good bacteria dead; no bacteria to take nutrients in the soil – soil doesn’t absorb / retain moisture = bigger floods – washes the topsoil away. In the water that flooded Brisbane 10% was soil + organic matter that should be in the soil; if it was good bacteria, as in other countries, where the Greens are secular.

Fact 5: toxins from eucalyptus leafs are poisoning the beneficial bacteria; that bacteria controls the climate. Eucalyptus toxins turned the wettest continent of Australia – into driest. If more beneficial bacteria in the soil = better climate. The Warmist extremist are exporting eucalyptus seedlings to other countries = exporting environmental terrorism. (don’t take me wrong, I always have eucalyptus oil, is perfect for killing bacteria and prevent infection, when have scratches / cuts) unfortunately, soil without bacteria is DEAD soil. Equal of hundreds of Exxon Valdez ships of toxic eucalyptus oil is distributed on Australian soil / waterways, every year. Extremist demand farms to be planted with eucalyptus trees, to stop climate of changing = mother of all lunacy…

Fact 6: more water storages, more irrigation (especially more rice paddies) more H2O in the air, essential bacteria multiplies in the forest = more frequent /regular showers – soil absorbs retains much more rainwater = no floods.

Fact 7:  ‘’climatologist’’ pretend not to see that: farmer’s water is barrier / buffer between the desert and the big cities on the beach; where most of the Urban Sheep congregates?! Obviously they can see – reason they are against dams, reason they are for repossessing farmer’s water. Can the Skeptic’s Smarties see that? No, they are into Warmist lyrics: wavelengths, algorithm, equilibrium, albedo, anthropogenic, crapogenic, sunspots in medieval ages! They are even proud of it

Fact 8: when the floods were in Pakistan, Warmist were using their misfortunes, to lie that the phony GLOBAL warming is doing it. Instead of saying: dams prevent floods. Dams can produce electricity. Dams improve the climate. Pakistan has salinity problems, same as Australia. If lots of small dams are built: increase rainfall, decreases evaporation, minimizes floods, extra humidity created in the area – can benefit from the Horn of Africa to Afghanistan + will improve the ”Himalayas glaciers”. Extra dams will prevent scorching the crops in dry season. When rainfall increases / evaporation decreases = salinity problem disappears. Less H2O in the air, surrounding trees are suffering, or bigger bushfires. Every country where are big bushfires, are getting dry winds from some desert. Bushfires kill animals and people = premeditated mass murderers are the people against extra dams.

Fact 9: if Asian rice paddies are drained and planted with eucalyptus, Asia would have instantly become dryer than Australia, Himalayan glaciers would have disappeared in 3 years. Because Asia /India are much bigger landmass than Australia, especially to the west, there is no large mass of water up to west-coast of Africa. Australia is surrounded with warmwater on all 4 sides. Is the driest, thanks to senator Brown, Flannery and the big city sceptic’s Smarties; that are doing fanatically the Warmist’ dirty job: wavelengths, algorithm, equilibrium, anthropogenic, albedo,  crapogenic,  they know, was sunspots in medieval ages, the whole planet was warmer… bullshit !!!

Fact 10: Brisbane, Ipswich floods were in the BEGINNING of La Niña (wetter than average year) That was known to the authority. If the dam was emptied to the bottom of the ‘’floodgates’’ before the floodwater arrived – devastation would have being avoided. Why are they called: ”floodgates”?!

Fact 11: lots of toxins have being washed into the sea by flooding Brisbane / Ipswich, proof that those same extremist in the authority that orchestrate the city floods are not worried about the health of Moreton Bay / the Barrier Reef.

Fact 12: billions of dollars damages, innocent lives lost, nobody is in jail for it, they are still in charge. Minister Roberson on one occasion said: dams shouldn’t be built; because water is wasted by evaporation. Turnbull uses same sentence…!!!!

Fact 13: dam improves the climate, evaporated water from dam attracts more regular showers, keeps the essential bacteria in the soil alive, surrounding soil is water receptive, surrounding vegetation absorbs that moisture from the air – if no moisture in the air – vegetation sucks the last drop of water from the soil = makes dry creeks. More dams help each other, to fight the dry heat created in the center; like one hand washes / helps the other = best result.

Fact 14: by using Brisbane / Ipswich as sacrificial lamb – they proved that dams are useless for floods and droughts. On thousands of places in other countries proves the opposite!!!! Thanks local extremist media…

Fact 14: sprinkling the backyard during the hottest days is multiple benefits: keeps the grass alive, only green grass can absorb CO2 + CO. Green grass keeps cooler. Dry = dust in the air – in your and your children’s lungs – so that the Urban Sheep can please ABC & Brown, Flannery, minister Robertson…

Fact 15: lots of small dams on the tributaries of tropical rivers will make the rivers with permanent water. Permanent moisture / water makes healthy prolific trees; native critters prolific, instead on extinction list. Who would be the loser?

Fact 16: Egypt is next to the biggest desert on the planet; they have stored water for if is not raining for 7 years. In Australia tremendous amount of stormwater is wasted – weeks after the floods, sprinkler inspectors. Farmers are denied water, so we can import food from China. In china the rice paddies attract regular rain, keep better climate – in Australia rice paddies are treated as the biggest evil – by the Kyoto Cult Organized Crime.

Fact 17: farmers are collecting sunshine and CO2 from the atmosphere and are turning it into food, fiber and export dollar – the extremist prefer to borrow money and import. When you sell minerals / coal, next year cannot sell the same ton of it; unlike farmers produce.



  1. Milan Mitic says:

    Fresh water RIVER outlet to sea where cyclones form = more evaporation = cooler sea in
    summer = less cyclones in summer – much less cyclones in south America because of Amazon

    • Regarding hurricanes, cyclones and tornadoes are formed by: when water molecule evaporates, is electrically charged -> many molecules create a small cloud that has plenty electricity -> then from a distant desert ”dry heat” comes towards that cloud and takes half the moisture, but not the electricity -/- that happens many times, until the cloud becomes big, but has 10-20 times more electricity than should have been in normal cloud; then that tremendously accumulated electricity starts spinning and if is over water, collects lots of water as cyclone, but if is overland, collects dusts, but is faster as tornado, because of not having the burden to spin too much water as hurricane; I remember is explained in the second post i gave you about **WATER VAPOR **, you can access it anytime

  2. Milan Mitic says:

    Deserts are full of salt.

    Big heat generators are deserts

    – every tree

    transpire = evaporate =

    evaporative culling.

    No trees in desert = hot dry

    desert and

    elsewhere – where hot and dry

    winds from

    desert blow.
    No big trees in desert because

    of underground

    saline water level is high.-

    close to surface
    Desalination river will lower


    saline water level and decrease

    salinity = trees with

    deep roots = greener country

    • Not all desert are salty, or most are not salty on biggest part. b] salt is water soluble and sufficient rain gets read of the salt C] small amount of salt is as potassium fertilizer. d] there are many places where is lots of vegetation but deep down is plenty salt – in the gulf country right down to Winton salt is 200m below the surface

  3. Milan Mitic says:

    I was looking only – GREAT SANDY DESERT – where underground saline water is close to ground and artesian – GREAT SANDY DESERT has no river to sea – rain does not desalinate GSD – but there was huge river in
    ancient time – about 10 km wide – today dry saline lakes visible on satellite maps
    Water for river was probably from lake Mackay 11 km3 of water -saline Lake Mackay
    has no outlet and
    salt accumulates

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