”Predicting” weather / climate was the oldest profession – NO, prostitution was the second oldest. (from prostitution you get less rip-off, and at least you get something for your money AND they are much more reliable than ”climate experts”) Regarding CO2, there are two versions #1: CO2 makes dimming defect – was used in the 70’s; that: because of CO2 dimming effect we’ll get ice age by year 2000. #2: the contemporary misleading effect is: because CO2 prevents heat to be ”radiated” to out in space, we’ll get global warming…?!(that version was used few times for the last 150years  that was THE GRANDMOTHER OF ALL LIES!

Children come from school depressed and some are getting insomnia, nightmares; because the teachers keep telling them that: ”by the time they grow up – the planet will boil”…
Pedophiles destroy the minds of 2-3 kids – the Warmist psychopaths are destroying the minds of over 100 million western children = Warmistas are 1000 worse than all the pedophiles on the planet combined!!!

THE TRUTH: heat created on the ground AND in the water is neutralized by the ”new cold vacuum” that penetrates into the troposphere every 10 minute. From 2-10km altitude all the heat is neutralized. The thinner the air up -> the more of that ”cold vacuum” penetrates in and out and neutralizes any extra heat. If no extra heat, that ”cold vacuum” just zooms out underutilized, or not utilized at all. Only occasionally super-heated gases from volcanoes and nuclear bombs explosions go above 10km up to 12km-18km, and gases of million degrees heat is neutralized, BUT: for the rest of the year, all that cold vacuum that zooms trough, is unused. Because the planet orbits around the sun into that ”cold vacuum” at 108 000kmh -it means that: that ”cold vacuum” cannot get overheated one bit!!! Bottom line: even if there was not one molecule of CO2 in the atmosphere – heat wouldn’t have ”radiated” out in void; all the cooling is done in the troposphere!!! Heat from the ground ”radiates” only few inches AND: horizontal winds collect that heat / then ”vertical winds”  disperse it few km up into the thinner troposphere, where is ”neutralized” by the constantly coming in new ”cold vacuum” Heat from CO2 doesn’t radiate for more than a micron, and is directly cooled by the ”cold vacuum” No ”BACK-RADIATION” at all!!! CO2 is NOT a greenhouse gas!

The Warmist only weapon: Stefan Boltzmann’s crappy experiment 160y ago: heating CO2 in a tube is not same as warmed CO2 in the atmosphere- which goes instantly up, when warmed, to cool down! Even the cavemen knew that; reason they invented the chimney!!! In the tube/  sealed chamber, warmed CO2 cannot expend, but keeps warming up when heated, AND CREATING IT’S OWN PRESSURE – on the other hand: in the air, as soon as CO2 warms up-> INSTANTLY goes UP, where is thinner air and much colder, to release the heat!!! Comparing CO2 warming in the sealed tube AND: free CO2 in the air, is same as comparing a bird on the branch of the tree, with a bird in the pressure cooker. That’s what the 30000  criminally oriented  ‘’questionable  scientist in what fields’’ are trying to con the public, for fleecing the Urban Sheep! And for Marxist /Bolsheviks model oppression! #2: Methane & carbon dioxide (CO2&CH4) are the new western Marxist Hammer and Sickle. P.s. the 160y old Stefan Boltzmann’s law / experiment was not mentioned ones, in the 60’s-70’s! Because same shonks at that time were promoting; because of CO2 dimming effect, will be Ice Age by year 2000. 

Warmist are ”not trying to prevent global warming”; they know that global warming doesn’t exist – they are ”pretending” only – so when the non-existent global warming doesn’t show up => Marxist under green camouflage will demand to be obeyed and expenses paid to the jet-setters for the next 100years. Exactly the same as: -”if you succeed to con the people that: the moon will slam into the earth before next Christmas, BUT: if the public pays you billions and obey what you say – the moon will stay where she is -> when the moon doesn’t slam into the earth; you will be a hero and must be given billions of $$$ every year and worshiped for next 100 years. That’s the whole trick!!!

The precursor of the evil was established in the 1800’s, by Stefan Boltzmann’s crappy experiment: heating CO2 in a tube… Instead of the shonks realizing that: warmed CO2 in the tube doesn’t move – in the air; as soon as CO2 warms up a bit-> instantly goes UP, where is colder, to release the heat. Therefore: everybody on the street knows that: smog from cigarette, from chimney, from forest fire, instantly goes up, BUT: the brainwashed graduates know less than children… So: they swapped the ”CO2 in a tube” for a ”greenhouse gas” … how convenient… BUT: they conveniently overlooked that: normal greenhouse has ”solid” glass, or transparent plastic roof / covers 100% of the roof -on the other hand, CO2 is only between 300-400ppm, and oxygen & nitrogen are 998,999ppm; which means: CO2 would represent as a postage stamp as only ”part” of the roof, OR: as fishnet for roof!! which means: warmed gases can get out and UP, via the 99% of the roof! IF any of the Warmist shonks built a greenhouse, with fishnet as a roof – the neighbouring farmers would have put a Straight Jacket on him. Those same Warmist Commissars are preparing to take full control of the democratic world.




NO PROXY DATA CAN TELL THE ”GLOBAL” TEMPERATURE! Some can tell about localized temp – others are only exaggerated, to make a point, or, most of them, to mislead. Using ”proxy data” from some corner of the planet, when referring about ”global” temp, IS THE MOTHER OF ALL  MISLEADINGS! As it was for the last few years: one part of the planet floods / another part droughts SIMULTANEOUSLY: one part record heat / another part people are freezing to death SIMULTANEOUSLY. That’s how was always in the past and always will be. Using localized proxy as ”global” evidence is the precursor of all evil; used for the last 150 years, by shonky ”researchers”  – now in-bedded into every shallow brains…    


Rely on what is reliable. Physics, chemistry, arithmetic are the most reliable sciences. On the other hand, Climatology is the biggest shonky science. Used car dealers go by rules and regulations; climatologist don’t, but they will – crime shouldn’t pay! People go to jail for $1000 bucks. If enough people know what is on this website and in my book – will be the end of Kyoto Protocol and all the associated swindle, in few months. No laundering tax $$$ and brainwashing the kids in school and university. So, if you notice that I’m not very, very diplomatic regarding the swindlers; is because: when you learn all the real proofs I have – being diplomatic to them, is same as being diplomatic to bank-robbers, or a pedophile. The damages they do, are much bigger crimes, than any bank-robbers can do.

The biggest precursor of the evil is: 1] connecting the permanent climatic changes with the phony GLOBAL warming.  2] the few skeptical scientist have being indoctrinated in the past with same shonky theories – they are using the misleading data from IPCC as factual – to prove them wrong. 3]when are real proofs available; they opt for the Warmist maybes, can happen, it’s possible, 90% possibility… The laws of physics oxygen &nitrogen control / regulate the temperature, not the climatologist, not CO2!

No, it’s not possible; whatever the laws of physics don’t approve. Same laws of physics were 15000y ago, 5BC, 900 -1300AD, 150y ago, 98, as today. Same laws of physics will be in 2100AD. You will see that: I have proven that is no such a thing as GLOBAL warming, but climate is constantly changing; for different reasons, nothing to do with CO2!!! CO2 is the good guy, the Warmist are naughty! Many active Skeptics are profiteering from the Warmist’ propaganda – they will not discus how to improve the climate. Climate never stops changing, but can change for better and for worse. Water changes the climate. If you go from east to west coast of Australia, USA, Africa; you will encounter 150 different climates. Same CO2 level, same sunspots from the sun; but completely different climates. Tragically, the ignorant Skeptics are creating ‘’backdoor exits’’ for the Warmist with their silly sunspots and previous phony GLOBAL warmings… Q: can lots of previous phony GLOBAL warmings prove that is no GLOBAL warming in 2100?!

Finally I’ve done my homework, to insert it here: we all are blaming the media and politicians / including me, for supporting the Warmist camp. But in reality – they follow the majority, the 99% of the population that is not in the debate  / the people on the street. Most important, they think: ‘’if ‘’GLOBAL’’ warming can happen – most probably will – better be safe than sorry’’

The irony is that: ‘’GLOBAL’’ warming, warming of the ‘’whole’’ planet cannot happen; that’s what the normal laws of physics say – ALL proven beyond any reasonable doubt on this blog. B] there was an American historian (forgot his name) Pulitzer price winner; was circulating around the planet and trying to convince the people in front of the TV boxes / the public, that: ‘’the planet can get overall warmer than normal’’ He was one of the most vocal Warmister at that time…

After that, prof Plimer used all those ‘’proofs’’ for his book and speeches, from that Warmister – the agriculture on Greenland, vineyards in England, freezing Thames river, the lot. It was the god given present for the Warmist. Plimer& Monkton Co brainwashed the honest people that was suppose to stand up to the Warmist lies… instead, they are falling over each other, to prove of truckloads of global warmings and ‘’global’’ coolings – sunspots, galactic dust, cycles, Holocene, Eocene, Crapocene, LIA, MGW – the whole Pagan religion beliefs… Warmist don’t need to do anything, but laughing all the way to the bank… so called ‘’Skeptics’’ are doing all their dirty jobs… Well, when the truth is known – the public will blame the ‘’Skeptics’’ much more, for assisting the Scammers, than the Warmist. Yes, there was talk in the 70’s about ‘’global’’ cooling; but the public didn’t take much notice; there was not much money involved. Now the public knows that: ‘’global’’ warming is possible – ‘’ Skeptics’’ have all the proofs… how irresponsible…

Before Darwin published his book – all the bad weather was sent by St. Peter; for people not paying enough to the church, too many illegitimate pregnancies – after, some failed geologist started ‘’discovering’’ proofs: when they find anomaly on small corner of the planet about the past – it was instantly declared as ‘’global’’ event; that’s how the pagan religion was created that the ‘’Skeptics’’ blindly believe, and the Warmist ‘’pretend’’ to believe; because it suits them – otherwise the Warmist would have decimated all that crap in a week, because they are clever. Bottom line: media and politicians follow the public – public thinks: ‘’if it can happen, probably will, better be save than sorry’’ The public needs to be informed of the solid proofs, and the normal / honest laws of physics and ‘’the SELF ADJUSTING MECHANISM the planet earth has’’unless the Warmist & Skeptics abolish the laws of physics, by legislation, in parliament and in UN – they are all wrong!

Now I know how Galileo Galiley felt, when he tried to tell the Christian & Muslim religions that:  the sun and the universe are not spinning around the earth – they blacklisted him for telling the truth; because they had all the proofs / beliefs, written – he only had the laws of physics/ facts…

Here are some real proofs, you compare:

1] for the atmosphere to get overall, warmer by 2⁰C, first must get warmer by 0,5⁰C. Instantly is not possible to get warmer by 0,5⁰C, but lets pretend that it can. 0,5⁰C warming will make oxygen +nitrogen to expand; the  troposphere to expand into the stratosphere by 100m. Up there, the temperature is -90⁰C. Expansion is instant – intercepts appropriate extra coldness to counteract, and that extra cold air falls down in a jiffy, not after 100years. Because of fast spinning of the planet and upper winds – that extra coldness falls / disperses somewhere else – but overall, it’s same warmth units in the troposphere every day of every year. So, if it cannot get warmer for more than few minutes by 0,5⁰C, how can it get warmer by 2 or 5⁰C?! Some places on the planet always gets warmer – instantly other places gets colder – to equalize. Otherwise the winds would stop permanently. That never happened. The only reason northern hemisphere gets warmer in June, July; is because on the S/H is colder and the air shrunk – to accommodate for the extra volume of air created where is warmer.

2] the laws of physics don’t work ‘’only sometime’’ Because of the same laws of physics, the WHOLE planet’s atmosphere cannot get colder also (as in Ice Age), or solar eclipse. When the moon gets in-between the sun and earth, or Venus, Mercury; they prevent lots of sunlight not to reach to the earth. Where is the shadow – the air gets colder = shrinks – from other areas air goes there, to prevent vacuum = on the other places with less air to expand, gets warmer. It was same, only on a larger scale and for long period during any ice age. Where was colder – air density was greater – on the expense of the opposite end of the planet – on the opposite end, with less air to carry the heat up to the stratosphere for cooling /to intercept extra coldness – had much hotter days, not colder; as the shonky science suggests. When was colder in Europe /USA by 8⁰C during the ice age; Oceania was warmer by 0,8⁰C, because Oceania is 10 times larger. Here is something to scrutinize:::

3] Here is some reality for both camps:: oxygen + nitrogen expand and  shrink instantly, in change of temperature, they are 998999ppm. As in ‘’big city heat’’ growing cities for the last 100years. The air from 500km3 expands by 10%. The extra 50km3 volume goes up and increases the volume of the troposphere. Those extra 50km3 intercept extra coldness in 3,5 seconds – that extra coldness falls down in minutes; but because of upper winds and fast spinning of the planet, it falls somewhere else – overall warmth in the atmosphere doesn’t change. Oxygen and nitrogen don’t wait for 1000 y to get warmer by 2-3⁰C, then to start expanding. Expansion is instant, as soon as small part get warmer by only 0,0001⁰C. Therefore, as long as one believes in the laws of physics – is stupid to believe in any GLOBAL warming! Same laws of physics will be in 100 y as they are today. Shock for the Skeptics: same laws of physics were in 98, same laws were 5BC, 1200AD, same laws of physics were 6 000 y ago, for when you were told lie that was warmer; and was same warmth units 15 000 years ago (during the big ice age)

For the last 150y, the sun has produced tremendous amount of heat on the planet. It’s all gone. Today is exactly the same warmth as it was before 151 years ago. Extra heat in the atmosphere is not accumulative; because of INSTANT expanding and shrinking of O+N in change of temperature. Not enough extra heat accumulated for the last 150years in the atmosphere, to boil one chicken egg. B] when is solar eclipse – lots of sunlight is reflected by the moon, or Mercury, or Venus, not to come to the earth, but that doesn’t lower the temperature even for one milli-degree, not even for that same day. Because of instant shrinking of the air when gets colder = releases less heat for the duration. Both camps act as if they have abolished the laws of physics!… Skeptics, if you want to win, don’t blame the Warmist for anything, until you scrutinize the following 3 paragraphs:

Q: do you know that: close to the ground is warmer by 105⁰C, than where O+N expand, when warmed extra, UP into the stratosphere? (on the ground +14⁰C, on the edge of the troposphere is   -90⁰C) that is 105⁰C difference! Same as if your body warms up from 37⁰C to 38⁰C, but instantly you spread and dip your arm into ice of minus –67⁰C. The blood from your arm will bring extra coldness to other parts of the body and make them much cooler. When O+N expand extra up into the stratosphere – they cool extra – shrink extra and bring that extra coldness down in a jiffy, not 100y.

 Q 1: when you warm up oxygen + nitrogen by 6⁰C, why do they expand much more, than when you warm them by only 2⁰C, or even less on 0,5⁰C? A: because they need to increase the volume of the atmosphere more, to intercept extra coldness, to equalize. Q 2: when you warm O+N for 20 minutes, why they don’t shrink after 10 minutes? A: because they need to keep intercepting extra coldness and redirecting it down, as long as the troposphere is warmer, to keep the temperature overall in the atmosphere to be same. Q3: after 20 minutes if O+N cool to previous temperature; why they don’t stay expanded for another hour? A: if they did, they would have redirected enough extra coldness to freeze all the tropical rivers and lakes in a day. Q 4: can extra CO2 prevent oxygen and nitrogen of expanding? A: those two gases expand trough hi-tensile walls of a hand-grenade, when warmed. Q 5: why O+N shrink when cooled, instead? A: to minimize exposure (shrinking the atmosphere) to release LESS heat, until they get to previous temperature. It takes minutes only. That proves that ice age on both hemispheres simultaneously is impossible! Q 6: do those two gases expand when warmed / shrink when cooled; because they have nothing better to do, or they are regulating the heat in the atmosphere to be always the same?! Q 7: for the last 3 Januaries, when was record coldness in Europe /USA, why on the same dates was record heat in Australia? A:To balance. Same as children’s see-saw plank in the park. The more one side goes up = the more the other side goes down. Both sides don’t go up, or down simultaneously. The Laws of physics don’t work ‘’only sometime’’ prof. Plimer! You deserve a medal from Al Gore…!

Why is difficult of learning the most important factors: ”ABSORPTION OF HEAT IS ALWAYS ”EQUAL” the RELEASE {A=R} because O&N are responsible for regulating same amount of heat to be always in the troposphere.

 Formula: EH=AE=ECI    ( Extra Heat= Atmosphere Expands= Extra Coldness Intercepts/ extra heat wastes) Laws of physics, chemistry, arithmetic are the most reliable sciences. Rely on the reliable, not on the shonky scientists. What the laws of physics don’t approve = it must be wrong!!! Unless the laws of physics are abolished by legislation in the parliament and in the UN. If we don’t need the laws of physics, abolish them by referendum. Enough people have being already brainwashed by ABC & SBS Pty Ltd, and by the British BBC. Confusing the constant big / small climatic changes with the phony GLOBAL warming; created plenty nutters in both  camps. Referendum on ”abolishing the laws of physics” would be successful. Warmist blame CO2 every time when is any cyclone, earthquake, hurricane. But on that same day; on million other places is beautiful weather – they don’t say thanks to the CO2 for a beautiful weather. Million to one is not bad, isn’t it? The other 350 days have same CO2, but good weather; thanks CO2…!

The same shonky professions, when they find that was warmer /colder in Europe 5BC, or 1250AD, they declared that the whole planet’s atmosphere was same – they have given even names Maxima / minima, Miocene, Crapocene, Eocene… what a crap. At that time people were scared to sail more than 50km west of Portugal, Morocco. Who was collecting data at that time for Australia, Oceania. Their proofs are so childish (I have disproved all those; I have never believed for one minute in their shonky GLOBAL warmings; read the condensed version of the book; so I don’t have to repeat all now) There are real reason why some parts of the planet get extra warm /cold; but never the WHOLE planet’s atmosphere!


For the climate to change, it doesn’t need any bloody GLOBAL warming /cooling. To repeat again: most of the genes in every critter, including human; are degenerated /junk genes. But not the genes for adaptation. The good Lord made the climate to be in constant change, to keep the genes for adaptation /diversification alive. I.e. you use it of lose it. That proves that the climate never stopped changing for the last 65 million years. If they don’t stop it with carbon tax, will they return the rip-off money? If it wasn’t for the industrial revolution, would the climate stayed the same?! In nature nothing stays the same; either deteriorates or improves, grows or shrinks. Why with lies they are creating fanatic zombies / nutters from the most ignorant?! A: Profits, and power over the Urban Sheep.

Human is powerful to improve / deteriorate the climate. Trees will tell you where is better climate, and why. Around Kyoto city, with much more CO2, the trees are healthier, than inland Australia, why? Nullabor in southern Australia has less CO2 than any place on the planet. Nullabor is Latin for ‘’Zero Trees’’. Amazon rainforest has 200% more CO2, than inland Australia. The winds bring in the jungle CO2, plus the fungi rotting the leafs, dead branches, trunks, roots are releasing same amount of CO2, as much as the trees absorb per calendar year. B] Tributaries to Amazon are on same latitude as the Australian tropical dry rivers – same sunspots affect both. Wake up Skeptics; Warmist go for ‘’carbon smart’’ Skeptics go for ‘’carbon stupid’’. Australia should have much higher rainfall than South America, because is smaller landmass – surrounded by the biggest mass of water.

This is constructive criticism, Skeptics; million proofs how ignorant you are, are in front of your eyes. Creation of extra methane is the most beneficial – Warmist are badmouthing it, Skeptics are helping them. 2]Needs to bring acidity from thousands of planets, to lower to pH7,3  in the sea; which would have being better for fish and corals, anyway. Unless is below pH7, is NOT ACIDIC!!! Rainforest creeks are acidic. Most of the lands on the planet are too alkaline, not acidic. Human are increasing alkalinity in the sea, not acidity! Get all the proofs from this blog; expose the Warmist and some egotistic Skeptics, for the damages they are doing. When you know what is on this blog, they don’t argue with you anymore. If is honest one, he /she drops the jaw; if is a Swindler, from any camp – they just panic and cut-off the debate. Make a list of their names, for when time comes for ‘’truth and reconciliation’’  They know that: if they argue against what is on this blog = they are arguing against the laws of physics, not only against you. Let them abolish those laws first, in parliament and by UN, before they con about the phony GLOBAL warmings

It’s not only a game for rip-off and oppression; when you learn about the damages they are doing to the climate, by their misleading; will knock your socks off. Leading Skeptics are blinded by the aggressive propaganda, cannot realize about the damages I refer; they are even part of the crime. That makes Sceptic’s crime double crime, by false pretense. Same as if policeman makes damages, he is more guilty, than when pick-pocketers make damages. Think about it, boys; forget your ego!

In my book, there is a question: ”who is the clown to say that 151 years ago was the best amount of CO2 in the air and in the sea?!?!?! Australia has more climatologist, marine biologist, ecologist per capita on the planet than any other country; there is more of them than are cane-toads in Queensland; and swarms more are coming out of universities every season, like from a sausage machine.  Indoctrinated that carbon is bad. The zombie graduated and his conman professor are 25% made of carbon, trees also. For locomotion, carbon uses oxygen, the winds to spread it where is needed.  Those bubbles in the bread they eat are  999899ppm CO2; made by the yeast.  Also the bubbles in beer, champagne are CO2 999899ppm. The flour, sugar, backing powder in the cake he eats are all made from carbon. Compare with the 260-400ppm in the atmosphere, that they are scaring you with.

They can get away with anything. Blaming CO2 for drought…? Water makes it wet. Blaming CO2 for bushfires – CO2 is fire retardant gas. Blaming CO2 for cyclone, earthquake or hurricane… When is bad weather on one place – on million other places on that same day is good weather. Why the Warmist don’t blame CO2 for the good weather on the other million places on the planet; with same CO2 level? Million to one is not bad… thanks CO2!

Everything is proven, now, not to wait 100years; spread the word /the truth. In the past they were big CLIMATIC CHANGES, not GLOBAL warmings  /coolings. Laws of physics, boys!!! The sooner they are exposed = the less permanent damages they will make = the criminal law will be more lenient on them. Most of the damages are irreversible. Money squandered is hard to return. Start from the homepage to the last article. They are all related; cannot be outdated. But don’t skip articles or paragraphs; could be the most important connection. Lots of kids are enrolling in universities in the shonky professions; when the truth is known… the best years of their lives wasted; by the Warmist propaganda… If you know some of them, suggest to them,  to read what is on this blog, you will be saving the kid’s future as extra benefit



I have proven ‘’beyond any reasonable doubt: ‘’that is no such a thing as ‘’global’’ warming; warmings / coolings are never global. B] heat from the troposphere is not ‘’radiated’’ out of space – all the heat is neutralized in the troposphere, by the ‘’cold vacuum’’ penetrating into the atmosphere; as the planet orbits as a Frisbee around the sun. No heat can be detected escaping / radiating out of the stratosphere. ‘’Self Adjusting Temperature Mechanism’’ (SATM) is brilliant, infallible. Therefore: CO2 is unjustifiably blamed! 2] H2O regulates the climate, not CO2! Confusing climatic changes with the phony ‘’global’’ warmings, it the mother of all stupidity and a gross crime!

BUT, the truth will take long time to reach the public, because of entrenched pagan beliefs in the active Warmist & Skeptic activist… Galileo had similar problems, even Darwin…

Reality / facts: before Darwin published his book; the climate / weather was controlled by witches, dragons, and by St Peter. The bishop was threatening: if is too many teenage pregnancies, or people are not paying the 10% tax correctly to the bishop, that he deserves – St. Peter will sent hailstorms, droughts and floods. When floods finally arrived -> people were blaming the bishop and St. Peter. The bishop to get himself out of trouble – he was blaming the witches, and was burning them, to silence them. After the floods, hailstorms, then burning the witches – always good weather was coming = best proof that the bishop was always correct. 2]Many times, the strongest man was collecting ‘’contributions’’ so he can go far in the forest; where nobody can see him fighting the dragon (similar as now Warmist White Collar Criminals (WWCC) are going to the polar caps, AND to the bottom of the sea, to fight the elusive phony ‘’global’’ warming; because AGW lost it’s compass) – if they didn’t contribute then – he was taking by force, the best chunks of meat, to be strong and defeat the dragon, same result.  At least, then everything was clear cut, and everybody knew the truth and ALL the facts..,

Then Darwin published his book… some unemployed geologist and paleontologist went into overdrive.   When they find extra alluvial silt on few m2 somewhere -> that was ‘’proof’’ of warmer the WHOLE planet. Then; some places imprint of dryer= was warmer the ‘’whole’’ planet. Other times wetter was ‘’proof’’ of much warmer the ‘’whole’’ planet… they knew even by how many degrees…?! Or a 10m3 of pit bog somewhere was ‘’proving’’ that ‘’the WHOLE planet’’ was much colder than normal. Extinction of many species was always attributed on warmer OR colder planet. They were going from ‘’Snowball earth’’ to ‘’Ice Free Polar Caps’’ and everything in between. WOW! Honesty was not needed… When they accumulate far too many phony ‘’global’’ warmings and ‘’global’’ coolings – instead of getting embarrassed – they invented truckloads of ‘’global’’ cycles… The earth’s temp was going up and down as if she had a hi-fewer…?! Their ‘’global’’ temp charts started to resemble a seismograph, everything with precision;  1234AD temp goes up by 0,024C –next year another 0,05C, next year goes down by 0,018C, ‘’precision’’ to a hundredth of a degree. 2]Because some report said; how much peasants in Buckingham Shire at that time were paying to the bishop’s 10% = how much per acre grain was produced, was more than during Renaissance = which they declared it ‘’LIA’’ As second ‘’proof’’ they have picture of people scatting on Thames = Buckingham Shire, a dot on the map is their ‘’globe’’

Their peers were not scrutinizing them – because they were creating a new profession AND those lies were bringing prestige and some cash. Those LIES were going in university and education books – when is in the books, it’s official… nobody can argue with books. (in reality, books are made from paper – paper can take everything, from genius work to crap, without objecting – reason they use paper even in the toilet…) B] in the 90’s an American historian, Pulitzer Price Winner (forgot his name) as one of the biggest original Warmist, was going around the planet and was saying anything, to prove to the public that: ‘’global’’ temp goes up and down as a yo-yo. Great orator, sometimes was assisted by Dr. Suzuki – he was telling about ‘’vineyards in England, Vikings on Greenland, people scatting on Thames’’ THEN, prof. Ian Plimer collected ALL that same crap, plus the crap accumulated for previous 150y, and published his book. His book became the Skeptic’s Bible = that was the biggest Christmas present to the Warmist. Somebody said to me: -‘’if the Skeptics didn’t exist, Warmist would have invented them’’ I’m proving that: ‘’the Warmist did invent the Skeptics’’ to ‘’pretend in public that they have an opponent = if is something wrong, opponents would correct?! As a ‘’Thug of war’’ – but, instead of the ‘’Skeptics’’ pulling the rope, they are pushing it, and are ahead of the Warmist by truckloads of phony ‘’global’’ warmings. Phony global warmings are pouring out of the ‘’Skeptic’s’’ ears and out of their asses. They are stewing in Plimer’s dysentery… The only harm they can do to the Warmist is, Warmist can get hernia, from too much laughter, they can also get hernia from carrying all those billions of $$ looted from the Urban Sheep

In the 70’s, they started threatening that: because of too much CO2 emission -> CO2 will create ‘’Dimming Effect’’ and less sunlight will come to the ground -> will create ‘’Ice Age by year 2000’’ they gave it a name ‘’Nuclear Winter Effect’’ apparently because;  similar as if the dust and smog from nuclear war would do. They were emphasizing colder days or places, and avoided to talk about warmer than normal days when was happening. Same as today the scream about ‘’warmer’’ days in the media; no matter where on the planet happened, but, where is colder than normal OR on the 95% on the planet where is normal temp, they avoid to mention – only was in reverse, in the 70’s. The biggest conman was an English prof. Hubert Lamb- he knew: if he ‘’predicts’’ Ice Age in 100y, not many people get scared; so the original Carbon Molester ‘’predicted’’ ice age in 25years, by year 2000 – he wrote a book and was translated on other languages – Ice Age for year 2000 can only be avoided, only if we stop burning fossil fuel, especially coal (that helped Thatcher to close the English coalmines, easy). Lamb managed to con the politicians to give lots of tax cash – those money attracted similar White Collar Criminals as Hubert. In the early 80’s, they realized that: year 2000 is getting closer – no sign of the nuclear winter – his peers decided to go for: ‘’Global Warming instead; by 5-6C, by 2060. Hubert’s book was sanitized beyond recognition and ‘’reprinted’’ Hubert only jumped from ice age to global warming, because year 2000 was getting closer. If he ‘’predicted it’’ in 100y – we would have being today still listening from the same Warmist Organized Crime, how is getting COLDER on the polar caps and on the bottom of the sea, and everywhere where is no honest people going. But they had to go in opposite direction, with bigger noise, people to forget the original Hubert’s ‘’prediction (he was the original CO2 for cash, Prophet) Hubert concocted the ‘’Snowball planet’’ and ‘’both polar caps ice free’’. Then; It bacame: ‘’Greenhouse Global Warming and Sea rising’’ There was no use of the con term  ‘’Climate Change’’! At that time, still many people knew that water changes climate. Now, where the biggest Warmist White Collar Criminals are in East Anglia university building, is called ‘’Hubert Lamb Building’’ – because the ‘’Skeptics’’ are prepared to die in the trenches, defending the original / biggest CO2 Molester, the hardcore conman Hubert Lamb, because, he was for lots and lots of PHONY ‘’global’’ warmings / coolingss

Momentum started in 1990, because of the collapse of the Berlin Wall. Before that, there were few millions of communist in the democratic west (now there are none) They were well organized, well connected -they all put green topcoat on and became the noisiest members in the Warmist Organized Crime (WOC) Many of them were vegetarians, so they started demonizing the methane also, not only CO2. But not methane from bison, wildebeest and elephants, only the one from cattle and sheep. Scare tactics were increasing, and by 97 Kyoto Conference; they were sure that they will succeed to con the public: to stop using fuel and kill the cattle and sheep – then when the phony ‘’global’’ warming doesn’t show up – they will get the credit and demand the taxpayer to feed the Marxist jet-setters forever. 98 was declared as ‘’the hottest year ever’’

They were for a big shock – instead decreasing CO2 emission, most countries were increasing it. Especially happened what they didn’t predict – China, India, Brazil doubled their CO2 emission. Because of that, they ‘’LOWERED’’ from 5-6C, down to 2C, and shifted it from 2060 to year 2100 instead. (no skeptic notice that: from 5-6C down to 2C is more, than from 2C down to zero) Anyway, Plimer and Monkton were ‘’creping’’ that: ‘’it will get warmer by 0,5C – 1,5C, so the Warmist were happy with that and they lowered it down to 2C. It suits the Warmist to wait 100y and see which lie is correct, Monkton’s OR Warmist ’So they declared that: Science is Settled’’ Warmist are not fussy – Plimer’s &Monkton’s 0,5C – 1,5C  or the Warmist 2C, they are SAME LIES, Warmist won. Sceptics are using the phony ‘’global’’ warmings / coolings crap concocted by Warmist, OR by shonky ‘’researchers’’ that would have being in the Warmist cult, if they were alive – Warmist are happy to rob and oppress people until 2099; or until people on the street realize that is NO global warming – then probably they will start ‘’global’’ cooling again. They have introduced Marxism by default; thanks to the phony ‘’Skeptics’’  Vegetarians say that: methane is 10 times bigger warming gas, Vegans say it’s 20 times, one said that: methane is 30 times bigger greenhouse gas… The truth needs resuscitating!

UNLESS WE PRESENT THE TRUTH TO THE PUBLIC that: the whole phony ‘’global’’ warmings crap is just that, 100%, 24 carat crap!!!  Please don’t rely on the phony Skeptics! Even when people that are collecting temp data said that is no global warming; the Skeptics say: ‘’no, no, it’s only a ‘’PAUSE’’ the bigots are praying for ‘’global’’ warming, otherwise they would have to admit to themselves that: they have being duped by Plimer and Anthony Watts.  Warmist are thieves, but they are cunning, clever thieves, they are making billions, by using a simple lie – they will not admit the truth; without solid evidences, that: ‘’can be proven now, no need to wait 100y’’ I have all thhose evidences necessary!!!  If you are a Secular Skeptic, please join me; I need all the help possible. If you do believe in the phony global warming; but you are not benefiting from the loot, please join me. The leading Warmist are the most dishonest people – skeptics are pretty honest people, unfortunately: their brains are 3feet lower than where it should be – they are the  ‘’Plimer’s Closed Parachutes’’. They are into the Pagan Religion; lost capacity even to recognize when the truth drops on their lap…The truth always wins on the end! The truth: the ‘’Temperature Self Adjusting Mechanism’’ (TSAM) is controlled by the honest laws of physics – those laws were same in the past as they are today, and will be same in 100y from now = no ‘’global’’ warming possible!!! Warmings / coolings are always localized.   


Santa has a same ”PAUSE” between january and december… exactly the same, as the phony global warming!

Warmist invented the ”pause” because there are still lots of people on the street that can think for themselves, and are noticing that IS SAME TEMP AS ALWAYS WAS… AND: to prove to the politicians and the media that: –” skeptics are capable of thinking and reasoning as three old kids, OR as a 25y old fencepost”…

Green Power… Here is some reality:: Tesla invented high voltage and transformer, so that electricity can be produced outside the city, not as Edison’s way, to be produced in every suburb. Because low voltage loses electricity in ”’resistance in the cable” Well, those wind turbines are producing low voltage electricity -> even when the wind is from favorable direction and is blowing -> most of that produced electricity is lost in the ground cable, before reaches the main power greed, in 10-15km distance. Therefore: those turbines are installed on the top of the hill, to promote the NON-EXISTENT GLOBAL WARMING, and: for fleecing the Urban Sheep and money laundering.


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  1. Andy Hurley says:

    Question, no where on the site do I see the name of your book mentioned . Where can I buy it?

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