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HOW THE EARTH IS GETTING COOLED; cutting edge science, in simple words   ©          THE HOLY GRAIL IN CLIMATOLOGY::

In space the earth orbits around the sun, the temperature is colder than minus -90C, (-130F). It’s about 5 times colder than inside your deep freezer. The only reason we survive on this planet is: because it receives enough radiation from the sun, to produce some heat, to make it liveable for the most part of the planet. We should rejoice that it gets warm enough on most of the planet, to sustain life! Almost ALL the warmth is produced on the ground and in the water; insignificant amount of heat is produced in the clouds, where cooling is much more efficient. Which means: some sunlight is intercepted by the H2O +CO2 clouds => a bit ‘’less heat created on the ground => day temp lower by 0,01C, or less, on the ground / night temp up by as much; because H2O is as shock absorber.

If for ANY REASON extra heat than normal is produced on the ground or in the atmosphere – the air, oxygen & nitrogen expand instantly and  disperse the extra heat in a few minutes. Those two gases are doing a simple but very important job: when there is extra heat -> disperse that extra heat, to be collected by the unlimited coldness in the upper troposphere. A bit as; if you have two bucketfuls of hot water in a cold backyard – one bucket of water at a temperature of 80C, the other one at 100C – then take the hotter one of 100C sprinkle it in the air = that ”hotter” water will cool faster than the water that stays in the bucket, not dispersed. ”Dispersing the heat” is the most important; but it confuses both camps… (the thinner the air in upper atmosphere is -> the more of the unlimited ‘’cold vacuum’’ that we are travelling through, enters into the troposphere, as Earth zooms through space) Earth is orbiting at about 108000kmh around the sun -changes her location every 9 minutes,  so there is no time for that space to be warmed up! That ”warmed” cold vacuum that penetrates into the atmosphere, cannot be taken by the earth; because it doesn’t have gravity or friction – the earth goes constantly into a new cold vacuum. Therefore: that ”cold vacuum’’ can never get overheated! Refrigerator works on the same principle (gas expands and releases heat – heat ‘’radiates’’ from one micron to couple of feet distance, if temp is over 200C) so: O&N / vertical winds release the heat into the ”cold vacuum” – whatever heat is released into that ’cold vacuum’’ -that heat which is released this minute, tomorrow will be in that same ‘’cold vacuum’’ which will be 2,5 million km behind! This different approach is correct, isn’t it; The heat from the ground is dispersed into the space from 2-10km altitude, it’s neutralized by the ”cold vacuum” instantly, it does not linger as a shroud in the atmosphere, to accumulate!

COOLING WITH PRECISION:  A campfire radiates heat 3 feet – those 3 feet of air expand and becomes 6 feet of hot air by volume; therefore ”around” the fire, instead of 5m3 of air, becomes 10m3 of air – that’s extra 5m3 of ”air volume” created.  All that 10m3 is warmed and tries to expand a lot, but doesn’t expand as much as it wishes, because there is one atmosphere pressure on the surface – instead, that ‘’warmed’’ air goes up towards the upper troposphere, carrying all that heat (the same as when you try to blow up balloons on the bottom of the swimming-pool – balloons instantly go to the surface and jump a bit out of the water) Every 10 seconds, as long as the fire is burning; 10m3 of hot air is moving up,  and ‘’increases the volume of the troposphere by 5m3’’.

When heated molecules get to 2-5-8km altitude,  the air is very thin – in-between that thin air is plenty of that ’cold vacuum” zooming through -those 5m3 of air molecules expand and release the heat into that cold vacuum -> they get cooled/ become colder than all the O&N below, so they shrink – becoming smaller per volume than the air below->thus instantly fall down to the ground as super cooled, to collect more heat. Therefore: the troposphere is larger by volume of 5m3 as long as the fire burns – encompasses  in, ”extra volume of cold vacuum’’ heat is ‘’released’’ into that ‘’cold vacuum’’ that is plenty of it from 3-10km altitude -> that ‘’warmed cold vacuum’’ stays there BUT the planet moves ahead into new cold vacuum every 9 minutes. Therefore: no matter how much heat is released – if the first 9 minutes of ‘’cold vacuum’’ doesn’t neutralize it completely, the second one will. (as it is the case when a jumbo jet releases 300C heat – after 20 minutes the bi-product from burning the fuel is still there, but NOT THE HEAT, all neutralized! There are many 9 minutes in 24h, and many more in a whole year.

When the fire is dead -> convection stops, instantly; no extra heat is released – self regulation! The fire produces lots of CO2, BUT: the CO2 doesn’t prevent heat from going up; CO2 takes heat up, same as O&N do – after all, every CO2 molecule has two oxygen atoms – when warmed, expand and go up together! Now we are getting into the tricky truth/reality, the most important part:

Heat doesn’t ”radiate” out in space, as the propaganda says!!! All heat is neutralized by the NEW ”cold vacuum” that penetrates through the troposphere every 9 minute -and is neutralizing the heat between 2-10km altitude – although, sometime super-heated gases from volcanoes and nuclear explosions go up to 12-17km. CO2 causing ice ages and global warmings is the grandmother of all lies!  Because that cold vacuum” that constantly zooms through the atmosphere  doesn’t  have  friction or gravity – the earth cannot take it with her! How deep the ”cold vacuum” penetrates into the troposphere?! Well, on Kilimanjaro mountain in Africa ”in the tropics”  there is permanent snow and ice on the top of the mountain.  Kilimanjaro is one of the closest point on the earth to the sun – lots of sunshine, plus lots of heat, up to 45C from surrounding valleys goes to the mountain, but there is ice and snow there = the ”cold vacuum” penetrates so deep into the atmosphere that the warmth is almost instantly neutralized. Actually the ‘’cold vacuum’’ penetrates down to sea level also; where there is one full atmosphere pressure, but slightly less. As it goes higher from sea-level – the air is thinner and the presence of the ”cold vacuum”  penetrates more and more; that’s why at higher altitude cooling is much more efficient! Warmed CO2 during the day goes high up and IS COOLED DIRECTLY BY THE cold vacuum!No ”radiation” of heat out in space, and albedo is completely misleading crap!!!

Let’s repeat: the heat doesn’t ”radiate” out into space – the ”cold vacuum” penetrates through the troposphere and is neutralizing the heat in the first 1-7-10km altitude, if it wasn’t one molecule of CO2, heat wouldn’t ‘’radiate’’ out into the void!THAT MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE! Therefore: Mohamed doesn’t go to the mountain -the mountain comes to Mohamed! All the literature written by the 30000 scientist and other freelancer commissars, is ALL misleading / harmful / destructive crap! In the morning, the sun warms up the carbon atom -> that warms up the two oxygen atoms in the CO2 molecule, and up they go, to where it is cooler, to keep releasing any heat during the day. Because the surrounding O2&N2 don’t have the benefit of carbon intercepting UV&IF, they stay cooler. Therefore: CO2 is NOT a greenhouse gas! (roof of a normal greenhouse doesn’t go up to 2-9km, to cool itself, warmed CO2 does)

Almost all the heat is created on the surface of the land &water; only a minuscule  amount by CO2 – no matter whether it is warmed oxygen &nitrogen, or CO2 – all heated molecules rise a few km up and cool instantly – if molecules are heated more  – then they just go 100m/1000m.  higher, where the temperature is colder by virtue of additional cooling from the extra ’cold vacuum’’ and cools as fast as the less warmed below, = the more warming->the more expansion-> the higher and faster the flight to the cooler altitudes. Only in exceptional circumstances, when air is super heated; as for example by volcanoes, or nuclear explosion – do super-heated molecules go more than 10km altitude, spread as mushroom and then  cool just as easily! Which means: there is much more than necessary cold vacuum penetrating into the troposphere, to handle any heat. BUT: if necessary, extra warmed troposphere can ”EXPAND” a lot extra, and let extra ”cold vacuum” in, to do the job. Also: extra expanding troposphere by volume ”encompasses” extra ”cold vacuum”!  Temperature Self Adjusting Mechanism (TSAM) is  infallible!  (CO2&H2O greenhouse gases theory is a concocted con = should be called appropriately ”shadecloth effect”) they make milder climate => cooler days / warmer nights, not warmer planet! (less CO2&H2O in the atmosphere=>hotter days/ colder nights – overall always same temperature!) Also: CO2 is 300-400ppm = as a roof on a greenhouse would have being as a postage stamp, or a fishnet roof!

Only 8-10km above the ground in the tropics, the temperature is as cold as it is on Antarctic. We should warship any warmth the earth produces!

So, if you live in the tropics or subtropics, Antarctic’s temperature is only 10km away from you, just above your head; if you live in a temperate climate, such  as US, Europe, where most of the Warmist swindlers are – Antarctic’s temp is even closer to you. Just think of a landmark, down the road from your house that is 8-10km away – that’s how close you are to the Polar temperature, in which  nothing grows, and a certain death is assured in winter!  Just a small decrease in heat production – then that freezing cold is closer to your house, think about it. So: 99% of the heat created on the earth, can’t make it to 10km 6miles altitude; NASA lies that they detect all the heat ‘’radiating’’ out in space… shame, shame conmen! 2] Even those who visit the Polar caps in Summer, need all the support from warmer climate; such as food, blankets and heating, produced in ‘’warmer climate’’.

3] Therefore: excluding polar caps – on the rest of the planet temperatures that can sustain life are only 4-5km from sea-level up. Dangerously cold temp is only 5km (3miles) above your head! The universe is a very cold place, for example: the ”cold vacuum” in the orbit the earth is travelling, is colder than -90C / if you stick a thermometer outside the space station, in the shade – thermometer will say: -90C. In the orbit Saturn’s moons travel – the message came from the travelling satellite that is -178C; further more: the space between our solar system and the next star system is only two degrees above ”infinite zero Kelvin”’ that is very, very cold! Most of the universe is made of very ”cold vacuum! Complaining about heat, is lunacy… BOTTOM LINE: heat doesn’t ‘’radiate’’ out into the void – ALL heat is NEUTRALIZED in the first 10km attitude from sealevel most of it on the first 2-7km!!!

The Warmist only weapon: Stefan Boltzmann’s crappy experiment 160y ago, used first by Svante August Arrhenius, an Swedish scientist 110y ago, to con the people about CO2 producing global warming.  He is acknowledged as the first conman of the ”CO2 driven global warming”… after him for the last 100y were ”predicted” four ”ice age is just around the corner AND four global warmings AND: the last one was global warming by 5-6C, by year 2060 – then they moved it to 2100 – then they lowered it to 3C, if we do everything they say; as if it is a button on the air conditioner – the truth is: if we do everything they say or all opposite, will be zero global warming, all is proven here) : let’s get back to Stefan Boltzmann’s crappy experiment: heating CO2 in a tube is not same as warmed CO2 in the atmosphere- which goes instantly up, when warmed, to cool down! Even the cavemen knew that; reason they invented the chimney!!! In the tube/  sealed chamber, warmed CO2 cannot expend, but keeps warming up when heated, AND IS CREATING IT’S OWN PRESSURE – on the other hand: in the air, as soon as CO2 warms up-> INSTANTLY goes UP, where is thinner air and much colder, to release the heat!!! Comparing CO2 warming in the sealed tube, AND: free CO2 in the air, is same as comparing a bird on the branch of the tree, with a bird in the pressure cooker. That’s what the 30000  criminally oriented  ‘’questionable  scientist in what fields’’ are trying to con the public, for fleecing the Urban Sheep! And for Marxist /Bolsheviks model oppression! #2: Methane & carbon dioxide (CO2&CH4) are the new western Marxist Hammer and Sickle. P.s. the 160y old Stefan Boltzmann’s law / experiment was not mentioned ones, in the 60’s-70’s! Because same shonks at that time were promoting; because of CO2 dimming effect, will be Ice Age by year 2000. Why are they constantly lying, you ask – A: -if they say the truth, that: ”it will be exactly same temperature in 100y” the suffering taxpayers get stingy with their money = the Shonks are not stupid! Using CO2 for fleecing the Urban Sheep is fun and lucrative – to make the politicians; to rob the people and reward the green topcoated Reds… 

When the truth is known – the phony global warming will be treated as the biggest sick joke, for long time. What do YOU think should be done to the leading swindlers, including NASA, Australian SCIRO, for billions squandered and kids brainwashed in school and university?! AND: because where is bad climate, because of no water, is not improved. Badmouthing CO2 => many bad domino effects…!

Example: when you warm up your room, there is more warmth close to the ceiling, than close to the floor. BUT, on the foot of Kilimanjaro mountain gets up to 45C (113F) – by the time that heat goes up the mountain 6km, altitude, the temp is below zero centigrade. Which means: the ”cold vacuum” is already neutralizing the heat even in the lowest part of the troposphere, because it penetrates that deep. Penetrates to sea level also, but much less.

FROM THE GROUND UPWARDS  THE AIR IS COLDER, AS ALTITUDE INCREASES, AND AS THE AIR GETS THINNER/ MORE ‘’COLD VACUUM’’ PENETRATES IN -> ”PROOF” THAT MORE AND MORE COLD VACUUM PENETRATES CONSTANTLY IN, AND CANCELS ANY EXTRA HEAT  AVAILABLE! (unfortunately, lots of debate on the net how much ”stratosphere” is getting warmed up… in reality; the whole stratosphere is close to minus -90C  (-130F)all the time, day and night – without checking, they make up stories and make those stories official) Same goes with Mt. Everest: on the foot of the Himalayas, (subtropics) it gets up to 40C, BUT on Mt Everest people get frozen fingers in middle of summer and those fingers get amputated / in winter there would have being certain death!  It proves that: most of the heat that is created on the ground, on low altitude, by the time that heat goes up to 3-6-10km altitude, that heat is completely neutralized by the cold vacuum”  which constantly penetrates into the atmosphere. Unless the science adopts my facts = both camps are wrong! Whatever I say is no guessing, can be proven now, no need to wait 100y and see that everybody was wrong. NO ‘’radiating’’ heat, therefore: if there  wasn’t one single molecule of CO2 in the atmosphere, the heat  wouldn’t be  ‘’radiating’’ to the void, any heat at all! 99% of the heat never reaches more than 10km altitude, is neutralized long before that altitude!

The ground, at night is cooled every day by average of 15C, that is lot of heat. Of course, the cooling happens during the day also / even more – if all that heat was going up by ”radiation” and by the vertical winds up to the stratosphere, stratosphere would have being almost as warm as on the ground, but is not. Because that heat is getting cancelled slowly as it goes up. (similar as: when you put a big ice block in a pot of boiling water -> water cools down / coldness from the ice neutralizes the heat, without any  stupid albedo or ”radiating” that heat out in space)  Therefore: forget about ”albedo” and heat” radiation” that gizmo is concocted for brainwashing and confusion. What I say, can be ALL  proven now, no need to speculate, or wait 100y and see that the ”shonky science is wrong”!

B] that cold vacuum on the polar caps goes to the surface of the planet, the planet fights back, to minimize penetration of the ’cold vacuum’’  by increasing the density of the air (otherwise would have being even colder) – lots of heat is released in Arctic from the warm currents coming from the North Pacific, plus some heat is produced by the summer sun, plus geothermal heat released, but it is getting all destroyed / neutralized on the spot, by that ‘’cold vacuum’’

C] In the permafrost, that cold vacuum penetrates deep into the soil and keeps destroying the heat that comes from below, from the geothermal heat. Therefore: the only reason that ’cold vacuum’’ doesn’t zap us on the ground is: because the earth is constantly producing a bit of heat to fight that ’cold vacuum’’ otherwise the severe cold reaches to the ground; but of course most of the planet is saturated with some warmth (especially water releases slower heat) therefore: the more warmth = the better, safer!

Now the tricky part:

The Earth produces enough heat, to warm up that cold vacuum from the surface, to 25km up, in one week, why does it not do so? That cold vacuum’’ when warmed a bit, doesn’t go anywhere, but: THE EARTH GOES. The earth cannot take that ”warmed ”cold vacuum” with her, because THAT COLD VACUUM  DOESN’T HAVE ANY FRICTION, OR GRAVITY.  Therefore: by spinning around itself and orbiting around the sun as a Frisbee, the earth in a week will be millions of miles away. So, trough the earth’s atmosphere goes new” cold vacuum every 9 minutes (the orbit in which the  Earth / moon are travelling – that ‘’COLD VACUUM’’ the temperature  is minus -93C (-135,4F) So: ‘’warmed’’ O&N and ”warmed CO2’’ are releasing / or radiating, if you will, that warmth by only ONE MICRON, into that cold vacuum, which constantly penetrates into the troposphere – as the planet moves away – ”warmed’’ cold vacuum stays where it was” but the planet doesn’t, please don’t forget the truth! For example : if your car engine works all day in the garage, the heat of the engine and exhaust would warm up the garage, BUT, when you travel 100kmh on the road, the road is not getting hot, as you keep going, you are releasing heat behind you. The earth travels 108000kmh, which is much faster through that cold vacuum, than your car!

b]As when you drive on the road, where there is 2 inches of water – the water gets into the grooves / tread of the tire -> collects dirt and stays there on the road, where you stepped on it – your tire goes into new water all the time = that ’cold vacuum’’ penetrates into the atmosphere, as water into the tread of the tire – collects heat and stays with ‘’that heat’’ where it was / the planet moves into new coldness. (your car tire spins around itself and simultaneously goes further down the road / In exactly the same way  the Earth ‘’spins around itself and orbits around the sun’’. Therefore: Warmist &Skeptics keep repeating: ‘’radiating, radiating heat from the surface to out of the stratosphere, or heat from the CO2 in the atmosphere ‘’radiating’’ that heat back to the ground…?!?!  The truth: ‘’radiation’’ of kinetic heat is only mostly from one micron, to few feet distance max, if 300C heat! b] ALL the heat is getting  neutralized IN the troposphere by the ”cold vacuum”!!! example: aircrafts are pressurized – if you open the door at 10-12km up -> the COLD VACUUM” will ”vacuum” half of the air out of the aircraft and from your lungs, as a vacuum cleaner – further up there is much more of that cold vacuum The  pressure in the aircraft is maintained to be similar as it was on the ground; when the doors were open -so: because of the presence of lots of ”cold vacuum’’ on 10-12km altitude – the ”cold vacuum” would ”vacuum” the air from the aircraft. B] when a cosmonaut fixes something outside the space station – if he didn’t have a pressurized uniform – the ”cold vacuum” would have  pulled him apart (I already had complaints and insults that: ”cold vacuum”  doesn’t exist, that is warmer all the way to the sun” from both camps) That kind of ignorance is very prolific on the net…but, they make the numbers that politicians count…)

Therefore: if you adopt the new/ my approach, you will win the war against the Warmist:
The universe is very hostile place, very cold. b] the earth is travelling trough a ”very cold space” If you put a shielded thermometer from the sun, in the space where the satellites orbit – it would be colder than -93C (-130f) (this is the reason why when the cosmonauts are repairing something outside the space station; ”in the shadow” of it – their suits must be pumped lots of warmth by umbilical cord – otherwise he would be frozen stiff in 7 minutes) BECAUSE LONGWAVE ‘’heat radiation’’ FROM THE EARTH  DOESN’T  GO UP, TO WARM UP THE  COSMONAUT – because ”ALBEDO CRAP  DOESN’T   EXIST;  therefore:  THAT ‘’COLD VACUUM’’ neutralizes the heat here, on the first 10km altitude, most on 2-7km!

That ”same” cold vacuum cools in Sahara, from 45C, in 12h, at night  down to 10C; 35C cooling  in 12h! In a rainforest on that same latitude goes from 33C down at night to 22C. The warmer it gets during the day – the higher that warmed air goes, collects more coldness, drops down at night; colder it gets during the night (pendulum effect) overall is same amount of heat in 24h, if you take into account the heat for every minute in 24h. The Warmistas instead lie that the planet cannot cool 2C extra in 100years… WOW!

Most important sentence: The warmer surface gets -> vertical winds SPEED up, and GO MUCH NIGHER -> cooling INCREASES! !!!    (Ask the people with hang-gliders!)

If the earth was ‘’radiating heat’’ as the Warmist are lying / Skeptics are buying into it – that ‘’phony radiation’’ from the earth would have kept the cosmonaut warm in the shadow of the space-station b] no need to go under the space station, to know that their theory is wrong regarding ‘’radiating heat’’ If ‘’radiation’’ and ”albedo” was happening that far – you would have got suntan from a  full moon… moon-tan…? Why is the Earth not warmer than normal; when the Moon is full, when all the sunlight reflection and plus ‘’radiation’’ from the moon is pointed to the earth?! So much about: ”albedo crap” ‘’radiating heat / long wave radiation’’ for long distances is only meant to deceive and create confusion; busted! They are only degrading people’s brains by that so unscientific crap / lies… c] They will never leave a person on the moon; when it becomes night for two weeks, the temperature gets to minus -120C  They would need to carry there lots of fuel for heating + oxygen, for that fuel to burn – on the Moon, the night is 14 earth days long – solar panel batteries will not last that long, to counteract that much coldness, no wind turbines would work there. What I’m getting at is: ‘’ the side that is night on the moon (new moon) is facing the earth! Earth is much bigger than the moon; if that ‘’phony heat radiation and albedo’’ was happening on the earth = that radiating of heat &albedo would have warmed the ‘’dark side on the moon, but this is not the case; that’s a natural unadulterated experiment! Warmist & Skeptic’s ‘’kinetic heat ” ‘’radiating’’ for long distances DOESN’T EXIST’’!  busted!

Therefore: we should rejoice that: the earth is producing heat, to fight the ”NEW cold vacuum” the earth is travelling through, all the time – otherwise everything would have been frozen stiff ! (At some point  the astrophysicists might discover that: ‘’the dark matter / anti-matter they are talking about, is nothing  but; the space where nothing exists but the temp from ‘’infinite zero Kelvin, up to any solid object”; if somebody can cool a space  ‘’below infinite zero Kelvin’’ that space will disappear; but we are not going to get into that now) All I want to emphasize is: the Earth cannot warm up all that empty / cold space from here to the next star Alpha Centauri, 2 light years away –we are not even going that way…?

‘’INTENTIONALLY CONFUSING’’ short waves ‘’IR&UV’’ cold radiation for long distances from the sun, with ‘’long wave IR’’ which is: radiation from ‘’existing / created heat”, which is kinetic energy/ heat; radiates only few microns; is the ”smoking cannon / scam” in both camps, by which I mean the Warmistas and the phony skeptics who subscribe to the” back radiation theory”.

I was told that: most of the climatologist are not physicist, but Jim Hansen is; therefore: if he is put on a witness stand, under oath – he would end up in long term jail. Everything in the solar system is controlled / regulated by the ”HONEST” laws of physics! Engineers that created radio, TV, mobile telephone, X-ray machine, atom bomb, microwave Owen; they had to deliver the goods, by utilizing radiation, they cannot sell lies to get cash, like Met offices, EPA and IPCC. Confusing different radiations that are same, for confusing the ignorant – is the mother of all lies!

1] there are many different radiations – as for example: shortwave IR /UV that comes from the sun to the earth – they don’t carry any heat, they ‘’create heat’’ by vibrating atoms and molecules on the earth – they vibrate CO2 in the atmosphere, soil on the ground, and surface of the water – that ‘’vibration’’ which rubs molecules / atoms from each other,  ‘’creates’’ the heat on the spot. To repeat for the most ignorant, again: the empty space between earth / sun is COLD! Stratosphere is just as cold, no warming of the whole planet overall possible!

2] same as your microwave Oven, doesn’t produce heat, but vibrates the water molecules in the cup, that ‘’friction’’ boils the water in 2 minutes. The same as when you rub the hands, to warm up (water molecules vibrate much faster) then; that heat in the cup is ‘’kinetic energy / heat’’, and doesn’t ‘’radiate’’ heat for more than an inch, even though is 100C.

3] same as the ‘’cold’’ shortwave IR / UV from the sun’’ vibrate the CO2 in the atmosphere and the soil, water, and ‘’create’’ the heat in it. Then, ‘’that kinetic heat” radiates only by one micron from the CO2 –that heat is collected by O&N and taken higher, to waste it (most of that heat from CO2 is neutralized ON THE SPOT by the ‘’cold vacuum’’  which constantly penetrates into the atmosphere) CO2 during the day goes up 3-7km, It is  always very  cold at those altitudes. CO2 doesn’t ‘’radiate’’ heat back down to the ground, doesn’t ‘’radiate’’ that heat up into the stratosphere; because longwave heat doesn’t radiate for more than a micron from the CO2, and the ‘’kinetic heat’’ from the ground radiates only few inches. All the cooling is done by O&N taking the heat up / horizontal winds collect the heat -> vertical winds are dispersing it up, for the ‘’cold vacuum’’ to neutralize it. Repeat again the most important sentence: when it gets hotter than normal -> vertical winds increase, INSTANTLY, AND GO HIGHER, and equalize in a jiffy!

One more experiment:  warm up your oven to 300C (570F) – open the oven door – that 300C kinetic heat will radiate (longwave IR) about a foot – that air will be warmed and will expand to two feet. Therefore: 300C (570F) radiates longwave IR only one foot – how the hell they think that: 30C (86F) on the ground can ”radiate’’ from the ground to out in space and CO2 to prevent that?!?! Mother of all stupidity, misleading nonsense!

(Most people from both camps believe that: CO2 distribution is evenly distributed in the atmosphere all the time -WRONG!!! They brag about CO2 getting ”WARMED” by the sun during the day – but don’t know what the caveman did know, that: warmed CO2 goes high up during the day – that’s how the caveman invented the chimney.(Fundamentalist Warmist & Skeptics should update their knowledge to that of a caveman) the truth: most of CO2 exposed to the sun during the day rises, as it is warmed -> intercepts sunlight there, where cooling is much more efficient – isn’t this what all the fuss is about; CO2 gets warmer than other air?! When warmed CO2 goes high up, ONLY DURING THE DAY, where is a lot of ”cold vacuum” penetrating, and is cancelling that heat, directly from the CO2 molecule-which means: that small amount of radiation that CO2 intercepts high up, as DIMMING EFFECT = a bit LESS radiation comes to the ground = cooler by 0,1C during the day. Is that bad? Same as WV does, only is more water vapor in the air than CO2, so does much, much better job

After sundown, CO2 loses benefit from the sunlight / cools and falls to the ground – that’s when the trees and crops are most active, after 8pm. In the morning the sunlight lifts CO2 up again as it does with a fog. Why does  the CO2 rise during the day? Here is why: every CO2 molecule has two oxygen atoms – from UV&IR, vibrating carbon atom warms up the two oxygen atoms in the molecule -> the two oxygen atoms expand and lift him up, to appropriate heights, where there is appropriate extra ”cold vacuum” to neutralize any extra heat created!  Warmist DO NOT HAVE A CASE! It is easy to prove the truth, now; no need to wait 100years and see that they are lying!!!

4] so: longwave and shortwave radiation is what they confuse, to con. The heat in the cup, heat into the CO2, heat into the soil AND the heat on the sun surface are kinetic energy / heat; the same heat that is produced by burning coal, to melt iron ore. For melting iron ore  2000C is required, and people can stand 15 feet away from such a  fire – on the surface of the Sun it  is only 4500C -21000C; which is only two and a half times of that in the smelter. Yes, deep down into the sun, where fusion is created, heat is in millions of degrees, but that is deep, deep down. Also the ”sun-flares” release millions of degrees of  heat BUT: that heat doesn’t even reach to the orbit of Mercury (on the dark side of Mercury is much colder than on Mars – because Mercury doesn’t have axle, same side is always facing the sun)

5]  Even those radio waves on TV, radio, mobile telephone are of different frequencies; kilohertz / megahertz. Shouldn’t, must not be allowed to be confused with long wave radiating from heat, which travels very, very short distances; as few microns only

6] those ‘’cold short waves’’ from the sun, travel though a very cold place, for long distances, to get to the earth – because in-between there are no gases or solid objects to vibrate and produce heat – the temperature between the earth and the sun is five and a half times colder, than in your deep freeze (apart from when Mercury every couple of months, and  sometime Venus end up between the Earth / Sun and they intercept those cold short-waves and create heat / kinetic energy, there) The Moon intercepts ‘’short wave radiation’’ from the Sun -> heat is created there; that kinetic heat doesn’t radiate from the moon to the earth – because ’long wave radiation’’ doesn’t get far! It radiates a foot from the ground and is neutralized by the ’cold vacuum’’  because the moon travels faster than the earth into ‘’new cold vacuum’’ it’s all neutralized in the path of the moon. Both camps  emphasize that: the moon is colder than the earth, to badmouth the CO2 BUT nobody takes in consideration  that: THE MOON TRAVELS almost TWICE AS FAST THROUGH THAT ”COLD VACUUM, than the earth”!!!  (because the Moon travels the same orbit with the earth around the sun, PLUS: simultaneously the moon orbits around the earth 13 times in a year in a big radius) Also: the real greenhouse gases on the earth, oxygen &nitrogen; let the sunlight through, to warm up the surface, but keeps most of the ‘’cold vacuum’’ 2 -10km away from the surface, on the moon 100% of the ‘’cold vacuum’’ touches the surface. Plus the earth generates geothermal heat, no such thing on the moon, plus water is as shock absorber for heat on the earth! (they can’t notice all that, and that is no water on the moon, Venus. Why, are they so stupid; OR they think that; the public is so stupid?!)

Therefore: it’s not: ‘’IR radiates from the sun’’ comes in – ‘’IR’’ radiates out, from the ground to out in space; this  is the con; kinetic heat doesn’t ”radiate” from one micron most of the time, to a few feet, in exceptional circumstances (volcanoes etc). All the heat created on the earth, is neutralized by the new ’cold vacuum’’ that constantly penetrates deep into the troposphere = Warmist don’t have a case!!! Hansen as physicist, can be put in jail, easy; if it wasn’t for this: Warmist keep creating bull – Skeptics keep shovelling it… The truth will win, only it will take longer. P.s. physicists and engineers in the ‘’Skeptic’s’’ camp, should be in the same jail cell as Hansen, only for longer period. Because: they play the cop, but are assisting the bank-robbers! In every country, under the existing laws – the cop gets bigger penalty than the robbers; when they are ‘’assisted’’ by the cop. When those ‘’phony Skeptics’’ are blaming the Warmist for robbing the people – I feel like eating more – so that  I can throw up more… (they are misleading about Venus, the moon temperatures, just to badmouth CO2!)


Q: do you know that: oxygen + nitrogen are 998999ppm in the troposphere, CO2 only 260-450ppm?

Q: do you know that O+N expand /shrink ”INSTANTLY” in change of temperature?

Q: do you know that: where they expand upwards and encompass more of that cold space, on the edge of the troposphere  is minus -90⁰C?

Q: why do  O2&N2 expand more, when warmed by 5⁰C, than when warmed by 2⁰C? A: when warmed by 5⁰C, they need to rise further up, to release more heat /to encompass, intercept more, extra coldness (cold vacuum), to equalize (to increase more the volume of the troposphere and let in, AND ‘’encompass’’ extra ‘’cold vacuum’’).

Q: if O&N are cooled after 10 minutes to previous temperature, why don’t they stay expanded for another 5 minutes extra? A: not to intercept too much extra coldness, to prevent too much cooling. A2: they stay expanded precisely as long as they are warmer – not one second more or less – that’s how they regulate to be same warmth units ‘’overall’’ in the troposphere, every hour of every year and millennium!

Q: do you know that: if the  troposphere warms up by 2⁰C extra – troposphere expands up into the stratosphere by 1km; do you know how much extra coldness there is to intercept? A: unlimited coldness intercepts heated molecules with  appropriate “coldness” to counteract the extra heat in 9 minutes -> that extra coldness falls to the ground in minutes, not years!

Q: if O+N are warmed extra for 30 minutes, why they don’t shrink after 15 minutes, or after one day? A: if O&N after being cooled to previous (unheated / normal) temperature; stayed expanded for a whole day extra -> they would have redirected enough extra coldness, to freeze all the tropical rivers / lakes in ONE day.

Q: can CO2 of 260-450ppm PREVENT oxygen & nitrogen (998999ppm) from expanding, when they warm up? A: O2&N2 when warmed  – they expand through the walls of a hi-tensile hand-grenade. Q: do you believe in the laws of physics, or in IPCC and the Warmist / Fake Skeptic’s cults? The laws of physics say: part of the troposphere can get colder than normal – only when other parts gets warmer than normal. B] if the WHOLE troposphere gets colder-> air shrinks-> releases LESS heat /intercepts less coldness on the edge of the troposphere > retains more heat and equalizes in a jiffy, this is a continuous process. C] both hemispheres cannot get warmer simultaneously for more than few minutes – if they do -> troposphere expands extra->releases extra heat / intercepts extra coldness and equalizes almost immediately/the more troposphere expands=> the more ‘’cold vacuum’’ encompasses AND lets in, to do the job.

Q: do the O+N wait to warm up by 2-3⁰C, before start expanding, or expand instantly  when they warm up by 0,000001⁰C? All those things can be experimented / replicated now, IN THE CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT; there is no need to wait 100y to see that: all  the IPCC&EPA, Met office do is: they keep coming up with immature lies.

Q: why is on every 100m from the ground up, colder and colder? A: the thinner the air is-> the more ‘’cold vacuum’’ penetrates in, and neutralizes any extra heat! SELF ADJUSTING!:

If you collect all the EXTRA heat that will be accumulated on the earth since 97 Kyoto conference to year 2100 – you wouldn’t have enough of that ‘’Extra’’ heat – TO BOIL ONE CHICKEN EGG!!! EXTRA HEAT ON THE EARTH IS NOT ACCUMULATIVE,  because of the brilliant ‘’Temperature Self Adjusting Mechanism’’ (TSAM)

B] The Earth’s orbit around the sun is ”elliptical” which means: around Christmas time, the Earth is much closer to the sun, than in June; –  because of that, in  December and January the earth gets a much higher concentration of radiation from the sun = produces more heat, but is no extra heat on the planet in southern summer than in northern – because O2&N2 expand extra INSTANTLY and keep  same  overall  temperature. (The alarmist, to be more pathetic – their ”temperature data” from their thermometers show that: in southern summer the planet is ”cooler by 3,8C…)well that’s only because they have LESS thermometers on the S/H, than on the northern AND because they use only the ”hottest minute” in 24h and ignore all the other 1439 minutes in 24h. Because the  S/H has more water = days are cooler, but nights are warmer = overall it is same temp! So much for their temp collecting on the ‘’whole’’ planet…

Q: how does the troposphere knows when to shrink, OR expend with such a precision? A: the good Lord inserted a thermometer in every atom of oxygen and nitrogen + every CO2 molecule has two oxygen atoms – those thermometers are ordering to every atom and molecule; when to shrink, or expand, AND, ”BY HOW MUCH TO EXPAND”.

Both camps believe in the Pagan propaganda that: planet earth was a ”snowball” AND there was a time when there was no ice on either polar caps.


1] temperature  from midday to midnight cools on average by 15C – if there was a ”snowball earth” the O&N (troposphere would have shrunk in volume by half = would have discharged / wasted only half the heat created during that day 7,5C in 24h saved= the other half of 7,5C would have being saved tomorrow -> increase by 15C in two days would have melted the crap out of any ”snowball earth” BUT, because oxygen & nitrogen do not wait for  the planet to cool by 15C before they start shrinking = they are shrinking INSTANTLY when they get colder by as little as  0,0001C are the best proof that ”snowball earth” didn’t exist!!! Tilting of the planet (Milankovich) made ice imprints on places where is now warm latitudes, BUT: at that same time was warmer on places where is cold now! It’s BBC Marxist science…  Also: when the planet warms up by 0,00000001C -atmosphere starts expending, instantly and equalizes any extra heat!!! O2&N2 don’t wait the atmosphere to warm up by 2C, then to start expanding; all literature about the past ‘’global’’ warmings / ‘’global’’ ice ages and ‘’global’’ cycles is WRONG, they were never global! Those things if happened, were always localized events, or freak weather events for few days, were interpreted as ‘’global’’ cooling, or ‘’global’’ warming for hundredths or thousandths of years; by the unemployed geologists and ambitious / opportunistic palaeontologists, to get media attention and taxpayer’s cash!!! Climatologist didn’t start lying in the 80’s, lying has always being their bread and butter! When Darwin told them that: St. Peter doesn’t control the weather / climate; those shonks went into overdrive – and every freak weather for few days in the past made some imprint; was interpreted as: ‘‘global’‘ warmings, ”global’‘ cycles or ”global” coolings…? I call it ”Pagan beliefs” – when was believed in St Peter, was less looting..?

2] ICE FREE POLAR CAPS CRAP, MISLEADING: on the Polar caps the temp is minus -75C (-103F); for both polar caps to melt, the planet’s temp needs to warm up by 76C.  cool – if the planet warmed by 76C and add  another 37C  (98F)which is the temperature today in the tropics and subtropics 76 + 37 = 113C which is (235,8F). 113C is 13C above the water  BOILING point (23,8F above water boiling point) From bacteria, trees, grass, animals and birds; all of them have water in their body = everything would have being cooked and  sterilized in less than 10 minutes in the tropics and subtropics!!! Do you believe that the planet got  sterilized?! ”Pagan beliefs” which are the ”Skeptic’s” gospel AND the Warmist used those same pagan beliefs, to create their LIE that is going to be warmer planet in 100 years is 100% WRONG! On 70C everything gets  Pasteurized / killed, dead, kaput in 10 minutes, 113C is another 43C on top of that! In US, Europe where the propaganda is created – say that polar ice will melt again… well, if in US &Europe get warmer only by 8C above water boiling point… make an experiment: deep your hand in a pot of boiling water for 20 minutes, AND: pretend that outside the pot is 8C warmer than in the pot’’ I bet on that temp, you are not going to worry much about the polar bears and Bangladesh; because Bangladesh would have being 10C above water boiling point. Q: are university books and ”peer reviewed papers”  correct, or me?! They were coming up with any crap in the past, to create themselves a profession -not being scrutinized.

Let me tell you the ”PRECISION” the earth’s  ‘’TEMPERATURE SELF ADJUSTING MECHANISM” (TSAM) has:

Example: when you light a cigarette – it produces heat for the one cubic inch around where is burning – that cubic inch of air expands and becomes two inches by volume – the extra cubic inch doesn’t go in the yard, because is already air there – instead, as warmed, it goes up high in the troposphere and discharges that heat – swaps it for enough coldness to cancel the heat produced by the fire – and one cubic inch of air continuously going up and down every few seconds, until you put the cigarette off, then it stops instantly, not to bring more coldness than necessary. That same thing happens for heat produced by CO2, plus heat from the erupting volcano, heat from smelters for melting iron ore, and for any other heat. The  Troposphere expands and shrinks constantly, as required, like piano accordion. It can expand by one cubic inch, by 3m, actually, the troposphere can double in volume, instantly and encompass extra cold vacuum = can discharge double the amount of heat in minutes. Also: when warmer-> vertical winds SPEED UP and GO MUCH HIGHER!

The troposphere is a living organism, and constantly alert, constantly keeps readjusting. She knows when the volcano gets active and instantly reacts to it; to get read of that extra heat, OR heat from the campfire you made, OR: when you put the cigarette off -> troposphere stops instantly releasing less heat for as much as the heat was produced by the burning cigarette! That’s how sensitive and precise she is. Even nuclear explosion that produces million degrees heat – because very hot -> hot gases go much higher -> spread like mushroom, to be easier neutralized by the ”cold vacuum” which is more of it coming / going on 15-17km than air. Self adjusting mechanism. Lots of talk that ”upper troposphere is getting warmer, even the stratosphere getting warmer…? That is same as: searching for the ” missing heat on the bottom of the sea” TRUTH: nothing, nothing can increase the upper troposphere temperature for more than an hour, AND: no heat is ever taken into the stratosphere! Unless shooting star / meteor makes some heat, or satellite re-entry. BUT: the amount of ”cold vacuum” goes trough the upper troposphere AND especially in the stratosphere every 9 minutes – talking about those places getting warmer than normal, is same as saying ” on the bottom of the sea is getting dryer than normal…?!?!”

(let me tell you something: they can see that volcano lava brings lots of heat to the surface and warms the atmosphere. Plus, volcano produces lots of CO2 +SO2 and water vapor in the atmosphere; BUT: atmosphere doesn’t get warmer; BECAUSE OF  THE TEMP SELF  ADJUSTING MECHANISM. But, because they don’t understand the power of that mechanism,  actually they don’t even know that it exists… they concocted that: it must be aerosols produced by volcanoes are cooling the planet…WOW… what a science…) Aerosols have nothing to do with temp regulation! It’s the O2&N2 + cold vacuum, stupid!

Q: how does the troposphere knows how much exactly heat to waste for every individual day?! Some days more heat is produced , other days less, by industry, by volcanoes, plus by Christmas the earth is ”closer” to the sun = extra radiation concentrated / because of elliptical orbit, than in midyear, in June. Here is the answer again::

A: the good Lord inserted a thermometer in EVERY atom of oxygen & nitrogen – those thermometers are ordering the atoms how much to shrink / expend, AND by how much to expand ”precisely” according to heat/ coldness! The extra heat produced in individual day determines  the ”precise” volume of the troposphere AND the speed of the vertical winds. That’s where the ”sensitivity” is guys, not your ”climate sensitivity” from the phony global warming” wrongly referred for confusion, as ”climate change” to be used for brainwashing and confusion of the ignorant

Therefore: for the last 150y, the sun produced lots of heat on the earth, lots of additional heat produced by the geothermal, lots of heat produced by burning fossil fuels – all that heat is gone, all of it – Since the ”middle” of the phony LIA until today, hasn’t accumulated enough ”extra” heat ”overall than, what one cigarette burning can produce!!! That’s infallible precision. If you collect ALL the ‘’extra’’ heat accumulated for the last 10 000y, you wouldn’t have enough heat, to boil one chicken egg. Extra heat in the earth’s atmosphere is NOT accumulative!!!

The Little Ice Age (LIA) is the Skeptic’s biggest weapon – what was it?

A: The river Thames was frozen for few days, because of freak weather- picture of people scatting on river Thames – WOW! (people record unusual events) Danube was frozen for 2 weeks few years back, thousands of color photos were taken; was that Midi Ice Age (MIA) ?(at that same time was record heat in Australia)

What was the Medieval ”Global” Warming?

A: Their genuine proof exists, a written record on a goat’s skin; from a farmer in Buckingham-shire who  was producing an ”extra” bushel of grain per acre, than during the Renaissance – another WOW! (150y before paper was introduced and half a millennium before thermometer was invented; they know the ”GLOBAL” temp with a precision, from a perishable goat’s skin; for every year, FOR THE WHOLE PLANET – look at their ‘’global’’ temperature charts, for the last thousands of  years…)

Friends, The  planet is a very big place – the ”globe” is NOT spinning around  England, would you believe that? When record heat in Australia and people were burning in forest fires – in England, Germany people were freezing to death. When river Danube was frozen few years ago, 10000’s pictures made – shonks didn’t declare it ‘’global’’ cooling, why?

#1: producing same crops on same land -> by the phony LIA, the land was poorer and produced less (they didn’t have synthetic fertilizer) Honest people call it ”Dark ages and Renaissance”

#2: During the PHONY Medieval Global Warming (Dark Ages); farmers were more religious and were reporting correctly; for paying 10% of their product to the bishop – after in the Renaissance (the phony LIA), the mongrels were lying, to pay less tax.

#3: Having records from a  few farmers in Buckingham Shire,  doesn’t represent ”the WHOLE globe”  That can be proven; same laws of physics were then, as they are now, OR am I wrong?

#4: At that time paper didn’t exist, so they wrote on expensive treated goat’s leather, to keep all records for temperature…?! Was Merlin collecting temp data from the ”WHOLE” globe with a telescopic thermometer every day and recording it on ”perishable” treated leather, for today’s ”Skeptics?! Think! Shonky ”researchers” came up with any crap, knowing that they can con you… This is a Proof why the ”Skeptics” are born losers… (look at their ”global” temp data: 1221AD the temp was gone up by 0,028C than the previous year – then next year another 0,05C up, then the next year going down by 0,025C and so on… even today’s thermometers are not calibrated to one hundredth of a degree, like Merlin’s thermometers… (if you have any money, invest in the Straight Jacket manufacturers – there will be a big demand for that product, when the truth is known)

Yes there was an ice age for 12000 years, but it wasn’t ”global”  it cannot be global – the ”honest” laws of physics don’t permit that – unless you have abolished those laws of physics by legislation in parliament and in UN – otherwise, those laws don’t compromise!!! Please learn first about the ”self adjusting temperature mechanism the planet earth has” and use that knowledge.

2] Day’s OR night’s  affects of CO2 are opposite,  so they cancel each other out.  Dimming affect during the day is not warming! 1] the effect is so small; is not worth writing home about it 2] daytime effect is as having the smallest sun-umbrella = small shade to the earth’s surface 3] at night, it slows cooling = zero net effect, apart from creating a very small effect ‘’milder climate’’  cooler days / warmer nights! What’s wrong with that?! Only for the Flat-Earthers it is daytime, OR night-time, all the time…

Bottom line:

1] Heat in the atmosphere is same as a full bucket of water – in a full bucket of water, you cannot fit another cupful of water, would overflew.

2] The only way one part of the planet can get warmer is: if another part gets colder, simultaneously, by shrinking to accommodate the expended air from the warmed part! The same as a children’s ‘’see-saw plank’’ the higher one side goes up – simultaneously, the other side goes down more. Both sides cannot go up, OR down, simultaneously! which means: when it is warmer than normal some place / air expands more – simultaneously other place/places it is ”colder” than normal / to accommodate the ”extra” volume of air from the warmed part of the planet. So: if you keep pointing only the warmer places than normal and ignore the rest where is colder = you can make case for phony GLOBAL warming. (in the 60-70’s they were selecting places where  it was ”colder” than normal for few days, and were ignoring where it was SIMULTANEOUSLY warmer than normal and were making a case for ”global” cooling = in reality: in the 70’s wasn’t colder than in 2014, by enough coldness to cool one beer. This shows that:  there is not many active secular Skeptic or Warmist left in the blogosphere, capable of thinking for themselves… they just keep parroting what is fashionable…

3]The Troposphere is like a piano accordion – when it is  warmed ”extra”  it expands ”extra” instantly, and ENCOMPASSES in itself extra cold vacuum to waste the extra heat into it. When the troposphere enlarges by 5m3, or by 5m upwards -it intercepts EXTRA of that cold vacuum / otherwise: if not necessary: the atmosphere zooms through ”LESS” of that ”cold vacuum”, and releases ”less” heat; always as required! Therefore: that ”self adjusting mechanism ”doesn’t allow extra heat ”overall” to accumulate in the atmosphere” (look at the Warmist & Skeptic’s ”global” temperature charts for the last 10000 years, looks like seismograph… the biggest con that ever existed… The Grandmother of all lies) 

This paragraph is the Holy Grail: The Laws of Physics  make oxygen &nitrogen atoms to expand when warmed and let more ”cold vacuum” in-between, AND encompass more”cold vacuum”, then shrink when cooled and let ”less cold vacuum to penetrate in-between, and encompass less cold vacuum, by volume: imagine your car radiator was rubbery, can expand / shrink as a piano accordion – the water cells columns compress and let much ”less” air to go through the radiator + radiator->gets smaller by volume and encompass ”less” air – because cold air doesn’t go between the water cells =”less cooling” = ”preserves heat. Then when warmed extra the engine – those water columns / cells expand to spread and allow more cold air in-between them to pass and collect / neutralize the extra heat AND vertical winds speed up and go much higher

Note to remember: 

When the Atmosphere /Troposphere get expanded, the atmosphere encompass extra ”cold vacuum  1]encompassing more cold vacuum 2] plus: more cold vacuum goes between the oxygen &nitrogen atoms = increases cooling, AS REQUIRED, precisely!  B] there is never any ‘equilibrium” – because every minute different amount of heat is produced, the troposphere constantly keeps readjusting! The troposphere constantly keeps shrinking / expending, according to the amount of heat! Because even one extra cigarette burning – creates need for readjusting. The troposphere is constantly straggling, adjusting for equilibrium. The word ”equilibrium” is used too much by the shonks… in reality: ”equilibrium” can only be  declared, if horizontal and vertical winds stop for a whole day, or a whole year, on the whole planet!

Atmosphere ”as radiator” goes at 108000kmh through that cold vacuum that is below -90C (-130F) – They are insulting the guy that created the basic laws of physics  for this planet; when lying that the planet will overheat! The ”honest laws of physics” are my; Lord’s 10 commandments.

They are squandering billions on the phony global warming – they are brainwashing the kids in school and university = tremendous damage is in progress…  Our truth will win! Galileo and Darwin had similar problems, because of ”established beliefs” The truth is more important, than a million ”believers”! Heat ”radiating” out in space and albedo gizmo are grotesque lies, used by both camps!… HEAT IS ”NEUTRALIZED” INSIDE THE troposphere; BY THE ”COLD VACUUM” CONSTANTLY PENETRATING IN!  THE TROPOSPHERE  EXPANDS / SHRINKS, EXACTLY AS  NECESSARY  –  ACCORDING BY THE AMOUNT OF HEAT THAT  IS IN THE  ATMOSPHERE!!!     ”Extra heat -> Atmosphere Expands -> Extra Heat Releases”  (EH->AE->EHR)- or: ”Extra Coldness ->Atmosphere Shrinks-> Less Heat Releases”    (EC->AS->LHR) No matter what’s producing that ”extra” heat, O&N respond!!! Plenty ‘’cold vacuum avilable!!

The Same as: when you feel warm in the car -> stick your arm outside the window – your arm intercepts extra coldness and cools you down – the blood brings that ”extra” coldness to the rest of your body – that’s how O&N are taking heat up and bring ”extra” coldness down, to counteract the ”extra” heat. Troposphere can double in volume and encompass twice as much of that ‘’cold vacuum” IF necessary, and as quickly as necessary!

The ”cold vacuum” goes trough the atmosphere and constantly collects /neutralizes the heat – IF THERE IS ANY EXTRA HEAT TO NEUTRALIZE, IT NEUTRALIZES IT – IF NO EXTRA HEAT – THE UNLIMITED COLDNESS JUST ZOOMS TROUGH THE UPPER TROPOSPHERE, underutilized, or not utilized at all, especially the one in higher altitudes, over 5km and upwards. Can neutralize three times, 300% more heat, IF any gets available!!! (reason; the warmer gases, the higher and FASTER they go) Can CO2 prevent expansion? NO, CO2 expands together with them.

To be more precise: THE ATMOSPHERE / THE EARTH ZOOMS THROUGH, THE”COLD VACUUM” STAYS WHERE IT IS; BECAUSE DOESN’T HAVE ANY FRICTION OR GRAVITY, TO BE TAKEN AWAY BY THE EARTH. So: no matter if you release more, or less heat into that ‘’cold vacuum’’ by tomorrow  that extra warmed ‘’cold vacuum’’ will be 2 million km behind!

Obviously,  ”cold vacuum” is minuscule on the sea level, because of one atmosphere pressure, BUT as you go in higher altitudes, that ”cold  vacuum” INCREASES – by 10km altitude; the aircraft must be pressurized inside the aircraft (climbers on Mt Everest carry oxygen bottles, because the air is too thin). By 25km altitude is half air / half ”cold vacuum” and on 35km altitude human body would have exploded; because there is more ”cold vacuum” than air. That’s where warm O2&N2 go when they are ”extra” warmed on the ground -> expand into that half vacuum and release any extra heat. ANY amount of EXTRA heat there can be neutralized, not just few degrees warmer, but even if is million degrees warmer, from a bomb. ”Global” warmings are a sick joke!

Conclusion: for the last 20y, Warmist used the theory: ”CO2 is as a blanket / greenhouse gas; it prevents heat ”radiation” from the ground to out of space” The truth: ”that blanket is a fishnet or a postage stamp’’! B]the heat from the ground doesn’t ”radiate” for more than a foot -> Oxygen  &Nitrogen (horizontal winds collect &vertical winds disperse that heat, to be neutralized by the ”cold vacuum” that constantly penetrates into the troposphere and ”neutralizes”  the any heat available! Therefore: The relevance of CO2 existing in the atmosphere or not, ”radiating / IR out”  or not, makes zero difference ; the ”cold vacuum”  neutralizes all the heat, INCLUDING the heat from CO2 molecules!- CO2 as a greenhouse gas – exposed / busted – Warmist Organized Crime (WOC) should be treated like any other organized crime (carbon tax is nothing but ”Protection Money”)**

All those past ”global” warmings and ”global” coolings and ”global cycles” were NEVER global. The normal laws of physics don’t permit the ”whole” planet to be warmer, or colder for more than a day, there are logical explanations for that! Therefore: same laws of physics will be in place 100y from now, as they are now and, as they were in the past = best proofs that there will be no ”global” warming in 100y. b]As long as people on the street think that; the earth’s temp goes up and down as a yo-yo = Warmist won, will rob and oppress the world, based on fairy-tales. You people should learn about ”the Earth’s Temp Self Adjusting Mechanism”: a] Earth’s troposphere is like piano accordion – constantly shrinks / expands, as required and wastes all ”extra” heat in minutes. b] why did the engineers build bigger radiators in a truck than in small car?.A: truck engine produces 3 times more heat, BUT has the same temp as a small car – because the truck has a bigger radiator – the troposphere (O&N) are the Earth’s radiator; can double in size in an instant, if necessary; and ‘’encompass’’ much more of the ‘’cold vacuum’’ and ”cool” much more) when for ANY reason gets warmer than normal, which is most of the time close to the ground –the ”vertical winds” speed up = same as: when you rev the engine more -> instantly car moves faster +fan next to the radiator speeds up and water pump pumps faster because: the engineers that build trucks, cars; are smart people and put different size radiators. On the other hand; on the blogosphere, for them the earth’s radiator O2&N2 doesn’t exist. Reason they are ALL comparing earth with the moon and Venus. Warmist are producing bull, Skeptics keep shovelling it, and getting lazy / fat on it… will be lots of regretting, when the Reds under green camouflage win…

The ”correct” monitoring is completely WRONG, not only the manipulated data; therefore: the overall ‘’global’’ temp is the same every year, BUT hypothetically: even if there was any fluctuation in temp, nobody would have known, because nobody is monitoring on every 10m3, for every minute in 24h!!! ”Trend” is impossible for the whole atmosphere, when on 99,999999999999% nobody is monitoring.

B}Satellite monitoring is for bullshine adicts, nothing more. They are not even monitoring – the ”pretend monitoring” is for justifying expenses and abuse of NASA’s name. There are variations in temp on every 10m altitude, but not on NASA’s infrared picture. If you are a big city slicker – go to hi rise building and check trough the window – as you go higher, temp drops. On NASA’s picture is same temp on the top of 5km mountain as on foot of that same mountain on sea level = proof that they are lying. #2: IF satellites did monitor, their infrared photos would have being showing the difference in temp between sea, lake and dry land, Because, water is colder on the surface, BUT warmer 3-7km altitude in the troposphere = on dry land is hot on the ground, but higher troposphere always colder! No contrast on NASA IR pictures, are they saying that: they cannot pick up difference in temp of UP TO 50C? Using the word *AVERAGING THE DATA* –is the biggest con that doesn’t hold water. When honest person averages the temp for the top of the mountain and foot of the 3-5-6km high mountains, and is SAME temperature top and bottom = NASA’s commissars became very destructive for humanity and NASA’s integrity accumulated in 60’s ans 70’s. I wish I can put those commissars on a witness stand, under oath..!!!    

1] monitoring only for the hottest minute in 24h and ignoring the other 1439 minutes, in which the temp doesn’t go up, or down, as in the ”hottest” minute…. statistically 1439 minutes against one…?!?! Hello ”statisticians! It’s the same as: if the car is made of  1440 different parts, but you are ‘’reconstructing’’ that car, ” from one bolt only” you will not get very far…! In some places, sometimes warms by 5C from midnight to midday – other places at different times, from midnight to the hottest minute in the day – it warms up by 20c-25c- and 30C, in 12h difference. Therefore: ”the hottest minute in 24h misleads by at least 10C!!! They conveniently overlook that; then ”pretend” to know to a hundredth of a degree precision, for the whole year, for the WHOLE planet?!?! Every day, on every place is different; ‘’trend’’ cannot be extrapolated!

2] the ”highest temp minute’’ in 24h, is not at the same time every day! Sometime is the ”hottest at 11am, most of the time is after 1pm = that is many more warmer minutes than the previous day.

3]Example: tomorrow will be warmer by 2C than today, that happens many times; and they will record 2C warmer – because the ”warmest” minute was 2C warmer, not ALL the rest of the 1439 minutes since midnight were warmer by 2C. b] question is: ”is it going to start from midnight, every minute to be warmer than the same minutes in previous day?! Therefore: recording only the hottest minute is meaningless and grotesque con! Nobody knows what was the temp yesterday, or last year on the WHOLE planet… but most of the fanatics in the blogosphere pretend to know with precision the temp for the whole year, for the last thousands of years…  What repetition and aggressive propaganda can do to a grown up person’s brains, tragic…

4] On a small hill, put a thermometer on all 4 sides; all 4 will show different temperatures on a different days when  measured simultaneously – That is an illustration for a small area, in Global Warming Science, when you take into account that: on many places one thermometer represents millions of square kilometers, where there are thousands of ”independent” variations, every few minutes, on every different altitude = gives a clear picture about their ”global temperature” for last 50years… or 5000 years, or for the last two years. If a small part of the planet is warmer for few weeks than normal – they declare it as: ”warmer year”… what a science… a couple of months after, when in that same place it is colder than normal – they avoid that place and point out instead, some other place if is for 3-4 days warmer than normal, what a brainwashing scam…

5] Pointing at some place that is warmer than normal – is the  SAME as saying: ”the planet is warmer by 12C at lunch time, than before sunrise…? taking into consideration the size of the planet: one thermometer or 6000 thermometers, wouldn’t make any difference! (look at their ”global” temp charts… they look like seismographs… with ”precision” to one hundredth of a degree, for the last thousandths of years) = the biggest con /lies since the Homo-Erectus invented language…

6] A thermometer can monitor the temp in a room; one thermometer for 10 000km2?! Even in a small  room, close to the ground is occasionally 1-2C cooler than close to the sealing.

7] even those ”few” (6000) thermometers are not evenly distributed; no honest statistician would have taken to make any  ”statistics” if he wasn’t told: ”how much area each individual thermometer represents”. For example: if the workers in 4 countries have their pay packet increased by a dollar, and in 2 countries had ”decreased by a dollar Q: would the ”overall’ all workers in those 6 countries get more money, or less? Of course, statistic would say: ‘’yes’’ (the 4 countries were Luxembourg, Monaco, Belgium and Portugal, increased by a dollar. The other two were India and Chinese workers, decreased by a dollar) statistic would be wrong; because two thermometers represent a much larger area than the other four combined. So much about the ‘’correct’’ temp data… (there are more thermometers in England monitoring for IPCC, EPA and Met office, than in Russia… England is a small dot on the map (but most of the lies come from there) Warmist Poms were /are the most shameless liars… especially about the distant past!

8] when it is sunny – on the ground is warmer / in upper atmosphere it is cooler – BUT, when it is cloudy, upper atmosphere is warmer, on the ground cooler – overall is sametemp; BUT, because ALL thermometers monitoring are on the first 2m from the ground = they are completely misleading! There is much less heat in the first 2m from the ground, than in the rest of 10km up. The rest of 10km up, is not on their ”globe”…?! 

9] For the propaganda, northern hemisphere summer is warmer by 3,8C than S/H summer. That is the height of stupidity; they can’t get it correct for even any one  year. They are WRONG by 3,8C for two different reasons: a] N/H has more deserts, southern hemisphere has more water. Desert has warmer top temperature, BUT the night temperatures are cooler – by not taking all minutes in 24h, they are wrong by +/- 3C.  In deserts it gets to 45-50C at day time, but nights are cold -/ on islands in the South Pacific between day / night temp is different 3-7C  B] on Southern Hemisphere there are ”LESS” thermometers = less thermometers cannot record the correct temperature AGAINSTthe N/H where there are more thermometers, when you summon up all the numbers, you have stumbled upon the statistical errors of poor record taking.. So: only by those two factors they are wrong by +/- 3C, but when you say the last year’s temp was cooler by 0,28C than today’s = it shows the sick propaganda… they call themselves ”scientists” Instead going to Antarctic, Arctic to get rheumatism and spend millions, they can get the whole truth on my blog; but they are scared from the truth as the devil from the cross… The truth: if they have same number of thermometers, distributed evenly AND every minute in 24h is taken in consideration, for the whole troposphere = would have shown that: every day and every month of every year and millennium is ”overall” always SAME temperature on the whole earth!

10]for the ”climatologist” almost all of those 6000 thermometers collecting data ; are distributed on land – water covers 2/3 of the planet!!! If you don’t understand what that means… you are qualified to be a ”climatologist”…

11]When you point out to them that: ‘’6000 thermometers cannot monitor the temp in the whole troposphere – a thermometer is good to monitor an approximate room temp, but not one thermometer for 1000 km2! – 6000 thermometers is not enough to monitor the temp in all Hilton Hotel’s rooms’’ -> they instantly point out that: ‘’there is satellite temperature monitoring’’! Well, ‘’satellite’’ is a great technology, very impressive; unfortunately, they don’t have 350km long thermometers, to monitor from space the temp on the ground! They use infra-red two dimensional photos in a three dimensional atmosphere, that never cover the whole planet, but show temp. in two colors blotches for the whole of Pacific, or for the whole of US. The ‘’two’ colors represent THE different temp, BUT: if you look the evening weather report, it says that are many variations in temp even for the big cities in USA; would be much more variations if they were reporting for every square mile! B] temp distribution is three dimensional in the atmosphere and constantly changes, cannot present it on a two-dimensional picture!  Satellite monitoring is the biggest con!  Unfortunately, person responsible for analysing those pictures will not admit the truth – because he prefers to be seen as very important, by the gullible foot-soldiers and  the lower genera and IQ Warmist & Skeptics…(somebody should ask an honest senator, or congressman: to demand all the data from satellite monitoring – satellites are paid by the taxpayer – The Senator has a right to ask: #1: NASA to demonstrate ‘’ how efficient is that non-existent thermometer in the satellite for monitoring the whole three dimensional troposphere – if accurate, why wasting millions, to collect data on the land, collecting data individually?

 #B: to show all the data since 70’s until today – the data they are bragging about; and do they have the 3 dimensional temp for all the atmosphere, for every day’’.   This would  expose their grotesque misleading and relaying on their ”findings”!

12]Earth’s temperature is not the same as the  temperature in a human body I.e. if under the armpit temp goes 0,5C = the whole body is higher by 0,5C, arms, legs, the lot. Therefore, one can tell if temp has gone higher or not. Not for the WHOLE atmosphere! Atmospheric temp fluctuates independently!

Earth’s temp is different on every 100m and FLUCTUATES ”INDEPENDENTLY”! Which means: one thermometer cannot tell the temp correctly for 1km2, when one monitors for thousands of square kilometers = Warmist can get away with that sick trick, thanks to the ignorant phony Skeptics and bias media… (Skeptics don’t need even thermometers, a peat-bog on each hemisphere is sufficient for them… Nobody knows what was the Earth’s temp last year – to save his / her life! They ”pretend” to know what was the correct earth’s temp for thousandths of years = that’s Warmist & Skeptic’s honesty!

Using only those 12 points above; to put any leading Warmist on a  witness  stand, under oath => he will end up in jail; for using the ”temperature data / charts” as factual =/ Skeptics & Warmist of lower genera and IQ in a nuthouse, for  believing in warmer / colder years. Warmist only prosper and flourish, thanks to the Skeptic’s outdated Pagan  beliefs…

Therefore, the truth: in the 70′s was exactly the SAME temp as today, and will be exactly the same ”overall” GLOBAL temp in 100y = Warmist in jail! unfortunately: in the 70′s they were scaring the people from: CO2 ”dimming effect” that will produce cooling by year 2000 – so they were manipulating the data to reflect ”cooling planet”. After they started scaring the people with global warming and manipulate data ”as warming” — people compare those two ”manipulated” data and confuse the crap out of themselves… Therefore: ”nobody knows what was last year’s ”global” temp, to save his / her life! When they are comparing this year’s temp with the temp of 200y ago, or 800y ago, or 2000y ago, it’s even more wooffy, offensive to the nose…

Aristotle said: ”the truth is much more important, than a million believers
The truth always wins on the end.

Past ”phony global warmings” do not  prove that there is NOT going to be a global warming in 100y! It only confuses the honest people on the street that the ”global” temp goes up and down at a drop of a hat = the phony ”Skeptics” are spooking the people on the street that the ”overall global temp” goes up and down as a yo-yo, and are doing the Warmist’ dirty job… Remember: NO equilibrium! When you put the cigarette off, the troposphere recognizes that, and responds INSTANTLY! Can you compare the ”heat from ONE cigarette V the heat on the whole planet by 2C”?!?!

The truth: in 2100, if you collect ALL the ”extra” warmth accumulated since the Kyoto conference in 97, you wouldn’t have enough extra heat, to boil one chicken egg! extra heat in the earth’s atmosphere is not accumulative!!

So, these are the ”things’’  that I say, and it can be ALL proven now, in a controlled environment, or in nature; no need to wait 100years, when the Warmist spend the money and are gone (Nostradamus tactic)

Q: Skeptics, can you remember in 100y from now, to ask them for the money back? The Warmist know the answer to  that question. Using the Pagan beliefs about the past PHONY ‘’global’’ warmings; it’s like Viagra for the Warmist – for screwing the nations better. Warmist do have a few very clever people; they can decimate the Skeptic’s pagan beliefs, in 3-4 days, but they choose not to; because it suits them to have fake skeptics to continue the propaganda,  to  mislead the people  “ that the overall ”global” temp goes up and down as a yo-yo…” (people on the street rely on those Skeptics… tragic)

THE BOTTOM LINE: In order to understand better the ”increasing cooling” and ”increasing warming” for prolonged period here is an example : if the earth starts orbiting slower around the sun – say; a year becomes 370 days long -> the planet will travel trough less of that ”cold vacuum” per hour b] if the year gets shorter, 360 days in a year – which means: the planet travels faster trough that cold vacuum -> the planet will not get colder. For that much difference in orbital time , the earth’s ”temperature self adjusting mechanism” can adjust; by the atmosphere shrinking if the planet was travelling faster, to conserve heat – or expanded troposphere to release more heat if the planet was travelling slower by few days a year trough that cold nothingness orbiting around the sun. BUT, if in the past the earth was taking ”less” than 360 days to orbit the sun, OR more than 370 days to orbit the sun; to produce more warmth  or cold for the whole planet… well I will leave the speculation to you guys. It’s like this: if you seat at the back of an open pick-up truck and the truck is travelling 100kmh on a very cold, open road, but you have warm clothes = the temp is perfect for you 2] then the truck starts travelling at 115kmh -> you instantly shrivel in a fetus position, with less surface area for cooling, you begin to feel pleasant again 3] if the truck slows to 90kmh – because of the warm cloths (atmosphere has many km of oxygen &nitrogen as blanket) anyway -> you will start feeling warmer -> instantly you stretch arms and lags on that truck to expose more surface and you will cool back to pleasant temp. BUT, if the truck slows to 30kmh, or speeds up to 150kmh… well… if the earth was travelling/ orbiting much faster or much, MUCH slower in the past – to produce GLOBAL warming, or GLOBAL  cooling…well I need your help for that one (maybe she was in closer, or more distant orbit to the sun, things like that can increase / decrease the overall temp. BUT definitely not because of CO2, or because of the Skeptic’s  pagan beliefs

#2: if the day/night gets to 30h -> it will be much warmer days, but colder nights; in that case the ”OVERALL” heat would be still the same as it is now. b] if day/night gets down to 20h – the overall heat will be still the same, but: night and day temp will get much closer = warmer nights / cooler days – I believe that was the case when the cold blooded dinosaurs was prospering

(TSAM) all scientifically proven, to assist in the Involuntary Euthanasia of the IPCC.  Most of the volcanoes and hot vents are on the bottom of the sea – when they get more active -> more heat is released into the seawater -> evaporation increases (evaporation is cooling process) more evaporation => more clouds – clouds are the ‘’sun umbrellas’’ for the surface – intercept lots of sunlight high up (where cooling is more efficient) = less sunlight to the surface, colder on the ground B] more rain – rain brings coldness to the surface from high up, SELF ADJUSTING THE TEMPERATURE!  (for the Green people water vapor is evil)…There is no water vapor in the Sahara / plenty of it in Brazil / Sahara has hotter days, colder nights than Brazil = there is a more extreme climate in the  Sahara. If you don’t know what is a good or preferable climate, ask the trees! – Nothing green about the Warmist – for plant growth  needs extra H2O + CO2!!! These are vital components of growth and life on Earth.(some bacteria survives without oxygen, but nothing without H2O and carbon; CO2 is the ‘’deliverer’’ of carbon to trees and crop. CO2 is the good guy / carbon molesters are naughty!!!2]Tectonic plates move in the  same manner, as you do : left foot, then right foot, sometimes you stop => in El Nino one side of a  tectonic plate moves and activates submarine volcanoes and hot vents, then another side for La Nina, in some years they stop-this is neutral . B] Overall ‘’global’’ temp is always the same; BUT: because where El Nino affects more, there are more thermometers => they lie that it is warmer planet! Also: because they use only the hottest minute in 24h – in El Nino days are hotter, but night colder than in La Nina; otherwise it is same ‘’global’’ temp ‘’overall’’ always. Not using all 1440 minutes in 24h is the Father of all Crimes and misleading!!! A statistical disaster deliberately propagating erroneous data. Some Science blames ‘’sunspots’’ and ‘’solar cycles’’ for El Nino / La Nina natural phenomena. Fact is that: those sunspots are not active for 12h, when over Chile and stop being active when the sun is over Australia, the Earth turns and  repeats like that every day = therefore: it’s very naive to blame sunspots and solar cycles! For example: If the Pacific Rim of Fire is more active off Chilean coast = El Nino / warmer surface water off Chile – then it switches the movement / activity in West Pacific and Australia gets more rain in La Nina. If the truth is adopted; by monitoring where the activity starts on the Faulty line, then we can in advance predict if it is going to be El Nino or La Nina, or neutral for next many months. Therefore: when extra heat is in the water, that heat is created on the bottom – spreads by currents and up-welling. 2] ‘’Hotter atmosphere’’ would not warm the seawater – it’s difficult to inject heat from the atmosphere into the water; because warmer air increases evaporation on the surface – evaporation is cooling process. Whilst  on the subject: the non-existent ‘’missing heat’’  has  not gone deep down into the sea, it just doesn’t exist!(water is fluid, readjusts itself by temperature). If you pump warmer water deep down via a pipe, it will surface instantly, because of ”less density”  of warmer water / colder water is heavier and sinks down instantly and pushes warmer water to the surface, in minutes! Experiment: Take a bucket of water – fill up a syringe with olive oil, or old engine oil, for contrast – inject that oil on the bottom of the bucket – use a stop watch, and monitor: ”how long will take for the oil to get to the surface of the water in the bucket” That’s how long would have taken for ” the ‘’missing heat’’ deep down in the sea to surface” Because oil is a bit less heavy than water -> water pushes it to the surface quickly!!! In the same manner, warmer water gets pushed to the surface in a jiffy; because colder water is a bit heavier than warmer water! Water at 4C (39F) is the heaviest – the warmer the water, the closer to the surface gets – because water is fluid, it readjusts itself, by temperature. Dear visitor; you can do the correct / reliable experiment by $2 syringe and an old rusty bucket. Grown up people, calling themselves ”scientists” are going deep down in the sea, with sophisticated gadgets that cost millions of bucks – to lie to the public…  Should be made to reimburse the taxpayer’s money, with modest interest! Missing heat deep down in the sea is the daughter of all lies! (TSAM) all scientifically proven, to : Assist in the Involuntary Euthanasia of the  IPCC and EPA

The hotter the surface of the land gets -> air above collects the heat -> gases ‘’instantly’’ expand! (scientific proof: warmed gases propel the bullet out of the gun) The hotter they get, the more they expand AND HIGHER THEY GO, O2&N2, including CO2!  (CO2 has two oxygen atoms in itself)   (proof: after 30 minutes hot air balloon up, there is lots of CO2 inside it; but the warmed gases O&N AND CO2 in the balloon lift and keep ½ ton high up) b] the more gases warm up -> the more they expand -> the more expanded ->the faster AND higher they go; where air is thinner and lots of ‘’cold vacuum’’zooms through! (experiment: release simultaneously a soccer and tennis ball on the bottom of a swimming pool -> soccer ball will travel up faster, and jump out of the water much higher than tennis ball / that’s how ‘’hotter’’ / more expanded gas atoms / molecules go up faster and higher AND cool as quick as the not much warmed!) 2] the ‘’higher’’- the thinner the air is, AND more ‘’cold vacuum’’ zooms through it (example:aircraft gadgets tell the altitude by monitoring the air density =  all scientifically proven) I’m in the tropics, at sea-level – only 10km above me is colder than on the polar caps –in US, Europe that coldness is even closer to the ground (where most of the Warmist Organized Crime (WOC) is located). We should be grateful that the earth produces some heat, to fight the unlimited coldness the earth is travelling through; otherwise there  wouldn’t be any Warmist alive, no trees, birds or animals! The ‘’proofs’’ exist; Warmist & Skeptics avoiding the real proofs = proof that they are not interested in the truth = skeptics are condemning the next 5-6 generations into Marxist oppression! ‘’Laws of physics’’ were same in the past, as they are today- and will be same in 100y from now! Best proof that: past phony global warmings / coolings were NEVER global, but were ALWAYS only localized!!!

Past and future ”GLOBAL” warmings are phony BUT: climate always changed in the past, and always will change in the future; and that is essential, H2O changes the climate, not CO2. The best proof that: the climate was always changing in the past, is: in most of the critters and plants – most of their genes have degenerated / useless, those are the ”junk genes” BUT: the ”genes for adaptation and diversification” are still alive, functioning in every plant and critter – to keep those genes functioning; that’s why the good Lord made climate to be in constant change. The old saying: ”use it or lose it” couldn’t be more truth; whoever said that, must have being a clever person.   ***************************

BOTTOM LINE: the misleading propaganda is: -cooling is done by radiation, conduction and convection BUT CO2 is preventing those cooling factors. Stefan Boltzmann / second law of thermodynamic crap. The real bottom line: IF NOT ONE MOLECULE OF CO2 EXISTED IN THE ATMOSPHERE – WOULDN’T BE ”RADIATED” ANY HEAT INTO THE VOID! ALL HEAT IS NEUTRALIZED INSIDE THE TROPOSPHERE, INCLUDING if ANY HEAT PRODUCED BY CO2!

THE TRUTH: #1: ”radiating heat is from one micron to few feet max, when the heat is over a few hundred degrees; it has nothing to do with heat from the ground! From the ground to out of stratosphere is much more than a few microns; can YOU prove that?

#2:conduction of heat is zero! Because the troposphere is made up of 998,999ppm of oxygen &nitrogen; they are brilliant insulators, not conductors of heat – the reason they are useful trapped in double glazing,  refrigerator’s double walls, and trapped in any other insulation => ”conduction” of heat in the atmosphere is zero, their most stupid reason!!! #3: heat is ”dispersed” by ”convection” up to 3-10km altitude; to be neutralized by the”cold vacuum”. ”Radiation” heat from the ground OR from the vertical winds to out in space is THE mother of all deceits! Only super-heated gases from a volcano, or from nuclear explosion go higher than 10km. BUT: the fact is that: if the gases as O&N need extra cooling – they can go much higher than 10km – there is twice as much coldness  available, ”if needed”! Lying that: 2-3C extra heat cannot be cooled in 100y, tops the stupidity and arrogance; when the warmer it is -> cooling increases: in Sahara cools by 30C from midnight to midday, in 12h!!! Warmed CO2 also goes upwards -> to release the warmth  ”DIRECTLY” into the ”cold vacuum” which is abundant on 3-10km altitude, further up, even more ”cold vacuum” is available! Look at chimneys, forest-fires, including the CO2 inside the hot balloon, which: after 2h in the air, most of the gas inside the  balloon is CO2; still lifting 1/2 ton balloon and 7-8 people upwards, to release the warmth ”directly” into the ”cold vacuum’ – warmed CO2 is going up; WV + CO2 as a  ”greenhouse gas” is the biggest lie in the last 150 years!      B U S T E D!

Who is going to help me; we  can make it even more specific: – at 10km altitude it is -90C (-130F) – from the ground up to 10km altitude calibrate on every 10m as shelves; every shelf is higher and is colder by 0,01C or whatever / because air is thinner and more ”cold vacuum” goes through. Next: by every degree oxygen &nitrogen get warmer closer to the ground -> the more they expand -> go up higher, and that’s how they classify themselves how high they should go. Extra heat -> more expansion, the higher they go and cool as fast. For visual experiment as example: put a cup of boiling hot water 100C in your deep freezer compartment and another cup at 50C down in the fridge. Both cups of water will cool down simultaneously, down to 4C (39F) which should be normal temp on the bottom of the fridge. Same with hotter or not so hot gases go up to different altitudes and cool simultaneously (super-heated gases from volcanoes, nuclear explosion go up to 15 -20km and spread like mushroom for the ”cold vacuum” to neutralize the heat easier– because more cooling is required). But all other heat is cooled / neutralized in the first 10km. No need to go higher, but if needed, they can. Well at 10km altitude the temp is -90C, who the hell needs colder than that?! So: whoever invented the phony ”global” warmings and ”global” coolings – is insulting the ”honest laws of Physics” . The physical mechanism of expansion and shrinkage is inherent in every atom of gas, gases shrink when cooled / expand when warmed  AND: the thermometer that the good Lord inserted in every atom, orders instantly: BY HOW MUCH TO SHRINK OR EXPAND. The word ‘’explosion’’  means: expansion of warmed gases! No ‘’delay’’ for 100 years. All gases, including warmed CO2, rise in the atmosphere – to classify themselves as to how high they need to go, to cool themselves is relative to the temp, of other molecules, lighter expanded molecules, when cooled will fall.. If you explain that picture to somebody and he doesn’t want to understand = proof that the character doesn’t want the truth to be known! Make it as ‘’gauge for monitoring person’s honesty and IQ’’.

So: ”vertical winds” same as a conveyor belt collects any heat available on the ground – if no extra heat-> conveyor slows down. For example: forest fire produces lots of heat and CO2 -> nitrogen, CO2 from the fire at 300C go up to 7km altitude – that heat is given to the ‘’cold vacuum’’ and is neutralized in minutes. Now the most important question in the new millennium Q: ‘’what happens to that ‘’cold vacuum’’ when is no forest fire?!”  A: between 3-10km altitude every 9 minutes new ‘’cold vacuum’’ zooms through – most of the time is no extra heat to collect /neutralize – that ‘’cold vacuum’’ goes empty handed,  or  underutilized BUT: it’s so much of it constantly going through; ready to neutralize any extra heat!! B] like if in front of your house garbage truck was passing every 9 minutes in the year, day and night, and weekends – if you put any rubbish – the truck collects it – if you don’t have rubbish -> truck goes empty. That un-utilized cold vacuum that zooms between 3-10km altitude can cancel any extra heat – not just 300C from the fire, or 0,0003C from the CO2, but 1000 times more extra heat! Which proves that: the Creator of our planet had brains!!! He made it to function perfectly under any circumstances; more heat OR even much less heat! Which is better example dear visitor? Maybe you can think of another, even better example – give your name to that example. Skeptics comparing different data obtained from Met Office or IPCC, to prove them wrong = is same as 3y old children comparing the grains of oats Santa gives to Rudolf on different days – instead of saying: Santa doesn’t exist, we’ve grown up!


I’ll tell you, how YOU can take charge of the informative debate; first, you get the experiment, by correct observation: in the morning, you drink your coffee in the yard and observe: the soil is warming up, and vertical winds start speeding up, by 11AM those vertical winds are so strong, can keep high up a man and the glider together of 100kg for hours (they cannot be noticed on the ground, because is their starting point BUT: from 30-50m up, they are already speeding up, reason men with the gliders jumps off the cliff to take off) So: in the morning the vertical winds go up to 2km altitude, by 11AM they go up to 4km altitude – you make a fire in the backyard – the heat from the fire will go up to 6km altitude, to be neutralized by the constantly incoming ‘‘cold vacuum” – heat is produced from that big forest fire on the hills you can see in the distance-> the hot air, including the CO2 produced, will go up to 7km high, for all that heat to be neutralized. Now, start calculating: how much coldness was wasted; from 2km latitude to 20km latitude early morning; then how much is wasted from 4km up to 20km after 11AM, and how much coldness is wasted from 7km upwards, when is no forest fires for the rest of the year (not to mention at night?! ) At night, not that just vertical winds don’t go high up, but they slow down to a breeze, because is not much to cool; but: if it was warmer – they would have being going higher AND would have being faster – instead I don’t think that at night I would have gone up on a hang-glider. YOU calculate all that coldness that zooms trough the troposphere  underutilized from few hundred meters up to 18km altitude, or not utilized  at all?! After you calculate all that, you will know that: there is enough EXTRA coldness in the troposphere, to neutralize 2-3 times(200-300%) times more heat than the earth normally produces.

Therefore: imagine that in this moment is imaginary global warming of 3C– all it would need for those ”vertical winds” to go 150m higher than normal, for 9 minutes, and that extra warming to be neutralized permanently! Now you know how much more extra heat the troposphere can get read off, in no time at all. Would you still approve of the shonky scientists wasting billions in searching for the non-existent global warming?! Should the traitors of humanity academics keep brainwashing the kids in school and university?! I told you the details; now, you tell me about your honesty and honor, should they, should they be stopped?! So: when any extra heat, produced for any reason: #1: vertical winds speed up #2: vertical winds go higher #3: the troposphere enlarges!!! Can CO2 prevent all those natural phenomena? NO, CO2 is integral part of those processes!!!

IF you have done the observation; now you know how the earth is getting cooled; you know much more regarding the cooling, than any ” climate scientist” on the planet! You know THE TRUTH, they have only lies.


My theories / ”Stefan Mitich theories” will win; because the truth always wins on the end. Spread the good news to the public, that: the phony ”global” warming is just that, phony! Both camps are barking up the same wrong tree!

Do ANY of those ”Climate Modellers” take into account the truth and all the proven facts here?! #2: show this post to any Fundamentalist Warmist & Skeptic, you will see: if that person was ever interested in the truth, or is wasting his life in fairy-tales and fanaticism. Genuinely concerned person about the phony global warming – would have appreciated real proofs; that there is no such a thing as ”global” warming, therefore: will not be any in 100y from now! In 100y, same as today, some places will be warmer than previous year – SIMULTANEOUSLY other places will be cooler than previous year = ”OVERALL” temp will be always the same – that’s the real ”global” temperature! Taking some  warming in some place for few days, and presenting it as ”global” is the sleaziest Warmist’ trick / for the ”Skeptics” it  is a norm, to do that by ”proxy”… Please spread the good news and the truth to the public – not many secular Skeptics & Warmist left on the global warming blogosphere, needs to be presented on every other chat show, Facebook and most important, direct to the public! 90% of the public on the street prefer the truth

P.s if you present any fact / proof from this post to a person from any camp and is trying to avoid the truth, or tries to silence you = the person is either part of the Warmist Organized Crime; or is already a ”collateral damage”, from the aggressive misleading propaganda. Warmist are ridiculing the Skeptics for ignorance – because: The good Lord put their own dirty asses on a place where they can never see it, BUT others can see it! Calling somebody ‘’climate change denier’’ is the biggest lie; climate is in constant change; we are GLOBAL WARMING DENIERS!!!                                                                                 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Both Emperors are Naked!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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  1. kendo2016 says:

    hi Stefan ,am reading your blog now .can you explain how the atmosphere at ground level keeps reasonably warm especially as you say the hot or heated air rises up into the troposphere . we know it can get cold at night in clear skies in the deserts ,& it stays milder in the rain forests because of the clouds/water vapor acting as a ‘blanket ‘ does this warmer air stay low enough for us to feel warm or not too cold .is it a gravitational thing ,or is it the way the winds work ? i get the points about the campfire &the heat going up .but then .sometimes a warm(horizontal) wind blow s from ” some where ”,& when the fire goes out ,it cools ,but not as cold as say top of mount everest

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