In my book I extensively explained on the subject. But on the strongest possible way; to emphasize the crime in progress: by genetically modifying  the methane producing bacteria, into bacteria to inhibits methane instead; we will have a page on crude oil here:

©Many theories, but nothing convincing exist; how crude oil was created in the ground. 1] from the animal’s fat sinking deep down – fat is adhesive – wouldn’t sink more than a foot. 2] animals buried (same as trees for coal) is less than convincing. A] there was never so many animals together to be buried, to have enough fat for the amount of oil on most of the places in existence. B] oil is very strong preservative – would have being 100 times more bones from those animals, than oil, but is not.

That’s where the methane producing bacteria comes on the scene; the one that is modified into Frankenstein superior bacteria, to inhibit methane instead; by the loonies in CSIRO.

First the algae evolved and released some free oxygen, by eating CO2. But that was insignificant. Then coral / crustacean evolved. Coral eats CO2 – keeps the carbon for itself – releases the oxygen – when coral dead – turns into limestone, still keeps the carbon. That was significant benefit for producing free oxygen. Then trees evolved – they absorb CO2, when dead – fungi release the carbon from dead trees back as CO2 = ZERO benefit. (at that time was no lightening fires, even though was lots of dead trees, because of big percentage of CO2 in the atmosphere as fire retardant; and wasn’t enough oxygen to sustain fire.

Coral / shells in the sea were most prolific then; because was lots of CO2 in the water; rain was washing lots of it into the sea. But sea wasn’t alkaline, CO2 doesn’t make the water alkaline. Thanks to corals / shells, the oxygen level into the atmosphere was steadily increasing from 1% up to 7-8%. That has given enough oxygen for many coldblooded critter, including the dinosaurs. Tectonic plates were moving more than today; tsunamis were burying lots of trees; but the fungi were rotting them and turning all the carbon from the logs into CO2 again. Belief that there is 100million old coal is wrong. On the surface was lots of debris waiting to be decomposed by the fungi – inside those debris was nitrogen and the tree roots– since than trees developed habit to need lots of nitrogen in their root system. Most of their roots were into the debris.

Then about 65 million years ago, another kid arrived on the block, the methane producing bacteria. It was meters of thick rotting vegetation, debris on the surface everywhere. Fire was unknown. Newly evolved methane producing bacteria had the food, to multiply very fast, lots of them. The raw methane with its heavy organic ‘’additives’’ (smelly gunk) was sinking deep in the ground. Unlike fungi that convert the celluloid back into CO2; trees were absorbing CO2; when dead, methane bacterium was turning the carbon into methane + even more important; was splitting the water molecules and taking the hydrogen from them to create methane = the oxygen from those water molecules was becoming as free in the atmosphere.

2] by the creation of lots of fresh yummy methane in combination with other heavier molecules, sinking in the ground; new customer evolved; the fresh organic ”methane eating” bacteria. That microscopic bacteria was gorging on abundant amounts of fresh methane. Methane having MORE energy than ANY other food, those bacteria that were eating it deep down; were fattening themselves as shameless piggies.  From their bodies, when dead, was produced all the crude oil / shale oil; that’s why is no bones, or any other imprint of any other animals, into the crude oil. All the crude oil on the planet was created from the bodies of bacteria that eats methane. Thanks to the methane producing bacteria, we now have crude oil. (the bacteria that like to munch methane, must still exist in the ground.

In my book I proposed; to look for them somewhere on Borneo. On other places as in and around Arabian peninsula, Texas; they must have gone extinct during the Ice Age; without continuation of regular supply of fresh methane from the surface… But places as Borneo, during the Ice Age, the climate didn’t change – surrounded by tropical warm waters – fresh supply of methane continued uninterpreted until today. What I mean is: the methane eating microscopic bacteria life-span if is a month – not having supply of fresh methane for prolong period = extinct B] please note: the methane eating bacteria can survive on extreme temperature areas – because is deep in the ground, surface temp is irrelevant. The problem is: the bacteria that produces fresh methane, needs warm and humid places, with lots of fresh mulch. Therefore, the chance to find those bacteria, that from their bodies crude oil was created, in Texas, Arabia, is almost impossible. The island of Borneo, or places with similar moist / mild / warm climate; that bacteria is today in the ground. Somebody with brains can discover and utilize that microscopic oil producing bacteria; good luck.

They are talking constantly about bio-fuel to be produced on the farm = less farmland for food production. Instead, if every city sewage plant is covered – can produce more methane and ethanol, than any bio-fuel farms. Methane is produced from sugar, starches, celluloid – lots more of those in every sewage, than destroying fresh food for fuel. That methane is accompanied by SO2 and other trace molecules necessary for prosperity of the methane eating bacteria – in pipe diverted that methane into an incubator for fermenting; from every big city sewage plant can and should be used. Direct use of methane in factories that are high fuel consumers is the best

The methane eating bacteria will start turning it into methane, after a month. The fresh fuel will not be exact quality as a top quality carbohydrates – same as there are brown coal, cooking coal and different varieties. Maybe the freshly produced crude oil from those bacteria turn out to be of superior quality. Beer drinkers urinate and send yeast into the sewage treatment plant – it only needs 2 weeks in summer, or 3 weeks in winter, to ferment => you get lots of methane and ethanol; unfortunately, saving their planet on the sewage treatment plant is not very glamorous, for the Warmist Organized Crime (WOC) Bottom line: 1000% more fuel can be produced from the sewage treatment plants around the planet, than producing crops specifically for fuel. Second bottom line: you MUST stop the psychopaths in CSIRO (Australian publicly funded institution) of genetically  manipulating the methane producing bacteria!

3] As I said; before 65 million years were big tsunamis to bury trees, but the fungi were rotting them completely; they didn’t turn into coal. When the methane producing bacteria arrived on the scene; when a big tsunami bulldozes and buries some big forest; the leafs / twigs and bark  was eaten instantly by that bacteria and produced lots of heat; without oxygen present in the soil> the heat turned the tree trunks into coal + the methane producing bacteria fumigated the rest and killed any fungi present. Now natural gas / methane exist together with oil in the ground; but coal and crude oil together don’t exist – because the bacteria that eats methane, doesn’t eat methane when if it’s in pure form. Methane eating bacteria only eats methane produced above the ground and sunk together with other (smelly additives) compounds. ( talking that bacteria eats today methane in the atmosphere, is not to admit that UV destroys any methane wandering in the atmosphere in a jiffy, not in 10 years)

Experiment: in a transparent bottle, catch some methane from cow, sheep, or your own; let it on the sunlight for few hours (as long as there is oxygen in the bottle also – to imitate atmosphere, in couple of hours that methane will turn into 2 droplets of water;  magic.

1]2]3]4] Logs kept the carbon as in coal, thanks to the methane producing bacteria fumigating the fungi. Therefore, the trees that collected CO2, kept the carbon for themselves; fungi were collecting oxygen, to turn that carbon back into CO2; but the methane bacteria was preserving the carbon and hydrogen into the coal / oxygen was staying in the air. B] lots of methane produced that sunk in the ground = oxygen stayed in the air as free. 2] thanks to the methane producing bacteria, lots of crude oil was made = the oxygen stayed in the air as free. In no time, oxygen from 7%, increased to 16-18%. That killed the dinosaurs. They were cold blooded, slow moving; adjusted for 70-80 million years to low oxygen level. Getting to 16-18% oxygen was too much for them in a very short period = belly up. For the first time the planet has seen big bushfires.

Most of the bacteria and viruses that Dino was used to, died of too much oxygen – new ones involved that tolerate plenty oxygen. B] Dino used fungi to digest his food for millions of years, those fungi produced enzymes that suits the dinosaurs. Enzymes in digestive system produced by methane producing bacteria is good for warm-blooded critters / including human, but not for Dino. The fungi since then had constant wars with the bacteria (reason we use fungi’s penicillin, to kill bacteria) CO2 in the atmosphere decreased rapidly. Before 65 million years ago, days were colder, but nights were warmer. Because CO2 by dimming was preventing lots of sunlight not to come to the ground, but the percentage that did come to the ground, CO2 cloud was keeping that warmth. In a way was as having smaller fire under the roof; comparing with now, bigger fire in a house without a roof. Smaller fire with roof, the heat goes to every room, including towards the polar caps / including at night. Now bigger heat is created on the ground during the day, without that dimming; but at night that heat is quickly wasted = we have hotter days / colder nights.

Dino felt same as if to human increasing from 21% oxygen to 45%. 2] because corals and algae increased oxygen very, very slowly, maybe for the previous 60-70 million years coral decreased for some reason – important fact is: Dino had SAME amount of oxygen for many million years, adopted to that amount / his genes for adaptation degenerated. Now when the idiots are fighting to stop the climate of changing is so pathetic. In all living critters, most of the genes are junk genes; BUT NOT THE GENES FOR ADAPTATION. Proof that the climate never stopped changing for millions of years, now they will stop it with carbon tax…?! The good Lord created day and night / summer and winter / dryer and wetter years / higher and lower altitudes / latitudes; to keep the genes for adaptation alert and working. Because as with everything; you use it or lose it. Reptilians somehow survived that big change 65 million years ago, but with higher concentration of free oxygen and used not to need for much of oxygen; now turtles / crocodiles can survive for up to 1h under water… good on them.

Therefore, comet didn’t kill the dinosaurs. If it was so big comet to kill the Dino from Alaska to Tasmania – would have pushed the planet of its orbit – we would have being now part of the sun; or flown somewhere on the other side of Jupiter. Evolvement of the methane producing bacteria changed the atmosphere for warm-blooded critter that need lots of oxygen. Australian CSIRO by modifying the methane bacteria is reversing to atmosphere to be good for Dino, but they better resuscitate him fast – before it becomes oxygen depleted for the Green psychopaths in CSIRO… To insert another comment:

Viruses need a body / blood to reproduce. So, when a virus evolves or mutates; kills only 70-90% of the host, the rest builds immunity; because virus is smart – if it kills 100% of the host animal-> virus kills itself. BUT: some viruses must have being stupid and killed 100% of the host and killed themselves in the process – we will never know about those stupid viruses – we find fossilized bones from their host, but the virus in it is gone, disintegrated. So, by changing ration of CO2 to oxygen in the atmosphere – a stupid virus evolved that spreads easy as flue virus; killed all the dinosaurs AND itself. The opportunist ”researchers” for the last 150y, every extinction was pined on phony global warmings and phony global coolings…?! That was the precursor of the today’s phony global warming for 2100. Remember: we, and every other species on the planet is bi-product of those 10-20% that survived, reason we are so resilient.

#2: this is also very important: constantly used ”natural cycles” as warmer or colder planet, were NEVER global! Same as: summer or winter is never global. On part gets warmer than normal – other parts get instantly colder than normal, to accommodate for the extra volume of air produced on the warmer part, by expansion / shrinking of the air. Same as children’s see-saw plank = the more one side goes up -> the more other side goes down; both sides NEVER go up, or down simultaneously! So: nature encourages prolific multiplying of species – then after 11-60-150y gives droughts, floods and other natural disasters; to cull the weak and useless and make space for the most resilient and adoptable- it’s called Natural Selection – that’s how nature does it. Nature cannot separate the weak and useless in line and shoot them; instead, always was and always will be doing it, by ”bad years” Both camps lying to the public that: natural cycles were ”global” is the mother of all lies!!!

Now we are burning that coal, burning the crude oil and gas, dissolving the limestone for cement = decreasing the free oxygen in the atmosphere rapidly = will become good atmosphere for the Dino, but will become impossible for the warm-blooded critters to survive… On many places the oxygen level is already below 19% of the air – when gets below 17%, modern critters will start imitating dinosaurs’ last days. Only creation of EXTRA fresh methane – which sinks into the ground = minimizes the damages. My formula: 2H2O + CO2 = CH2 + O4  (CO2 + 2H2O = grass + cow’s methane producing bacteria = CH4 + O4) Under the circumstances, they cannot think of anything WORSE, than to modify the methane producing bacteria; to interfere with animal’s digestive system; just to badmouth methane cow &sheep (cow &sheep are the Australian Twin Towers!!! What does that makes the Warmist scientist in CSIRO???!!! The same ‘’mass premeditated murderers’’ are experimenting CO2 sequestration. When is more CO2 in the air / in the sea > more trees, plus MORE algae corals in the sea grow > they keep the carbon for themselves – release the oxygen atoms from the CO2, for the fish in the water – after some time, that oxygen is in the atmosphere. When CO2 is sequestrated deep in the ground – the two oxygen atoms from every CO2 molecule are decommissioned forever. Isn’t that lunacy / premeditated crimes?!

So, fresh methane with its ‘’natural additives’’ is heavier than air > sinks in the ground. If you haven’t read the page I have the ‘’METHANEGATE’’ you should read it, to see the real premeditated crimes in progress, by the same psychopaths; just to promote the phony GLOBAL warming. I need your help people, to inform the society of the reality. Popular blogs are saturating with lots and lots of texts, to confuse the people – it’s not in their interest the truth to be known, for 3 big reasons

My formula: 2H2O + CO2 = GRASS / GRASS + COW = CH4+O4


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