November 12 / 2016



The conspiracy story is simple; energy in – little bit less energy out, and most opponents know that ‘’Warmist can monitor with precision of one hundredth of a degree in temp variation’’. B] to support that story – they have the theory: energy from the sun warms up the ground and ‘’reflection’’ of that energy is intercepted by the naughty CO2, preventing it to ‘’radiate out into space’’. C] back radiation of ultra-shortwave in honest language ‘’reflection, GLARE’’ / in Warmist lingo ALBEDO is part of the scare tactic.

Mmmmm, yes sunlight reflects, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to see things – reflection of photons from objects, eyes tell us the color / colors of the object, cool. But, there is always but in life… *the colors that produce heat ultrashotwave UV&IR that human eye cannot see, are easily absorbed and not reflected; unless is a mirror reflection** – if UV&IR are reflected as other colors of the spectrum; we would have been blinded as bats, after 10 minutes on sunlight. Look at the sun for few minutes, or ask somebody to reflect the sunlight by mirror onto your eyes for 10 minutes, and then you’ll not see after, even other colors. Therefore, them talking about blackbody, secondary reflection / ALBEDO CRAP is voo-doo science on the run. So, the colors of the sunlight tells / shows to cosmonauts where the moon or the earth is, when coming back; BUT no reflection of the UV& IR- otherwise the reflection of the sunlight on a full moon, would made it possible FOR YOU to get suntan, or better call it MOONTAN at night. (Sir Newton must be turning upside down in his grave, the 30,000 swindlers scientist CONVENIENTLY not to know about DIFFERENT BEHAVIOURS of different colors of the sunlight)

Have to insert something: after Douglas Cotton read this first paragraph of the post -> he run to Facebook to tell me ‘’how wrong I am; because in his wisdom mirror concentrates the sunlight on the retina of the eye’’.  Well, mirror doesn’t concentrate sunlight on the retina – only magnifying glass does that – and I used it for starting fire or just to light a cigarette, on many occasions in the bush traveling, just for the fun of it. B] only from half a square inch reflection from the mirror lands on the eye, the rest is over the face; same as when looking at the sun directly. So, directly or reflection from the mirror, only a half square inch lands onto the eye and get blind for life, in 50 seconds’ exposure; = which means: ’ON EVERY SQUARE INCH you see on those 100,000 hectares in that valley in front of you, the sun deposits enough UV &IR, to burn your eye in one minute; but is not enough reflection to damage your Eyesite if you watch at the valley, or the side of that mountain all afternoon, when the sunlight ricochets off the side of that mountain like billiard ball bounces towards your; but not enough UV&IR bounces to damage your Eyesite, and you enjoy the scenery’’. So, mirror is not magnifying glass to concentrate sunlight, and geometry is part of the knowledge of physics; and Douglas Cotton is constantly lying that he knows physics; nobody understanding physics would confuse mirror with magnifying glass. #2: actually, he corrected me by saying that: ‘’UV doesn’t create heat or reflects’’, and gave me link, to go see what his brain-trusts from NASA are explaining on the graph / picture, that there is no mentioning of UV, so he doesn’t believe that UV creates any heat. (what the swindlers using NASA’s name don’t approve -> Doug rejects) even though the SAME UV burns his skin and makes blotches and he peals the skin every year like a snake (would anybody having understanding in physics would blindly believe the swindlers approved to use NASA’s name to give credibility to their lies; because their job is to create confusion for the ignorant, and Doug is a good example that they are doing a good job of him and similar). (in another comment he told me that: ”he must stop people reading this post, because has many mistakes =/= so: if he is lying to you about some ”mistakes” just point to me what he is trying to muddy the water, please; lets make it interesting)

FIRST CONFUSION: Talk about 10% of the ultra-shortwave UV&IR getting reflected from the ground to warm up the WV &CO2 in the atmosphere and secondary reflection is dead in the water. If 10% of ultra-shortwave UV&IR is reflected off the ground => it means that: if one minute looking at the sun would make you totally blind forever – from the reflection and secondary reflection would make you totally blind during the day in 10 minutes, simple arithmetic. B] even though we can’t see the ultra-shortwave UV &IR, but we have a built-in defence mechanism, we involuntarily sneeze. Yes, red and violet skirts warm up most men’s hearts, but they don’t produce any heat. Protagonist and most opponents, as for example Mr. Doug Cotton believe that is the case, but all the people that walk outside during the day and didn’t get blind, are proof that Warmist are LYING and good old Doug is a collateral damage from the aggressive, misleading propaganda (I’m mentioning Doug; because he kept abusing me, by saying that ”he knows physics” by repeating what Warmist are promoting – he thing is physics, actually if he knew any honest physics, would have known that they are lying) . C] UV&IR get reflected by a mirror a lot, but less than 2% from surface of the water, from glossy white surface by less than 1%, which is not worth writing home about it*. That reflection from the sea surface is necessary to keep the clouds higher – and when they get closer to land, where is no reflection, for clouds is like going downhill towards the land (except where is dry heat from the desert that makes clouds to go even higher, or go back over water) (they don’t care about that reflection of sunlight in hot desert without green vegetation, but pretend to worry about Arctic’s exposed water, where even the sun needs electric blanket.

B] what they are talking about; water vapor and CO2 clouds supposed to reflect that IMAGINARRY 10% that has reflected from the ground up, to bounce from the clouds and comes back to the ground, to overheat the planet… 2] because swindlers can have gadgets for measuring ultra-shortwave UV &IR they can dish anything and you have to believe them… WRONG! You have the gadget inbuilt in you, as we mentioned, even though you cannot see those colors of the spectrum: on a sunny day look about 7-8 degrees away from the sun; you’ll still sneeze, BUT if is cloudy, you’ll not = which means: if lots of those ultra-shortwaves were reflected 10% from the ground and then as ‘’secondary reflection, PLUS the sunlight that penetrates the cloud, under their theory should be actually MORE POWERFUL, but is not = that part of the propaganda defeated by ‘’your own inbuilt gadget for sneezing’’. ‘’Secondary reflection’’ is more powerful, when you are on the boat, the direct hit from sunlight, plus the ‘’secondary reflection’’ GLARE what they call as albedo from the water combined, reason they invented tinted glasses; it’s part of the culture to have sunglasses on the beach, but not many people have sunglasses when the surface is covered by snow or ice; unfortunately, they are stuck with back to front phony proof that without ice cover over the water on arctic will boil the planet. BUT: when water reflects some UV&IR back into the sky, WV&CO2 clouds don’t reflect it back down; instead absorb it, to keep warmer and stay up, or goes through the cloud up. Same as your skin doesn’t have albedo, but absorbs it 100% and burns more, although goes most of it through the cloud, same as most of it came originally trough the cloud down, when was 100% sunlight, not just 1% reflection from the surface going up, which is so insignificant. Reason on cloudy day is LESS glare / ALBEDO.  D] why I’m saying cloud: is because CO2 and WV clouds give same effect, only WV is 100 times more, so the effect is same only 100 times bigger; and I’m giving water vapor as example, because you don’t need a gadget to see it, as cloud (if CO2 was 80 times more, as in forest fires, can see it also) and because the sunlight lifts the CO2 up during the day, where water cloud is; and only after sundown drops down, when the trees and crops are fattening on carbon, After sundown, or when it rains, rain washes CO2 down and washes nitrogen and anything plants need. B] not 10% is reflected from what originally comes to the ground, as protagonist say, but about 1,5%, as we said ‘’if is reflected 10%, everybody would have been blinded in 10 minutes” can’t avoid looking into the glare / reflection, as avoiding to look direct at the sun.  (from land less than one percent reflected– from water surface 2% on a sunny day, but is always clouds somewhere, so reflection back to the clouds we will say is 1,5%, only during the day, don’t forget that is 24h day / night. Conservative estimate is: 10% from the original 100% is intercepted and half reflected back up by the water cloud, half absorbed; secondary reflection would be 10% reflected from the miniscule 1,5% or 1% as secondary reflection; you play with it, if CO2 clouds doubles, will intercept twice as much from the original 100% – and then would be ‘’less’’ to reflect from the ground up; so, 2% reflecting frim 100% is much more than from secondary 0,5% to reflect 2% is = o,o1% again, with double amount of CO2. – I don’t like to put precise numbers, because water clouds or CO2 clouds are never the same amount and NEVER evenly distributed; so, I’ll put it about the co2 cloud, because that’s all the fuss about: 1% overall GLARE / REFLECTION goes up – from that 1% some goes through the cloud up; some is absorbed and 1% from that 1% as secondary reflection going down. that’s what the fuss is about, the 1% from 1%, do you know how much that is?

My formula is: {1% from 100% coming from the sun is much more, than 1% from 1% that comes reflected from the ground in the secondary reflection} can you dig it: 1% from the bulk of the UV&IR of 100% that comes to the clouds direct from the sun is much more reflected / than 1% reflecting back from the only 1% by the secondary reflection, which is 0,01%, and from that 0,01% mostly is absorbed by the water and CO2 cloud. And that is all the fuss about. In the 60’s and 70’s they were using it a bit more realistically for their ‘’dimming effect’’ will cool the planet, and where ignoring the opposite effect at night that at night slows cooling -/- now they use the other half of the truth, ‘’slowing cooling’’ but ignore that overall WV&CO2 clouds prevent more sunlight from coming to the ground; they used two ‘half-truths and inserted two half lies, and made one lie for the 70’s and the opposite lie for now. What WE are doing now is: discarding the two half lies, and using the both half-truths, to make one COMPLETE TRUTH. IF a Warmist foot solder doesn’t believe me; many of you have solar panels, see if those panels produce more electricity when is cloudy, if it does, swindler’s theory would be correct, because of the secondary reflection, but if you get LESS electricity from the solar panels when is cloudy = your brains-trusts are lying, be fair and inform the truth; if you don’t have solar panels, your peers have them, dig the truth, and don’t let them to keep lying. Every solar panel is your honest gadget. Interrogate the solar panel: do you produce more electricity on full sunlight or when is a heavy cloud??! They invest billions to discover black color that doesn’t have any reflection/glare/albedo, to absorb as much of the ultrashortwave UV&IR, which is not coming back from the clouds. Beloved Warmist’ solar panels will tell you that ‘’the Warmist are LYING’’ (make them to start hating their beloved, expensive panels that are exposing Warmist misleading theories). WARMIST SCAM BUSTED!

C] bottom line is: in the 60’s and 70’s the swindlers were using that phenomena that CO2 will produce ‘’dimming effect and = ice age by year 2000’’ =-= unfortunately then they didn’t take into account that is only 12h sunlight and the other 12h is dark – during the day YES, CO2 intercepts some of the UV&IR and creates insignificant ‘’dimming effect’’, they were right on the money; on the ground would be cooler. Same as when is cloudy for couple of days, on the ground get cooler than last year on those same two days, when WAS sunny. BUT: when is sufficient amount of water or CO2 cloud up- by intercepting some UV&IR from the direct hit from the other side/ coming from the sun -> the air 4-7km up gets warmer during the day; so, at night cooling slows / the *vertical winds* are slower. In other words: WV + CO2 up make cooler days but warmer nights = by overall taking the temp closer to the ground AND temperature higher all together as one system, the overall temp is same. In deserts days are hotter on the ground, but because of no clouds, upper atmosphere during the day is ALWAYS cooler, and because of that, when the sun goes down, COOLING IS QUIKER, AND COOLS MUCH MORE AT NIGHT. Reason deserts have hotter days but colder nights than other places on same latitude. So: extra CO2 would have made cooler days by 0,1C on the ground during the day, but warmer by just as much at night; overall those two phenomena cancel each other => therefore CO2 or WV don’t make warmer or colder planet, only more MILD TEMPERATURE / LESS EXTREME between day and night / WV is much more efficient, just because is more of it in the air. Is that worth to panic?! ‘’Radiative forcing of CO2 &WV / positive / negative feedback / starveback’’ is crap and a half. NO UNCERTAINTY at all. Just compare deserts and rainforests on same latitudes.

D] let’s make it a bit clearer: people using helium / weather balloons can tell you that: ‘’from the ground up, on every 120m-150m is 1C colder’’ – why is it so, not fixed, but 120m-150m? I would go as far as to say that: in desert is colder actually by a degree on every 110m altitude, but in Amazon basin on every 180m is only 1C colder; reason where is WV present, days are cooler on the ground, but cooling at night is much LESS EFFICIENT / the vertical winds are much slower at night = milder climate; one oak-tree knows much more about better or worse climates, than the 30,000-shonky scientist. On the other hand, deserts have hotter days on the ground, but cooler higher up, and colder at night = overall is same. Example: Amazon basin has the proverbial ‘’river in the sky’’ = on the ground is between 24C-33C approximate / in Namibian deserts and Australian great Sandy Desert are ALL on same latitude, same sunspots, but in those deserts, gets between 5C to 50C on same days; that’s what WV&CO2 do to the ”overall”global temperature is NOTHING, ZERO OVERALL, but WV&CO2 make milder climate. The 30,000-shonky scientist don’t know that ‘’milder climate is better climate’’ = all of them combined have less knowledge about the real climate than one Oaktree, I’ll keep saying; and that is official. So, the ‘’secondary reflection’’ con; only look a bit away from the sun on cloudy day and same distance on sunny day -> that will tell you that contemporary propaganda is dead WRONG! Or ask the Green People as solar panels owners; ‘’do they produce more electricity on cloudy or on sunny day’’? Ask them my question and give them insomnia, AND that will make them to hate solar panels and to avoid mentioning them, because those panels don’t tell lies as NASA, NOAA, IPCC commissars. Have some fun with them, by using those Stefan’s / my questions; don’t worry, you can’t be wrong; when millions of THEIR solar panels are approving / confirming our theory!!

B] because the ultrashortwave UV &IR that come from the other side of the water cloud or CO2 cloud are 100%; from the ground is reflected only about 1% -> from that 1% some is absorbed in the cloud, some goes through, and only 0,01% ricochets back to the ground as secondary reflection; therefore: without one or the other cloud much more UV&IR reaches the ground = it is much more to reflect from 100% of the UV&IR when is coming from the sun to the cloud, than to reflect down to the ground from the 1% that has been reflected from the ground, simple logic that 30,000 shonky scientist don’t want you to know, but for you easy to see: CO2 cools minuscule amount the ground during the day, and keeps just as much warmer at night, almost zero effect by CO2, but water cloud is much more efficient, because is much more of it.

#2: in the 70’s they were telling half-truth and half lie, to make a LIE; now they are telling the other half-truth as correct that CO2 intercepts sunlight and warms up the upper troposphere a bit; BUT as typical Flat -Earthers are not taking in consideration that is only 12h sunlight on every spot, not 24h; and WV&CO2 have opposite effect at night = those two opposite effects cancel each other for the ”overall global temperature”. That is: taking their the two half-truths, to make one complete truth:  Sorry to insert something else first: because still many smarties think that the heat to here comes from the sun; the truth is that; heat from the sun doesn’t even go to the orbit of Mercury –  heat is produced by the ‘’ultra-shortwaves UV &IR that come from the sun”. They are cold – they vibrate the elements HERE, and that friction produces the heat = same as: electricity cables have snow and ice on them, but in the microwave that electricity vibrates the water molecules and that boils the water in your coffee cup; similar as when you are cold and rub your hands fast, to warm up; only microwave produces faster vibration to the water molecules; BUT the ultra-shortwaves UV &IR the vibration is so short, but fast, and is more effective on solid objects as steel. Microwave vibrates water, but not the porcelain cup. I hope that was of some help; now the second crap pushed by the Protagonist (usually I call them swindlers) O.K:


Conspiracy says that ‘’61% is absorbed in the surface (how did they get to that number, don’t ask me). And then that 61% produces heat; and conspiracy states that longwave radiation / heat cannot radiate out in space, because is absorbed by CO2 and back radiated to the ground = mother of all voo-doo science. We’ll get into individual details, one at the time, because reality has NOTHING to do with the propaganda. * First of all, I avoid precise numbers; because what is absorbed plus reflected by the clouds when UV &IR were coming down from the sun to here, is different every day on every place. A] sometime is cloudy but not on most places b] clouds are different thickness and because of that, absorb and reflect different amount. C] example; where I’m, in November 1 the sun is just above and you don’t make shade at midday -> then the sun goes south to Rockhampton (Capricorn) and has same radiation here as further south in Brisbane -> then the sun from Christmas starts going north from Capricorn again, and first of February, again is no shade at midday here; but comparing with Sydney or London at those same times is different angle everywhere, because of the curvature of the planet; so when Warmist or my feather-brain friend Doug Cotton say: ‘’by Stefan Boltzmann’s law; 168 watts per square meter according to NASA)’’….. is only for the Flat-Earthers, because the earth’s curvature; light is distributed differently everywhere and different every day as the earth tilts during the year.  So, because of the seasons, even on same place is not same for many days in the year. (if somebody doesn’t know Doug Cotton – he is a Warmist parrot, but HE believes that he is a ‘’skeptic / even though he believes 100% in the phony global warming, and parrots every Warmist misleading theory’’ – (I always say: ‘’if one uses Warmist words, he promotes Warmist cause, without knowing. Warmist are clever with word; in legal therms is referred as: the solicitor is leading the witness to say things that otherwise wouldn’t).

Nevertheless, when ultra-shortwave UV &IR hit the ground, they vibrate the atoms in the soil, trees, water, and create different amounts of heat on different things and different latitudes; now we are going to be working on THAT HEAT: of course that heat is energy, but kinetic energy / heat; is not anymore as **ultra-shortwave UV&IR** = same as the heat in your cup from the microwave, cannot send that energy from the cup via the wire back to somewhere else, BUT many people are confused by the swindlers about the minuscule ‘’secondary radiation of ultra-shortwave UV&IR’’ with the ‘’heat made on the surface’’: that heat only radiates from one micron to couple of feet, when is over 300C, and that’s longwave IR radiation. But they intentionally confuse those, as if is a same thuing; **THAT heat cannot / does not ‘’radiate to out in space’’ therefore CO2 cannot prevent any radiation t out in space**. A] No conduction of that heat either. B] distance by long-wave radiation is close to zero – it’s all done by CONVECTION, forget radiation to out in space; CO2 cannot interfere with the radiation of that heat to imaginary going to out in space, BECAUSE IT DOESN’T RADIATE to out in space. Step one: heat created on the ground ‘’radiates’’ 2-3 inches -> that heat expands that air by another 4-5 inches and heat in that space is collected by the horizontal winds -> horizontal wind when accumulate some heat -that air as warmed / EXPEND, and creates the vertical winds -> ***depends on how warmed that air is, how fast and how high those vertical winds go*** that IS the magic sentence. The warmer the air gets -> the more it EXPENDS – the faster that conveyor-belt is; the hotter it is close to the ground – the cooling INCREASES also – when it cools down -> instantly the conveyor slows or stops accordingly, not to waste any extra heat. Sometimes clouds intercept more of the UV&IR – and it gets cooler day or two on the ground ->instantly vertical winds slow down or stop / or as in the desert the vertical winds are always the strongest; because on the ground gets hotter, but 7-8km altitude is ALWAYS colder than above forest on same latitude, which makes the vertical winds stronger and go higher. That’s how heat is taken up and dispersed by the oxygen & nitrogen that are THE vertical wind / as a conveyor belt – collecting the heat -> instantly expending ->zooming up, but how fast and how high they go to disperse the heat; depends how much hotter is close to the ground = SELF REGULATION by the honest laws of physics. So, radiation of heat from the ground is only few inches; reason here in the tropics dogs suffer more from that radiation than human; because dog’s head is closer to the ground. Q: how can CO2 interfere with the heat ”radiating to out in space” – when ”radiation is only few inches??!

Example: your fridge has cold space, and freezer above – if you put a pot of boiling hot water at 100C in the freezer compartment, and another pot at 50C below, in the fridge => both pots would have cooled down to 4C (39F) simultaneously. Imagine the air above your head, as shelfs ON EVERY 120-150m ALTITUDE IS ONE DEGREE COLDER – if is cloudy cooling continues also, but not as fast, because your *conveyor* is much slower and is slower because ‘’proportion of difference in temperature between the ground and upper troposphere is less (hang-glider people hate slow and useless vertical winds; and are scared of it – but most of times take 80kg man and 40kg glider = 120kg up for two kilometers and keeps him there for hours) As soon as the clouds go away -> starts warming up the surface and instantly vertical winds increase; ‘’self-adjusting mechanism’’ all regulated by the HONEST laws of physics. Because the good lord inserted a thermometer in every atom of oxygen &nitrogen => molecules to know when to shrink, when to expand, and BY HOW MUCH TO EXPAND!! In the desert from midnight to midday warms from 5C-55C, and in next 12h cools by 50C, but on same latitude in rainforest warms up from 25C at midnight to 33C by midday, but for next 12h until midnight cools by only 8C. All ‘’self-regulated’’ by the honest laws of physics. Imagine if in the rainforest was cooling in 12h by 50C, or imagine if it was warming by 50C but was cooling for next 12h only by 8C, then would have been trouble; but as long as the honest laws of physics are regulating the temperature, nothing to worry about; unless the shifty politicians and bias media can abolish those honest laws of physics by legislation in the parliament, and in UN. Challenge them to try.

A: those thermometers inside every atom of oxygen & nitrogen never fail. The 30.000 shonky scientist need to make the shallow politicians to abolish the honest laws of physics by legislation, and in UN; before they should start lying about the phony global warming. Vertical winds disperse the heat on 2-3-4-6km up, for the ”cold vacuum” to neutralize it -> shrink and drop down for more heat. Well, why they don’t go up to 10-15km? A: they do, if is a very hot volcano, or nuclear bomb explosion – has been reported that super-heated gasses go up to 12km-17km and spreads like a mushroom for the incoming ‘’cold vacuum’’ to neutralize the heat. Q: can CO2 prevent it of going up? A: no, even warmed CO2 goes up to 17km, after all CO2 is 2/3 made of oxygen. But 17km is only super-heated gases – otherwise normally no need to go for more than 2-3-4km, to spread the heat and waste it / to be canceled. Waste it, HOW?

A: as increasing altitude from sea-level, the air is thinner and thinner – over 8km altitude, people going there need assistance with extra oxygen; because the air is too thin. 2] as the planet orbits around the sun as a Frisbee at 108000kmh, every 9 minutes changes space, AND that ‘’cold vacuum’’ that we are going through, goes through the thinner air same as air goes through in-between the water cells in the car radiator – B] if the troposphere gets warmer than normal, for ANY REASON -> instantly the troposphere expands, and imitates as bigger radiator, plus makes more space for more cold vacuum’’ to get in; same as if the car engine gets warmer than normal and radiator instantly expends, plus the holes between the water columns to increase and let more cold air through. Well the air is colder than the radiator, but is not as cold as the NEW ‘’cold vacuum’’ that is allowed to zoom trough every 9 minutes. Better to correct it: the ”cold vacuum” actually doesn’t zoom through / instead the earth zooms through the ”cold vacuum’, that’s better. That neutralizes / cancels any extra heat instantly. If is warmer, troposphere expends accordingly, if is colder, troposphere shrinks instantly; everything is regulated by the honest laws of physics. Do you know ‘’what is in-between the molecules in the thinner air on 3-4km altitude? A: more ”NEW cold vacuum” zooms trough it every 9 minutes. So, no heat ‘’radiates out in space’’ but is neutralized same as when you put a block of ice in a bucket of hot water – that heat doesn’t ‘’radiate’’ anywhere, it just gets neutralized. Saying that upper troposphere can get warmer, is same as saying that ‘’on the bottom of the sea will get dryer.  To repeat my favoured remark ‘Mohamed doesn’t go to the mountain, but the mountain comes to Mohamed’’= which means: what the swindlers presenting themselves as NASA saying that “a bit more heat goes in, than goes out’’ and they are monitoring, they are LYING 100%, including Christi and Roy Spencer.

B] if heat was actually going out, hypothetically – even if same amount of energy was going out, the planet still would have boiled in one year; because of all the geothermal heat released, plus all the heat produced by any friction or fire, but no heat radiates out at all, and they all know; only Christi & Spencer are playing the trick as ‘’good cops / bad cops’’ against the other swindlers as Hanson & Mann. They are all promoting same lie, by using different tricks, and they all know that they are ALL laying, but are tricking the sceptical people; to approve of Christi and Roy Spencer’s lies. I do believe that; many people have been conned to believe lots of crap, but not them. NASA, NOAA, IPCC, Met Office, they are all of the same politburo, they are all creating and coordinating lies. So, from the moon no albedo crap / reflection on full moon comes to help warming the earth AND the earth doesn’t reflect to warm up the moon. B] most of the heat is neutralized in the first 3-5-9km altitude, but super-heated gases from volcano or atom bomb go higher and spread as a mushroom, as necessary, to be NEUTRALIZED. PLUS troposphere expands a bit more than normal – intercepts more ‘’cold vacuum’’ and fixes in a jiffy, no worries.

OR the opposite: when is a solar eclipse – tremendous amount of sunlight is reflected / blocked by the moon, tremendous amount of less sunlight comes to the earth, on areas gets dark at midday and cools, but by next day overall heat in the earth’s atmosphere is same amount as if it wasn’t a solar eclipse – meteorologist don’t take even in the account the eclipse, for predicting the temperatures for next day. Many times, Mercury or Venus gets between the sun/earth and block lots of sunlight, but unless you are into horoscope or astronomer, wouldn’t even know it’s happening; because doesn’t affect the overall earth’s temperature, even meteorologist don’t need to know for predicting tomorrow’s temperature. Because the troposphere shrinks for few minutes accordingly -> intercepts less ‘’cold vacuum’’ and fixes instantly. Do you follow me; if there wasn’t for the sun, would have been 300c COLDER – well if Venus blocks 5% of the sun- for that day when Venus is in-between, the temperature should have dropped by 15C, same amount of sunlight is blocked by mercury, only more often; the Earth’s Temperature Self Adjusting Mechanism (ETSAM) fixes it instantly – doesn’t let to get cooler even for 0,1C, not even for a day. I rest my case!

On many occasions, I gave examples the Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt Kenya. In Tanzania and on the other side in Kenya gets regularly over 40C – but by the time that heat goes to 6km altitude, is all neutralized, otherwise wouldn’t be any permanent ice on those two mountains in the tropics, on less than 6km altitude. 2] mountain climbers only go in summer to Mt. Everest, in subtropics in summer, some climber’s fingers, ears need to be amputated, if are frozen for more than 2,5h, no blood circulation, on less than 9km in subtropics, in summer / in winter would be certain death from cold. Do you want more proofs that heat doesn’t radiate up into the void, but is neutralized here on the first 3-5km. and all the swindlers are lying?!? Compare with: your room, is always warmer close to the sealing than close to the floor – because warmth goes up, also in environment goes up, but by 6km altitude is neutralized / canceled.   Yes, CO2 during the day goes up, same as warmed oxygen & nitrogen, and releases the heat; after all, CO2 is 2/3 oxygen. B] hot air balloon after 2h in the air is FULL of CO2, but still pushes the balloon up, including 6-7 people and the basket and the gas bottle. CO2 not guilty!!

Swindlers cherry picked some old / outdated experiments by Boltzmann, that are not appropriate for the cooling of the planet;  but most are into the ‘’second law of thermodynamics’’ a] warming CO2 in a tube is not same as in the backyard – because in the backyard as soon as warms a bit -instantly goes up, where cooling is much more efficient, not like overheating it in a tube, where it builds up pressure.B] cooling is done by convection, taking heat constantly up. C] including conduction is exclusively for confusion. Just to point ”how wrong they are about conduction in the outdated thermodynamics, even though doesn’t apply in cooling of the atmosphere: under their laws of thermodynamics /Plank ‘’heat ALWAYS goes from warmer to colder’’ – WRONG!! -/- Experiment: at night, you put a metal bar of 19C in the yard of 20C temperature, in 1h the metal will release another 6-7C to the much warmer air. 2] put a rock at 24C in a fast running creek of 25C – in 1h the rock will release another 4-5C to the warmer water’’ just giving you those couple of examples that the 19 century experiments are outdated; reason they are useful for the swindlers to con the ignorant; same thing is experimenting with warming CO2 in a tube by Boltzmann and wrongly now comparing it with warmed CO2 in the yard. #2: difficult to experiment with carbon in the yard; but you can substitute carbon steel, carbon and steel are comparable, and are in alloy -> if you put a carbon steel and a lump of wood in the yard at daytime -> the wood will be cooler after an hour, because carbon steel absorbs more heat on the sunlight; and that’s what the swindlers are exploiting; if wood represented O2&N2 and carbon steel was representing CO2, BUT: the Flat-earthers forget that is 12h of night… you check yourself and see that ‘’at night the metal / CO2 will be much colder than the wood and the surrounding air. Can you dig it? Those two factors cancel each other!! daytime absorbs more heat, but at night release more hat. Therefore: CO2 &WV give ‘’shade-cloth effect, not greenhouse effect.

Fact #1: because of the curvature of the planet, and constant seasonal tilting; ‘’ The Stefan-Boltzmann Law in physics confirms that the solar radiation impinging on Earth’s surface 168 watts per square meter according to NASA’’ is a grotesque LIE, created for confusing the ignorant. B] if they were interested in the truth, would have never said something like that.

Fact #2: confusing the energy from ultrashortwave UV &IR that goes for great distances, with the kinetic energy / heat that radiates only few inches = is the mother of all tricksthat the swindlers puled on the ignorants as Doug Cotton and similar; so, they can keep spreading Warmist lies fanatically. B] same as electricity and heat in the cup are different kind of energy. One of them travels from the sun to hear, great distanced, but the heat in the cup takes time by conduction to warm up even the porcelain cup. C] can the physicist overlook that? A: no, but they can con easy people like our Doug; who thinks: if he keeps repeating shonky’s lies – people will think that he knows physics / and he is constantly letting us know; and to promote Warmist lies, Doug told me ‘’that I don’t know physics and he does’’ = Doug it sounded same as; ‘’little Johnny with confidence was teaching his father how children are made, by explaining about the stork and everything’’… because other grown up people told him so… c] Warmist don’t have a single proof of global warming, but are using the featherbrains opponents as Doug Cotton, to legitimize the existence of the phony global warming, only ‘’something else is doing it’’ he keeps saying= same as proving that ‘’Santa exist, but he doesn’t come via the chimney, but through the window…?

Fact #3: because the heat created on the earth’s surface doesn’t radiate to out in space -> CO2 cannot prevent that non-existent radiation => CO2 not guilty, Warmist and their parrots (as Doug and similar) guilty as hell.

Fact #4: from weather balloons / helium balloons records, the evidences existed for a long, long time, that: -‘’every 130m above your head is colder by 1C => a mile above your head is colder by 10C /15F; is not something that needs to wait 100 years and prove that the swindlers are wrong. Everything I say can be proven NOW, easy.

Fact #5: the warmer the ground gets -> the faster the vertical winds become = the best Earth’s Temperature Self-Regulation Mechanism (ETSM); if warmer, O2&N2 expend -> vertical winds increase speed, and go higher, where cooling is much more efficient

Fact #6: O2&N2 expend instantly when warmed, and increase the vertical wind, and vertical winds go higher up -/ when colder than normal; O2&N2 shrink and vertical winds slow down or even stop, to prevent more cooling than necessary. B] shrinking / expansion of those two gases in change of temperature is INSTANT = cannot make a PAUSE, delay in shrinking / expending = ‘’hiatus crap’’ was a good Warmist trick, to make ignorant opponents to legitimize Warmist lies about the existence of the phony global warming. Give them credit for that… they are very dishonest, but clever. Also, the volume of the troposphere increases and intercepts more ‘’cold vacuum’’ to go through. Same as if you had a rubber radiator on your car; to enlarge when warmer engine or shrink when colder. C] the good Lord made the troposphere to regulate the OVERALL heat brilliantly, just by inserting a thermometer in every atom of oxygen & nitrogen.

Fact #7: reason the shonky ‘’researchers’’ for the last 160y ‘’discovered’’ too many global warmings / ice ages, is because of the tilting of the planet and official North Pol was on many different places in the past; that made warmer imprints on places where is colder now, and colder imprints where is warmer now. B] because was hard to get funds and to get on the front pages then – they had the INCENTIVE to confuse, fabricate more facts. Example: when was in New York 3km of ice, the overall planet wasn’t colder than now; because in western Siberia was temperate climate, in eastern Siberia at that same time was subtropics (but they gave it the name ‘’ the Big Ice Age’’). The planet is not flat anymore, fellas!! Milankovich was misinterpreted; tilting the planet instantly because of the influences of other heavenly bodies was misrepresented, the rest was same crap as the Warmist are manipulating now; for them was much easier, because they were lying about ‘’the past’’ and was not much scrutiny then. Bottom line: global temp OVERALL is same; no need to keep spooking the public that every day is global warming / every night is global cooling = look at those phony ‘global’ temp charts; they look as seismographs; as if the planet has dengue fever and needs Panadol – no wander the public prefers the Warmist to save them.

Fact #8: why weather balloons say on every 120-140m altitude is by 1C colder; why not precise? A: because in cloudy weather, or rainforest; on the ground is much cooler during the day, than in sunny desert; I’ll go as far as saying: in desert is colder by 1C every 100m, and above thick rainforest 1C cooler is on up to 180m and more; BUT OVERALL HEAT is always the same. There is no uncertainty; in Brazil rainforest goes from 24C-33C in 24h – on same latitude in Namibian desert and Australian Great Sandy Desert gets on same days gets between 10C-50C = deserts have the clearest sky V.s Amazon basin has that proverbial river in the sky = those places are the biggest and best example for anybody interested in the truth, what CO2 &WV clouds do to temperature, mild CLIMATE, against extreme in deserts = bad climate, because WV &CO2 clouds are as shock absorbers, prevent extreme, which in honest language is called good climate. B] unless is taken into account all the heat ‘’from the ground to up to 10km altitude, global temp is not monitored!!  Example: if you had 100 pockets and 500 dollar coins, you can redistribute them different in every pocket, then take from some and change to more in the otherpockets, but that will not make you richer. Same as in desert is hotter during day on the ground, but colder higher up, reason at night cooling is faster and more efficient, because vertical winds / the conveyor is much faster Vs, rainforest or where is rice paddies, the vertical winds are slow, don’t go very high, AND the hang glider people hate rice paddies; they prefer exposed rocks to the sunlight and dry.  All that can be proven now, easy – no need to wait 100y and then see that the Warmist are 100% wrong and intentionally lying. At least the temp on the first 7km altitude must be taken into account, as same system, because when is cooler on the ground, higher up is a bit warmer – because ‘’higher up’’ is more space than only on 5feet above the ground; where they locate the thermometers, is very deceiving; AND naïve to ignore the constant imbalance; must be the whole system or nothing. The new president of USA  will be inaugurated soon; can finance a helium balloon and a thermometer; honest people to remap those shelves with cooler temperature as it gets in higher and thinner air, where more ‘’cold vacuum’ penetrates in IS URGENTLY NEEDED!! Otherwise the swindlers FOR CASH attacking coal and oil, to help expensive solar and wind is ‘’PROTECTION MONEY’’ as it was in the 1930 in Chicago, by the mafia.

THIRD CONFUSION: ‘’GREENHOUSE GASES EFFECT: if the start is in the WRONG direction; you’ll be wandering lost in darkness, for the rest of your days. Let’s bring the truth and reality to the daylight: ‘’greenhouse effect’’ interpretation has been given for CO2 giving that effect for the earth, as reason is warmer than the moon – because the moon doesn’t have co2, and you all know that; so, if you don’t know that the earth also has H2O +O2 &N2; they will ride on your backs from victory to victory, by using the grandmother of all con. In reality the ultra-shortwaves create more heat on the moon than on the earth, a] because no atmosphere on the moon to reflect and absorb some of it, before it hits the surface 100% strength b] day / sunlight on the moon is two weeks long, but even though more heat is created, heat doesn’t accumulate; because the ‘’cold vacuum’’ that we are traveling through, is TOUCHING THE GROUND on the moon; on the earth big part of that ‘’cold vacuum’’ is kept 50km away, by the blanket of O2&N2, as perfect insulators. Let’s see the whole reality:

Normal / honest greenhouse has a TRANSPERANT plastic or glass roof, that covers 100%. That plastic or glass roof lets the ultrashortwave UV&IR from the sunlight trough to the ground, to warm up the ground; and then prevents that heat including the geothermal heat, to go up into the atmosphere THAT keeps inside warmer. B] in contrast, CO2 during the day goes up, same as WV cloud and INTERCEPT part of the UV&IR, not to get to the ground = complete contrast, roof on the honest greenhouse is attached and doesn’t go up. C] the roof on an honest greenhouse is 100% cover B] CO2 is only 260-500ppm = that is same as if the normal greenhouse has a fishnet or a postage stamp for a roof… if you make a normal greenhouse with fishnet as a roof, neighbours would put you in a straightjacket; because that wouldn’t prevent any heat of escaping. On the planet earth oxygen & nitrogen are the greenhouse gases: they are transparent, SAME as glass roof on an honest greenhouse; and they let the ultrashortwave UV&IR trough to the ground, to warm up the ground; then the ground warms up the air just above the ground, but oxygen & nitrogen as PERFECT INSULATORS are slowing cooling, same as roof on an honest greenhouse. Imagine even if on the moon was similar amount of CO2 but no oxygen & nitrogen; would have been just as cold.

Bottom line: swindlers can notice the 260-600ppm of CO2 in earth’s atmosphere, which is not on the moon; but cannot notice the 998999ppm of oxygen &nitrogen, AND the amount of water on the earth that is slowing cooling at night, that is not on the moon; in other words, nobody, nobody can accuse the Warmist for comparing apples with oranges, because they are comparing an apple with a watermelon. Fact: O2&N2 are transparent, same as the roof on the honest greenhouse. #2 fact: they are the best insulators, reason they are in the double walls of the refrigerator, or double-glazing, or more O&N gets trapped in your woollen jumper than in a skinny cotton shirt; the wool doesn’t keep you warmer, but the O&N trapped in the woollen cloths. #3: when the troposphere warms up more than normal, for any reason, troposphere INSTANTLY expends and intercepts more cold vacuum; same as enlarging the radiator on the car; on the other hand: if air temperature in a normal greenhouse increases -> some air out the door = less air, same volume; not the case with the troposphere when warmed, because volume of troposphere enlarges when warmed.

#4: when CO2 warms up -> instantly goes up, together with warmed oxygen and nitrogen to higher altitude, WHERE COOLING IS MORE EFFICIENT; not the roof on the honest greenhouse, stays where it was as when was colder inside. The differences between a roof on a greenhouse and CO2 effect are completely the opposite. WV + CO2 give a ‘’shade-cloth effect’’ not a greenhouse effect= daytime intercept some UV &IR high up => less comes to the ground; oxygen &nitrogen + water slow down cooling at night and make MILDER CLIMATE, less extreme between day / night; how can that be bad??! How can they overlook that? Q: why they don’t put CO2 in-between the double walls on the fridges?! Q: how can 30,000 shonky scientists not notice that ‘’the earth is got lots and lots of oxygen & nitrogen as best insulators, but can notice the miniscule amount of the essential CO2 that is on the earth but not on the moon??! Are you still saying ‘’that is not a conspiracy’’? I understand parrots as Doug, but 30,000 scientists not to know that? B] not to know that heat doesn’t ‘’radiate’’ to out in space?? People with helium balloons and small aircraft pilots always knew that is less heat on every 100m altitude, where the air is thinner. C] why the swindlers avoid my proofs and are always trying to silence me instead?!?! = CONSPIRACY!!!

On the moon the ‘’cold vacuum’’ that we are traveling through orbiting around the sun; touches the ground, on the earth is a 15km of thick blanket of insulating O2&N2 – B] the moon travels almost twice as fast than the earth through that ‘’cold vacuum’’, because travels together with the earth, PLUS simultaneously orbits around the earth 13 times in a year. You know that: when you are on the open pick-up truck, traveling through a cold place, the faster the truck travels -> the colder you get (moon travels faster; hello NASA swindlers!!). B] swindler’s common practice is; to go to the polar caps, or on the bottom of the sea, where honest people don’t go; to tell lies to the ignorant; they even used Venus, because she is got more CO2 and are lying that is a ‘’runaway greenhouse’’ on Venus; and lying that the temp is 465C, WRONG! Example: on the earth cools by 30C in 12h from midday to midday in the desert = Venus is traveling through the same ‘’cold vacuum’’ and night is 4 months long – Q: how many 12h are in 4 months? To use Boltzmann’s crappy experiment, building pressure in the tube warming CO2 -> they concocted that Venus has pressure of 92 atmospheres, to justify the phony extra heat accumulation; but no explanation ‘’how can Venus have that much pressure, when is already known that Venus has a bit smaller gravity than earth; what kind of anvils are on the top of Venus atmosphere, to press down and build high pressure, because is definitely not the SMALLER gravity on Venus that is constantly fighting with the empty vacuum around the planet, as in a thug of war, for the gases in Venus atmosphere? Therefore: on Venus, even on the equator gets colder at night than is here on Antarctic in winter. PLUS, because are no water currents there to bring warmth to the night side, and CO2 releases heat much better than water or O2&N2, reason CO2 is used to make dry ice. SCAM BUSTED!

(since I wrote the post about Venus and informed the NASA’s commissars, most swindlers stopped using Venus as example for their CO2 badmouthing) (plus, after I wrote the post ‘’ Global warming lots its compass’’ they stopped using every day *ice falling off the cliff into the water, at least on Australian TV; I would like to know ‘if is similar in N/H for the last 12 months’’) B] did you notice that here is no ‘’may happen, if happens, could happen, it’s possible’’ and similar tarot cards science; everything I say, can be proven now – no need to wait 100y, and then see that they are lying. Can you number all the proofs on this post, that can be proven now? If this is correct = swindler’s propaganda is 100% wrong. Biggest Q: why do you think oxygen & nitrogen shrink when cooled / expend when warmed INSTANTLY, is it because they have nothing better to do, because of boredom, OR they are regulating the ‘’OVERAL’’ global temperature to be the SAME every day of the year and millennia?? Q: can CO2 prevent O2&N2 / troposphere of expending, or warmed O2&N2 of going up, where is cooler and thinner air?? A: no, CO2 is 2/3 made of oxygen, those atoms expand and take the CO2 higher, where cooling is much more efficient, together with O&N.  CO2 also cools and releases heat much faster and better than the other lot; reason CO2 is used to make DRY ICE; The thinner the air is -> the more ‘’cold vacuum’’ penetrates in, and cooling is more efficient. All Warmist foot solder has to learn is that ”the earth is not flat anymore and is not sunlight 24h on every spot on the planet”; when you learn that -> you’ll get warmer to the truth. b] the more CO2 in the air -> the more it gets washed by the rain into the soil to enrich it; rain washes CO2, SO2, CO, NITROGEN and any yummy goodies in the troposphere; WATER WASHES THINGS, FROM YOUR DIRTY ASS, to the gases from the atmosphere; but water and soap will never wash Warmist’ Psychopathic DIRTY minds.

Bottom line:  Human has changed the ‘’micro-climates’’ on many places; since human invented how to produce fire artificially. By rubbing two sticks, changed the ‘’micro-climates’’ AND human can also improve many bad micro-climates now, on many different places, because H2O regulates the climate, not CO2; example: instead of wasting the freshwater into the sea, turn river Congo north, would make Sahara the best savannahs on the planet and will be lots of trees, lakes and other vegetation; on the other hand; chop most of the trees in Amazon basin, drain most swamps and overflows -> Brazil will start resembling Sahara.  – other places have good climate, it’s nothing wrong; BUT HUMAN CANNOT PRODUCE GLOBAL WARMING; because ‘’overall’’ global temperature is regulated by the laws of physics, and HUMAN CANNOT CHANGE THE LAWS OF PHYSICS. Unless lefty politicians can abolish the ‘’honest laws of physics’’ by legislation, and in UN…?

#1: dimming by CO2 makes on the ground cooler, but not enough, even to be debated; because during the day sunlight lifts CO2 higher, and just as much 2-3-4km up is a bit warmer during the day. Dimming effect by CO2 &WV – cooling a bit on the ground is proven on many ways, but the best are Warmist solar panels, they produce less electricity; because electricity they produce by using directly the ultrashortwave UV &IR, not already created heat. SCAM BUSTED!

#2: if the people using helium balloons don’t want to give you the data ‘’ on how many meters altitude temperature is diminished by 1C; I strongly suggest the sceptical people to get a helium balloon and a thermometer that will calibrate the temperature from the ground to 10km altitude; of course to document, and invite the bias media as witnesses. Warmist castle would collapse in no time. now will be a new president in USA, the first politician that would prefer the truth; he should finance the experiment, and save billions for USA, and many more billions for other western countries; and fully expose the ACAM from the western Marxist SCUM. Get involved and don’t let the conspiracy to win. This is Skeptic’s **plan B** -use it, or be a born loser. Time will show that is no global warming, or cooling; why waiting for time to prove to you, when YOU can prove to the world, that is all conspiracy 100% crap?! On which side in history do you want to be?