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Hello prof . Robert Scribbler! See what he is ”teaching his students” and visitors to his blog:

Couple of different Skeptics + a Warmist where bragging about that: -‘’in 2-5 years fusion reactors will be completed to produce electricity, INCLUDING PORTABLE ONES; carried on 18 wheeler trucks, and all problems will be solved’’ I pointed out that: –‘’they have being duped by the Warmist White Collar Criminals (WWCC), fusion for electricity will not happen in 10y, not in 10 million years, Fusion for electricity is same scam as the phony global warming – ‘’scam’’ is: fleecing the Urban Sheep, under false pretense’’ Here are the proof:

Few days ago I had a unpleasant debate on a Warmist blog, on the subject. To shorten the story: an OZ professor…/ nominated himself, to be used as an example for ALL Warmist, in my book. Because: I’m not allowed to make a comment on his blog; not even when he made a post about me. ‘’right to replay’’ in Marxism doesn’t exist… no Glasnost on the Warmist misleading blogs. Therefore: I’ll present here part of his post – with correct explanation. What’s from me, will be in Roman letters, what’s from his post,  italic.

Here is prof Robert Scribbler: robertscribbler   Scribbling for economic, social and environmental justice   (typical ‘’green’’ top-coated Marxist; sticking to their gospel)

Prof starts with: Taking on the Giants: Skunk Works Aims for Commercial, Compact Fusion Reactor Within Ten Years”      WOW, and another WOW!!!

Robert says: Unlike fission, which involves the splitting of atomic nuclei, fusion both produces more energy while generating no radio-active waste. The primary fuel — H2 — is abundant and non-radioactive. Because conventional fusion reactors involve containment fields that force these non-radioactive elements together, they do not operate under dangerous conditions similar to nuclear fission reactors.

1]‘’Conventional Fusion Reactors’’ on the planet earth don’t exist, and NEVER will exist! b] ”fusion process” produces much more radiation than fission. Reason hydrogen bomb is more dangerous; yes: no radioactive bi-product, BUT: because for producing electricity needs chain reaction => much more, constant radiation.

2] the ‘’waste / bi-product (He)’’ is not radioactive for long, BUT: the ‘’fusion process’’ itself produces 1000 times more radiation than fission.***  A] fission produces ‘’alpha radiation’’ that goes only few inches. Beta radiation goes up to 3m and gamma radiation goes to 3km. Yes in explosion goes much further, because: the exploding O&N because of the heat – disperse the radioactive dust. On the other hand, ‘’fusion radiation’’ IR &UV reaches for millions of miles. From close to the center of the sun / where fusion happens – ‘’radiation’’ penetrates all the way to the surface of the sun trough ALL that compressed plasma (imagine the diameter of the sun) then continues going, from there to Australia, trough the atmosphere, where it burns prof. Bobby’s skin on the beach. B] because ‘’fusion reactor” for electricity wouldn’t be built to work only for 7-9 seconds, as the hydrogen bomb – that ‘’never existent reactor’’ would have constantly produced tremendous radiation AND photons that would penetrate trough anything… C] if prof Robert builds his reactor in Australia – and you are seating on the moon, his radiation from fusion will burn you as a potato in minutes…

3] ‘’fusion not dangerous’’  Than why did they built the hydrogen bomb, Bobby?! In the hydrogen bomb they put only one ounce of hydrogen (H2) – for chain reaction for electricity, you would burn much more… Obviously not all that hydrogen fused in the bomb, BUT: after 7 seconds melted 1m thick hi-tensile steel wall and made a big kabooom! Which brings us to the real reality:

For ‘’fusion’’ is ESSENTIAL two ingredients: 1: temperature of OVER 21000C  and 2: tremendous pressure, to compress the plasma, those ‘’containment fields’’ must be compressed beyond your comprehension, for fusion to happen. Without any one of those two ingredients, fusion cannot happen! Same as: to make a cake; you need flour and fluid, to mix the flour – without either one of those = no cake! On the sun and all other stars, there is enough heat, to burn out every star in the universe, in less than 10 minutes, BUT: there is only ‘’enough pressure’’ close to the center of the sun – because of tremendous gravity of the sun – the plasma from above is producing the sufficient pressure. (in bigger stars is more of that suitable space for fusion – reason the bigger ones burn out faster)

B] to get a clear picture, here is how they created those ‘’two essential ingredients’’ to make the hydrogen bomb: they inserted a small atom bomb inside as a catalyst, one ounce of H2 and in semi-vacuum, a bit of O2&N2, encased in a 1m thick hi-tensile chamber. The small atom bomb as catalyst, produced enough heat for fusion, and: the heat made O&N to explode and produce the ‘’essential pressure’’ => before the wall melted -> some hydrogen fused, and full success. I said ‘’in semi-vacuum’’ because: otherwise the O2&N2 explode on one million degrees heat and would have smashed the wall = wouldn’t have being any ‘’pressure’’ but exploding of O&N gave pressure for 7-8 seconds enough time for some of H2 to fuse – then ‘’fusion’’ created even more heat and kaboom. So: the process for fusion is well known, nothing to research: H2+H2 => He2 (fusing 4 hydrogen atoms => to get two helium atoms, or an isotope) but: if you measure 4H atoms, they are heavier than two helium atoms. The difference in mass is converted into heat, ‘mass converted into energy is Einstein’s old formula. Nothing to research! Start building them, boys!!! But first you must find a metal for casing that can sustain great pressure – when the temp of it is over 210000C and over a million degrees, when fusion starts! Before you do that = you are not ‘’researching’’ but only looting the innocent…!!!

The only thing the Warmist ‘’researchers’’ need to research for fusion reactor is: how to find a metal or alloy; that can withstand tremendous pressure ‘’essential’’ for fusing, in temperature over 21000C, plus million degrees when ‘’fusion’’ starts, not to melt like butter!!! Otherwise: fusion is much more dangerous, prof. Bobby. B] during an electric storm over the sea – lots of hydrogen is created and released in the air – the second lightening would have fused that hydrogen and would have being every time as hundreds of hydrogen bombs exploding – BUT never happens, without ‘’the tremendous pressure’’. C]  on the front of the space shuttle, engineers were using some ceramic tiles, to protect the metal from melting in re-entry, because of friction. Those tiles were able to stay in solid state in 5000C heat. If NASA had anything better, wouldn’t have being ceramic… So: only research should be done: to invent metal that can stay solid and sustain tremendous pressure in temp of 21000C and in million degrees Any other ‘’research’’ for fusion is same scam as the phony global warming!!! Scam is: ‘’fleecing the Urban Sheep, under false pretense’’ which is already a crime, under the existing laws. Here is prof Robert’s con:

Fusion reactors aren’t vulnerable to the same kinds of terrible melt-downs seen at Fukushima and Chernobyl. And the energy density of the fusion reaction itself is extraordinary, producing a potential for very high energy returns on energy invested.  A world where an energy source of this quality is compact, economic, and widely available, is one within reach of a progression of advances and wonders.     WOW!!!

The Quest for Viable Hot Fusion

As such, viable fusion is seen as a kind of holy grail energy source. And ever since the 1950s, engineers have been pursuing technical and cost effective means to harness it.

Correction: they have being fleecing the taxpayer since then, knowing that will never work!

For part of the problem in harnessing fusion was the highly energetic nature of the energy source itself. To contain massive, hot, fusion reactions, magnetic plasma bottles were needed. Doughnut-shaped containment fields engineered to trap substances as hot as a sun*.

Q; Can those ‘’bottles’’ sustain the ‘’essential pressure, under that heat; what are those bottles made of, Bobby, tell us the secret? * And the magnetic bottles themselves were energy-hungry beasts requiring major investment in infrastructure and materials. That ‘’massive infrastructure’’ will be portable?… Will work as much as the 9 billion dollars Particle Collider in Switzerland?! In your English ‘’energy hungry’’ means: to rip-off lots of cash. For $9 billions we got 3 ‘’prerecorded’’ flashes on the monitor, 3 billion$ for each flash. Now that white elephant will become tourist attraction; how to rob people… same as; electricity from fusion, only to badmouth coal.

The reactor facilities necessary to produce such high-energy bottles were massive, involving megawatts of energy for the magnetic fields that would contain the super-hot fusion reaction and its resultant plasmas. Such tokamak fields were very expensive to erect and maintain.      

WOW ‘’Magnetic fields’’ in a thin air, to produce enough ‘’essential pressure’’ that is available only near the center of the sun… in thin air?!… what a rip-off!!! B]They will heat the plasma with electricity for chain reaction; when more than enough heat should be available from the fusion, not very clever. You started realizing that: prof Robert Scribbler is a chronic, compulsive liar; keep going. Then, he is got those ‘’bottles’’ with ‘’constant electric current’’ as pictures on his blog for you to see; I will not waste space here for expensive crap like those plasma bottles.  Like children playing on the sandpit and making mud cake, without thinking that nobody is going to eat it… those ‘’researchers / swindlers’’ are ready for jail… creating fusion in bottles…  Let me tell you this: –if you fill up a bottle with hydrogen, and compare it with a empty bottle, just air in – the empty bottle would be heavier than the one with hydrogen. So, you need to compress enough hydrogen in that bottle, until it becomes heavier than if in another bottle was filed with lead, to be ready for fusion. They are talking of: that plasma in the bottle to be heated to millions of degrees temp….? poor bottle…

In most cases, more energy was needed to keep the fusion reaction in check than could be gleaned from the reaction overall. Notice: he is talking as if they have already made one that works…?!!! But slow and steady advances continued — primarily aimed at building a large enough containment vessel to glean a useful return on the energy dumped into the tokamak fields.   Bigger mud cake…?!!!

As the massive tokamak projects entered the 21st Century, a coalition of countries including the EU, the US, Russia and China, pooled efforts to construct the 23,000 ton ITER project. At a cost of $50 billion dollars US and growing, the project aims to provide a 10 to 1 energy return on energy invested by converting 50 megawatts of containment field energy into 500 megawatts of commercial energy. Such provision of a viable fusion energy store would, indeed, be a breakthrough and likely result in spin-off reactor technology if such offerings could be reproduced at relatively low-cost.

BUT, those gadgets cannot be produced, at any cost. The cash is only for rip-off!!! Obviously with that kind of talk they con the politicians, how much electricity they will produce, gullible politicians, or one of their own; to give them billions of tax dollars…!!!

ITER plans to begin testing in 2020 and hopes to be online and producing energy by 2027.  Why not ‘’begin’’ testing now? What happens when the money is spent and nothing built to work in 2027? Who is paying for it? Who, Robert?

It is worth noting, though, that the massive size and cost of projects like ITER serve to limit the likelihood that fusion energy will become commercially viable on any time horizon sooner than 20 years even if the energy production efforts are successful (although, one can well compare the 50 billion over decades cost of ITER with the $650 billion or greater annual cost of current ongoing oil and gas exploration).

”ITER” is robing the taxpayer for billions; if 650 billion is for oil and gas. well it’s proven that works – fusion for electricity is pure scam. Below they are saying that: will not be made before 2080; when Robert and other contemporary White Collar Criminals will be over 100y old, and money squandered. Because: without a metal that can sustain tremendous pressure under that temp; fusion for electricity will not be made in 25y, not in 80y, not in 80 million years!!!Unless they can make Obama to abolish the laws of physics in both houses, by legislation, and in UN. If the same laws of physics are in 80y, as today: better lock up now those ‘’researchers for cash’’ – because many people go to jail for $1000 bucks – those green top-coated Marxist Shonks squandered big billions already and are asking for more!!!

Unexplained Experimental Results

For much of the mainstream scientific community, the large fusion plasma containment field projects like ITER serve as the only hope for a viable fusion energy source. But ever since the late 1980s, an underground science has developed around what was, at first, called cold fusion*.

This fringe field emerged onto the world stage as an off-spring of work conducted and announced by Pons and Fleischmann in 1989. The two scientists provided reports observing a positive energy fusion reaction of deuterium occurring at low temperature in the presence of a relatively low-energy electrical current and a catalyst (palladium).

It was also a continuation of previous work by Graham, Paneth, Peters, and Tandberg during the 19th and early 20th Centuries. Most notably, Tandberg stated in 1927 that he had fused hydrogen into helium in an electrolytic cell with palladium electrodes. Ironically, this work was mostly unknown to Pons and Fleischmann at the time of their announcement.

*No, that’s not putting coco powder and sugar on the mud cake, – this is much bigger: ‘’cold fusion’’ now they are trying to make the cake without flour… stand by for more, because heat is essential for fusion; no heat -> NO fusion, it only means: *other hyenas are on the taxpayer’s pocket. In that cake without flour, they are putting a ‘’catalyst / palladium’’ = putting pebbles for decoration of the mud cake. B] Tandberg ‘’fused hydrogen’’ in 1927… how come ‘’before’’ the first time when they exploded the hydrogen bomb in the 50’s they didn’t know if the theory would work?

Pons and Fleischmann’s paper rocked the scientific community — triggering an article about the researchers in Time Magazine and Congressional inquiries together with speculation that a dawn of a new energy era was at hand. Much of this speculation was fueled by the researchers, who provided extraordinary claims about the usefulness of the energy source they discovered.  Making the politicians to rob the people for them! (it’s called: the king is naked)

But the Pons and Fleischmann experiment was a sketchy subject for observational proofs. For like Tandberg, who had a patent based on his experiment rejected on the notion that ‘he could not explain the physical process,’ Pons and Fleischmann found resistance due to the fact that their observations would upend most of what was currently understood about atomic physics — chiefly that it should take a massive amount of energy to fuse atomic particles.

Nothing new today than in the 20’s; only more Warmist White Collar Criminals. If ‘’cold fusion’’ was possible- they wouldn’t had put an atom bomb as catalyst in the hydrogen bomb! Since 1927 until today, is 87 years… in 870 years from today – they will still ‘’research’’ for sponging tax$$$ if the taxpayer doesn’t open his eyes and ask for the money back. OR: them to demonstrate first that: they have a metal, or alloy that would stand solid, under constant tremendous pressure, under heat of million degrees.

Even more bedeviling, the experiment was difficult to reproduce. Sometimes, the positive heat energy reaction that Pons and Fleischmann reported was observed and sometimes it was not. This inconsistency continued to fuel doubt in the validity of this line of research. Does it remain you of: their spotting the elusive GLOBAL warming on some desolated place, but by next week is gone, before somebody honest can get there and check… Or the non-existent heat is gone scuba –diving deep in the sea – and for you is cheaper to believe them, than to go 2km deep down in the water… or: the ‘’global’’ warming is happening only on the polar caps; where only the Warmist White Collar Criminals can get… the sun lost its compass… ‘’cold fusion’’ they are making mud cake even without mud… obviously to avoid burning their fingers, BUT what about the million degrees of heat fusion creates? They don’t want that heat either?… that’s cool, the loot is only important; same as for the phony global warming…

 And so the observations hinged on convincing the gate keepers of conventional science that a loop-hole existed in atomic fusion theory. A rather high bar to cross. Wrong, only important is: to convince the suckers – to allow politicians to squander their cash, based on illusion… (The Emperor is Naked!)

Since no current accepted and peer-reviewed theory could explain the cold fusion reaction to make it viable, this lead to researchers in the field fighting off the label of ‘scientific pariah.’ Robert give it to ‘’Peers reviewing in climatology’’ no worries… they will never allow a truth, but lies, no problem, they are the experts for lies!

Nonetheless, work continued on so-called cold fusion (now often labeled low energy nuclear reactions or LENR) at a number of government and commercial laboratories around the world. Japan, Italy, France, Israel, and the US all continued to conduct validation and observation experiments related to Pons and Fleischmann’s efforts. And a variety of commercial efforts also emerged — with some producing rather extraordinary but, as yet, still disputed claims. Bingo!!! They can make good climatologist. When they are from many countries = makes it more convincing; same as the particle collider, same as ‘’climatologist settling the science’’ (all of them ARE active ”Climate from Changing Stoppers”

Last year, a team of scientists produced an observational study of a controversial generator called the E-Cat which claimed to use LENR technology to produce excess energy. The study validated the claim, but, as with most LENR work, has received broad criticism.  A second potential paper, produced by the same authors, was listed on a blog earlier this month. The draft has yet to appear in any of the major scientific libraries. (but found its place in the ‘’climatologist blogs”… shocking surprise…  Lockheed Martin’s Compact Fusion

Until recently, commercial agencies working to develop fusion as a viable energy technology have split into two camps — the large corporations which have chiefly funded experimental efforts, and the small corporations like Rossi Energy which have been promising, but failing to deliver, viable LENR generators for the past few years.

Now, as of last week, Lockheed Martin has entered the fray by making an announcement that it aims to produce a commercially viable small fusion reactor within the next ten years. As money increases – they ‘’diversify’’ What happens if: in 10y they don’t produce anything, as they didn’t for the last 60y???!!! Will the taxpayer be compensated, with modest interest for the spoils???!!!

Spear-headed by Skunk Works — the same group that produced the first stealth bomber and a number of other breakthrough technologies — the effort aims to have an experimental reactor off the ground within 5 years, military capable technology for ships, vehicles and aircraft within 10 years, and non-government/military reactors within less than 20 years. Maybe the ‘’same group’’ but not same people – same as: NASA was going to the moon, now NASA has the conmen climatologist… If the ‘’experimental reactor’’ is not ready and working in 5 -6y – the looters in the same jail cell as Mr. Bernard Madoff, only longer jail term, because they, same as the conmen in ‘’climatology’’ are looting more cash than Bernard did!!!

The Lockheed Martin reactors are planned to be compact — small enough to fit in an 18 wheeler truck bed. These compact designs would produce a relatively large amount of energy — about 100 MW. Such a design could power a moderate sized city, allow an aircraft to fly indefinitely, be used to power larger vehicles, and serve as an energy source for ocean-going vessels. Such a small design would be less costly, more useful, and more easy to rapidly test, develop, and deploy. That one is my favored; it needed to be a ‘’massive reactor’’ now they are starting with small ones… cupcakes first, the big mud-cake after school…  I was explaining above the massive radiation fusion produces, now they will drive trucks on the street with fusion reactors… 1000 stronger radiation than Chernobyl, is 4’’ feet behind your car…like in the cartoons, they can construct anything impossible… In an aircraft fusion reactor as an engine… Can you see the twisted mind, and he is ‘’educating’’ students… The tallest building on the planet is not heavy enough, to produce pressure required for fusion – they will have it in aircrafts… stand by for when they start making other things than toys for the sandpit, with fusion reactors. THE TRUTH: 100 000km deep from the surface into the sun is a million degrees temp, big, BIG pressure; but still no fusion on that level, because not enough pressure, with 100 000km under very high gravity plasma pressing from above!!! Therefore: if the ‘’researchers’’ introduce million degrees heat, under that ‘’PRESSURE’’ it still wouldn’t be enough, wouldn’t work – no fusion – no cigar…

B]Hydrogen plasma on the sun is fluid, same as water in the sea. C] on 10km deep on the bottom of the ocean is very high pressure per square inch; the sun’s gravity is much stronger than the earth’s = more pressure from above… Compare 10km from above pressure, with 100 000km – therefore: can their ‘’bottle with plasma’’ stay solid, when fusion starts happening and produces millions of degrees temp?!?!?! (plasma must stay hot, AND under tremendous pressure, fusion to keep happening!)

The  best and biggest experiment in fusion is in front of your eyes: in the center of the sun are heavier elements. As you can appreciate – the sun is much bigger target than the planets – in the past lots of meteors and comets have fallen into the sun – that’s what’s in the center of the sun – above that, in few inches space is where the hydrogen plasma fusion is happening. Because is millions of degrees temp, PLUS: the most important, it’s enough ”PRESSURE” from above, for fusion to happen. If fusion was possible to happen on ”LESS” pressure – say: to up to 100 000km deep from the surface –would have being enough space for fusion = the sun would have burned out in less than two minutes. To observe the real experiment – tomorrow look at the sun and: if it doesn’t combust in ”less” than two minutes = you have the best proof that: under ”less pressure” – fusion cannot happen even under a million degrees temperature. The billions of dollars vacuumed is only a big scam! The sun is your best ”exhibit”, if not enough; you have all the rest of the stars in the universe, as your proofs, that the Warmist are lying!

B] it’s impossible to handle, to fuse one atom of helium at the time; you know what atom is, the size of it – they intend to use it as diesel… 3 atoms of helium to be made, would produce enough heat: to melt the truck, the truck to resemble a fresh cow dung AND: million degrees temp makes the surrounding O2&N2 to explode and destroy the town! So, inject hydrogen into the cylinders -> ‘’fusion’’ happens and helium out of the exhaust… what a science… what a science, for robing the taxpayer and badmouth the coal.

‘’Aircraft to fly indefinitely’’  That’s a good one, bravo prof. Robert! (you said on another Warmist blog that: ‘’you know physics, but I must learn’’) well I would like to ‘’learn’’ few things: ‘’that million degrees heat from fusion in your aircraft, if is not converted into energy, power; will only melt your cockpit, and you would look silly flying with your ‘’peers’’ without a cockpit (today only your and your peer’s heads are in the clouds, but you are intending to permanently fly into the sky; well, people on the ground would be better off, if all of you are permanently flying high up…

So, same as in fission reactor – you will need boilers to heat the water, AND turbines to convert the heat into power AND you will need big cooling towers, for reusing the steam. Robert Scribbler’s Aircraft with big cooling towers would be more attractive than a Stealth bomber. B] like the old steam trains, you will need to replenish the water lost in the steam from the cooling towers – you would need to land on the railway station, to refill  those cooling towers on that aircraft. Or, can you put the plane to fly on autopilot and you get outside with a bucket and refill direct from the clouds; so you’ll have ‘’Aircraft to fly indefinitely’’  Or, can you Climate from Changing Stoppers make the engines to work direct on ‘’heat’’ and prove all the engineers stupid; by them ‘’cooling’’ the engines instead?! Please prof. Robert, I would like to be your student and learn. Wrrrm, wrrrmmm, Bobby… Or, Robert’s ship ‘’powered by fusion’’ will have an instant meltdown trough the bottom, from million degrees temp produced by ‘’fusion” prof. Robert will be singing Dean Martin’s song: –‘’ I got a, big hole in the  boat”

Dear visitor, on his blog, the commentators believe him all this crap; probably of fear of being excommunicated from the Warmist cult. What about his students? Obviously they don’t have other choice… prof. Robert Scribbler is cloning more deviates off himself…  all in the name of the phony global warming… How can he look at those kids in the eyes?…

C] let me tell you what fusion is:

As an example, replace the two atoms of hydrogen that you are going to ‘’fuse’’ and turn them into one atom of helium; with two eggs with rubber band around each egg, to represent the electrons OR double it, because is not technically possible to handle one atom of helium at the time – now you need temperature of OVER 21000C, to excite the electrons, so that every one of the electrons encompasses and starts to spin around the both protons / every individual rubber band to encompass the lot AND hot enough, the shells of  every individual egg, to encompass both eggs (deuterium 2H2); to turn into neutrons. Because  helium atom has 2 protons / 2 neutrons and 2 electrons / double it, to get an isotope He2. Simple, isn’t it? BUT, they resist to become from 2H atoms into one helium – so, it needed tremendous pressure, to squash 2H into one He. As I said: ‘’it’s not enough pressure for it 100 000km deep into the sun – they are ‘’researching’’ to fuse them inside a bottle levitating in thin air…?! imagine a diesel injectors – injecting one molecule at the time… they intend to make one atom of helium at the time, ”precision” If more than one – will produce enough heat, to melt the crap out of everything around and make surrounding O2&N2 and H2O in the air; in tremendous explosion from that heat. Warmist Jihadist to blow up themselves and the whole town…

The key to Lockheed Martin’s smaller design is the creative use of older containment technologies. According to reports from lead Lockheed Martin scientists, the Skunk Works team is using a technique that involves a cusp confinement method — which uses ring-shaped electromagnets to contain the fusion plasma. The electromagnets generate a field that bulges in the middle. Magnetism pushes the fusion particles together. The further away from the fusion medium the particles stray, the greater the magnetic force pushing them back in. That witchcraft doesn’t explain: how can those ‘’magnets’’ make the ‘’essential pressure’’ needed for fusion, by the ‘’plasma floating in the air???!!! ‘’Lockheed Martin’s smaller design’’ is a design for a mud-cake, without mud; even children know that, that is not possible.

In the 1970s, cusp confinement was found to be too leaky to produce a fusion reaction. Martin’s solution is to surround the cusp field with a second magnetic mirroring field — also a somewhat leaky field. However, another innovation by Lockheed Martin is to shunt escaped particles back into containment using a third field layer. a] everything is too leaky in the Warmist cult Bobby b] when the rest of the ‘’plasma’’ disperses after the first fused helium atom – they will master the rest with a ‘’mirror’’ In other words: in case of hydrogen bomb explosion; all you need is a ‘’mirror’’ for protection. Very interesting… Bobby, when ”mirror” brakes – is a bad omen / bad luck – instead, aluminum foil reflects same as mirror – you can ”compress” the plasma better in aluminum foil…?!?!

According to the, now anecdotal, reports from the initial research team, the experimental design features a viable  fusion containment field using only 1 kilowatt of power. A claim that, if it bears out, could put this new design onto the cutting edge for fusion development, but would require quite a bit more testing to reach full power loads. Cutting edge of ‘’fusion rip-off’’ AND: needs more money for research, have you heard that sentence before?

From a recent article in Cosmos:

McGuire said he and five to 10 researchers have been working for four years and have built their first experimental device. They carried out 200 test shots while commissioning it. He declined* to say what temperature, density or confinement time they had achieved but he said the plasma appeared stable and they had heated it with up to one kilowatt of power. And it will stay ‘’a mystery’’ why: If they honestly made the fusion – they wouldn’t have being writing their lies – they would have being up in the sky, with his Prophet, Karl Marx…

That said, perhaps the entry of the prestigious Lockheed Martin corporation into the fast track for attempting to provide viable fusion technologies is a sign that some of these energy sources — whether Tokamak or LENR based — are on the verge of a period of breakthrough*. They have being ‘’on the verge of a period of breakthrough’’ 

Since the 50’s and will be ‘’on the verge’’ for another million years, if the Urban Sheep keeps paying for it. ”fast tracing” means: they are desperate for big, big cash!…

Dear visitor, there is much more on his post, if you are interested; here are some links Robert suggest also, from his peers – other White Collar Warmist Criminals (WCWC)::

Compact Fusion    Is Lockheed’s Fusion Project Breaking New Ground?    Lockheed Developing Truck-Sized Nuclear Fusion Reactor   Growth Shock  Could Ultra-Cheap Energy be Just Around the Corner?   Tokamak  ITER   Cold Fusion

Here are few of the comments, from the ”experts” on his post:

Rowan  /  October 27, 2014 Helium is not abundant and if this breakthrough is true we may regret all those party balloons…

robertscribbler  /  October 27, 2014 Abundant compared to the size of the ignition mass needed. We’d use more helium in balloons than in fusion reactors. In any case, hydrogen is extraordinarily abundant.

To brief you regarding helium: only some of them confuse helium as ‘’fuel’’ for fusion, instead of a bi-product. BUT, Other Robert’s brains-trusts are ‘’experimenting’’ to fuse complex elements; helium with lithium and nickel (Robert’s link  will take you there; Italian and Swedish ‘’researchers for cash’’)

2]In the 19th century, the Alchemist actively tried to fuse complex elements; to turn iron into gold – when they realized how stupid that is – was never mentioned again… until now: when you say now: ‘’you will produce electricity from nothing” -> funds flow (because the emperor is naked) Dear visitor: they will NEVER fuse hydrogen for electricity – even though hydrogen is the only element suitable. All the other elements have complex structure! In other words: the kids prefer to crush rocks and turn them into mud cake…?  It’s much easier to fly on the chicken’s back from here to Saturn, than to ‘’fuse’’ complex elements. Yes, theoretically is possible, same as: chicken has wings – you can fly from here to Saturn; but you will encounter other problems, please don’t start packing your toothbrush, unless you believe prof Robert the Drivel and his brains-trusts. For ‘’fusing’’ complex elements as helium with lithium and nickel, in the center of our sun is not enough heat and pressure; must be done in the center of 500 times bigger stars!!! They are doing it in their laboratories…? Fusion for electricity is same con as the phony global warming -exclusively for rip-off

robdelaet /  October 28, 2014 Thanks Robert for a great blog. Fingers crossed, for sure we need breakthroughs like this before the climate will have smashed our society to smithereens. *  They are in a hurry to kill the non-existent dragon, with non-existent weapons…?!

Robert A. Vella  /  October 28, 2014 Reblogged this on The Secular Jurist and commented: MUST READ: Amazing piece on some very hopeful nuclear fusion technology developments. This could be big, and it is certainly long overdue!* Robert’s ‘’peers’’ ‘’reviewing’’ each other’s lies. Reason they excommunicate from their cult people like me, that tell the truth, reason no Glasnost allowed on Warmist blogs!

robertscribbler /  October 29, 2014 Thanks Bob! I wish more progressives would comment here. We might get a little more balance.* What kind of ‘’balance’’ prof. Robert is referring about? ‘’balance’’ is called: when is input from both sides of the fence; otherwise is brainwashing, indoctrination, not science!

Ouse M.D.   /  October 28, 2014 Hydrogen is derived from Methane CH4- so, it`s not carbon neutral. You have to split the Methane- if I`m not mistaken.*

wili/  October 28, 2014 Good point. There are other possible sources (H2O), but in this real world, they all need some kind of energy-intense processing and bring up other issues.

“The fuels — hydrogen and helium — are abundant ” In the universe, yes. On earth not chemically attached to other atoms, not so much, for hydrogen at least.** Ouse M.D. and wili I’ll help you and put you out of worries; just ask me, I’ll tell you how to produce hydrogen in your kitchen, from water from the tap, very easy – you can produce enough of it, to blow yourself up; doesn’t need much knowledge; just ask me!  Next guy is brilliant:

JoeT /  October 29, 2014 I’ve been in this field for the last 30 years.* Rather than critique the whole article, I want to make 3 points. 1- Hydrogen and helium are not the fuels that fusion reactors will use.** The easiest reaction, which only takes temperatures of 100 million degrees*** use deuterium and tritium, which of course are hydrogen isotopes****. There is a reaction which needs even a higher temperature and uses deuterium and helium-3***** This form of helium is very rare. Some advocate mining it on the moon.****** No one on earth even considers using hydrogen.****** 2- Lockheed did not achieve fusion. Not even close. If someone told you this they are misinformed.******* 3- To my great disappointment fusion will not even begin to solve the climate crisis. ********Although astonishing progress has. been made, I don’t see it impacting the electrical grid until 2080.********** By then it’ll be too late.

JoeT is a champion con, as big as our prof. Robert Scribbler, bravo Joe! * If you have being in ‘’con business’’ for 30y, tells about the rest of them!::**  yes JoeT you are giving up on fusing hydrogen and helium, and two of deuterium 2H2… now you are looking for ‘’backdoor exit’’*** The easiest reaction, which only takes temperatures of 100 million degrees.  JoeT is taking now ‘’the easiest way’’  which only needs ‘’100 million degrees’’ , to start ‘’fusion’’ how come you didn’t think of it first Robert? Only 100 million degrees AND: ****use deuterium and tritium, which of course are hydrogen isotopes… 

Let me tell you the reality: tritium can be used, IF the basic hydrogen atom of ‘’protium’’ the most common one, is used, as 3+1=4, but protium doesn’t have a ‘’neutron’’ –  On the end; deuterium is a perfect fit H2+H2=He2  **** There is a reaction which needs even a higher temperature and uses deuterium and helium-3.  You Robert should go for that one. Needs much more, over 100 million degrees heat; that wouldn’t be difficult for you – Joe is a great inspiration for you to teach your students!…  ***** This form of helium is very rare. Some advocate mining it on the moon. Robert, ‘’advocating for mining it on the moon’’ In other words means: NASA needs more billions, to promote the phony global warming –  Don’t ask, because: he came up with that crap, to ‘’prolong’’ financing for ‘’research’’ What’s wrong with our local helium, Joe? Robert, now you need to go mining on the moon for fuel, for your ‘’permanent aircraft in the sky’’ You think you can do it; or will you rely on Joe? If that helium isn’t enough on the moon for all the transport and electricity, probably will find it on Pluto? (the truth: nobody will ever live on the moon to do any mining; because nobody can survive the cold nights, which are two weeks long!!!

Therefore: talking about mining it on the moon is their ”backdoor exit” = if you politicians don’t bring helium from the moon, or from Neptune; it’s your fault that will not be any electricity produced from fusion) getting the picture dear visitor? You see, by wind turbines, they produce at least some electricity, give them credit for it; but by fusion will never happen. Well, how much of that produced electricity reaches the main greed, don’t ask me, because: MOST of that low voltage electricity produced by wind turbines produced ”when the wind is coming from appropriate direction” – is lost by the resistance in the copper cable in the ground -from that hill. depends how far is to the main power greed, if it survives enough electricity to run a transistor radio on the other end, before getting into the main-power-greed… consider it as benefit, you are paying for it!  So: the main objective for wind turbines is not to produce electricity, BUT: for taxpayer’s money laundering AND most important: stick them up on the hill; to ADVERTISE the non-existent global warming and keep the Skeptics winging about noise produced and killed birds! As if the Chameleons cared about birds… Back to fusion for electricity, Continues:

***** No one on earth even considers using hydrogen. I know, I know Joe; hydrogen fusion for electricity nobody ever used and nobody ever will, BUT: ‘’hydrogen fusion’’ is for rip-off, and perfect for scaremongering regarding the phony global warming. The WOC don’t like when hydrogen is together with carbon as fossil fuel; because that keeps the economy; they prefer massive starvation. To use wind and solar power for the tractor and harvester…  ****** 2- Lockheed did not achieve fusion. Not even close. They will all start spiting the dummy! ******* 3- To my great disappointment fusion will not even begin to solve the climate crisis.  Joe, climate is controlled by H2O, not by CO2, not by electricity! ********Although astonishing progress has. been made, I don’t see it impacting the electrical grid until 2080 Joe, astonishing rip-off has being made, fusion for electricity is ZERO progress, and will always stay that way, for many millions of years!  ********** By then it’ll be too late. Joe, last sentence of yours have being used since the Kyoto Conference, they kept saying –‘’ if is not using less fossil fuel by next Christmas, ‘’will be  too late’’  Well, the ‘’global warming jihadist’’ JoeT has being in the ‘’fusion of any element with hydrogen, for 30 years, but with carbon’’ now you heard it all from the horse’s mouth. Next:

robertscribbler /  October 29, 2014 1. Deuterium is H2, Tritium is H3.  Heavy water is very small amount on the earth; maybe only 0,002% is heavy water B] tritium is not used in fusion, it’s only encompassed in a discussion, for creating confusion (typical Warmist tactic) Heavy water is only used in some fission reactors, and for turning enriched uranium into plutonium, for atom bomb! Bobby stop confusing ‘’fission’’ with ‘’fusion’’!!!

robertscribbler /  October 29, 2014 Recent interview from Cosmos: McGuire said he and five to 10 researchers have been working for four years and have built their first experimental device. They carried out 200 test shots while commissioning it.  Did they ever created one helium atom from hydrogen? So many billions squandered for fusion – not one watt of electricity produced, and NEVER will be! People go to jail for $1000 bucks. It’s time to stop with ‘’carbon footprints’’  and start ‘’carbon fingerprinting’’ the ‘’Global Warmist White Collar Criminals’’ (GWWCC)

robertscribbler  /  October 29, 2014 In any case, you’re splitting hairs over the hydrogen and helium comments. Either it’s H2 or H3 used as reactants or it’s some form of hydrogen and helium. So my apologies for de-jargonizing the subject in order to make it more readily accessible*. For the phony global warming scaremongering, close enough is good enough; if scare works, don’t split hair – any element you put in, it wouldn’t work – so what’s the difference? you can put Tim Flannery’s testicles instead, wouldn’t make any difference.  Another information from JoeT:

JoeT  /  October 30, 2014 That kilowatt is what’s going to heat the plasma. That’s why I say that their temperatures are so minuscule that they can’t even breakthrough the radiation barrier. In my lab we put in 200 times that power and get temperatures of 30 million degrees.* Joe, you are a bloody genius! 30 million degrees* Dear visitor, they don’t have a concept of what a 30 million degrees heat is and can do; I’ll tell you what one million degrees heat is, YOU ad up another 29 million on the top of it: ‘’when nuclear bomb explodes for example – that 20kg of plutonium disperses like shotgun pellets / dust, and cannot even brake one brick; 20kg plutonium can fit in a 2 liter milk bottle –but: plutonium releases one million degrees heat -> that heat makes oxygen & nitrogen and WV to EXPLODE – they demolish the concrete buildings and the whole city, not the plutonium itself. If they had ‘’produced’’ one million degrees heat – Joe and the roof of his laboratory would have being into the stratosphere, instantly + would have killed the innocent neighborhood. If you combine Joe’s 30 million degrees and Robert’s ‘’plasma bottles’’ that wouldn’t be a fusion reactor, but instant meltdown and beautiful ‘’instantly exploding’’ hydrogen bomb. That ”bottle with plasma” would get spontaneous reaction and kaboom!!!Do the Warmist blogs, and Warmist academics remain you of the Muslim jihadist brainwashed in those Madrases that blow themselves up, just to blow up few innocent people? Only: the Warmistas prof. Robert and Joe think big, not only few innocent people, but kill the whole towns…  Prof. Robert Scribbler said that: ‘’fusion is safe’’  Joe continues:

I wanted a safe clean source of energy that could lift the world out of poverty. That’s green Marxist motto: feed the hungry, with working people’s money, because they never produce anything, AND to ‘’save the planet’’ from the phony global warming. What a lot of us didn’t realize then is how difficult the physics is.* A few years ago I started to learn about climate. It’s why I read your blog where I’ve learned a great deal from you** Yes, Robert is great educator in ‘’brains degradation’’   Back in The early part of the year I tried to write up how I thought fusion would be instrumental in dealing with the climate crisis. I started out very optimistic. By the time I was done I changed my mind. Fusion is becoming irrelevant*** Don’t give up Joe, there is still cash to be looted by playing on the sandpit, creating fusion reactors.   The article will explain my statement that fusion won’t impact the electrical grid until 2080****  Tell us the secret Joe: how do you plan to abolish the laws of physics by 2080?! Or, how you are going to invent metal  by 2080, to sustain great pressure, under your 30 million degrees temperature?!

robertscribbler /  October 30, 2014 Joe — Thanks for your work and your efforts. I can certainly understand why you may feel anguished — as still far too much money, political support, and effort are aimed at developing fossil fuels much to the detriment of the alternatives. If even a portion of the funds chasing new oil and gas were funneled to efforts like advancing alternatives like solar and fusion, then we might be able to escape some of the worst bits of the emerging climate trouble. To my mind, we still are living in an age where massive amounts of wealth and talent are aimed toward endeavors that will hurt us, and hurt us greatly, in the end.* Forget the whales and the panda… save Robert and the other Warmistas, traitors of humanity

Robert continues: Reduction of poverty…  I suppose it is possible that if the fusion systems were cheap enough, small enough, and distributable enough, then the net result would be a reduction of future poverty — which is why more compact fusion systems like unconventional fusion and the LM offering are so interesting, should they emerge* All of them are into feeding the hungry, with food produced by honest people, using fossil fuel… to produce food, needs diesel for the tractor and harvester, to distribute that food needs money for diesel, Bobby… or are you going to distribute it with your indefinitely  flying aircraft? They are for zero CO2 emission **Again, I’d like to thank you for your efforts and your focus on reducing harm and eliminating poverty. We desperately need progressive thinkers and, dare I say, Idealists, like yourself who at least attempt to forge a better future. Need more thieves, to bankrupt the democratic west...? Joe again:

JoeT /  October 31, 2014 Robert, I’m actually at a weeklong conference at the moment typing this on my iphone. Hence I have to make this brief. The question is whether fusion would ever be competitive economically. Short answer- I don’t know*. Com on Joe, after 30y in the business? *Fusion could have been much further along if the funding hadn’t been slashed over the decades. The field was devastated under Reagan when money poured into the useless Star Wars program*. It never recovered.  

Kicking the dead horse for Reagan not letting them to rob more billions, Joe and others are good for that. Instead, Reagan gave money to the military and finished the Cold War AND delayed nuclear war for many, many decades. IF he gave all US money and all the rest of the money on the planet, to the Warmist swindlers; they would never ever produce one kilowatt of electricity from ”fusion” in million years, so, what would that made any difference?!

JoeT /  October 31, 2014  One thing I learned this week is that there may be even more delays for ITER***. There was talk of a push back in the start date to 2027***  Joe continues: You are quite correct in the observation that the piece I wrote is more optimistic than the views I expressed here. I wrote that as part of a Coursera MOOC I was taking on climate policy. I wrote as an incentive for more public investment in the field**** ‘’Incentive’’ Joe, conning the ignorant and the politicians to invest in something that doesn’t exist, and never will – that is already a crime, under the existing industrial criminal law! ***** But if you look at the European roadmap for fusion, where the impact on the grid doesn’t come until 2080, it’s hard not to be pessimistic. European Warmist Swindlers are lying as much as the Americans and the OZ prof. Robert Scribbler… Money should be recovered from the swindlers, now!!!

There are lots of comments on his post to elaborate, but this post became already too long. I met prof. Robert on another Warmist blog, where I was allowed to comment for short time; here is one of Robert’s peers, writing a comment about me:

Chlamydia says:  the internet is criticized as a venue for sadists to find pleasure in nasty commentary. Logorrhea comes to mind.Well, the opposite is also true – it allows prissy numbskulls like StefantheDenier safe haven. Because if this was meatspace, I or someone else would have cuffed him severely about his head and shoulders long ago. And made him cry.   That’s another Warmist jihadist tactic…

Anyway, we had few disagreements with Robert, and I clicked on his name, to see if he is got a blog. Surprised; I was ‘’excommunicated’’ from his blog, before I know it existed. That’s how Robert volunteered to be in my book. Misleading is one thing, but: ‘’not allowed opposing opinions’’ is brainwashing, indoctrination in fanaticism. Robert made a post about me; but I’m not allowed to make a comment on it. Dear visitor, if Robert doesn’t let us make a comment = no freedom of speech, no right to replay, no Glasnost – we’ll go to different past and future blogs of his – to collect lots of good nuggets on many different subjects, for the Education Department and for the parents of his students. I feel sorry for those kids in the university that he is indoctrinating – when the truth is known on the street, what they learned, will be more than useless – they probably will take him in a Class Action, for brains degradation in the name of the ‘’phony global warming’’ which they prefer to call Climate Change – climatic changes are for real, as the moon orbiting the earth is for real BUT, the phony global warming is a lie, same as if saying that ‘’the sun is orbiting the earth’’ Confusing those two is the mother of all lies! For now, prof. Robert, you should print their graduation diplomas on a soft paper; at least can be for some good use.

Green Power… Here is some reality:: Tesla invented high voltage and transformer, so that electricity can be produced outside the city, not as Edison’s way, to be produced in every suburb. Because low voltage loses electricity in ”’resistance in the cable” Well, those wind turbines are producing low voltage electricity -> even when the wind is from favorable direction and is blowing -> most of that produced electricity is lost in the ground cable, before reaches the main power greed, in 10-15km distance. Therefore: those turbines are installed on the top of the hill, to promote the NON-EXISTENT GLOBAL WARMING, and: for fleecing the Urban Sheep and money laundering.

Prof Robert, H2O regulates the climate, not CO2 – there is no such a thing as Global Warming! If you ask the kids: why is plenty trees in Brazil and no trees in Sahara, they would have known that is no water in one of those places; but your students would have being looking to blame the CO2. Why is no trees inland Australia, even though is on same latitude as Brazil? If your students don’t know why – should ask the trees. One gum-tree knows more about the climate, than all the Warmist and most of the Skeptics on the planet combined… Ask your students: -‘’why the gum-trees grow in Blue Mountains, but not inland in the desert? Is it because around Sydney is no CO2, and too much CO2 in the desert, or, because is different H2O amounts? Guess which molecule regulates the climate. If more storm-water is saved inland, in that beautiful red soil inland, trees would have being growing out of your ears! You worry about climate, about trees and CO2? Australia is the smallest continent, surrounded by the biggest mass of water on the planet, climate can be improved easy – just do everything opposite than the Warmist traitors demand.

Needs storm-water to be saved inland, to improve the climate. Instead, the deviates made the politicians to reposes farmer’s water. Farmers irrigate when is dry and improve the humidity /climate for surrounding trees. Less irrigation -> less rain will come inland in the future. Rain-clouds don’t go where is no humidity, topsoil moisture and water storages. You lunatics are for drying Australian storm-water into the sea, as if Pacific doesn’t have enough water? Australian climate can be improved, easy, just save more storm-water on land! Robert, repeat after me: what do we want?! Climate Change! When do we want it?! NOW!!! What do we want?! Climate Change! When do we want it?! NOW!!! Tell the truth to all the students. What do we want?! Climate Change! When do we want it?! NOW!!!

I have proven ‘‘beyond any reasonable doubt” that the phony global warming is just that, PHONY: https://globalwarmingdenier.wordpress.com/2014/07/12/cooling-earth/



  1. Richard, you are correct; Mendelyeev is the only Periodic System on the planet.(H2+H2=2He)
    You should go to Robert’s post and his ”links” will show you, masses of people involved in the scam,
    Remember: you are regularly talking about wind turbines and solar panels subsidy; research for ”fusion for electricity” comes from SAME electricity bills and from taxpayers.

    Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, and is plenty of it on the earth – instead of admitting that is impossible fusion for electricity – they play with more complex elements.

    I picked on Joe, because that’s how they create a backdoor exit. Instead of admitting that money was squandered, knowing in advance that’s impossible – they fuse helium with nickel and lithium – AND: helium ”should come” from the moon… the one here is no good for them = they discovered how, but if you don’t establish mining colony on the moon – they can’t produce electricity?! How sneaky, sleazy con… Those people have no shame

    Richard, in the 80’s politics was propaganda, but science was science – an academic from the Soviet Academy of science said to me: -” just before daylight, after long night, on the moon the temp goes down, sufficient to liquefy nitrogen – reason the Russians are not much interested in the moon” They cannot carry as on Antarctic, lots of diesel – on the moon need to carry even oxygen for that fuel to burn, to keep warm – without; on that temp is instant death. You should go to those links and present it to the public – politicians would stop even giving them the already allocated money.

    Because they only ”pretend” researching – get paid and are instead on the blogosphere scaring the people.from the phony global warming; because they are only interested in the carbon tax dollars, If the public knows, they will look for real jobs. b] trying to ”fuse plasma in the bottle” if they apply sufficient pressure, can only produce spontaneous reaction = that’s is hydrogen bomb, not ”fusion reactor for electricity” Many reasons to stop them; instead of them calling it ”war on coal”

  2. dear visitor; if you came to down here – probably you have read the post and can see that I have the proofs. Anyway; was debating on the subject on another blog, and gave a link here – one of them that came here was apparently promoting in ”his book” same things as Robert Scribbler – so: that’s how was putting off others not to come here and read the truth, for him the truth is ”unpleasant side”here he is:

    Rud Istvan commented on Towards mass marketed electric vehicles.
    in response to Rud Istvan:
    Well Stefandenier, I actually went to your linked unpleasant site and read that unpleasant stuff. It did not comprehend the huge physics difference between fusion and lenr. You have obviously not read my books. And that site is a waste of time, as ignorant of fundamentals.
    I dont know whether fusion will ever produce energy. I am quite confident that neither the ITER nor NIF big government approaches will. See essay Going Nuclear. Lockheed Martin skunkworks thinks yes using high beta moduler reactors based on the strong nuclear force. Plausible, not proven. Brillouin thinks yes using LENR using the weak nuclear force (via Widom Larsen theory of heavy electron conversion to cold neutrons). Plausible, not proven. I would much rather see both invested in than another dime into supercomputer climate models that are inherently two orders of magnitude off being able to actually model climate.

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