The ‘’Holly book’’ in the university says: from 24 000 to 11 000 ago, was ‘’global’’ Ice Age. In England was 100 meters of permanent ice, and that ice was extending south to Lyon in France; and was 4km thick ice in New York’’. Somewhere in Canada are boulder rocks that have been moved by a glacier, on place that today is impossible to have a glacier. So far so good; imprints exist on those places, as legit proofs of phony *GLOBAL* ice age, cool; as *cherry picking*. What about ‘’other proofs’’ that contradict, which they *kept intentionally overlooking for 100 years*, but I have not? You be the judge, Here:

In the 80’s, in northern Siberia / deep inside the Arctic circle; people were digging lots of ivory from woolly mammoth – Japanese were paying $1200 per kilo of those ivory. People were carrying dogs, to sniff the carcasses, and were defrosting the permafrost by hot steam, not to damage the ivory, by getting them out of the ground. ***the flash of some of those woolly mammoths was still fresh, when defrosted, dogs were eating it***. Another flash they found, it was so fresh, the DNA was intact; some scientist tried to clone it, in a circus elephant as a surrogate mother (similar as Dolly the sheep) – looks like didn’t succeed. So what? you’ll say. Help me join the two paragraphs: those woolly mammoths were happily grazing and prospering *deep inside the Arctic circle* during the ‘’global’’ ice age; when New York was covered by 4km of ice, and *the day ice started defrosting in New York* they got SNAP FROZEN, the flash to be preserved for over 11,000 years, when New York city was getting summer temp of up to 92F (32C) to be still *fresh enough* for dogs to eat it. Q: is that mammoth flash lying; or is the shonky /*settled science*  on the run?? That’s the big question. (when you chuck in, their; even was warmer 6000 years ago, but bacteria didn’t disintegrate that flash – on a place: where was green grass – when was 100m permanent thick ice in London, and 4km thick ice in New York) = and that geologist’, paleontologist’s 24 carat VOO-DOO science, is; the *HOLY GRAIL* that gave them the idea about ‘’warmer/colder planet’’, precursor of today’s evil PHONY global warming…

YES, in NEW York was 4km thick ice, which can now be found only on few places on Antarctic, and SAME Antarctic’s temperature must have been in Crimea, which is on  same latitude as New York; but at that SAME time the woolly mammoths were happily grazing green grass, 6,500km north, deep inside Arctic circle. And the day ice started melting in New York, some mammoths were instantly SNAP deep frozen, and their flash was preserved until today. In Crimea wasn’t as much ice as New York, because of not enough moisture, – but on the same latitude is Tokyo. If the equator was on same place as today – Tokyo should have had 4km of ice as well, because of bigger availability of moisture for ice than New YORK, (today Tokyo gets more rain than New York) but there is no hint on 1 meter of permanent ice in Tokyo. #3: if in New York and Crimea was same temp as today on Antarctic, where close to the today’s north pole mammoths were grazing green grass, should have been at least 25C colder there than is today on Antarctic. Do you know ‘’why are no grazing animals now on northern Greenland or Antarctic”?? – Well, I piss on that science, and that profession; that established those believes of ‘glacial/inter-glacial periods. Instead of realizing that ‘’the north pole was somewhere in southeast Canada or southern Greenland for 12000 years, and then relocated to where is today, and feezed the mammoths. And in the distant past the polar caps were on many different places, and made cold imprints, on places where is warm now, and tricked the pseudo-scientist in the past.

My correct science always was: during that ‘’PHONY GLOBAL glaciation’’ the north pole was somewhere in eastern Canada, or southern Greenland; until 11000 years ago – and INSTANTLY moved to where it is now. That made such a huge animal to get *snap frozen* on minus -60C (76F) – and preserved the flash (inside your deep freezer is only -18C (-04F) – Which means: {example: when was 4km ice in New York, but simultaneously in northern Siberia was SUBTROPICS} = in the past: the polar caps (geographic north and south poles) were on many different locations, so was everything else = they made ‘warm imprints’’ where is cold now, and when discovered; was declared as *was GLOBAL warming* – other places were discovering *cold imprints* where is warm now, and was declared *it was *colder the WHOLE planet/snowball earth* = that’s how they concocted ‘’Glacial and Interglacial Periods” = the grandmother of all pseudoscience science. Q: would an honest science overlook *animal needing 150kg grass a day inside the Arctic circle, when was 100m permanent ice in London and south to Lyon – then thy got snap frozen, the day after the ‘’global glaciation’’ started melting, and became ‘’warmer planet’’ BUT become permanently so cold, that preserved living flash? I am putting you on the spotlight; what’s your explanation – what’s your answer on that question? Because ‘’that science’’ is THE foundation / the precursor for today’s evil PHONY global warming. (I asked at least 20 people on the social media: ‘’how can you prove that is not going to be a global warming in 100 years from CO2, when you are constantly spooking the public that the planet has extremely erratic overall global temperatures”? so far the answer was *deafening silence*

In reality; every time when the planet was tilting like that => it was big *climatic changes*; but ‘’the overall’’’ global temperature was ALWAYS the same as today. During that ice age, the equator was still going over Africa, but diagonally to Japan, Korea, or somewhere there, for 12,000 years. Because: when ‘’overall’’ global temp was increasing, OR decreasing in the past, for any reason; this planet has an instant Temperature Self Adjusting Mechanism (TSAM) – when warming increases, instantly the troposphere expends accordingly PLUS the vertical winds increase speed and go to higher altitude  => simultaneously cooling increases also (nuclear bomb mushroom is just a visible *vertical wind* that goes even higher than usual morning winds do, because of rising temperatures and hang-glider people are using it, to go up, and stay there for hours ) . OR when cooling happens, for ANY REASON => troposphere shrinks instantly =>preserving / saving heat increases, instantly*. We know about day/night – cooling some places, when simultaneously warming other places, OR summer and winter is same. But need to add the *tilting of the planet* also. When places change latitudes, in relation to facing the sun. Milankovich did some work on that, but unfortunately his work was twisted to fit the Pagan beliefs. Same as children’s *see-saw plank* – the higher one side of the plank goes -> the LOWER the other side goes, never both sides of the plank go up, or down, simultaneously; same as the planet’s local temp changes every 15 minutes locally, but global temperature is always the same. Because of my favored saying: the Good Lord inserted a thermometer inside every atom of oxygen &nitrogen – to command them ‘’when to shrink, or expend, and *by how much to expend* Q: are those thermometers wrong, or the swindlers in the past, without being challenged, were declaring ‘’was warmer planet and polar caps ice free / or snowball earth’’??! what do you think; can anybody con those thermometers, not to tell those atoms of O2 &N2 to expend, when warmed, or shrink when cooled = same as you get into fetus position in your bed when cold, to preserve heat; and stretch, when hot, to increase surface area and cooling; well, the troposphere can double in an instant, and release twice as much heat, until cooled, than shrinks instantly – not to lose more heat than necessary. (do you know ‘’why air expends a lot INSTANTLY around the nuclear bomb explosion – and the mushroom cloud goes instantly high up, where cooling is much more efficient”? A: because the bomb creates lots of heat, and those thermometers are ordering the atoms of O2&N2 and other gases, to expand a lot, *without any delay, and go much higher than normal vertical winds go*.

So, the planet orbits around the sun at 108,000kmh, changes location every 9 minutes. When troposphere EXPENDS more than normal, because of any reason ->more of that ‘’cold vacuum’’ penetrates into the troposphere and O2 + N2 and any other gas in the troposphere release the heat into that cold vacuum, because heat cannot radiate for more than one micron. Please don’t correct me that ‘’the vacuum is not cold’’ – for me whatever is not warm, is COLD: when cosmonaut gets outside the space shuttle to fix something in the shadow, if he didn’t get constantly warmth via umbilical cord, would have been stiff frozen in 20 minutes, even though is lots of air in his uniform as insulator =>that’s how the cold vacuum in the upper, THINNER troposphere, is collecting the heat, and heat stays there, but *the planet, troposphere moves away*

2] actually, inside the Arctic circle on an island, Russians are mining beautiful coal, coal made from gigantic Fern-trees, that can only prosper in the tropics and subtropics; because when the fern trees were growing, subtropics was there, the planet wasn’t warmer than today. Would YOU believe that ‘’the planet was so hot, that was subtropical climate on the northern polar cap? Of course not; it was subtropics there, but the northern geographic pole was somewhere far, far away from there. But for the past 100 years, if a ‘’researcher’’ was coming from the field after few months and was saying, he found nothing unusual… would have being ‘’no more funds and grants’’ = money talks, not science… only wrapped in paper, made by science… b] if the equator was where is now, and inside the arctic circle was hot enough for fern trees to grow, in the tropics and subtropics would have been 20C above water boiling point, at least for few days in a year.  #2: New York covered in permanent ice, is *on similar latitude* as Madrid, Rome, Constantinople and Tokyo, south of Russia. If not 4km of ice as in New York, would have been imprints of 400m, or 40m or at least 4m permanent ice – if it wasn’t enough moisture ice to be created – would have being permafrost that far south. From that latitude to the arctic circle, where the mammoths were, is as far as from Europe to USA, and the wooly mammoths were grazing happily deep inside today’s Arctic permafrost. May have taken few years for the permanent ice in New York to melt; but the mammoth must have been frozen in hours, otherwise would have rotted then.  And stayed permanently deep frozen for 11,000 years, until today = (Walt Disney, Hollywood science)… Because the north geographic pole was somewhere in eastern Canada, or southern Greenland. (maybe you can help me, if you can make point more precise spot for the northern geographic pole, at that time). Bottom line: when some old rotting flash is 1000 times more reliable in telling the truth about the past; than a whole profession => that should give you a clear picture of THAT profession and their *settled science on the run*.

They find coldblooded bones of dinosaurs in Alaska; which means that ‘’at sometime in the past was tropical or subtropical climate there and the equator wasn’t where is now. Because if the equator was on same place as it is now, and Alaska was warm enough for a coldblooded Dino to survive in winter, in the tropics would have been temperature above water boiling point. 2] they declared even that 6,000 years ago the planet was *warmer* – because in Sahara trees and grass were growing… isn’t it warm enough NOW in Sahara for grass to grow? But, but, it was warmer, because was higher evaporation in the sea. No, no, evaporation is higher on land also, when is warmer; that’s not a proof. But somebody concocted it and when is gone in the books, it’s ‘’settled science’’. In reality, Sahara became Savannah after Gibraltar opened, and the Gulf-stream was bringing lot of warm surface water – evaporation increased; but the mongrels knew how to produce fire artificially, and scorched the land, drained the lakes and rivers – clouds avoid dry lands, and Sahara now produces lots of DRY HEAT that kills every day whatever is WV produced in the east Atlantic and in Mediterranean. In other words: human CAN change the climate, for better OR for worse, but human cannot produce global warmings / coolings. If they chop the trees and drain the lakes and overflows in Amazonia, would turn into a desert – that makes hotter days but colder nights – if you monitor every minute individually, will see that ‘’those two factors cancel each other – OR if they turn the Congo river water from the tablelands, north into Sahara, that will improve the climate for vegetation to grow. That would make days cooler, but nights warmer = overall doesn’t affect the global temperature, unless one is a FlatEarther. Congo river produces 10 times more water than Nile and is wasted into the sea – when Sahara Desert is getting closer and closer to Congo rainforest; because lake Chad as a buffer zone for the rainforest is almost dry. Instead, Congo river can make in Sahara few big, big lakes, AND IMPROVE THE CLIMATE.

Not one of those 30,000 “climate experts” knows: ‘’what is the most appropriate amounts *ppm 0f water vapor in the air, for BEST CLIMATE in the tropics, or subtropics, and what are they doing about it*?? but they keep bragging about the ‘’ppm of CO2’’ – they should be put on the spot about it, because that’s the swindler’s Achilles Hill; how many PPM of H2O is the best for a good climate? If they don’t know; what kind of climate expert is one, not to know the most essential, for a good climate? Is it boring? Truth and reality are boring – reason people prefer to tell lies, lies are interesting and entertaining; and for the ‘’pretend researchers’’ lies bring cash, recognition and power. If 6000 years ago was warmer planet; that mammoth’s flesh would have decayed in few week – instead it was preserved, because it was PERMANENTLY three times COLDER than in your deep freezer! The mammoth’s flash doesn’t need cash and power, to need to lie.

The Genesis of the shonky science was: when Darwin told them that ‘’St Peter is not regulating the weather / climate’’ – geologist not able to get themselves job in mining- created themselves jobs of replacing the gods. If they were coming from the field and said that ‘’nothing important discovered’’ – that was the end; BUT: If they were making important and drastic / shocking discoveries => they were getting more funds and grants, plus front pages in the newspapers, plus good and powerful position in university = more money and prestige = great incentives for making up things. That’s how they created themselves the new profession, Holocene, Eocene, Crapocene/Paleozoic, Cenozoic, Mesozoic, Precambrian = the new *Pagan Religion*= Grandmother of all self-destructive gospels. Nobody knows ‘’what was correct global temperature last year, to save his/her life – but they PRETEND to know the correct temperature for the WHOLE planet, for 20 and 50 million years ago, by ‘’extrapolating’’ from a bucket of dirt… (you wouldn’t buy a used car from that kinds of characters; don’t sell western democracy and prosperity, relying on their knowledge) For them that mammoth flash didn’t mean anything; but measuring many different *GLOBAL* temperatures in a chunk of Vostok ice, was big part of their Pagan gospel…? How young a child needs to be, to believe that kind of ”settled science”? Milankovich gave some good suggestions *about the tilting of the planet* –  but were misinterpreted to suit them -> ALL the rest they produced, is one big pot of witchcraft. In the past 4 billion years lots of thing happened; but isn’t that ‘’the earth is got high fever, hot / cold/ hot /cold, and she needs Panadol and Aspirin’’; instead there are logical explanations for everything.

The banks of Colorado canyon are as a history book about the distant past, about many things is possible to learn, by studying the alluvial sediments – especially what’s upstream in the Rocky mountains (even if is any gold in them hills) but definitely cannot tell the temperature for distant past; not even for 10 feet away from the canyon – but the ‘’pretend researchers’’ in the past 100 years extrapolated from those alluvial soils; the correct daily temperatures for Antarctic, Russia, Chile, Australia, and all the waters in-between… miracle, or *grandmother of all con jobs*. No, they don’t use a thermometer into the soil; simply they judge by: if is deposit of fine sand => is interpreted as *snowball earth* – if is gravel size pebbles or bigger alluvial rocks => was interpreted as *very warm planet and was ice free polar caps* – and was gone in the books, as “settled science”. The floods were carrying big rocks; when was lots of snow on the Rocky Mountains, then in spring rain melted the ice and in two days, water from the melted ice plus from the rainwater carried the biggest rocks. The rest of the year could have been drought, but for them was ‘’much warmer the WHOLE planet’’. 2] from where the winds came to the Rockies, was underwater volcano, and that extra evaporation was extra raw material for extra snow AND rain. C] when is less vegetation, erosion increases, nothing to with any global temperature. But truckload of different GLOBAL warmings /coolings were concocted from the ‘’pretend research’’ on the Colorado riverbanks. And that is all in the books now, as *settled science*…

ANOTHER *SETTLED SCIENCE*: in a cave the ‘’pretend researcher’’ vandalizes the best stalagmite; cuts it and analyses the rings of calcium: thicker ring for him represents wetter year, that supposed to be proof of ‘’much WARMER the WHOLE planet’’ 2] It’s thicker ring, because a herbivore animal drops something above, in the poo from the grass has ”extra calcium’‘ – another time a snail died above – from snail’s shell the calcium leached down and made bigger ring on that stalagmite; but that was declared instead as:’’7200 years ago was warmer by 2C, the WHOLE planet’’! One dead snail or three (they like to congregate together under a rock or log) shells from 3-4 snails increased the temp on the whole planet, from Africa to Antarctic… reason: because somebody didn’t get into that cave and braked *the pretend researcher’s* arm, for vandalizing the beautiful stalagmites. BECAUSE: if that stalagmite was able to tell the temp above on the surface –wouldn’t be 30, ALL different shapes and sizes stalagmites in 10m radius in the caveWas it 30 different climates and GLOBAL temperatures simultaneously in the 10 meters radius above the cave, so every stalagmite below in the cave is different size; YOU tell me, because based on that ‘’extrapolation’’ they concocted few more global warmings / coolings. And most important, remember that: that mammoth was grazing happily all his life, same as his parents and grandparents, deep inside today’s Arctic circle, but: few minutes after the ice In NEW York *started defrosting* – the poor mammoth got snap frozen, and stayed deep frozen, until the 1984 AD. And based on those established Pagan beliefs, the Warmist concocted their PHONY global ice age /’’glacials / interglacial crap’’, and by using that, are destroying western economy and democracy, by unconditional, fanatical religious assistance from the ‘’climate skeptics’’.

Movements of the tectonic plates, creates the slowest ‘’climatic changes’’ – rearranging the sea-currents, are part of those changes, BUT: tilting the planet suddenly, is instant dramatic changes. #2: When on the subject, to insert this: stop the ‘’Warm Wars’’ – because: if after 11000 years the planet suddenly decides to tilt to the position was before, All of Russia would be warm, pleasant and productive, but Canada and most of US would not be a place to live; and they can all move to WARM Siberia, (and south pole would have been around New Zealand) OR: if geographic north pole decides to shift to somewhere in central Russia, those people should be welcome to move in subtropical Canada. Do you think that anybody would listen to that? (maybe before 11000 years ago, for dozen thousand years; south pole WAS somewhere southwest of New Zealand, and the thick ice SUNK the continent of Zealandia? maybe that made the poles instantly to move to where they are now) this paragraph is; just to make you alert and think – if you can help me a bit; what’s YOUR input? … BUT: the rest of the post, is the most serious science.

So: how often the geographic poles shift, I don’t know; but whatever is doing it, it rearranges most climates on the planet – cold places become warm / warm places become cold; but the OVERALL global temp is always the same. 2] local climates had drastic changes, is for keeping the genes for adaptation and diversification alive ((you use it or lose it – probably dinosaurs had it same for too long, and lost the genes for adaptation, for when the thing hit the fan)) similar as summer and winter the planet TILTS = it tilts and stays tilted for many thousands of years, until tilts again back to where she was, or to a new position. That’s how the ‘’pretend researchers’’ found hot imprints where is cold now, and cold imprints where is hot now – but the *see-saw plank, rule* is always; when gets warmer than normal one place, ALWAYS is getting colder some other place (for a week was very cold in northern US last few days -> Coolist instantly increased the noise, that ‘’cooling is coming’’. Disregarding that ‘’at that SAME time in Sidney and Adelaide was record heat)). Because sea surface is 2/3 of the planet; usually when is colder or hotter than normal in some country – the opposite is somewhere above the sea. Boys, this planet is a big place, not a chicken egg, the whole planet to get warmer or colder, like a boiled egg. More rain is definitely NOT indication of warmer planet in the past. We know that is flood on one place of the planet but drought another place. Oxygen & nitrogen by shrinking and expending on change of temperature are ACCURATELY regulating the *overall* global temp to be always the same, even though localized temperatures change every 15 minutes. Stop pushing victory into the Warmist hands; fundamentalism and bigotry never brings victory. Scaring the public that the planet has erratic global temperature, only makes the public to support the Warmist, because they have been told every day on TV that; only the Warmist can save the planet. If it was possible to measure the temperature precisely on the WHOLE planet, from the ground to 11km altitude, without margin of error, would have shown same OVERALL temperature for every day of every year and every millennium. Tilting the planet every 12,000 years or at different intervals, rearranges all the climates on the planet; to keep the genes for adaptation and diversification alive, BUT: human cannot prevent that natural phenomenon, same as cannot prevent summer and winter or day and night. Global warmings and coolings are concocted crap, based on ignorance. Opponents of the Warmist; this is the ONLY WAY to win, THE TRUTH. It wasn’t any *glacial / inter-glacial periods* – but same as when is summer in your place – is not summer on the whole planet, or winter simultaneously on the whole planet = planet tilts every 6 months; in the phony *glacial / inter-glacial* the planet tilts in relation to the sun. How often, and by how much? Honest scientist one day may discover. Because the mess those phony ‘’researchers’’ made, was a genuine *FlatEarth science* B] as long as one avoids reality; reality will avoid him.  *CHILDREN’S SEE-SAW PLANK rule* always applies.

About two months ago, on Australian ABC TV, Dr. Michael Mann was asked the question: ‘’why he bothered to study the tree rings’’? his answer was: ‘’to prove and let the public know, that the planet CAN get warmer and colder’’.  So that was *as his foreplay*, for ramming the PHONY global warming. #2: Dr. Mann was just doing by ‘’pretend’’ studying tree rings; exactly what his predecessor, Prof. Hubert Lamb was doing in the 60’s and 70s, for his *ice age by year 2000, because of CO2 and other fossil fuel burning pollutants in the air:  

Prof Hubert Lamb concocted the LIA, because he was preparing the public for ‘’ICE AGE BY YEAR 2000, because of the CO2 dimming effect’’- (then after was stretched to 300 years, by Plimer and his followers). B] honest people refer to that period as the Renaissance. It was the biggest prosperity in Europe. Lamb used a picture of people scatting on river Thames, because was frozen for a week, because of freak weather. Was that a proof: 4 years ago river Danube was frozen for two weeks, because of similar freak weather; and damaged lots of ships in Serbia and Romania, because were not built for ice in the river. Danube is 1000 miles closer to the equator   than Thames, and 10 times larger river; AND million color photos were made; but was not declared by Plimer as ‘’midi ice age for 600 years, because during the SAME those two weeks, in Australia was record heat and 170 people died in big bushfires. Boys, this planet is a big, big place, and temp fluctuates on many places, but *overall* global temperature is always the same, the honest laws of physics are saying. Don’t ever forget the *CHILDREN’S SEE-SAW PLANK rule*. If not; if I am not the pope of Rome, you are!! Anytime I state something, Warmist already know about it; reason they put misleading posts on Wikipedia, to muddy the water. (example: all prof. Lam’s papers ‘’how he was concocting the lies’’ are in the hands of Met-Office)

LIA, or Renaissance, which is correct: it was the biggest prosperity in Europe, printing press and education was introduced. 2] established colonies to rip off, and lots of wealth was in Europe; nobody told those people then, about the phony LIA.!!) 3) was introduced from America potatoes, corn, pumpkin, capsicums (not to mention the humble tobacco, pssst)

P.s. and Hubert’s assistants found another two ‘’proxy evidences’’: 1] it was written in black and white: ‘’one spring somewhere in China; the orchards in bloom were damaged by cold winds coming from Siberia’’. 2] they found written in papers that: emigrants coming to America were suffering from cold. All legitimate proofs, that made it a ‘’settled science’’… (Well, they were suffering from cold, because they didn’t have roof over their heads, and dry clots.)

I have some different ‘’proxy data’’: during LIA, aboriginal people in Australia were walking naked; now they all have clots on and use blankets, even here in the tropics; imagine at that time even in Victoria and Tasmania were naked. Therefore my ‘’proxy data’’ says that: during LIA in Australia was *GLOBAL warming* in England was *GLOBAL ice age* = that’s settled data…? 2] Hubert concocted Medieval Global Warming, for same reason. Because some folks forgot that: at that time people were scared to sail for more than 10 miles west of Portugal, not to fall off the planet – because at that time the planet was flat for everybody, not only for the ‘’climate skeptics’. Who was monitoring for Hubert the daily temperature on south and north America, Australia, Antarctic, and above all the waters in-between? A: Merlin was literate, maybe he had a telescopic thermometer; if not, he was able to travel as airborne by his dragon, and collect the daily temperature and kept recording it on a treated goat’s skin, because was long before paper existed? Not allowed to talk about that *settled science*? Unfortunately, they are the Coolist biggest guns….

Actually, now the Coolist put all their eggs in this basket:


Let’s get to the bottom of the truth, scientifically: the ultra-shortwaves UV &IR that are coming *COLD* from the sun, by vibrating the molecules here on the ground and in the water, are producing the heat, HERE. They are created close to the center of the sun, in the fusion process – travel in about 10 minutes via the plasma in the sun to the surface, and another 8 minutes to come to here. So: the UV that burns your skin on the beach has been created 18 minutes before it hits your skin. #2: on the other hand, the real heat on the surface of the sun, about 5,500C, has been created ‘’maybe’’ 30,000 or 50,000 years ago; yes, close to the center of the sun, by the fusion process, and *by conduction* has creeped up to the surface by taking tens of thousands of years, conduction of real heat is very slow (from the center of the earth, geothermal heat reaches to your wine-cellar, in hundred years – but heat from the center of the sun has much greater distance to travel, PLUS: there are lots of metallic elements in the earth’s crust that are good heat conductors, but hydrogen plasma on the sun is lousy heat conductor)

So, what you see on the surface of the sun as hot plasma or sunspots, or sun-flares, is same as: when you cook goulash and the surface changes blotches and splashes, because of the heat received on the bottom before. BUT on the sun; is what heat WAS received deep down hundreds of thousands of years ago. The temperature on the surface is about 5500C, INCLUDING *in the sunspots*; not much hotter than molten lava here from a volcano. Occasionally sun-flares bring million degrees of heat to the surface, but that heat never reaches even to the orbit of Mercury (nothing important, to write home about it). Bottom line is: the heat that is on the surface of the sun has NOTHING to do with the heat on the earth. BECAUSE: kinetic energy / heat doesn’t travel through vacuum by convection OR conduction, and *radiation* of heat goes to very short distances. 2] UV &IR are creating the heat here, by vibrating the molecules and atoms on the surface and in the water. Similar as the radio waves from 1000 miles distance radio studio come to your radio and *vibrate* the membranes on your speakers, to produce music. UV &IR travel much greater distances, they are much shorter but much faster, vibrating and produce heat. So: the heat on the surface of the sun is same as if somebody was making a bar-be-que in front of the radio station, that 500C heat from the grill will not affect you 1000 miles away, not one bit / zilch/ ZERO EFFECT. Same as the things you see on the surface of the sun – UV+IR are invisible for your eyes, but can do lots of damage, if you look directly at the sun.

Bottom line: Warmist concocted that crap; that the sunspot influences the temperature here; so that: when the PHONY global warming is not showing up; Warmist to say that: ‘’the Coolist’ sunspots disappeared, that ‘’cooled the earth’’ = *cancelled the PHONY global warming*, otherwise would have been warming. They are clever and need to have things under their sleeves / as *backdoor exit* – because after billions of $$$ squandered, and no warming; the taxpayer can get very, VERY nasty. And they knew that *their little helpers / mules* the ‘’climate skeptics’’ especially the ‘’new COOLIST desperadoes’’ will keep spreading the bull in the public, that sunspots can create global warmings and ice ages; public to be aware of the newly created mythology about the evil sunspots. Inca people and Egyptians were worshiping the Sun-gods; but the Fakes to expect 5,500C temperature sunspots, that heat to travel via billion miles of cold VACUUM, and affect the earth, they’ll need much more than three virgins to sacrifice, need to sacrifice western democracy, for the stupid sunspots… And is gone in the folklore of the “phony opponents” – they waste their life on the sunspots SUPERSTITIONS / horoscope. They even have *charts* of ‘number of sunspots fluctuations for the last 6000 years’’ would you believe that? And those sunspots always *coincide* with every phony global warming/cooling in the mythology. (millions of people were getting blinded, to read sunspots for the last 6000 years, for the contemporary Desperadoes. So; as I always say: ‘’if you worry about those sunspots, for protection eat lots of garlic, and for 100% safety, carry your rabbit’s foot always with you – if you don’t have one – order it immediately. Until it arrives, stay indoors, the safest place from the wicket sunspots, is under the bed, STAY THERE!!!