posted on 14 February 2012

From the Resistance / Stefan


© For the last 2-3 N/H winters was experienced extreme coldness. For everything that happens, there is always real reason. Reasons this time are created by human and can be prevented. Unfortunately, the climatologist are back to front on everything – needs extensive explanations; I will insert what was exactly the last big Ice Age.

A nuclear ice crusher Russian ship is taking tourist to North Poll every second week. Because the whole mass of ice moves clockwise = after 2 weeks, they can’t use same corridor. Therefore they slice another… and another… Those slices float south and melt = much less ice left. Plus, when sliced, ruff water brakes much, much more. But that is good for the Warmist. They know that: ice is white – reflects the sunlight – minus white ice, hopefully a small GLOBAL warming; to get them out of trouble…?!

What they don’t know is: water has mirror affect reflection also. 2] for 6 months in a year, there is no sunlight to reflect. 3] white ice is full of air, makes the ice perfect insulator. 4] minus ice; during winter, the water absorbs much more coldness. 5] with that extra absorbed coldness + the normal winter coldness in the air; with double strength radiates south and intercepts the moisture = drops double amount of snow in Europe / USA = no moisture left for replenishing the ice on Arctic Ocean. 6] that ice seats on salty seawater with strong currents and constantly melts from below – needs replenishing every winter.

That was giving the big surprises to the shonky experts for the last 3 northern winters. The morons were expecting warmer, because of less ice – instead everything is opposite than their theology /predictions. It means: the chain reaction was already triggered by those ice crusher ships; to take the shonky climatologist / bias media and other spectators further north. Less ice means colder northern winter. Because is colder there – the air shrink extra – to avoid vacuum – from the southern hemisphere lots of air goes north = on the southern hemisphere simultaneously record hot days. The laws of physics were same 15000y ago as last year

In my book I have extensive work how and why the Big Ice Age started, how and why it finished. Because is not many books; plus distribution is lousy; I have to insert some explanations here; so you people can get the clear picture: real reasons for everything that happens in nature, always controlled by the laws of physics. Planet’s atmosphere had same warmth units as today – distribution was different; wasn’t colder planet.

Before the Big Ice Age, Gibraltar Straight didn’t exist. Mediterranean sea didn’t have physical contact with Atlantic. When I say Mediterranean, Aegean, Adriatic, Black sea. The water in those ‘’inland Lakes’’ was fresh enough to drink. Sahara Savannahs had high rainfall to keep Mediterranean full. Then the precursor of all evil was invented, artificial fire for cooking / warming in cold nights. Before that, human was mostly vegetarian + eating crustacean… Fire, roasting /adopting meat to vegetarian stomach made population explosion. As vegetarians, in winter month human was culled by nature. Meat on animals become as food in the fridge – available regularly. The mongrels around the Mediterranean system had brains to make fires, but not to control it. On rainy days was not easy to start fire by rubbing two sticks, but if you make bushfire, logs are smouldering for a week = ready fire for in the morning + all night for warming up. 1] They didn’t strip the vegetation in Sahara with axes, but by burning. Sahara without vegetation stopped getting the rain = Mediterranean, Ionian, Aegean, Adriatic dry. Simultaneously Caspian, Aral sea, Black and Dead sea become dry – because they are all same weather system. (We are talking about the last big Ice Age 24000-12000 )

2] those waters were supplying before moisture for the river Rheine + for the Russian river’s catchments areas that are draining into the Arctic. Freshwater was spreading on the top of the heavier salty water and was protecting the ice from the salty water. Less that freshwater = ice increased melting on Arctic Ocean. (please note: river Rheine was draining in same place as today, but because the English Chanel didn’t exist – the freshwater from Rheine was spreading in Arctic via North Sea) = was for better protection for the ice.

3] because of the planet spinning eastward, the newly developed dry heat in Sahara was going over the north Atlantic and was destroying the humidity that was suppose to be for renewal of Arctic’s ice, every winter. Less raw material for ice = less ice = was helping the salty water to melt the ice completely in the Arctic ocean. Without ice, Arctic’s water was exposed without insulation/shield in winter. Arctic Ocean started absorbing much more coldness. That coldness was radiating south – intercepting whatever moisture was created in Atlantic and was depositing it as ice in northern Europe and USA. = was no moist air left to go to Arctic Ocean (similar affect as the last 3 winters). 4] From Mexican gulf was no Gulf Stream to the Mediterranean and Baltic sea, that was making high evaporation into the gulf waters = very moist air was going north – was getting intercepted by extra coldness from Arctic = 1km thick ice in northern USA. B] Whatever water was left into Mediterranean, Black sea,  Caspian, Aegean, Adriatic – was freeze-dried and packed north, to create 100m tick ice in northern Europe; on the expense of Arctic, no ice.

WATER IN ARCTIC OCEAN WITHOUT ICE AS SHIELD / INSULATION,   WAS  EXPOSED TO MINUS -70C to – 80C  OF WINTER COLDNESS That extra cold-water was going south as on a conveyor belt. What I mean by that is: if the water didn’t have to go south to the Mexican gulf; would have being as stationary conveyor belt. The Arctic water would have absorbed as much as possible coldness, because of no ice as insulator, and stops absorbing. As on stationary conveyor belt you can put 5 tons of dirt, max. But when conveyor belt is moving – you can shift 10000 times more dirt = coldness /by the currents. Currents now are much stronger from Arctic to Mexican gulf; because of the Gulf Stream. At that time wasn’t a gulf stream; because Gibraltar and English Chanel didn’t exist = now is worse scenario getting prepared by the shonky climatologist and bias media.

About 15 000y ago, in the pick of the Ice Age; Mediterranean, Ionian, sea of Marmara, Aegean, Adriatic, Black sea, Caspian, Aral sea were all puddles of water, as is now Dead Sea. All their water was into the oceans. (when the climatologists state that: during the Ice Age, the sealevel was much lower – they don’t take in calculation how much that water was rising the oceans’ level; so they lie how much Antarctic’s ice ‘’if’’ melt will rise the sealevel. Even though those inland seas were empty and they today contain much more water than Antarctic’s ice) 2] because extra coldwater from the Arctic Ocean as on conveyer belt was going south into North Atlantic and North Pacific for millennias (from 26 000BC to 16 000BC – the water in the oceans expended. Seawater expands when gets colder, not warmer. All the water in every sea and ocean combined; about 20% is above 5⁰C, about 80% is at 4⁰C and below. If you fill up a bottle of seawater at 4⁰C, then put it in the freezer. After cooling by couple of degrees, the bottle will explode. Because when seawater gets colder = expands; when gets warmer = water level goes down. Yes, some was locked into the ice, but because of combination of seawater expending when get colder + plus 90% of the water from abovementioned inland seas was in the ocean = water from Atlantic started overflowing into the Mediterranean lake, between Spain and Morocco. Not one of the shonky theoretician has taken the most important factors in consideration. Prof. Plimer got his references from 1000 of them.

From about 15 000years ago, as creek, then river of saltwater started from Atlantic into the Mediterranean swamp. A] because of high evaporation in the Mediterranean. B] because as Atlantic was losing water to Mediterranean = ocean level was getting gradually lower = it took few millennias to level the water in Atlantic and Mediterranean, and created Gibraltar Straight. 2] as Mediterranean /Adriatic was getting filled up = they started producing snow for the Alps = Rheine River started draining lots of water and flooding / turning Holland into a lake, for a short time. Was building lots of freshwater there, because Baltic / North Sea are shallow = the ice was to the bottom. That made the water to build up in Holland and with the help of water from river Seine – all that water went west and dug the English Chanel. (Before the ice age, all that freshwater was going north into the Arctic – spreading on the top of the salty seawater and was protecting the ice from melting. (Now that benefit is gone forever = now is much more sensitive for the ice in Arctic)

5] For dozen millennias during the Ice Age, the air above Parallel of Cancer to North Poll was much colder = shrunk – it was laws of physics. To avoid creation of vacuum on the northern hemisphere – lots of air from the southern hemisphere was gone north = was less air on the southern hemisphere. Similar as during the last 3 years in December /January, only then was on much larger scale. Wasn’t only 6 weeks in the year, but 50 weeks in the year. With less air as insulator – southern hemisphere had colder nights and much, much, much  hotter days = that destroyed vegetation in Australia and Brazil. In Brazil vegetation recuperated after the ice age, in Australia has being going from bad to worse = gradually dryer and dryer…

Southern hemisphere was hotter; wasn’t a carbon copy temperature as in the northern hemisphere, during the Big Ice Age. The laws of physics don’t permit that!  2] Human can change the climate – human made the Big Ice Age by uncontrollable fires in Sahara; produced the big ice age by rubbing two sticks. Now we have the nuclear ice crusher ships and the organized Crime /Antarctic Division of CSIRO Swindlers+bias media. 3] We calling ourselves Europeans destroyed the Australian vegetation 12 000 – 24 000y ago, indirectly. By making Sahara, Arabian peninsula desert. 4] the water level in the oceans was higher during the Ice Age, not lower. 5]  Water reflection of sunlight is same as from white snow. 6] that is /was 6 months of darkness, very, very cold darkness on the Polar Caps. When is no sunlight to reflect, but lots of coldness to absorb without ice as shield / insulation 7] seawater expends when gets colder, not warmer. 8] the adding of extra water in the oceans; for not having water in the Mediterranean, not considered. Why?!

Because those 6 different inland seas from Gibraltar to Caspian didn’t have water; where was all that water gone? If they did take into account the real factors = they wouldn’t be demolishing the Arctic ice now, by Ice Crusher sips; in hope to produce global warming, without white ice for reflecting the sunlight; wrong! Same vandalizing of the ice around Antarctic! Sea-currents constantly bring warmwater to the polar caps; ice as perfect insulator is protecting it from the tremendous coldness in the air. No ice=water gets extra coldness!

Nevertheless, now carbon copy of the last big Ice Age is not possible, because Gibraltar Straight, Bosforous, English Chanel are open for business. But because are open for business, different /midi Ice Age is starting now. Which means: because of the Gulf Stream; Arctic Ocean will absorb much more coldness, and will distribute it south much quicker . During the last one, it wasn’t much currents going from Arctic, the water there had limited capacity to collect extra coldness without ice for shield. Now extra currents as on conveyer belt are taking that extra coldness and is more efficiently distributing it south = to make space for more coldness Arctic’s water to collect. Plus at that time was no idiots in CSIRO /ABC and other Swindlers demolishing the ice in Antarctic ocean. Now, the New Ice Age will be colder from Lion in France to the North Poll. Colder from Melbourne to Antarctic. But between Lion and Melbourne will be much hotter and more extreme = the worse scenario. Between the parallels of Capricorn and Cancer will get hotter days than ever, to counteract with minimum air left as shield. Sealevel will gradually rise, because water will be colder – colder seawater expends, not warmer + colder water = less rain = less water on the land and in the air…

Different ice ages happened in the past, for different reasons /on different places; but same laws of physics. ‘’Milankovich’ wobbling of the planet’’ = north poll moves to land / southern poll moves into ocean – water can absorb and distribute more coldness than land. 2] movement of tectonic plates, which poll is on land or on water; or both polls end up on water. Those factors change climate / create different ice ages. But the whole planet’s atmosphere, always has same warmth units! That’s what the ‘’laws of physics’’ say. In the last 2-3 northern winters – north of Cancer was colder – from southern hemisphere lots of air was gone north, to avoid vacuum = Victoria, Adelaide, WA simultaneously was much hotter. Please note: Europe / USA can get colder by 8⁰C = Oceania will get warmer by 0,8⁰C, because Oceania is much larger area.

This contemporary disturbance of tectonic plates on the bottom of the oceans /La Nina will not last; to counteract the cooling of the ocean’s waters on the polar caps with less ice. Demolishing the ice in the polar waters will have chain reaction affect. Plus more dry heat produced inland Australia – to destroy the humidity made in the Indian ocean during summer, for replenishing the ice in winter around Antarctic, will come back with revenge. Whatever I am saying, all can be proven now, easy  in honest computer model.

If you follow and trust /respect the laws of physics – it’s as traveling in time; as if you were there then. Unless you believe that different laws of physics controlled then; as our shonky climatologists think. Wrong! Theoretically northern and southern hemisphere can get warmer or colder simultaneously, but only for few minutes. You see, they are damaging the ice in the Arctic and around Antarctic. Less or no ice, water absorbs extra coldness and currents are taking that water to lower latitudes. Colder water – cools the air. Are you fallowing me? Colder water from around Antarctic comes towards Australia = Great Australian Byte gets colder water = colder air. (Hopefully will not reach to the Barrier Reefs) Unfortunately, hope doesn’t stop the tides. Another tide takes colder water towards southern part of Africa /Argentina. Same situation with extra colder water from the Arctic goes south. Obviously all that cools the air = colder atmosphere…? No!

In split second as soon as the air get colder – air shrink = volume of the atmosphere smaller. That’s what the laws of physics say. I will never argue against those laws, would you? As I said in my book: those laws of physics are my Lord’s 10 Commandments. You can brake the 10 Commandments in your bible, but not the laws of physics. They have being issued to do a job. The air shrink; same as when you are camping in a cold night – gets cold = you get in fetus position – to minimize body surface. Planet’s atmosphere when gets colder does the same, only is much more efficient than you. You can minimize body surface by 2-5% max. Planet’s atmosphere if it get much colder, can shrink by half. Or if it gets hotter – can double in size. Atmosphere is surrounded with empty space with temperature of minus -90⁰C. (That’s much colder than where you are camping). Because the more the air gets colder = the more it shrinks = the less coldness intercepts… if you believe that the air was shrinking during the ice ages, because of extra coldness = was releasing less heat = ice age is not possible to be colder on the WHOLE  planet’s atmosphere; or warmer.

Or, when part of the atmosphere gets warmer = expends = intercepts extra coldness and is dropping it somewhere else, to make colder,  as balance. I.e. one place gets warmer = another simultaneously must get colder. Or, if the whole atmosphere get warmer, instantly expands – intercepts extra appropriate coldness to equalize in about 3,5 seconds – falls down and equalizes in a jiffy – atmosphere back to normal volume. Hypothetical: after collecting appropriate coldness to equalize, if the atmosphere didn’t shrink to previous volume for one whole day; would have intercepted and redirected enough extra coldness to freeze all the tropical rivers. Fortunately, the shonky climatologist and extreme lefty politicians didn’t succeed to abolish the laws of physics. It proves that: in the past, ice ages were on part of the planet – the other part was always warmer. It proves that: GLOBAL warming is not possible. Or ice age on the whole planet, is impossible!

Step 2: the same warmth units the planet’s atmosphere had yesterday – will have tomorrow also. Today, for 24 hours the sunlight will produce tremendous amount of heat on our planet; but all will be wasted. They talk that from one day’s energy from the sun, we can have electricity for 1000years and more, all that heat will be lost today, same day. You will not have enough left from that heat, to boil one chicken egg. Same goes with all the heat the sun drops for the whole year – all gone. Extra heat in the planet’s atmosphere is not accumulative. The Big Ice Age didn’t lasted for one day, but 12000 years = proof that the southern hemisphere was hotter, not colder, to prevent vacuum in the atmosphere! Therefore: human cannot produce GLOBAL warming or GLOBAL cooling. Because the capacity and power of oxygen and nitrogen expending and shrinking into that empty /cold space; is beyond the imagination of the shonky climatologist.

Human can change the climate, for better and for worse. Maybe the good Lord wanted human to produce the Big Ice Age – water in the Atlantic to expand and cut into the Mediterranean sea. Now Aral sea is getting dry, needs something to be done again. Aral sea can take as much water as is trapped in Antarctic ice. It’s not going to be done by the Warmist, they are for money for nothing. Human can improve the climate; definitely not by carbon rip-of. Prof Ian Plimer is not a Climate Change Denier. He proofs himself that climate has changed many times on every place on the planet. But because of his education, he cannot, or doesn’t want to comprehend that: 1] H20 changes climate = human can change the climate, but cannot produce global warming. 2] Their global warmings in the past were localized warmings /coolings, not the whole planet’s atmosphere. 3] warming of the whole planet’s atmosphere is not on, Ian. As soon as you realize that, they should apologize for calling you a climate change Denier. Because you never denied that climate doesn’t change. Only when you understand that human can change the climate – can produce localized warming, but not global warming – that can pull the carpet from under the Swindler’s feet. Alarmist are playing with words, because they have nothing better to show. They cannot have one solid proof; because is no global warming – that’s why the Warmist turned into practical Climate Changers; by denying water to the land and sufficient water to the atmosphere!!! Extra water in the atmosphere can only happen with extra water on the land, to evaporate. Opposite than Brown’s & Tim Flannery’s  demand.

Demolishing the ice on waters on the polar caps with ice crusher ships; ice is brittle – ruff water demolishes the rest; just to bring shonky researchers, bias media. That will make northern Europe much colder winters – southern much hotter summer. Similar affect in the 2 Americas. Biggest crime of the new millennia.


Now human has Nuclear Powered Ice Crusher Ships, thousands of Warmist Swindlers, the politically bias  media and billions of taxpayer’s dollars. Human can change the climate for better also. If is done everything opposite than what the Snake Oil Merchants  demand for preventing their Phony Global Warming. Human can produce ”localized warmings and extreme coolings; but cannot produce GLOBAL warming, or GLOBAL cooling. If one doesn’t believe that human can change the climate = must be blind; or Fake Skeptic. I.e. chop the trees in Amazon basin -> will turn into another Sahara, or: save extra storm-water in Africa, where possible, in new dams + in countries east of the Persian Gulf -> Sahara will started improving climate.

Fact 1: white ice is full of static air = perfect insulator for the water, during the polar winters

Fact 2: ice must be replenished on the water every winter on the polar caps, less raw material = less ice

Fact 3: surface of the water has mirror affect for sunlight reflection, similar as white ice.

Fact 4: for 6 months every year, there is no sunlight to reflect, but need insulator to protect the water from the unlimited coldness in Arctic Ocean, and in the waters around Antarctic ocean.

Fact 5: waters in the Arctic absorbs much more coldness in winter, without ice as insulator.

Fact 6: salty ocean water melts the ice from below, if no enough raw material to get regularly replenished…

Fact 7: coldness from the air + the extra coldness accumulated in the water without ice as shield / insulator, radiates south – intercepts the moisture in Europe and USA = no moisture / raw material left for replenishing the ice on Arctic Ocean = chain reaction = accumulative negative affect has already started.

Fact 8: tremendous amount of warmwater in the Mediterranean system comes from Mexican Gulf by the currents; because of very high evaporation, but not many tributaries to replenish the water deficit.

Fact 9: when Gibraltar Straight didn’t exist to let water in, from the Atlantic = all those inland seas lost their water in less than a 1000 years. Because, smarty pants human in Sahara /Arabian peninsula was making fires

Fact 10: not having water in the inland system, dry swamps as they became, were producing dry heat instead of extra humidity to help north Atlantic; by not producing extra row material for renewing the Arctic’s ice.

Fact 11: because the oceans have more water that is below 4⁰C, than above, when the seawater gets colder – the water level goes up. Climatologist are not just wrong on everything, but back to front also.

Fact 12: because was no water in the Mediterranean system from Aral to Gibraltar = that water was in the ice and in the oceans. Combination of those two factors made the oceans to rise a lot and overflow into the Mediterranean, where Gibraltar is now.

Fact 13: when air get colder for any reason, it shrinks.Power of preventing vacuum, pulls air from other places; those other places with less air = the sun penetrates more + less air to expend higher and intercept extra coldness  = much hotter days, even though is official Big Ice Age somewhere else.

Fact 14: not taking all those factors and much more; made the shonky experts to believe that whole planet’s temperature goes up and down as a yo-yo. Unless they take on board what is in my book, from now will be regarded as premeditated catastrophic  damages.

Yes, the earth is on the brink of ecologic collapse, but not because of carbon and methane. If the shonky climatologist can understand why is 1km thick ice on Greenland, but on the same latitude in Norway / Finland is grass, trees and potatoes growing; on same latitude in Russia is permafrost – will be able to understand how and why the big Ice Age was created, why it has finished.  Greenland + Norway + permafrost in Russia are same angle to the sun, same distance / influence from north poll and other stars’, same CO2 level, but completely different climate.  Under your shonky science – should be same climate. Permafrost is desert in a cold country. Why is not same climate in Uluru, Simpson desert as in Amazon jungle, Burma? Same latitude, same angle to the sun, same CO2 level, but completely different climate. H2O, boys, not CO2! There is more CO2 in Amazon jungle than in the desert. In Amazon jungle, the winds bring same amount of CO2 as in Simpson desert + the fungi rotting the vegetation release lots of CO2 in the jungle; is it better climate in the desert with less CO2 / H20?  If they were interested in climate; forget about CO2! Start saving extra stormwater in new dams = more humidity / less dry heat = more ice on the polar caps. Unnecessary demolishing of the ice on Arctic and around Antarctic is the second biggest crime in progress.     


3 Responses to WARMER = MORE ICE

  1. Kenneth Simmons says:

    Stefan, you provide some interesting and thought provoking information. So it seems the whole temperature scheme is based on equalization. It reminds me of cool air rushing into equalize the temperature of the air heated by lightning, which is thunder. You mentioned the lack of Arctic ice causing colder Winters in the US an Europe the past few years. However, the Arctic ice is increasing (I know you mentioned other factors triggering temperature change ) or will the extent still stay below what you consider a large volume and will the cold continue, decrease or intensify in the future in the US and Europe Winters?

    • Kenneth, yes, you can call it ”equalization” or ”self adjusting mechanism”
      2] first, it’s difficult to believe them when they say: ice increasing or decreasing. BUT: if you know for sure that is ” ice increasing” -> should be less harsh winter. b] if you know on any individual year – ”on which part of Arctic ocean is more water exposed” + plus; if you know from there to where the winds blow south -> you can accurately predict where will be bad winter (previous year was on the Balkans, last year i think in parts of US).

      3]where is water exposed -> more coldness is created – that ”colder” air is ”heavier” -> gets puled by the earth’s centrifugal force and goes south, they prefer to call it ”vortex”

      4] important to remember that: ” those are not GLOBAL events / the globe is a big place”
      Simultaneously, ALWAYS when is extra cold in US or Europe – another place on the planet is ”warmer” than normal = therefore: both cams are wrong. If you have time, read those two posts, to see how the ”self adjusting” always works and WHY: https://globalwarmingdenier.wordpress.com/climate/


      And when you have more time, to learn the TRUTH, from misleading propaganda, here:


  2. Kenneth Simmons says:

    Thank you Stefan for the links and information. I bookmarked your site as a continual reference and educational climate guide. I enjoy reading learning from your findings and examples.

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