Posted on January 7

 NASA has separate department for the WARMIST SWINDLERS

Regularly is shown pictures of the polar caps, accompanied with mentioning NASA; when is too obvious that they are not satellite pictures, CANNOT BE SATELLITE PICTURES; because IF any pictures are made from satellites ‘’which are ALL of them orbiting ‘’above the tropics’’ making picture diagonally from above Cairo 400km, of Arctic, OR above Rockhampton of Antarctic… picture would look very different on the blind-spot, because of the curvature of the planet; in other words, impossible. Because of utilizing the earth’s centrifugal force, to fight / resist the gravity force, every satellite must be above ‘’between the parallel of Cancer and Capricorn’’B] most satellites are between 350-500km altitude; I know that Russians have couple of satellites on 600km altitude, for direct communication as far as possible in north Siberia; probably Americans have one or two on that altitude; BUT to be able to see further north, would needed the satellite to be parked even higher, WHICH IS IMPOSIBLE – because the centrifugal force becomes more powerful than the Gravity force, and the satellite would be slanged into deep space, by the earth’s centrifugal force. Like all of us, the satellites must obey the honest laws of physics, Obama can manipulate state’s laws, but cannot abolish the honest laws of physics.


1] in that belt between 320-700km altitude, *above the tropics* in that belt are all the satellites and all the other junk; from a satellite to a speck of paint, or an empty beer bottle, or a dry dog turd; everything orbits at same speed and all in same direction (we’ll see why). All the launching places for satellites are located as close as possible to ‘’that belt’’ – Yankees in Florida, Russians in Kazakhstan, French go all the way to French Guyana, to launch their satellites. Don’t you thing that they wouldn’t like to launch it from somewhere in France and watch the spectacle? BUT to need less rocket fuel, they go as far as to Guyana, in the tropics. Because takes lots of fuel, to get the satellite up to 400km altitude; including satellite needs to carry even oxygen, for the fuel to burn, because is no oxygen on the way to there. B] if there was a satellite orbiting from pole to pole, would have needed a truckload of fuel AND oxygen for combustion, every day; to fight the earth’s gravity and the *C-force*, which on the poles is not opposing the G force but is on 90 degrees to it.


When the satellite is parked in desirable orbit, engines dead – and is orbiting around the planet; defying the gravity force, by utilising the earth’s centrifugal force; which is in 170 degrees opposing the G force, instead of 180 degrees (those 10 degrees difference makes the satellite to orbit around the planet in 80 minutes; in that diameter orbiting, that’s bloody fast )– because the radius of orbit is much bigger than where supersonic jets are traveling at 10km altitude = means that the satellite without the motor running so to speak, travels 50 times faster than a full speed of a supersonic jet / faster than the bulet. Earth’s centrifugal force works, same as the centrifugal force is created by the washing machine – when spinning, to get the water out of your washing. Or the beekeepers buy special machine that produces centrifugal force, so they can get the honey out of the honeycomb. Or another example: when you speed up by your car; the tire’s centrifugal force slings the mud away, that was in the groves of the tire. Therefore: satellite is orbiting, by using the earth’s centrifugal force, to defy gravity, but satellite itself doesn’t produce any centrifugal force; same as the washing, or honeycomb don’t produce any C force; even though they are spinning; same as the satellite doesn’t produce any C force, but is utilizing the earth’s *C force*, to oppose the earth’s Gforce, and to spin around the planet like crazy. The earth is producing Cforce, but the moon doesn’t; because the moon is the earth’s natural satellite; doesn’t orbit around itself, to produce Cforce, but orbits around the earth, by using earth’s Cforce. Same as when you take a child by the hands and turn around yourself fast – the kid’s body lifts up, because of the Cforce you are creating – as soon as you stop spinning, instantly the kid drops on his feet.

Same goes IF a satellite goes from pole to pole, would have to fight the Gforce AND the Cforce, which over there is to 90 degrees in relation to the Gforce, not opposing it. b] when you spin around yourself, try to spin a doll not real kid, to above your head and down to your feet, IMPOSSIBLE. Which means; no satellite goes from pole to pole. Same as the moon never rises from north and sets south, for the same reason, the moon is ALWAYS above the tropics, for the same reason. Forgot to say: if the Cforce was opposing the Gforce at 180 degrees, satellites would have been as stationary, and you can see it after 24h, after the earth makes a whole spin; but because that’s what Cforce is 170 degrees; all the junk travels in same direction and same speed. Same as when you tide up a bolt to a string, and keep spinning it around -if the string snapped, the bolt would have flayed away in 170 degrees from; but as long as the string is holding, string represents the Gforce, the bolt would spin, by using the Cforce, you create by spinning it, same as the satellite is using the earth’s Cforce. Q: what happened if day/night on earth suddenly become 10h long, instead of 24h? A: all those satellites and all the other crap orbiting up there in the higher orbit, would have gone off the planet’s orbit, same as mud goes off the car tire, when you start speeding (would have been fun watching that) Q: what about if day / night suddenly becomes 100h long? A: the Cforce would have weakened, and G force would have pulled down all that human made junk that is now orbiting above the tropics.

So, over the polar caps, satellite would have to fight constantly the FULL POWER of the gravity force, because centrifugal force is not opposing it, to cancel / neutralize it, AND simultaneously plus to fight the Cforce, which over the polar caps is not strong at all, but whatever it is, it would be pulling the satellites towards the ‘’above equator’’ = it would need a big truckload of solid rocket fuel every day, and another truckload of oxygen for combustion, because up there is no oxygen, to burn. AND that ‘’imaginary / phantom NASA satellite that is orbiting from pole to pole every 80 minutes, would have been knocking the real satellites that are orbiting above the tropics; same as when you go on the circus show, by air gun knocking those little plate ducks.  There are no traffic lights or ‘’GIVE WAY’’ signs up there. Actually, when that imaginary satellite was crossing above the equator, the centrifugal force would have hit him same as when a drunk crossing the road, was hit by a bus, traveling 50 times faster than the speed of sound. B] Q:  what happens when you stop spinning that bolt on the string? A: you stop producing Cforce, and gravity force pulls the bolt to the ground instantly = that’s what would happen to a satellite when going over the poles, because the Cforce is not there. 2] if you still don’t believe me that is no Cforce on the polar caps -> tide a brick to 1m long string, and start spinning around yourself -> the brick will lift and stay at your belly button level, until you stop, then will drop; BUT try it again, by second brick tide up to a 1m string and tide it to your neck and somebody to hold it 1m above your head, until you speed up spinning around itself, then to release it, that brick would imitate the satellite over Arctic -/- better tide up two bricks, because satellite is heavy – and ‘release it’’ from 10 feet above your head… to be more realistic. Even better, to be more realistic, instead of two bricks, use an anvil, because satellite is heavier than the blacksmith’s anvil, that’s more realistic experiment – when you speed up spinning around yourself and create the centrifugal force – somebody to release the anvil tided to a string from 15 feet above your head; do it in the name of science and for the good of humanity, to prove me wrong…  Q: who is delivering a truckload of rocket fuel + oxygen every single day to that phantom satellite? Because if the driver of that truck get on strike, ALL those NASA’s satellites that are orbiting from pole to pole, would have splashed down on Antarctic or Arctic, as a real fresh bull’s shit.

On 400km above the poles the earth’s gravity force is very powerful. How powerful? I don’t know exactly, but I know that ‘’the moon’s gravity makes mess of the seawater here on the earth, from that great distance; and the earth has 9 times stronger gravity, and 400km above the poles is very, very strong’’. That’s how much the swindlers in NASA know about physics, when lying about the satellites orbiting from pole to pole and are LYING that are monitoring the thickness of the ice on the polar caps. NASA, please explain, and give us the names of the drivers of those trucks that are delivering on time every day, 7 days a week, the rocket fuel to those satellites orbiting above the polls? (please remember: the swindlers using the name NASA are not the honest technicians that make the nuts and bolts for the satellites; but swindlers given permission by Obama, to use NASA’s name, for credibility)

B] because rocket that carries the satellite doesn’t have wings for maneuvering / no friction up there – would had to be tilted to point away from the earth some degree – imagine: over the tropics would have lifted a bit, because is some strength of Cforce on 180km, but when going above the poles – would have hit the ground, or close = similar as when you are riding on that horse on the Merry go Around; and simultaneously that phantom satellite has to monitor the distance between the satellite and surface of the ice, or the sea-surface, to see if is 2cm more or less water or ice… WOW! Lots of people believe in the NASA’s fairy-tale capabilities, to monitor sea-level and temp on the planet… tragic…

(somebody just told me with “confidence”, on Facebook that: ‘’they have a satellite at 180km altitude, orbiting above the pole’’ – without thinking that: when is above the pole is no Cforce but to go from one pole to another, must cross above tropics where I ”C force” and that satellite would have been going up and down as the biggest drunk. Because Obama incorporated Pentagon in the propaganda, not only NASA; must be some military reconnaissance aircraft, made some photos from 15km altitude above the Arctic, to be sold as satellite pictures. Reality is that: satellites burn lots of fuel to get up, and then switch engines off, get read of the rocket. To orbit on 180km altitude, where G force is much stronger than C force, wouldn’t be able to orbit even above the tropics; after all, if engines running all the time, needs lots of fuel every day, and oxygen to burn, because is no oxygen there, but people from both camps would believe anything, as long as the name “NASA” is included. Reality is that, NASA must obey the honest laws of physics, same as anybody else- unless Obama abolishes the laws of physics first) Above the polar caps is lots and lots of gravity, but no Cforce to pull it up – NASA, Newton must be turning upside down his grave, I wish he can piss from heaven, on your commuter models, and Disney kind of deceiving *ANIMATIONS* …

Let me tell you something about the REAL satellites when getting launched: 350-500km is not far, car can travel that distance in 3h – so one would say: ‘’what’s the rush, why the rocket needs building tremendous speed? A: if the rocket was traveling slowly – by 200km altitude Cforce exist, and would have made it to start orbiting around the earth, BUT on that altitude the Cforce is not powerful enough to fight the Gravity force, and in couple of days would have fallen down. So, the rocket must build momentum / INERCIA, to fight the Cforce for another 150km, to penetrate higher into that belt, and park on 350km altitude, where Cforce and Gforce are even, and the satellite becomes weightless.  Because if one of the opposing forces is stronger than the other, eventually the stronger wins, and the satellite would have fallen prematurely.


Picture will get clear, just give a chance; if I jump from subject to subject, is because need to connect the dots. 1] biggest confusion and misleading: satellites go in every direction, even in opposite direction / reverse, and all different speeds = WRONG! All satellites go in same direction, at least at 8km a second, faster than the bullet, that only travels at 5km a second. Q: why they look as is they travel at different speeds? A: I gave it a name ‘’the velodrome effect’’ – you know when athletes are running – the one in ‘’inside line’’ appears that he runs faster, than the others in the outside lines. #2: satellites at 350km altitude orbit the earth in 80 minutes – 400km altitude because of larger radius, takes 120 minutes to orbit the earth – at 500km altitude takes 12h – at 600km altitude are the ones that ‘’look as stationery, fixed into the sky; because for them it takes 24h to orbit around the planet, AND because the planet spins around itself in 24h, it appears that those satellites are nailed to the sky and are not moving – at 700km altitude a satellite need 36h  to make one orbit around the earth, and because the planet does it in 24h, that satellite appears that travels in the opposite direction, but is not. They all travel at same speed and in same direction, even lost nuts and bolts and other junk they left in space. If a satellite goes to 1000km altitude, the centrifugal force becomes stronger than the Gforce, and C force slings / flings the satellite into deep space.

B] stories that are lots of satellites on 36000km altitude, are concocted to deceive that; from that distance can see both polar caps… – yes, they made it more convincing, but is still a lie: the sun is much further away, but cannot aluminate both polar caps simultaneously, even though ‘’the sun is much larger’’ than the lenses on the satellite camera. At 36000km altitude the centrifugal force is very strong, and is only used, to sling a satellite, same as sportsman use the Cforce to ‘’sling’’ in hammer throwing, or disk throwing.  (please note: the numbers 400km altitude, 600km, or the others, is a round numbers, to get the clear picture – otherwise if is couple of meters more or less, even countries and companies keep that knowledge as an asset, away from the others)
Old saying ‘’it’s much easier for somebody to muddy the water, than for other to make it clean again’’ – but give me that chance, to make it clean and crystal clear:
2] when the rocket is fired -> astronauts experience 4-5 Gforces, and can’t get off the seat, every one of them is up to half a ton heavy; because of fast acceleration. To build enough speed, to punch deep up into that belt, Cforce not to sweep them away, before they reach desirable altitude into that imaginary belt. Same as if you want to go to the middle of the fast-flowing river -> you build speed running and jump in, river current not to sweep you down when you are still close to the bank in the shallow. See, you knew that already, same as NASA and the Russians. Reason by radars they monitor all the debris and satellites that are already there – so that when they launch a new one – especially if in very high orbit, or out to go to another heavenly body, not to hit some junk, because satellites don’t have brakes. But a bolt or nut flying there the speed of a bullet can still punch trough that expensive satellite. By the time reaches the desired destination; the earth has already spined a bit and they are in relation to the planet horizontally. Than the Cforce takes charge of the lot – they manoeuvre the satellite in desirable position and the rocket detaches, especially from satellite without people. Satellite becomes as driftwood floating in fast running river, faster than the bullet; follows every other object in front and is followed by the ones behind = same as the horses and chairs on the Merry-go-round – never bump into each other. B] the Cforce up there is so strong, is cancelling the 20-ton gravity to the International Space Station. Satellites don’t use any fuel – although keep some fuel to lift it in higher altitude by few meters, when loses altitude. Fuel is not used anymore for tilting and re-positioning the satellite, after somebody invented that simple invention: ‘’the flywheel force/ trick’’ can do that job; simple but brilliant invention. (let me correct: rifle bullet goes 5km a second Vs the satellites 8km a second = they travel faster than the bullet) if junk and satellites were orbiting in every direction and at different sped; would they put multi-billions of $$ station there, to dodge the bullets from every direction?! = It’s very *ORGANISED CHAOS* there.

 Let’s go to the real satellites that do exist, and are traveling above the tropics: for a satellite the polar caps are almost blind spot, because of the curvature of the planet, and they have to orbit strictly above the tropics. From satellite gadget to see the thickness of the ice on north pole is same as from 400km above London, to measure the depth of Pacific west of Canada. Or from north of Brisbane, to monitor temp and depth of the ice on Antarctic. (Obama obviously employed some Flat-Earthers in NASA – to supply evidences to the FlatEarthers on the net- for them is easy to sell voo-doo science, just put the name NASA in front…) = because of the curvature of the planet, the sun has problem illuminating both pols simultaneously, and the sun is much bigger than the zoom lenses on the camera in the satellite; AND is much further away than a satellite – and you know from geometry that: the further away -> the more you can encompass to see. That’s the reason they are lying about satellites orbiting from pol to pol, and crossing the equator every 80 minutes. Constantly reporting about heatwaves on Arctic, and showing computer made pictures, as if they are taken from the satellite… don’t be surprised when they release a colour picture of Santa’s toy factory, and Santa in G string in front, Rudolf parked at the back of the factory on the north pol, to support their ‘’evidences of Arctic overheating and ice is melting. Q: can you measure DIAGONALY the depth of the Mediterranean Sea, from 400km above Florida? It’s same to measure the thickness of the ice on the polar caps, from great distances, DIAGONALY, traveling faster than a bullet. Or even the sea-level on the equator. Hanson or Roy spencer don’t unroll a measuring tape from the satellite down to the sea-level, or to the surface of the ice on the polar caps – only way to get an estimate, would be: to shoot a laser beam, and by the time reflects back to the satellite, divide the time by two and that would be the distance. Can a gadget be capable to monitor the speed of the light that travels in one centimetre less, to suggest that the sea has risen by a centimetre. B] will the laser bean bounce right back to the satellite, water is never smooth; AND if is to measure diagonally… will the beam bounce back to the satellite, from Antarctic or Greenland DIAGONALY BACK to a satellite, which is above the tropics; those swindlers have lots of free time – should try it with a billiard ball, will it bounce straight back, from a diagonal surface…mmm. GPS can tell you, by using coordination of three satellites, if you are few meters to the left or right, but not if the street is elevated couple of meters more than next street. And here is why:

Gforce pulls towards the canter of the earth Vs Cforce pulls in the opposite direction; in that belt the satellites and other junk is weightless. For something weightless is easy the gravity from the moon, or the sun, or Venus, maybe Mars and Jupiter when closer to pull the satellite to left/right and up, couple of meters, depends where the heavenly body is positioned, OR not positioned, when they go on the other side, pull is lost. Experiment with those rubber madrasas in the swimming pool, floating on the water are weightless and small touch moves them away, comparing if you put it on the grass in the yard, doesn’t move easily. For example, the satellite by orbiting every 80 minutes, the moon is above it for few seconds, but because the moon moves constantly, is not above it on same place above same spot, on above the tropics => satellites orbit as drunks, a meter or two up or down, reason cannot tell the correct distance from the ice or water surface, to tell if is 2cm less or more water in the sea, or ice on Greenland. Now we are going even into more difficult task:

Same about ‘’taking the temperature of the whole planet’’: they tell that ‘’satellite is taking the temperature in columns’’ – in other words: lenses in a form of a honeycomb, that can see different areas separately… wait a minute; to be proper ‘’columns, the camera lenses must be as large as the surface of the area on the ground is monitoring, or their columns are like ice-cream cones…and the ‘’ice-cream cones for the polar caps that satellite has problem to see, have to start from ABOVE THE TROPICS, because that’s where the gadget lenses are = monitoring for Arctic…? Narrower on the top, where should be wider… nothing fits…  A] because the satellite orbits like drunk -> those honeycomb holes OVERLAP what they see on the ground, when the thing goes 5 feet higher, then lower, as we said; because of gravity influences from the other heavenly bodies, that just happens to be in the neighbourhood. On the ground overlaps by 20-100km; which means: is not monitoring same squares by individual opening. B] as we said; the polar caps are a bit totally blind spots. C] the infrared camera is reliable; if pointed to an object by same temperature; but having SAME temperature on 10,000km2, not possible even theoretically. See, the IR gadget can tell correctly; if you have elevated temp by a degree – just by pointing at your forehead; BUT: if encompasses your forehead and the heat that is not 37C -> the gadget is confused, because are two different temperatures. Because: they taught the gadget how to recognise and tell the correct temp, by pointing it first on object that the temperature was measured by a normal thermometer, and then calibrated the infrared gadget. Which means: cannot teach the gadget to recognise thousands of variations of temperatures simultaneously, unless has been replicated, to teach it first; but never is same variations on every 10m2 in that column; not to mention that they would need to get on every 100m2 in North Korea, and create every possible variation of fluctuation on every 100m2. When you add up that needs to monitor three dimensional… because temperature is cooler on the ground, when is cloudy, but upper atmosphere is warmer; that thing supposes TO QUANTEFY all the variations in heat distribution, because winds change direction / temperatures change every 15-20 minutes on individual places. Small example: we were monitoring the temperature here in the tropics of the soil in a sugarcane farm, was 29C, and the ploughed farm next to it, of that red soil, it was 78C, can fry an egg on it, only 10m apart, by 39C difference in temperature. Similar situations are all over the place – swamp, or exposed rocks next to it – forest has different temp throughout the day – at night temperatures on those surfaces cools at different speed and amount, much more confusions; needs instantly to quantify all those different variations, when traveling faster than the bullet, from 400km up… impossible. And to quantify not just by how many degrees is warmer on ploughed soil, but the areas in question ‘’how much more heat contain? But when they show you picture of half of the planet, in 3 colors = three variations in temp on the whole planet…? Q: how can that computer memorise the temp for that individual column, when overlaps constantly…?? so: if ‘’margin of error’’ for one column is +/- 2C, and there are 50 columns for the whole planet = accumulates to +/- 100C margin of error in ONE ORBIT – you multiply by ‘’how many 80 minutes are in ONE YEAR, how many times orbits = margin of error would have been, how many thousands of degrees MARGIN OF ERROR warmer / colder on the end of the year? Reason thy don’t monitor, but plagiarize the unreliable land data – and then add up more heat on Arctic, to earn their loot money.

They even tell the warming in ‘’top of the atmosphere TOA fluctuation’’… IF they did, they would have known that: the ‘’cold vacuum’’ penetrates 99% in that space and the temp is always same bloody cold; 5 times colder than in your deep freezer; saying that is warmer in the stratosphere, is = same as saying ‘’that is DRYER on the bottom of the sea’’ -Because ALL the heat created on this planet is neutralized / cancelled by the cold vacuum that penetrates into the troposphere, on first 12km altitude – 97% of all the heat neutralized on the first 3-9km altitude. Because heat doesn’t RADIATE out in space – but coldness comes into the troposphere, to neutralise it. They don’t even know that is approximately on every 130m altitude colder by 1C; so, they ‘’think’’ and lie that ‘’heat radiates out into space’’ to blame CO2 as interfering; if they were genuinely monitoring – they would have known. (my favored saying: ‘’Mohamed doesn’t go to the mountain, but mountain comes to Mohamed’’) 99% of the heat is neutralized on the first 9km altitude; or, better say: 95% on the first 6km.

It’s same as if a doctor was taking the temp, by one thermometer; for all the warm-blooded animals on the planet, from 400km altitude, because are even more variations in temperature in 24h, than are animals, including human. When that imaginary monitoring gadget cannot recognize the difference in temperatures of the sugarcane farm and 10m away, the ploughed soil, the difference of 49C. But at different times of the day / night, the difference is much less, and difference between those two varies throughout the day / night, AND inside that SAME column million variations, nothing can quantify the overall temp and to compare the overall difference; which changes every 15-20 minutes, individually. The gadget that find itself for few seconds below the moon every 81 minutes -> and those honeycomb openings start overlapping of the next column… Most probably I have overlooked some hurdles that the gadget would have to face, maybe other I don’t even know; but one thing I know: they may as well have put an empty shoe box in the satellite, instead of a gadget; result would have been the same; what they are doing is a ‘’pretend monitoring / sandpit job’’ = creating fodder for the bullshine addicts. Satellite orbiting faster that a bullet – would need to scan the atmosphere, same as brains scanning, IN SLICES, to up to 10km altitude, because is different amounts of heat distributed in every 10m altitude, and on every 2km2, because winds constantly change directions in the atmosphere – have you seen on TV how they can scan human brains, in slices, tremendous technology – BUT to scan that ‘’column’ ’ for every 10m thickness – when the satellite travels faster than a bullet…   (under their lies that heat goes up into the void, would need to scan for every 10m troposphere AND stratosphere).

So, the infrared camera would be able to take the temperature of the ground, BUT not the temp 5 feet OFF the ground, as land thermometers are distributed; – because even though for half of the Smarties on the net, believe that the earth is still flat as glass, many people cannot buy that anymore… them hills are not made like boxes, indents are everywhere different, scanning the temperature on every 10m altitude, for every column hmmmm…. The difference in temperature between the lake and the rocky escarpment, and that mountain changes every 15-20 minutes; are NASA ‘’land voo-doo science’’ and Kristi, and Roy Spencer, INDEPENDANTLY; calculating  on every orbit of the satellite the proportion in difference of temperature changes that are ALWAYS different – need to collect that difference and to compare it with the next orbit, for every 10m altitude, then compare it against the temp of 80 minutes ago, then compare it with yesterday’s temperatures variations, and then all those compare it with the third of January temperature; because cannot compare one unknown with other unknowns -/- then compare for every 15 minutes scanning for the WHOLE year… mmm; and then declaring: ‘’no significant change / almost a PAUSE / HIATUS’’. If 0,05C is significant, how much less is ‘insignificant’’ and they come up ‘’correctly’’ by mixing those different colors for every 10m altitude, for every different contour of a different side of a hill, lake, sand dunes, farms, and you name it…??? ‘’MARGIN OF ERROR’’ would have been bigger than +/- 7,500C, on the end of the year; comparing one year with another. The only reason swindlers use NASA is; because many people can see that: ‘’on the land data collection is a sick joke, not monitored on 99,999999999999% of the planet, even where monitored, not evenly distributed thermometers, only monitored on 5 feet above ground and only the hottest minute, and ignored the other 1439 minutes in 24h. (but swindlers were glorified the best way; when I was reading an Anthony Watts’ comment saying: ‘’so 2015 was only warmer by one thousandth of a degree than 2014’’ => to his mushrooms he is advertising that ‘’the swindlers are so capable – they can monitor to one thousandth of a degree precision the temp, for the WHOLE planet, for the WHOLE year. Anthony by cooking the brains of the people that were prepared to stand up to the Warmist cult –when the truth is known; he will be declared as ‘’the biggest criminal in the new millennium’’ – he is a Warmist, same as any other Warmist, only he is Right wing Warmist; promoting to his mushrooms that the PHONY/ NON-EXISTENT GLOBAL WARMING exist, only is got a PAUSE / HIATUS = crime and a half (by promoting Warmist lies and capability, Anthony is treating his mushrooms as three year old kids = Same as ‘’Santa is got a PAUSE / HIATUS between January and December’’).

Bigger problem is: reason I gave the example of sugarcane farm and next ploughed barren land was: one source of heat is much hotter, but smaller area, OR larger areas, than the next that is less hot, but much larger area; same as 3 $100 bills are much more than 7 $10 bills. Bottom line: when NASA, or Roy Spencer need to read in the newspapers, to discover that some volcano started spewing 1700C hot gases, or never to find out that a submarine volcano stopped spewing lava, but another one started over there, so that they can start using different crayons for their PHONY temp distributions and anomalies; = all those kindergarten gadgets should be shoved up Algore’s butt; so that they don’t end up in the court of law, as evidences/exhibits for crimes committed, by using those phony gadgets..

1] I wrote an email and sent to those swindlers in NASA and gave them my opinion about them lying about ice melting on Antarctic: ‘’Please NASA, learn that: ‘ice STARTS melting on 1C – on Antarctic on the beach the hottest it gets is -4C -> which means; the planet needs to warm up by 5C, before the first ounce of ice on Antarctic malts, because of any global warming. Even if that happens for few days, will not be any melting, because the large amount of ice protects itself; but because is hypothetical, shouldn’t be even discussed in science. Not to mention inland, where the planet needs to warm up by 50C, before melting starts. There is permanent ice 1000km north, in New Zealand and Patagonia B] on Antarctic is enough coldness – if one can pump WV from Indonesia to Antarctic, on Antarctic is enough coldness, to create another 50km thick ice, on the top of the existing one, in one season. Example: on Antarctic when WV comes out of the coffee cup, at +95C -> in 7-8 SECONDS crystalizes in the air. Scaring the ignorant public of ice melting on Antarctic, is not very prudent; your swindlers in NASA are exposing your careless ignorance. Please acknowledge that: ‘’Ice on Antarctic melts 365 days a year, day and night, FROM BELOW, by the geothermal heat’’.

AND in two weeks, after I sent the email; they stopped lying about ice melting on Antarctic – but shifted all their heat and aggression to Arctic. P.s I said similar things to the ‘’climate skeptics’’ many, many times, to many of them in last 4 years; but for them logic/truth/reality is irrelevant and irritating, because is not trendy and popular, so they stuck to: ‘’more ice / less ice/more ice/less ice’’ chantEgomania is a terrible self-destructive sickness…

2] FACT: Russians know that NASA swindlers are lying 100%, and Roy Spencer and Christi are lying through their teeth, by pretending that is possible to quantify the temp on the whole planet, for the WHOLE year, from a satellite. But Warmist bought Russian’s silence on the Kyoto conference with ‘’carbon credits’’. Obviously, that has expired and they are very scared Putin not to squeal and expose the scam by the scum. (Russians sent more rockets into orbit than NASA, and they know all the pitfalls I’m telling you in this post, what satellite CAN do, and what CANNOT- Obama can manipulate the laws of the land, but not the laws of physics). Reason Warmist want friction between Trump and Putin b] reason 10 days before Trump’s inauguration, Obama is sending lots of tanks to the Baltic states surrounding Russia, warning / threatening, Putin not to squeal.

3] reason Warmist preferred Ted Cruz; even though he is more to the right than Trump; is because Ted believes all NASA’s lies; he is a typical ‘’climate skeptic’’ swindlers can manipulate him anyway they want, for as long as they want; Trump is unpredictable and can think for himself, not going fanatically for what is trendy; and if Trump exposes the truth about NASA’s, EPA, NOAA that they have been 100% lyinglefties will not be able to recuperate for next 30 years; not only in USA, but in all democratic west; including David Cameron’s and Merkel’s and Turnbull’s supporters – yes Trudeau’s also, forgot him… Reason they are all panicking and increasing finances to the swindlers in their respective countries.

4] in NASA, because they are paid by the government, those gadgets and data are public property. Soon Trump will be president; instead of just sacking them; data and gadgets to be repossessed, and to be made to demonstrate that they can tell the temperature and fluctuations, with precision, of the whole planet. And to demonstrate to the new CEO of NASA ‘’that they can monitor the thickness of the ice on the polar caps and sea level’’. Until they do, their passports to be confiscated and them to report to the police three times a week. Honest people to go through all that data, and see that THEY HAVE NOTHING that can tell the temp for the WHOLE planet, b] they cannot tell any sea-level rise from the satellite; the best they have; are the satellite pictures you see on the weather reports; try to tell the individual temp fluctuation on every place and every altitude from those pictures(Trump said that ‘’he will reintroduce waterboarding’’ – the commissars using NASA’s name and similar swindlers on government expenses – to be used ‘’waterboarding’ on them all, to admit the truth. Or at least to be connected to a polygraph / lie detector – with a simple question: ‘’do they believe in the phony global warming? No, not in ‘’climate change’’ even migratory birds know that climate constantly changes – but strictly: ‘’do they believe in the phony global warming that they are constantly promoting?’’

5] The burden of proof is on NASA; for them to tell the correct temp for the whole last year. If they can’t tell about last year’s global temp – but they can tell that ‘’a year before the industrial revolution was 0,9C colder than last year’’…? Nobody was monitoring the global temp then -150y ago people knew that; St Peter is regulating the weather / climate. It was only few villages in Australia on the coast, and inland was unknown what is there + Antarctic didn’t exist – nobody was monitoring in Africa, Asia, south America and all the seas in-between. Even in 1880 with 80 unreliable thermometers in US +Europe – for NASA to know to one tenth of a degree precision?? Why increasing the number of thermometers, if 80 were enough, to tell with precision to a tenth of a degree, for the WHOLE planet?  This planet is not a chicken egg, NASA, it’s a big place ant constantly fluctuates = insult to human intelligence – And if the ‘climate skeptics’’ learn that‘’that was 110 years before Gagarin went up there, are they still going to carry and marching proudly the Warmist flags?? (all those ‘’global temperature’’ graphs and chartsfor last 150y are advertising Warmist capability, they are the Warmist flags; and the Fakes approve that IS NO MARGIN OF ERROR = glorifying the masters… tragic. Well, my middle name is ‘’MARGIN OF ERROR’’ – will keep repeating those words, will keep annoying them, until every dishonest person on the net starts hating me; let them classify themselves; please join me. Global warming doesn’t exist – imagining that is warmer by 0,9C… = well, imagining things that don’t exist, is called SCICOPHRENIA – they should ask for medical help, not google swindlers in NASA. There is no correct global temp data in existenceto be manipulated / fudged; if you are craping that ‘’they are manipulating / fudging the data’’ = you are LYING on swindler’s behalf, and are worshiping them in front of the public’s eyes, that THEY CAN HAVE correct temp for the whole planet, for the whole year, for 1880, but are fudging it = you are doing the Warmist dirty job = voluntarily turned your good self into a Warmist roll of toilet paper.. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL THE REST!!

P.s. I’ll tell you a small story about two big knights; that are constantly defending and promoting NASA’s lies; Steven Mosher and Doug Cotton, (one of each side of the sandpit):

1} I was explaining on Facebook, to some Warmist, that: CO2 is the good guy – during the day is lifted up by the ultrashortwave UV &IR -> it releases heat easier than O2&N2 on 4-5km altitude and increases condensation => CO2 is a rainmaker, and CO2&WV create ‘’shade-cloth effect, NOT greenhouse effect. Mosher corrected me:


Steven Mosher stephan.. the c02 that actually controls the energy budget is in the stratosphere. which is dry (has no water). You can’t get anywhere until you actually understand the science you are trying to improve. But nice try.        Like · Reply · 21 hrs

His supporters were ridiculing me that ‘’Mosher wiped the floor with me’’. I had to go, because a visitor with a carton of beer was knocking on the door – their ridicule was increasing -> and I promised to answer on his comment; in my next post on WordPress, and that’s what I’m doing now: Steven Mosher, most of the time CO2 goes only to 5,4km altitude – cannot get any higher, because the air is too thin. Reason on high mountains, trees don’t grow above that altitude – there is a horizontal line – above that line no treesbecause ‘’no CO2’’. Aircraft release CO2 much higher, but as soon as it cools -> drops to below 5,4km level. B] superheated CO2 from a volcano gets to 8-12km, but is exception, and as soon as it cools -> falls to lower level in the ‘’lower troposphere. Therefore: CO2 never gets in the stratosphere – your phantom ‘’ c02 that actually controls the energy budget is in the stratosphere’’ doesn’t exist => therefore; you and your NASA are lying about the phony global warming, as usual, about everything.

2}I constantly repeat that: ultrashortwave UV & IR create heat here on the earth; and shouldn’t be confused with the longwave IR from kinetic energy / heat that radiate from a micron to few feet, if is over 300C heat. Doug Cotton as usually, corrected me again wrongly; by pointing to me: ‘’look, look NASA never says anything about UV, it’s only IR, so he is categorically saying that I must be wrong’’

A] especially for the sea -UV warms up much more than IR, because IR is stopped on the surface of the water, difficult to warm it up – because warmed water molecules on the surface cannot go down into colder / HEAVIER water -/- UV penetrates couple of feet – first discovered that; when for first time I was spear fishing in the tropics. Most of the time was submerged, but after 2-3h, my back was red and after started blistering. Douglas being in the subtropics must be shading his own skin, like a snake every year, because get burned by the UV – but cannot connect, unless NASA approves anything in their lies, for him doesn’t exist. Cannot see that 4-5 years old kids know about UV is creating lots more heat; reason they keep putting sunscreen 15+ on their nose and shoulders regularly on the beach, to be protected from UV burning, and using tinted glasses, for protection from UV. B] the moral issue is: in the beginning Douglas taught that ‘’NASA is informing everything correctly on the net – he made himself some ‘’papers’’ few years ago, all based on NASA’s lies -/- if he knew a bit of physics and chemistry – would have realised that ‘’the Swindlers in NASA are paid; only to create misinformations and confusions, for ignorants like him to Google… Now when he is pointed that ‘’he is wrong’’ -> instantly he starts insulting, because he presumes that ‘’NASA’s swindlers were talking physics – that gave him the idea that ‘’if he is parroting NASA’s lies -> he must be talking physics’’. Because all his drivel is based on NASA’s lies -> he is stuck with constantly defending and promoting NASA’s lies and intentionally misleading crap.

B] Q: why NASA ‘’never says about UV’’? A: because they are clever. B] they were panicking the public in the reason past that: depletion of ozone hole is terrible, we need ozone, to block the UV – cool. BUT: CO2 intercepts / BLOCKS YV much better than ozone can – and ozone stinks, because the nose says that is bad for human health, CO2 is odorless, and human body is full of it. Every bubble in the bread is 100% full of CO2 – yeast is introduced to produce CO2 – or baking powder in the cake is CO2 + shake the beer bottle and release, to see the amount of CO2 coming out – also champagne, soda-water / mineral water and any fizzy drink is CO2; the mineral water is made by the storm washing CO2 from the air and that water sunk deep into the soil in the past. You can’t say that swindlers using NASA’s name, didn’t know that CO2 blocks UV / ultraviolet radiationbecause when I was about 8-9y old, our provincial teacher knew how efficiently CO2 blocks the UV -> she said: ‘’tomorrow after 11 will be full sun eclipse – all of you wanting to watch that: you must find some broken piece of glass and above the candle smoke it, to coat it, to protect your eyes not to be burned by UV, as the moon progressively covers the sun’’. At that time was no those fancy filters, just broken piece of glass covered with smog/ CO2, and it worked; just before midday got completely dark, and we can see in the town people turning the lights on, and the sky got covered with stars.

So, if a primary school teacher from a provincial town knew, it was long, long time ago; swindlers know that CO2 blocks UV – and if there is talk about UV, not only infrared – they predicted that ‘’many people can connect that CO2 blokes some UV = dimming effect => less warm during the day, NOT MORE’’ reason they avoid to mention UV. By the way; UV is the BIGGEST PRIMARY PRODUCER of heat on the earth, not IR. But for them avoiding to mention UV – then lumped the ultrashortwave IR together with the ‘’longwave IR’’ from the kinetic energy / NORMAL HEAT that is produced by UV, both in one basket; so, they are able to sell that ‘’heat radiates out in space’’ – even though longwave IR radiates only from one micron, up to few feet, if the temperature is over 300C –  and not many smarties on the net can notice that is more than few microns or feet from the ground to out in space => so CO2 definitely cannot interfere with cooling the planet, but Doug and many others are ridiculing me; that it CAN; because HASA says so. I rest my case. NASA will explain…? The difference between Mosher and Douglas is: Mosher knows that NASA people are lying and he is constantly helping and promoting their lies – Mosher is into aviation, and he should know that: from the ground up, on every 120-140m is one degree colder, and by 6 miles altitude, ALL heat has been cancelled / neutralised -> saying that ‘’stratosphere can get warmer’’ is exactly the same as saying that ‘’on the bottom of the ocean can get drier’’. On the other hand: Doug Cotton fanatically believes in all NASA’s lies that are factual; and if I made him to suspect some of their lies – he is fighting and strenuously promoting all their lies, because ‘’he is stuck with them – they are apparently in some; his 2013 papers’’… not funny, it’s tragic.  Bottom line: if the propaganda machine can turn grown up man like Douglas Cotton into a total nutcase – imagine what they are doing to kids in schools and university, about the phony global warming – where they go to learn things and must trust the educators

C] with authority Doug regularly states: ‘’according to NASA’’ = and he added few of his ‘’discoveries’’ to help NASA…? 1] NASA lies that the planet is getting warmer – but Doug discovered that ‘’the non-existent global warming is made by the geothermal heat’’ – without realizing that ‘’geothermal heat from the center of the earth comes very slowly by conduction’’ – is a very minuscule amount of heat – is monitored regularly everywhere by the seismologist and volcanologist, to predict volcano eruption – otherwise is utilized in insulated wine sellers -/- plus, the coldness from the air penetrates 150m deep into the permafrost and is neutralizing it… B] even Doug ‘’is the first on the planet’’ proudly he says that: he discovered that ‘’planet Uranus has warm atmosphere, because of that geothermal heat’’ =/= in reality on Uranus is so cold, that there are lakes of liquid nitrogen, and that’s cold of minus -190C, so I hope that Doug will be even the last person to discover that Uranus has warm climate… Only proves that Douglas is NASA’s collateral damage…

D] I made a post exposing NASA ‘’that is no runaway greenhouse on Venus’’ – is only concocted lie, to badmouth CO2. My peer Doug kept correcting me:

Doug Cotton I AM HERE TO TEACH THOSE WHO WANT TO LEARN ABOUT MY HYPOTHESIS WHICH IS CORRECT. Do you seriously think that those who sent spacecraft to Venus did not know how to drop a few temperatures measuring devices to the surface and get some readings between 732K and 737K? THAT IS WHAT CORRECT PHYSICS TELLS US IT SHOULD BE. If you “know physics” then what should the temperature be and why?

A] well, NASA didn’t ‘’drop a few temperatures measuring devises’’, but the Soviets sent on a Soyuz rocket a satellite name Venera (Venus) – the rocket separated, not to be too heavy for the parashot; and the satellite the size of a family fridge was dropped to the surface. Satellite was alive for 36 minutes and then silence / dead. O.K. it takes 10 minutes or so – for the satellite to informed them that landed and signal to arrive  – another 10 minutes to receive command; ‘’to start opening the gear, and get ready to collect informations’’ – for the rest of 16 minutes was probably started preparing the gear for collecting data, and total silence, until today. To my knowledge only the satellite reported: ‘’no wind, very calm’’ – which is expected B] to get informations as Doug states ‘’ get some readings between 732K and 737K’’- in few minutes to travel around the planet and see that ‘’variation in temp is 5Kelvin – can only happen in Doug’s miniscule understanding of reality… (please note: Doug doesn’t work in centigrade, but Kelvin; desperate to sound scientific / not even knowing that ‘’the Russians deal in centigrade – they are not desperate to portray knowledgeable, because they ARE knowledgeable-plus: going to Venus is not going out of the solar system, to need using Kelvin, which is used when discussing about temp below -200C.

Let’s put the thinking hat on: we know that ‘’the earth and Venus orbit around the sun in that ‘’same cold vacuum of -92C’’. 2] Venus is a bit closer to the sun -> a bit more concentrated radiation – 3] the day is 4 months long -> that would build up heat up to about 230C and Vs night: a] on the earth in the desert cools down from 45C down to zero degrees in 12h. 3] using desert as guidance, because even though oceans slow down cooling in the desert, but not much – on Venus is no oceans of water, to slow down cooling – how many 12h are in 4 months of night on Venus, you said? Well in the first 200h after sundown, the temp at night goes down to minus – 90C, even on equatorial regions, and stays that cold until next morning in 4 months. Therefore: on Venus at night is colder, even on the equator, than here on Antarctic is at night – because on Antarctic the currents bring some heat from the warmer parts, not on Venus. 4] because is no spontaneous, regular change of temperature there – forget about winds bringing heat to where is night. Bottom line: between -90C at night, and 230C daytime is 320C. That is much bigger difference, than NASA’s and Doug’s 5 degrees’ difference between the minimum and maximum. Q: do YOU believe that: between daytime that is 4 months long, can warm up only by 5 degrees more; than cooling in permanent darkness for 4 months at night, gets only 5K colder? (There are plenty more details about Venus, on my post about the ‘’VENUS RUNAWAY GREENHOUSE CON’’)

Dough Vs Mosher – they both talk with authority, because both are defending NASA’s name, and what NASA said.  The difference is: Mosher knows that he is lying /Doug believes any bullshit attached to the name NASA, even the thickness of ice on the polar caps / on their blind spot… My friend, do you know what the name N*A*S*A stands for?

#2 Q: how many “climate skeptics” would prefer the global warming to be real” – so that the Warmist win, and introduce “backdoor communism / dictatorship on democratic west; than for them to admit that ”they have been duped by NASA and Anthony Watts that ”the PHONY GLOBAL WARMING IS FOR REAL” – and they CAN have correct temp data for 1880??

HAPPY NEW YEAR, again; for your good luck!! Cheers!

To insert from Facebook debate:

3] you see, 90% of what I said above; I didn’t need for my ‘’THERM OF REFERENCE’’ – because NASA is not lying about those things; directly to be related regarding the ‘’non-existent orbit from pole to pole’’ but the debunkers of my post made it to be relevant. Of course, swindlers in NASA never talk about the ‘Cforce’’ -> because that would have exposed them, when they are LYING that they go from pole to pole. What NASA doesn’t want you to know, *on the net for most is taboo, or forgotten, or is not supposed to be correct*. Let’s point the interrogation light at NASA now: ‘’going north from Cancer, or south of Capricorn parallels – the Cforce is less and less powerful, and actually starts pointing towards the ‘belt’’ over the tropics, instead of fighting the Gforce – and on north or south pole, the Cforce is ZERO. Therefore: if NASA’s imaginary satellite going from north pole over the equator, approaching at 90 degrees; must go through that “belt” over the tropics/ that as fast flowing river – to punch through and get on the other side – the strongest Cforce that spins around the planet the 20 tons of the station, defying gravity – satellite that doesn’t’ even have a rocket, to push it through… impossible. If had a powerful rocket as Apollo 11 – may have succeeded, but second time on the way back to north pole… would need 100,000 truckloads of solid fuel, and oxygen to burn it, every month. So, if there was no other satellite or other debris in the sky, to hit into when going through that belt, not even a bird flying; the PHONY NASA’s satellite going from one pole to the other; would be theoretically impossible to force itself through that belt. NASA, to avoid that hurdle, the honest laws of physics say ‘’NOP’’ -unless you have a tunnel through the earth, to avoid that FORCE in the belt, and go from one pole to the other. You can’t jump over that belt; because the higher the altitude -> the strongest the Cforce is, and would have slung your phony satellite into deep space, like mud is flying off the tread on your car tires, when you start speeding up. Dig a tunnel through the earth, or admit the lies that made great damages to the economies and some people’s egos and mentality.

4] the second hurdle: Hypothetically, if a satellite was going over the south pole; at that altitude of say 400km, the gravity is less than on the ground; but as I repeated many times: if 800kg satellite is only 400kg heavy = that would have been as 4 blacksmith’s anvils bolted together. Without a rocket pushing the satellite – that imaginary satellite as 4 anvils heavy, would have dropped down in minutes, and nailed dozens of ‘’ legal criminal’s / researchers on Antarctic or Arctic. (there are more global warming researchers on the polar caps, per square km, where temp plummets down to minus -70C – than in Equator, Congo or in Mew Guinea; where if there WAS a real global warming, would have made bad effect. Warmist by using HALF-TRUTH create confusion; w know why -/- BUT the ‘’climate skeptics’’ instead of using my post – to get on the front foot and make the Warmist to panic -/- they introduced lots of misleading crap from Wikipedia, to debunk my real proofs… why? A: because they constantly use their own foot for target practice = and practice made them perfect for that job… They even showed brilliant computer animation; showing how that satellite goes from north pole to south every hour as the clock progresses; crosses that ‘’belt’ above the tropics 23 times in 24h, exactly the way Santa crosses it on Christmas night. Probably that model WAS made for Santa, then opportunist Warmist put it on Wikipedia, to exploited it to con about satellite going same path and speed as Santa on Christmas night. Well, the old fatso can cross that belt above the tropics at will, because he is got Rudolf for propulsion, instead of a rocket; but for any ‘’body’’ that is got mass – would be swept to follow the orbit around the tropics, same as the honest satellites go; AND those debris going in normal direction, but faster than the bullet, would have made NASA’s satellite going against the laws of physics, to be full of holes as a sieve, same as the ‘’climate skeptic’s” foot. Q: if NASA swindlers are lying about a non-existent satellite, would they tell correct anything connected to the phony global warming, to incriminate themselves and end up in jail? Think!



    As respond on my post about NASA’s dishonesty – friends tried to debunk it by: 1] that centrifugal force doesn’t exist. 2] satellites are kept up by the gravity of the moon and sun 3] satellites are going in every direction, ignoring the natural forces, and lots of computer animations, and half-truths.
    1] centrifugal force does exist, and was used long time ago, by the Greek athletes for throwing disk -> athlete spins around himself, to build speed – as much as possible to increase the Cforce, and then releases the disk. B] now the athletes are using, I thing is called *hammer throwing* – a metal ball tided up by a rope => athlete spins 4-5 times and releases the rope -> the ‘’hammer’’ doesn’t go in straight direction in front of him, but on the side – because the Cforce in space also goes 170 degrees to the Gforce – reason those ‘’less’’ 10 degrees are that make all satellites to orbit above the tropics. (Celts are the best for ‘’hammer throwing, by using the Cforce – they will not agree with you, guys)
    B] for same reason when satellite is launched to go to other heavenly body – as ‘’hammer throwing’’ when launching the rocket is not pointing towards where intends to go – by the time gets over 1000km altitude – Gforce is less strong, but Cforce is much stronger there, and slings it in desirable direction. C] satellites traveling to distant planets, are utilising that Cforce from neighbouring planets, to build up speed; by getting close to a planet to few thousand km, where Cforce is most powerful, to sling it into deep space. So is not ‘’to use that planet’s gravity’’, as I was told by defender of NASA, but completely the opposite; keeping on distance, because that ‘’gravity’’ would have slowed it instead.
    2] so, the only way to defy the Gforce – ALL satellites are using THE Cforce => therefore all must go in same direction, not sightseeing in any preferred direction, as tourist buses. B] yes, they appear to go at different speed in the sky; but that is deceiving: as you can appreciate, satellite that orbits at 600km altitude, has three times bigger path to orbit, because of much bigger diameter, than the other one on 400km altitude: same as athletes on velodrome, on outside line only appear to travel slower. But on same altitude, anything from a lump of metal to the space station, use same Cforce, and travel in same order, as solders.
    3] imagine having a billion$$ satellite going over Antarctic every day; but for last 4-5 years, they show **same picture of the continent, photograph of a tennis-ball, painted white**. But on computer animation, looks so realistic and convincing, how the satellite goes from north to south poll, with precision in split second, covering every meridian; but can’t organise planes and trains not to have regular delays in arriving, for hours…? B] because the Cforce over the poles is ZERO, every NASA’s defender avoids to explain: how can a satellite with lots of hardware ‘’defy gravity’’ when above the poles? Even if is half gravity there, still 800kg satellite is 400kg heavy = that is equal to ‘’4 blacksmith’s anvils’’ – where is no friction and no wings on satellite, to glide when above the poles. Some of the experts debunking my post, still think that satellite’s engines are constantly running – but the bad news they have is: the rocket that lifted it up, is not even attached to the satellite. Would have needed 1000 truckloads of solid fuel, plus oxygen, to push it in polar orbit and resist the gravity pull, for one year only.
    C] satellites themselves cannot produce useful Cforce (although the washing machine on the space station produces Cforce – but that’s only to get the water out of their washing) bottom line: all debris and satellites are using the same Cforce to stay there, but MUST orbit in same direction, and only above; between Capricorn and Cancer parallels. B] NASA’s swindlers and their assistants have obviously ‘’predicted correctly’’ that many experts will be googling for wisdom – so they made lots of convincing crap for them; I wish the new CEO of NASA will use that crap on the net, as evidences / exhibits, for the swindlers to demonstrate the existence, and capability; and the most important: that they can monitor correctly the temp on the whole planet – and if is one inch more or less ice on the polar caps, and if the sea-level has risen by an inch; when the satellites are in *erratic movements orbiting?!?! * #3: example given to me; that ‘’same as when stirring the tea in the cup, the satellites orbit as the tea-leaves in the cup, doesn’t hold water -/- because ‘’whirlpool effect’’ has outside wall – up there it is the Cforce keeping them there, admit boys. What the laws of physics don’t approve -< cannot happen* #1: moon and sun’s gravity cannot keep all that hardware up; because their gravity is not as strong as earth’s gravity there, AND, Newton would say: ‘’when is new moon, moon &sun are on the same side of the earth – the junk would have kept dropping down, same as overripened apples*. Boys, the easiest to debunk my post is; to blacklist me; but if you are a good sport; John Edwin, Dan Chilton, Damian Acraman, Rodney Mitchel and the rest – the ball is in your court.

  2. kendo2016 says:

    Bravo Stefan , you have explained the ‘satellite problem ‘ Or should I say how they really work .

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