Posted on August 29, 2015

All posts / pages on this blog are about the phony global warming, which they call ‘’climate change’’ AND I have all the solid proofs that are all lies, BUT: this one is a ‘’prediction’’ I’m making about future on Venus; IF you want to read it, but not to get confused and think that is some ‘’Hollywood crap’’  – please read the original post first, which is ‘’Venus runaway greenhouse’’ con – IF you already read it , than is O.K:

                                 PREDICTIONS ABOUT VENUS’ FUTURE

I never predict something that I cannot be there, to see the end result OR to face the music for being wrong. I call it ‘’Nostradamus Tactics’’ = it’s what the Warmist use about their ‘’phony global warming in 100years’’ BUT: I’ll make a prediction about Venus; because has being bothering me; what’s wrong with that planet? She spins around itself very slow, and in the opposite direction, than all the other planets. B] somehow the rest of the planets are influenced / nudged by the sun, to turn on their axel clockwise. C] why not Venus; she is closer to the sun, than all the rest of the planets, but is spinning in opposite direction (Mercury doesn’t spin on its axel – I call Mercury ‘’the sun’s moon’’) But am sure that; Venus will be next place to settle, for the earthlings – she will be a good real estate, the moon, or Mars never!

Have patients with me; you may need to give some advice, to change something, OR to ad a bit more. O.K: Venus was most probably until couple thousand years ago, in the orbit between Mars and Jupiter, maybe on the other side of Jupiter AND was spinning in SAME direction as the rest of the planets. How fast? Don’t ask…

Then a big comet hit the planet from a diagonal angle and pushed her in the orbit she is today, no other reason / explanation, for spinning in opposite direction. But the impact was so great, that made her to spin in the opposite direction, a bit faster than now. Her day / night was probably less than 50 earth’s day / night. The force from the sun that is spinning all the rest of the planets in clockwise  direction; is slowing the Venus’ spinning in east to west direction – until, in few years from now, Venus will stop spinning. Then, slowly she will start spinning on same direction as the rest of the planets; west to east – the sun will start rising on the east. (not as now her sunrise is on the west) that is embarrassing Venus! Don’t be back to front on everything, as most of women are…! First day spinning in normal direction may be even longer day / night than now, over 300 earth days, BUT: every new day / night after that, will be shorter and shorter, and shorter; until equilibrium 20h day/night. Perfect.

Let me explain, how I see that the sun’s influences for the planets to spin around their axel and have day / night –Here: imagine a flywheel spinning slowly – you have to give to it a bit of a nudge, to keep it spinning – cool, BUT: if there is another wheel next to it, spinning in the opposite direction, you keep giving to that wheel same ‘’nudge’’ -> it would take long time to stop the inertia of that wheel, then slowly starts spinning in the same direction as the other one; how long will take for Venus to spin fast enough in the opposite direction, so that day / night are possible for people to survive there? You are asking too many questions! A: it won’t be long, but don’t hold your breath. When she starts turning in the other direction, will speed up pretty quickly – now is bigger difficulty, for the sun to stop the Venuses’  inertia. Anyway, she is not far from the sun, the nudge must be pretty big…? To get better picture: when you jack up your car – spin the wheel, and then every 5 seconds with a twig give a nudge to keep the wheel spinning. What the problem with Venus now is, she is spinning in opposite direction than you are giving the nudge. Now: YOU tell us: how long would take you with similar strong nudge to stop the wheel and start spinning it in the other direction?! 100years, 200years? then: how long will take you to make it to spin ‘’reasonable fast’’ in the opposite direction; as for Venus day / night to be LESS than 200hours? That will be the time to send algae, to prepare the soil and atmosphere AND to start investing in some good Real Estate there! Q: what kind of twig the sun uses? Must be some electromagnetic, or just magnetic force, or something similar…?

In the inside core of the sun are lots of heavier elements; under millions of degrees heat, we don’t know yet, what they release to give a ‘’nudge’’ to the planets and make them to have day / night.

It will take some years, the sun to keep nudging her – to keep spinning her faster and faster – until one day comes to equilibrium of 20h day/night. When Venus’ day / night is 30h, will be already occupied by human BUT: long before that; when day / night will be 100 earth days long – people will send to plant lots of algae; to prepare the atmosphere for animal habitation! And to prepare good soil – and to release oxygen from the CO2& H2SO4 +SO2 and to create water (h2o), from those gases.

Now the nitty gritty: absence of lots of hydrogen on Venus gave me the idea, that she was far from the sun, for most of her life. Every time the sun makes a brrrrrp, with the ‘’sun-flares’’ the sun sprays lots of hydrogen into the cold vacuum. Those droplets of hydrogen is picked up by the planets in a form of ‘’shooting stars’’ Well, IF Venus was where she is now – would have had lots and lots of hydrogen as water vapour. How much of it she is got, that can tell us; for how long she was, where she is now. Because closer to the sun, she is bigger target than the earth, and would have collected more hydrogen. But, now she is closer to the sun and is collecting it. Lets face it: when 99% of the CO2 &SO2 are separated from the oxygen atoms; would be too much oxygen for human brains, and very flammable; therefore: some water from it will be created, by binding with hydrogen. What I’m trying to say is: if here wasn’t so much nitrogen, to dilute the oxygen – oxygen would have being too concentrated for us. We don’t know how much is WV, nitrogen, argon there, BUT: don’t be scared from lots of sulphuric acid (H2SO4 => H2O +S+O3, (water +sulphur +ozone) perfect!) There is more than enough oxygen, mixed into co2 + H2SO4, for good life:

It’s empty talk, because we don’t know if sulphuric acid is a trace gas, or a lot of it, BUT: that  H2SO4 can provide lots of things that Venus needs for habitation. Can brake down into sulphur, water and ozone. Doctors were using sulphur, before Fleming invented antibiotics. Farmers give it to cattle, for good health 2] for what water is used, you know better than me 3] ozone is just oxygen = all the things needed. I also believe that is a lot more in the more pure form of SO2 – anyway, Venus must be eating lots of rotten eggs now… how romantic? No kidding, on Venus now smells as: when you eat lots of hard boiled eggs – then constipate for a week, then you fart… the Goddess of Love is not using exactly French perfumes, is she? CO2 will release lots of oxygen as free agent in the air, and to create lakes of water. In the process, the sun will keep shooting stars of hydrogen, to create more water for those lakes (actually, without WV in the air, wouldn’t be good news for your lungs, skin, and the rest. So Venus is got all the necessary ingredients, as young mother to be. IF Venus has sufficient amount of nitrogen; she will become a good real estate, and become a proud surrogate mother for most of the living plants and critters from the earth!

Atmospheric pressure: most probably she is now on the ground a bit under two atmospheres. BUT: when most of CO2 +H2SO4 is converted by the algae in bi-products; she would have similar air pressure as on the earth (of course, we can survive in a bit thinner air, AND in higher pressure than one atmosphere; when you go diving, you experience higher pressure, high altitude is less than one atmosphere, and people live on high mountains, no panic! Body can adjust to different pressures; although, sudden change hearts the eardrums)

She will have moisture, lakes of water, plenty of carbon for plants and animal’s bodies, plenty of oxygen; what more do you want?! Don’t be fussy! Now the biggest question: Q: how long we have to wait, for Venus to turn in the opposite direction; to start rotating from west to east?! A: she is almost to a standstill, it’s embarrassing for her to have longer day than the year; that should tell you that: she will be turning in ‘’correct direction’’ soon… Should be discovered: ‘’by how much she slowed already, since was calculated how long her day / night was’’. #2: ones she  starts spinning in the opposite direction – she is not far from the sun; the power of the sun will keep nudging her more than rest of the planets, she will proudly keep speeding faster and faster, in same direction, as all the other planets…

As a proof IF I’m correct in those predictions; will be: if Venus day / night became a bit ‘’longer’’ than when was first time calculated; that day ‘’may’’ be soon. Why the moon and mercury don’t have axels? A: whatever force the sun uses to nudge mercury – is mostly located on one side of the planet, AND: the ‘’gravity force’’ of the sun/ mercury is stronger, than the ‘’nudge force’’. The earth doesn’t ‘’nudge’’ the moon, because she doesn’t have that force; BUT: most iron ore deposits on the moon that are more affected by gravity, are on the side facing the earth – I’m giving you iron ore, as an example, don’t laugh. Actually, the centrifugal force most probably made the heavier elements deposits to be on the side of the moon that we never see… Who cares – I think that there was a nice Australian song about the moon, which said: -‘’ people went to the moon, there is noting to see, nothing at all’’!!! Venus will be the surrogate mother to most of the earthlings, because: in the distant future, the sun’s radiation will produce a bit ‘’less heat’’ on the earth, AND: if the earth doesn’t slow down her orbiting around the sun a bit, to decrease cooling; Venus will become perfect for the earthlings; but please don’t screw up the earth, yet. BUT: if the earth’s year becomes longer than 370 days… we can inhabit both planets – then we can have wars with each other, to make the media busy and happy…?!?! (human nature)


The Warmist ‘’pretend’’ to know exact temperature at night on Venus 864F, BUT: they don’t know even what is the night temp on our Moon; which is the closest to the earth, AND: when is full Moon, is facing the earth, as ‘’new moon’’. On ‘’full moon’’ / daytime – on the moon is cooler than on the earth, because day and night the ‘’cold Goldilocks’ vacuum’’ is touching the ground, no oxygen &nitrogen as good  insulators, AND: ‘’radiation’’ from the sun is too strong, for human body. They say that: at night, which is two weeks long, they will live underground… is that a solution?!: in the ground on the earth is pleasant temperature. In temperate climate; when temperature goes below zero centigrade – people invented a solution, ‘’the caller’’ to keep the potatoes, apples and vino; because never freezes there. (when apples, potatoes freeze-> the water in them expends by 11%, when defrosted, suffer decompression problems and rot – so, cellar became solution for hundredths of years. That ‘’geothermal heat’’ in the cellar is constant and very reliable – because it comes from the molten magma, from the centre of the earth! On the Moon, 100m deep in the ground, the temperature is colder than on any outer planet. Life impossible! Deep down in the moon could be far below minus -130C, and no oxygen, to burn the diesel, as the parasite ‘’researchers’’ do here on Antarctic. Never any wind on the moon, for wind turbines – two weeks of night = guarantied death. It’s not as in the space station, where is exposed to constant sunlight, to keep it warm, AND to charge the solar panels – on the moon, at night you are finish, caput. (I’m not going to mention that: IF you get a cut on your pressurized cloths-> you’ll explode as a hand-grenade) Cheers!

On Mars is some atmospheric pressure, BUT: if your cloths get a cut-> you will squirt, same as when you step on a ripe tomato… not enough pressure for comfort. Lots of talks by the shonky scientists, that: Mars had in the past high atmospheric pressure and lots of things were happening there. Bullshine! Mars doesn’t have strong enough gravity, to created bigger pressure – IF it was more gases – the cold vacuum surrounding Mars, would have sucked those gases in less than a minute. (‘’lots of activity on Mars in the past’’, was concocted; for NASA to get big money, they are addicted to big money… You know, when the shonks say: life on the earth started around some hot vents in the sea – all the ingredients for life were there, by coincidence- and that pinch of mud whoosh, became alive – they are most definite about it, AND then, next Monday they say: maybe life started on Mars, then came here travelling on a meteor…?

Lets see: Q: who catapulted that meteor on Mars, to send it here, and how? Q#2: IF that ‘’first critter’’ gave itself life, because were all necessary ingredients in one place + energy – Now all the necessary ingredients are on every 1m2 – independent genera critters would have being popping up every day, like mushrooms, everywhere on the ground… Instead, they say that: all living critters are connected genetically to the first one… Q#3: did that ‘’first pinch of mud’’ had more brains than all the today’s scientists, to give itself life?! Because: today’s scientist, with all the money , knowledge and gadgets; cannot create life! (for Dolly the sheep; they had to borrow genes from already created sheep, and spend millions, to make another sheep – when any ram would have done all that, blindfolded and for free)

Therefore: having ingredients for life on Mars, means nothing, nothing! Bottom line: people have no reason ever to go to Mars. For curiosity, they can send a robot, much cheaper, to bring some rocks, and tell us what’s on Mars. (even though they ‘’pretend’’ to know for the last 100y what is on Mars; because they have lots and lots of meteorites, they guaranty that are from Mars…?! another bottom line: there is nothing on Mars, same as on the moon – Until NASA is controlled by the Bolshevik apparatchiks, shouldn’t be given one Yuan! Yankees, pay off your foreign deficit with that money, so you don’t have to pay interest forever on those money; because NASA became America’s rotten apple… embarrassment to the honest US citizens… After, they should be given money, to explore Venus, BUT: not a cent before the leading commissars in NASA are locked up – for using tax$$$, for misleading Warmist propaganda; and admit that: they CANNOT, and are not monitoring the ‘’whole’’ global temperature precisely B] they don’t know if the sea is rising by few inches, or falling, by using the satellites. Apparatchiks, admit the truth, half the guilt/crimes, ‘’for abuse of trust and privileged position, for destruction of western economies and democracy’’ to be forgiven!

(P.s. I have another theory about the earth herself, much more important for us now, AND: that one can be confirmed or denied, in less than a month, with existing gadgets – but lets see how this will be excepted first, IF is any interest, OR official request by some astronomers -will insert it here, below – in the Pandora’s box)


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