YOU WILL NEVER WIN, BY SPOOKING THE PUBLIC THAT; THE EARTH’S TEMPERATURE GOES UP AND DOWN AT A DROP OF A HAT! IT’S MISLEADING, AND ONLY HELPS THE WARMIST PROPAGANDA!  Shakespeare said: -‘’ you have to be cruel, to be kind’’ So: if you are clever, you’ll take a hint:

THE ORIGINAL SINNERS, WERE / ARE, THE LEADING ”FAKE SKEPTICS’’ The only way sceptical people can get on the front foot, and win; is to expose their own leaders, still promoting the original misleadings, of the past; ”localized warmings, as GLOBAL; which was the Genesis /had given inspiration to the Warmist. Warmist are 100% wrong; therefore, the skeptical people are correct; but will never win by using the old Pagan lies.

If the ”Skeptics” can understand that: ’’climatologist didn’t start lying in the 80’s; lying was, and it is their bread and butter. They cannot produce anything that can be sold in the supermarket => all the lies they produced in the past – the ”Skeptics” are using them as factual; by using those lies, they are trying to disprove about the latest lies ”global warming in 100 years”…?! THE TRUTH: localized temp changes every 10-15 minutes, otherwise the winds would have stopped-BUT: overall global temp is ALWAYS the same! Because of the Temperature Self Adjusting Mechanism (TSAM) Extinctions in the past were not happening because the whole planet was getting warmer or colder! Here are some proofs:

Past localized warmings / coolings; were presented by them as, GLOBAL. Warmist are exploiting the leading Skeptic’s misleadings as shield – are keeping those leading Skeptics in ‘’check mate’’ position. If the leading ‘’Skeptics’’ admit that the past warmings / ice ages were localized = Warmist castle will collapse. But that would be admission that Skeptic’s Fairy-tales were the foundation for the Warmist lies – simultaneously exposing the leading Fake Skeptic’s smelly skeletons in their closed. Well, lets expose some of those lies / smelly skeletons:::

Mythology#1: Little Ice Age is, LIAR’s Lie / Fake’s Flagship, ‘’Smoking Cannon’’

Their proof is: river Thames was freezing in winter; they have a painting of people skating on the river – that is a proof of the phony GLOBAL cooling for 300y, wow, WOW!!! River Thames frozen for few days, because of freak weather = the WHOLE planet turned for them into an ‘’Ice Age, for hundreds of years’’  We are lucky that they don’t judge by Australian rivers. Most get dry for few months in the year = they would have declared that ‘’planet earth doesn’t have a drop of water for the last 1000 years’’

How LIA started:
Just before the phony LIA, population in north Africa increased – uncontrollable wildfires made Sahara bigger Sahara, and started producing ”extra” dry heat – that extra dry heat increased evaporation in the Mediterranean; Mediterranean doesn’t have any tributaries to replenish the water deficit from higher evaporation- it’s only Nile – decreasing vegetation upstream decreased water in Nile also. Therefore: EXTRA warm-water in the ”Gulf-stream” was going from Mexican gulf into the Mediterranean – ”gulf-stream” supplies water to Mediterranean AND in North-Sea / Baltic – more into Mediterranean = LESS share warm tropical water going to Denmark and Latvia = less warm-water to evaporate around England and less warming the area = LIA. was created.

You will instantly say: but now Sahara is just as big, why and how LIA finished?!! Constant debate when LIA finished, because in the finishing years might have influenced other freak events, so, it’s unclear for them, but, YOU will tell them exactly; which year the LIA officially finished! I’ll tell you how: you go to the library and find out what year exactly the Suez canal was opened. BECAUSE: from that year on; some of the water ”deficit” from evaporation in Mediterranean was supplied by water coming from the Red sea into Mediterranean (I think was 1883, can’t remember) ”Less gulf-stream hot water” needed to come to Mediterranean = BIGGER share of warm-water started going to Denmark – more tropical hot-water started evaporating around England and was warming the area = LIA finished!

Plus: you will find out that: since finishing day of LIA until todays; LESS water from river Rheine  and river Seine from Paris drains now in the sea; plus many other small rivers and creeks from Latvia to northern Spain; because of use of lots of water for industries, for bigger cities, much MORE irrigation = LESS cold water from the Alps drains into north sea from Rheine, probably only half of the water now, than during LIA. What that means: because is high evaporation, where hot and cold water meet = north sea and Baltic started sucking EXTRA tropical warm-water from the Mexican gulf – when more warm-water evaporation, warms more around England. Do you think that those events affected the WHOLE planet? Most of the ”Skeptics” think so… For most, England is ‘’the globe’’

The biggest proof of LIA you have is: on a picture people scatting on frozen river Thames for few days. Well, two years ago, 1000 miles south/ closer to the equator; in Serbia and Romania river Danube 10 times bigger river than Thames, was completely frozen for two weeks, well recorded, same as Thames frozen scatting (people record unusual events, good days are boring) thousands color photos were made, BUT – now the shonks were not able to declare it as: midi ice age for 300y, because: when Danube was frozen and people were dying from cold in England, Poland – at exactly the same time was record braking heat in Australia and people were dying in the big bush-fires. Now you know how and why LIA happened – tell the world in your English: when the person was painting, people scatting on Thames – at same weeks in Australia was scorching heat, hotter than normal!

The ”honest” people refer for the phony LIA as the Renaissance. It was the time of biggest prosperity in Europe. They introduced paper, invented the printing press. From America were introduced in Europe potatoes, corn, capsicums, pumpkins and other crops (I’m not going to mention tobacco) They were bringing wealth from the colonies, great prosperity! To make a phony LIA from a photo; needs fertile imagination for crap… (there are pictures taken from Australian Aboriginal people, ”naked” over 200y ago, even in snowy Tasmania) Therefore: – Australia was on different globe during the phony LIA…?!

There is logical explanation for all those ‘’cycles’’ phony ‘’global’’ warmings in the past and phony ‘’global’’ ice ages. The ‘’normal / honest laws of physics’’ don’t permit for those events to be ‘’global’’!!! Temp in the atmosphere is as water in the full bucket I.e. you cannot fit another cup of water in the full bucket, it would overflew. B] temp gets to extreme on different places, but NEVER on the whole planet – same as the children’s ‘’see-saw plank’’ the higher one side goes -> the lower the other side goes, simultaneously; both sides of the plank can’t go up, OR down, simultaneously! Spooking the public that the overall global temperature goes up and down at a drop of a hat, because of the established Pagan beliefs, tops all stupidity…!!!  Warmist lie that is warmer, AND: Skeptics are refusing that is ‘’man made’’ and are searching; what is making that global warming – instead of saying the truth, that: -‘’is not man made, or women made, it just doesn’t exist, planet is not warmer! Stop assisting the Warmist, idiots!

Warmist are disowning  “LIA”  as GLOBAL cooling – that makes them a bit more honest; than people in Plimer’s camp, and few others. Because of them, Warmist are still prospering, and will run all over the skeptical people; until the ‘’original’’ scam is exposed. A] there is no ‘’pause’’ – instead of Warmist admitting that is no global warming – they invented the ‘’pause’’… Skeptics embraced as a god given present… because: in their theology, either is getting warmer, or colder – same temp for prolong time never happens. So; Warmist proved to the politicians and the media that: Skeptic’s reasoning and understanding of the phony global warming is as a 5y old child, or a 25y old fencepost…

FAKE’s Mythology#2: Vineyards in England, in medieval ages; their proof of former Global Warming “on the whole planetIn reality, as it was getting colder for their mini ice age on the northern hemisphere, nature made another confusion for the Skeptic scientists; Fakes to have another phony proof… please join the circus1] They were growing vineyards in southern England. It was warmer climate than today – without factories and carsThe truth: you can grow vineyards today in the same place and will grow perfectly. But you will not get much crops for vino out of it. Vineyards don’t like damp soil and the worst is: the grapes don’t like rain, when ripening. First shower splits the grapes, the second makes them to rot, instead of ripening. 70km south, cross the channel in France are the best vineyards. They have dryer climate, nothing to do in 70km difference in Fake’s global warming without CO2. So, they were growing in England vineyards, not to buy vino from “the enemy” France. They had some grapes to eat; when they realized that is uneconomical, they gave up. The land was better to be used for what is economical. English started getting much better and chipper wine from Rhodesia and South Africa*  Same as: Australia was producing lots of tobacco – for the last 3-4 years, not a single twig of tobacco; because they can get it much cheaper from Indonesia, Philippines. That should be declared by the ‘’English Vineyards, Conmen’’ as ‘’GLOBAL cooling’’ because in Indonesia is warmer than in Australia. That tells about their integrity and fertile imagination; not about the global temperature. (Reason they are obsessed with silencing me) you can’t silence the truth guys! (people have being growing grapes for 1500 years in southern Siberia, and in Canada for 300 years)

B]If there is 50y war between England against France and Spain, English will start growing vineyards again. Not to bring on horseback grapes and vino from Italy. (That was before the steamships). Especially after Britain colonized lots of warm countries with cheap labor – they were not stupid to have vineyards in England. But for the shonky experts, in 13 century the Poms produced wine = must have being warmer planet – because in the 17-19 sentry didn’t produce = must have being colder the WHOLE planet. What kind of science is that? They were not producing it, because was coming from Rhodesia and south Africa for half price +much better wine. In Australia we didn’t stop producing shirts and socks, because of the phony global warming; but because is cheaper to be produced in Fiji and China. (previous sentence should stay as record – in 500y some shonky scientists not to use it as: in 2010 Australians stopped producing socks and shirts =proof of global warming / or: Australian aboriginal people started to use socks for the first time = must be the biggest GLOBAL Ice Age ever). 

In Cornwall, Devon (England) the climate is on average a degree or two warmer/ milder than in Paris! In Austrian Alps is colder than in southern England – Austrians have perfect vineyards. Grapevine is very versatile, can grow in the tropics (if is not too wet) can also grow in very cold climate. Poms as experiment should plant some vineyard on some undulating area with good drainage, will grow better than in Italy (they will not have much to harvest, but rotting grapes – because of, wet climate is bad for that fruit)

The truth: because was less ice covering the arctic’s water = colder water was going from there to Mexican Gulf and then to Baltic / North Sea = less humidity England had less rain = better/ “dryer” climate for vineyards. Climate is controlled by H2O / water- regarding global temperature distribution – is controlled by oxygen + nitrogen – shrinking / expanding in change of temperature. There is no ‘’unknown unknowns’’ What kind of twisted mind will declare ‘’the WHOLE planet warmer, because of few Vineyards in England?! As long as they keep the propaganda on the front pages = taxpayer’s money will be wasted on shonky researches for no stone unturned!  Crimes shouldn’t pay!!!

Mythology #4: old European paintings with clouds; as proof of their warmer / wetter  “the WHOLE planet” WOW! That one is my favored classic con.** Paintings are, paint on canvas; more of a wishful thinking than reality. I live in the hot tropics – have background picture on my computer monitor; a picture of some hills covered by snow – when it gets intolerably  hot =it’s a feel good, looking at the snow (if any of those fake Skeptics travelled from 2500, back to now – looking at my monitor, would have declared: in 2012, the planet was COLDER by 36C to have so much snow in the equatorial regions…?) As it is pleasant, to look at the snow covered hills; when in summer climate is same as in a Turkish bath = was pleasant for the rich landholders to look at a painting with clouds. Yes, they were able to commission / buy paintings; there was no big factory’s owners.  But the ”scientists” in the ”Climatology Prostitution” have fertile imagination; because their heads are stuffed up with hi doses of red/green bullshit. They didn’t start lying about the global temp in the 80’s, lying was always their bread and butter.

B] instead of Congo, Libya has green flag, as a desert country. C] the biggest white island on the planet is called Greenland. D] Mr. Homer Simpson can do better stunts, than Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Homer is doing his own stunts (he doesn’t need a double, as Arnold, because is ”pictures” in picture can put anything). But for the Skeptic’s voo-doo science: when clouds on some European old paintings = “wetter” climate on the WHOLE planet, if wetter, must have being warmer…?!WOW! I tell you what: when is raining heavily, paint a picture with clear sky – see if the rain is going to stop. Some kind of ‘’rain dancing, in reverse’’ If it works = the leading ‘Skeptics’’ are correct; if it doesn’t, everybody has being conned by them.  Under the Fake’s woo-doo science; should be: Australia is the driest continent – because is no enough Picassos in Australia; marvellous voo-doo science. Plimer should take his crayons to inland Australia in the deserts and paint paintings with lots of clouds; to bring rain into the deserts. BUT not too big clouds, to cause floods…?! It’s called: ”Skeptic’s Rain-dancing Science”

Mythology #5: Norwegian kayaker /explorer in 1884 did go further north; where is today ice on Arctic. (Fake’s proofs of ‘’warmer planet’)  The Fakes  are not just wrong, but back to front as well!

A] the amount of  ice on the polar caps doesn’t depend on the atmospheric temperature. B] on the polar caps is enough coldness, to build another 20km thick ice on the top of the existing one – in one season! It only depends on the ”amount of row material for ice going there / water vapor. When you are having coffee on the polar caps – water vapor from the cup comes out at 95C  (203F) By the time that hot water vapor goes 7-8feet, turns into ice crystals, in 30-50 seconds – for Secular skeptic, that would be enough to understand that: temp for amount of ice on the polar caps is irrelevant C] ice on the Arctic ocean seats on the top of salty seawater (salt is anti-freeze) The ice regularly sacrifices some of itself; melts on the bottom – produces some freshwater – to keep itself separated from the salt – if currents get stronger -> need to sacrifice more and more. Therefore, depends “on the amount of raw material” in the atmosphere arriving there – by freeze-drying the moisture from the air = for regular replenishing.

D] 80% of the water from the Russian rivers drains into the Arctic – that freshwater spreads on the top of the heavier salty seawater and is protecting the ice – less water drains = less protection! (south of the water catchment areas for those rivers, is the great Aral Sea, turning into a salt-pan – more dry heat produced around the Aral ‘’swamp’’ – dries the air north = less water in those rivers to drain into Arctic = less protection for the Arctic’s ice! Is the truth so boring for them? There are always legitimate proofs!

E] Mediterranean system is very close to Sahara and Arabian deserts – the more Sahara expanding = more dry heat produces = higher evaporation in the Mediterranean. No big rivers to replenish the deficit of the evaporated water. That deficit comes by the Gulf-stream, from Mexican Gulf – Mexican gulf must siphon extra water from the Arctic ocean – Arctic to replenish the deficit – gets extra salty warm-water from north Pacific – that enlarges the ‘’North/west Passage, and – via the Norwegian current; goes south into Atlantic. In the process goes under the Arctic’s ice and is melting it. F] river Nile is to a trickle, but river Danube on some years produces extra water – that slows the water going from North Pacific via Arctic via Mexican Gulf. Please note: speeding / slowing of those currents; ‘’affects the climate on different places / countries, differently’’!!! G] Sahara’s dry heat goes west into north Atlantic – more dry heat = destroys more of the ‘’raw material’’ for replenishing the Arctic’s ice. None of those natural factors that dictate the amount of ice is taken in consideration by the Demagogues, from both camps! Human can help increasing the Arctic’s ice, instead of decreasing it; by slicing regularly chunks of it, by the Ice Crusher Sips!!! Arctic’s water without ice as insulator, absorbs much more coldness -> colder currents go into Atlantic -> less evaporation -> less raw material for replenishing the ice. Not complicated, is it?

H] Couple of years before the ‘’Norwegian kayaker’’  went kayaking north – ‘’working people”  built the Suez Canal – some of the deficit evaporated in the Mediterranean system – started to come from the Red Sea. It’s a small contribution; BUT IS ACCUMULATIVE! Every year a bit more = ice on Arctic built up gradually – became milder climate. People can prevent bad things; but because of the carbon misleading and the phony GLOBAL warmings; both camps are part of the same crime, by blaming co2 for every problem. For big crimes, should be appropriate penalties.

Fake’s / Warmist mythology #6: ice is white = reflects the sunlight – no ice on Arctic to reflect the sunlight = GLOBAL warming, panic, BOO”!!!

A] water has mirror effect, reflecting the sunlight also. B] for 6 months in a year, on Arctic ocean is NO sunlight to be reflected. C] white ice, as polystyrene, is full of air – air is the perfect insulator. In winter, temperature above the ocean drops to minus -70C. Less ice as ‘’insulator’’ ->water absorbs EXTRA coldness (they are not just wrong, but back to front on everything) Ice was decreasing – Warmist were hoping for GLOBAL warming / Skeptics were searching for new lies – then a week after ‘’the Copenhagen Flop’’ USA, Europeans started freezing to dearth; confused both camps. Grandma’s saying: ‘’the Devil doesn’t have any other job; but to help idiots to make fools of themselves’’

It happened for 2 winters – by having less ice – water was absorbing extra coldness – with double strength, as ripples, that coldness was intercepting all the moisture in USA / north Europe and created blizzards there. In the process – colder water was going south and then to the Mediterranean -> decreased evaporation -> current slowed -> ice replenished itself (self adjusting) The Fakes spotted more ice on Arctic – started dancing; GLOBAL warming stopped! In reality, GLOBAL warming never even started – unfortunately,  the section of their brains for honesty and common sense is clinically dead.

That confused the Warmist Swindlers also – they were expecting warming; instead, the ice started replenishing / opposite than their mythology… So, the Russians, with the biggest nuclear Ice Crusher Ship started taking every second week;  tourist direct to the North Poll. Because Arctic’s ice moves clockwise, they cannot use same corridor; they were slicing a new corridor every two weeks. Those slices floating south, created gap without ice – absorbed EXTRA coldness – the winds took that extra coldness south to central Europe -> the coldest winter in living memory. What I’m saying: when you know from which part of the arctic, in which direction wind blows- see which part of Arctic’s waters don’t have ice = you can easily predict where the blizzards are going to hit. B] if people know that the truth is opposite – can prevent senselessly vandalizing the ice! C] for now, because of their wrong mythology and refusing to recognize the truth from me; it makes both camps ‘’Premeditated Mass Murderers’’

Fake’s mythology #7:VIKINGS ON GREENLAND

Vikings were going to Greenland in medieval ages; but they were calling ‘’Green-land’’ the southern patch of ground on the biggest white island on the planet, NOT the whole island. The ‘’bull’’ fertile imagination of the Shonky ‘’researchers’’; declared that: ‘’big part’’ of the island was green, because of its name, and the WHOLE planet warmer… ? WOW! It was a bit LESS ice then, because was ‘’colder’’ not warmer area (definitely nothing to do with the WHOLE planet!) Southern tip of Greenland is the ”globe” only for the common sense and honesty deficient people…).  Arctic ocean had less ice at that time – currents were taking ‘’COLDER’’ water into Atlantic – > therefore, it was LESS evaporation = therefore it was ‘’less raw material’’ to replenish the ice deficit on Greenland. (ice on Greenland (Terra Firma) is melting constantly; summer and winter; from below, by the geothermal heat) Therefore, the  amount of ice depends on the availability of raw material, for replenishing the ice. That ‘’raw material’’  ‘’water vapor’’ is declared as BAD FOR THE CLIMATE, by both camps. None of them can notice that: where is now 1km thick ice on Greenland – on SAME latitude in Norway, Finland  is forest and potatoes growing – further east, on SAME latitude in Siberia is Permafrost (permafrost is desert in a cold country)

Because Greenland is wedged between Atlantic and Arctic oceans – ‘’water vapor from Atlantic going north, is intercepted by Greenland. Norway is far away from Atlantic – Siberia even further away. So, on places where lots of ice is accumulating in winter, that ice, keeps more coldness than air can – protects itself in summer. Reason you put in your cool box ‘’cold ice’’, instead of ‘’cold air’’ Is it starting to make sense? In your cool box 2-3kg of ice, keeps cold for 2 days. On Greenland is much more than 4kg of ice / on Antarctic is much more than 8kg of ice; to keep it frozen; if for few days in a year the temp gets over zero C (ice melting point).

B] the ‘’researchers’’ found that: Viking’s artefacts are getting exposed by the melting ice on Greenland = that’s their proof that: at that time, the WHOLE PLANET was WARMER?What a science (Greenland is their ”globe”)

C] let me tell you something: during WW2, number of US aircrafts, on the way to Europe, landed on the top of Greenland’s ice. Those planes are now 178m below the surface of the ice. Next year will bee deeper by 2m. In another few hundred years; because ice is constantly melted from below, by the geothermal heat – and similar amount is added on the top, by freeze-drying the moisture from the air, they will be on the solid ground, on the bottom, covered by a 1km thick ice, on the top of them. Did the Vikings fly DC3 aircraft? 2] some Viking must have lost his compass and ventured to the far northern part of Greenland – frozen to death. By now, his skeleton is down on the solid ground. If discovered by drilling for some minerals or other reason, the Fakes will declare that: 90% of Greenland was a green pasture / they found the Viking ”Sheppard in sheepskin” on the bottom. Magic for the ignorant, which believe the shonky ‘’researchers’’. If any of those WW2 pilots lost sunglasses on the northern part of Greenland’ when they gradually sink to the bottom -the Fakes will declare that: the Vikings were going to north Greenland’s beaches, on summer holiday… (in 20y they will be finding discovered mobile telephones 40m deep into the ice – for the science 40m represents 15000 years)

Time to start believing in Stefan’s theory, that: the ice on Greenland, Antarctic is melted from below; by the geothermal heat / day and night, summer and winter. The deficit must be replaced by freeze-drying the moisture from the air. When no deficit replaced, because of no sufficient water vapor’’ in the air = Warmist go in overdrive: look, look global warming, because is less ice. B] when more moisture comes to there = more fresh ice gets created = the Fake Skeptics, as the dumbest of the dumb; go into overdrive; look, look, more ice, must be GLOBAL cooling! (the truth: up to 2m of ice is melted on the bottom every year, by the geothermal heat / similar amount is created by freeze-drying the moisture from the air. Same way, as the old freezers were creating ice, with ZERO snow / rainfall in the kitchen – from the humid air, when often the fridge door is opened -> ‘’water vapor’’ gets on a cold place = ice; called: ”freeze-drying the air from moisture; Greenland & Antarctic don’t have doors!!! For  the Swindlers from both camps; water vapor is bad…? Vikings were not dumb, as the contemporary ‘’researchers’’ Those researchers inserted that; Vikings were growing even vineyards on Greenland. WOW, they were growing maybe pineapples and bananas on Greenland…? Make it more interesting and convincing of being warmer the WHOLE planet, guys

Instead, the con Artists, made it into ‘’GLOBAL warming’’ because of the adventures /opportunistic Vikings. That was long before the thermometer was invented. B]Vikings were going from Scandinavia south to Sicily ”at that SAME time” that should be for them as equal proof of GLOBAL cooling?! (at the same time when they were going to Greenland, one Viking married a Sicilian princes – as man was in charge of everything- he brought his mates and Vikings occupied Sicily for nearly 100y – was it for those Viking ”global cooling” for coming to Mediterranean climate / when ”SIMULTANEOUSLY” was global warming for the Vikings on Greenland?! Lucky Vikings, they had two ”globes” for themselves…?!) Even today doesn’t exist long enough thermometer, to monitor the temperature in Oceania, Antarctic ocean, Africa, from Greenland; did the Vikings really monitored the temperature in Australia, Patagonia, from Greenland; for the contemporary Evil Cults?! When the Vikings were going to Greenland; they had ”Long Boats; but I don’t think that they had Long Thermometers – to reach from Greenland to South Pacific, south Atlantic, and the rest of the planet. People believing that: because of more / less ice on Greenland; is a proof of ‘’GLOBAL’’ warmings / coolings – should take the leading con Artists from both camps, in a class action; for ‘’Brains Degradation’’  The Fakes use Greenland’s ice / Viking’s settlements; as a phony ‘’GLOBAL warming’’ against IPCC…?!  Truth: availability of raw material for replenishing the ice; dictates the amount of ice on the polar caps, not temperature! Lack of normal science in the Fakes, makes them to shoot themselves in the foot, by a machine-gun, instead of pistol; on the honest people’s expense. Instead of admitting that: warmings / Ice Ages are NEVER GLOBAL – to win the war against the Warmist. The Fakes are prepared to die in the trenches, to support the Warmist lies that: even though warmings are never GLOBAL, will keep presenting them as global. Because; if the truth is known that: ‘’OVERALL’’ temp on the WHOLE planet is always the same = Warmist lies will collapse instantly; because they don’t have a case. Who’s more guilty?

8]RHINO BONES IN SPAIN = because of it = was global warming! WRONG!!!

(I prefer to see the Spaniards fighting rhinos, instead of molesting the poor harmless bulls) If the person discovering the rhino bones, said the truth; he wouldn’t got any funds and grants + the front page; big news in the media. So, characteristically for climatologist / he preferred to tell lies. (now there are two rhinos in Madrid zoo = double ”global” warmings)

We will tell the truth: when that rhino lost his compass, to turn during the winter back to Africa – Gibraltar didn’t exist – was a landmass between Spain and Africa, for those 17km. Sahara was Savannah, lots of grass and water and rhinos B] today are lots of rhinos in South Africa; which is got similar temp as Spain. There were even MORE rhinos in South Africa, 200y ago; does that mean: because of that, was bigger phony  ”GLOBAL” warming 200y ago, for the Fakes…?! Was it LIA in the European ”globe” and ”global” warming in Africa, at the same time…?!

Probably that rhino went to Spain, to watch bull fighting / or, to help the production of Bullshine, by the shameless Fakes…? What do you think? If rhino bones in Spain can produce warming on the WHOLE planet… all it will take is: to bring some reindeer bones to Spain – to cool the planet, to produce GLOBAL cooling; it’s not funny!!! Those morons are the Warmist’s Fig Leafs… covering up the Warmist shame. Those morons con the conservative politicians; that GLOBAL temp overall, goes up and down as a yo-yo… Same con artists lie that  7200y ago the planet was warmer than today. They don’t know what is the overall global temp today – they lie about 7200y ago; then turn around and call the Warmist liars. ? my favored proverb: when the cow was ridiculing the young girl; for flashing herself – not because the girl had a mini skirt, but because the cow doesn’t have capacity, to see her own shame, fully exposed.

7200y ago, Sahara was a Savannah – wasn’t destroying all the moisture created in the Mediterranean waters – it was milder climate in Europe /north Africa – not GLOBAL warming! Children get brainwashed in school / university – people robed for billions of dollars, on a pretence: to prevent the non-existent GLOBAL warming; thanks to the Fakes, pretending to be ‘’skeptical’’… Skeptical about WHAT?! The only reason they can’t get any lower, is; because of the concreted bottom of the Warmist’ septic tank.

Myth no. 9:  The shonky scientists say that: during the Roman Empire, was warmer  on the WHOLE planetB] their ‘’scientific’’ evidence: because for the captains of the Roman ships was fashionable to present themselves naked when arriving to the dock. What a science… No, it was not warmer – but was milder climate closer day and night temperatures.  A] around Mediterranean was milder climate; because was higher humidity. Reason for it was: because Sahara, Arabian peninsula deserts were producing less dry heat than today = ‘’less’’ dry heat, was destroying less humidity in the air – reason then was no big bush-fires in Greece, Spain, as it is the case today. B] another reason why the ship’s Captain was naked; lots of metal parts on his uniform – metal parts get very hot on the ship’s deck with no shade, on the Mediterranean sun. Fact: was no enemy in the area, was no smart missiles to come suddenly from distance  = the captain was smart to take the hot uniform off.  C] they were taking portrait of the ship’s captain – he was able to afford a picture made of him – but not the peasants that 3 months after his picture was taken, they had double sheepskin coats on, shivering in winter.  D] it was before the Christianity imposed modesty, stupid!!! Today, most of the sailors would have walked naked to the dock; but would get arrested. In roman times, maybe the cops were naked…? (prof. Plimer should take photos from people on a nudist beach and declare ” the whole galaxy global warming”)

Q: what kind of shonky science uses religion’s /fashion, as proof of GLOBAL warming? Conclusion: if paganism turning into Christianity can produce global cooling = contemporary western Reds, by putting green topcoat on, to camouflage their real colour, can produce global warming… 2: Fake Skeptics, here is another one: day before the industrial revolution, aboriginal people of Australia were walking naked = must have been global warming during your LIA. Now with the industrial revolution CO2 pollution, they have cloths on = today must be global cooling?!?! Only con artist can state that: evidence from a picture in Mediterranean – the ‘’WHOLE’’ planet was warmer. Milder means: the nights were warmer / days cooler –it was just more humid = was better for growing crops.

Who was taking  temperature data in America, Australia, Oceania at that time?! The thermometer was invented in 1700’s, that is 1650 years after Jesus. What kind of science is that, con artists? Used to be: ”only 3 lies, and you get labelled as a chronic liar”

When he or she categorically states that: because a Captain on the Roman ship was painted without cloths on, ‘’in the Mediterranean’’ = must be, guarantied that the whole planet was warmer?!?! Fact: in Roman times for the officers was very important, to portray himself as a Macho man; you can’t be more macho than naked on the front of the ship, when arriving in the dock. Yes, agriculture increased during the Roman control of the known world. They spread more, and different varieties of plants. Ironically, it was less wars, than before – the Romans stopped different tribes of constantly fighting with each other – made those warriors to work instead, and contribute. Fact B] the crop production in Europe increased by discovery of the American continents also. Corn, potato, pumpkin was not known before in Europe; and of course, the humble tobacco. Producing corn and potatoes in Europe shouldn’t be a proof of warmer or colder planet. Same as with Roman’s movements – better and more varieties of crops was spread = humanity increased. Not because was warmer, but because they exchanged experiences /knowledge  how to produce more and different varieties crops, and was less fighting between different tribes.

Apart from me, nobody uses in consideration that: ‘’invention of artificial fires has changed the climate on big part on the planet’’ No, not because of the increasing CO2 stupid theory; but because: trees / grass use the nutrients from the soil -> than rotten and replenish the soil again. By uncontrollable bush-fires, gradually rain and wind take away the ash into the sea = one way street. After 20-30 seasons of regular bush-fires, vegetation slowly gives up – deserts takes over. (is happening today also; desert’s created dry heat is vacuuming the moisture in distant lands and is preparing them for big bush-fires – but the extremist from both camps blame sunspots and galactic dust, supernova explosion…). Less vegetation / more deserts = hotter days / colder nights. Is interpreted as GLOBAL warming; because the shonky science uses only the hottest minute in 24h and ignores all the other 1439 minutes in 24h.

For the past, ‘’proxy crap’’ interpretation was the opposite: 7200 years ago, Sahara had lots of vegetation, lakes, rivers, topsoil moisture and ‘water vapor’’ and rhinos. There wasn’t helicopters, to put the fires off – fires were continuing to burn until some river as barrier – burning around the river catchments – gradually was making the rivers dry = no barriers = desert started expanding, and expanding, and expanding -> people were retreating and retreating and established Egypt in the river delta. So, 6000y ago; by Arabian peninsula and Sahara lots of vegetation = was more humidity around Mediterranean – the D/H scientists interpreted it as: ‘’the WHOLE PLANET was warmer by 2C, because of the sunspots’’ WOW!!! Instead of realizing that: human by rubbing two sticks for last 30000-50000y, turned Sahara into desert, Gobi into desert, Arabian peninsula into desert, most of Australia into desert. Now human has more destructive weapons than rubbing two sticks + the most destructive fanatic cults, the Warmist and the Fake Skeptics. In the past, people didn’t know that big fires was destructive – now the Warmist & Fake’s followers don’t know that H2O controls the climate, not CO2…

Warmist & Fake’s stupidity #9:THE SEA RISING WISHFUL THINKING 

When is declared that: ‘’the sea is raising by 1mm a year; the gullible Skeptic D/H thinks that:  that is because of ice melting, is not much…’’ Wrong! The seawater is rising, because of sediments washed from the land into the sea; nothing to do with melting ice. Same as if you put a handful of dirt in half-full bucket of water->water goes up. The propaganda machine will not clarify that, because it doesn’t suit them. Lake Chad, Aral sea, lake Ayers are almost dry – that water is into the sea. Less water on land = more in the sea. The deserts now are as ‘’dry sponges’’

In the same time, squashing tectonic plates are raising most mountains, to compensate for the erosion. If that wasn’t happening, for the past million years; by now, the highest point of land, would have being 1,9km covered by water – wouldn’t have being now one dry grain of sand! All dry land would have eroded – there is enough water on the earth; to cover the WHOLE planet by 2km of water. Would you prefer the whole planet under water, or what the Creator invented; by squashing of the tectonic plates – few small islands on the fault line to sink; but keep 1/3 of the planet on dry?!

The good Lord made the movement / squashing of the plates – to have 1/3 of the planet’s surface area dry. So, when the Swindlers are pointing about Maldives, Tuvalu; islands sinking – not on one occasion they have ever pointed that: those lowland islands are in monsoonal / tropical areas = sediments get washed into the ocean + they are on geographic positions; where the tectonic plates are sinking by 0,5mm a year. Truth will be against their lies. Inhabitants think: if is sinking now by 0,5mm – next year, or next Monday night might sink by 4-5m. In other words: the Organized Crime is making a hell in paradise, for those inhabitants. Imagine children at night, listening to the waves roaring – then going to the window 10 times a night, to see if the island is getting flooded. They don’t know that they have being used by the western  Warmist / Fakes psychos…

Since Darwin’s book was published – small number of Shonks went into overdrive; to prove that: nature can create catastrophes, without obeying the  Lord’s laws of physics and logic. One of those is: they find on some shore, that the sea was higher by 1-2-3-4-15-50m, instantly declare that: at that time, the sea was up by 15m! instead of pointing that: on that spot the tectonic plate has buckled up by 15m, but on some other place since that ‘’SAME time’’ has sunk by that much.

B] now they are lying that the ice on Antarctic will melt and flood lots of land (needs to get warmer planet by 30C, before ice on Antarctic ‘’starts’’ melting from heat) There is permanent ice in Patagonia and New Zealand, 1000 miles closer to the equator. Using on that same shonky theory that; creation of permanent ice in north America / north Europe during the big ice age – the sea-level being much lower than today. Not because it was extra ice, but because of their brains for logic and honesty is clinically dead! 1] Antarctic’s ice will never melt, as long as she is on the southern polar cap. 2] during the Big Ice Age; because Gibraltar opening didn’t exist; Mediterranean, Ionian, Aegean, Black sea, Adriatic, Caspian sea were only puddles of water. They contain now 3 times more water than the water trapped in the ice on Greenland. 3] at that time, north Atlantic and part of north pacific’s water was much ‘’colder’’ than now – water in the sea when gets ‘’colder’’ EXPANDS!

C] Because 80% of the seawater is below 4C; water below 4C, when warms -> shrinks / when gets colder -> EXPANDS. Put a bottle of seawater at 4C in your freezer – by the time it cools by couple of degrees – the bottle will explode. Then put seawater at zero degrees, or below and warm it up by few degrees – the water will SHRINK!!! They are not just wrong on everything, but are back to front also. Because ‘’they abolished the good Lord’s / nature’s laws of physics’’ without democratic legislation in parliament and in UN. (Shonky science on the run, by the Reds under green  camouflage). We’ll see if the Green Karl Marx controls the laws of physics; or nature and the creator of that nature.

Verdict: 1: because during the Ice Age in N/H; the ‘’colder water’’ in the sea expanded; plus because all those seas in the Mediterranean system didn’t have water = all that water was in the oceans = 15000y ago the sea-level was much ‘’higher’’ – that made water from Atlantic to overflow into the Mediterranean and ‘’that’’ created / cut Gibraltar Straits. 2: because of constant erosion of soil into the sea. B] because of constant buckling of tectonic plates – some places the seawater appears to go up / some places shrinks.

Fake’s mythology #10:

Palms were growing on Antarctic; ”PROOF” it was a BIG global warming

If it was coming from honest people; I would have said: ‘’combination of movement of the tectonic plates + wobbling of the planet (Milankovich ‘s Theory) = Antarctic, Alaska  were somewhere far away from the polar caps. Yes, same goes with the; no hair or feathers / coldblooded dinosaurs on Alaska. Because: if Antarctic was on the south poll as today; and was warm enough, palms to grow there = on the equatorial regions temp would have being 105C, that’s 5C above water boiling point – would have boiled the trees, animals and the oceans.

But, because it comes from pathetic / chronic / compulsive  liars – bigger possibility is:  those ‘’palm imprints’’ on Antarctic, came from some driftwood, brought by the currents… Or on the way to Antarctic; the shonky ”researchers” brought some rotten palms from some tropical island. Standby, for when they find some discarded plastic bottles and fishing nets drifted to the shores of Antarctic – for the Fakes, to declare that: the Vikings had a plastic factory on Antarctic…?  Bullish is the best organic fertilizer, for their sick imagination / attitude.

Just imagine that: a million years ago; north poll was 250km east of Vladivostok. On most of the places on the planet the temp was different – some places were warmer than today / some colder. Equator was on different place. So, they discover tropical climate was at that time in Canada – declare the whole planet much warmer. Other place was ice, where is now subtropics = for them was big ice age on the WHOLE planet. IDIOTS!!

                                                   Fake’s Smoking Canon # 11:    


 When the Warmist declared: ‘’the missing heat’’  it was time for the Skeptics to get on the front foot; to demand apology from the Warmist, and to admit that they were lying the whole time. There isn’t any missing heat, because extra heat in the troposphere is not accumulative!!! Instead, the Fake Skeptics went into horoscope overdrive, ”searching for what is producing the phony global warming – to cover up for the Warmist lies. Fakes started searching for ‘’sunspots / galactic dust’’ same as ‘’searching’’ for Santa and Rudolf… Because the Fakes have to play as Warmist ‘’Fig Leafs’’ to keep covering up the Warmist shame; instead of admitting that: global warmings don’t exist – localized warmings, they misinterpreted as global = sorry. Warmist don’t have a case; they can’t have any legitimate / real proof; because there isn’t such a thing as GLOBAL warming – Warmist only flourish on Fake Skeptic’s Pagan lies!!!

B] sunspots. If ‘’sunspots’’ were controlling the climate; ‘’same sunspots’’ affect Brazil and Sahara. The dumbest people in existence, are creating back-door exit for the Warmist. Warmist know that: when they fail to produce any global warming – they will blame the sunspots (already many Warmist realizing that is NO global warming; are talking about: not much activity on the sun, for the next 30 years, WOW!)  A] nobody can predict the amount of sun activity. B] sun activity has NOTHING to do with climate. C] it’s their admission that: they are looking for a backdoor exit. The dumbest morons are keeping the backdoor open for the Warmist = so, they can wait to the last minute / to the last taxpayer’s $$$ thy can chisel out. Instead off; less guilty Warmist starting to spit the dummy; instead of putting them in checkmate position – making them to return the loot money, and the Reds not to recuperate for the next 30years. Instead, the Fake Skeptics and their zombies are playing as the Warmist’ ‘’Fig Leafs’’ (when the truth is known, lots of satirical books will be written; about the dumbest humanoids, that walk on two legs)

Q: most of the Australian desert, 70% of the country is on same latitude (same distance from the equator and polar cap) as Burma / Vietnam, Brazil jungle.  Is it different sun with different sunspots, so those places have completely different climates?! Q: for what percentage of the Fakes; deserts and jungles have ”SAME” climate, because of SAME sunspots and galactic dust effect?! (what about the 20000 satellites orbiting the planet and other space junk, with their solar panels intercepting lots of sunlight, not to come to the ground? that’s accumulative, less heat every day?!) shouldn’t give them inspiration…

Most of the Fakes are big city slickers, don’t even understand what ‘’climate’’ is. B] Galactic dust / supernova explosions warms our planet?… Idiots!!! Outside the ‘’solar system’’ temperature is close to ultimate zero. To the closest star is 2 light years away of space with that temp. But, the closest star didn’t explode; therefore, from the supernova explosion, to the earth; that ‘’heat’’ must travel in space of many more light years away, with close to ultimate zero temp, and keep the heat, until arrives to England, WOW! Wouldn’t make sense to an earthworm; but it does, to the Fakes. All the supernova explosions, sunspots and all the ‘’galactic dust’’ warms LESS the earth, than one single Al Gore’s fart. Because the earth’s temperature self adjusting mechanism (ETSAM) is perfect.

In reality, the fake Skeptics are more scared from the truth, than the official Warmist. Because the ‘’Fakes’’ are trusted by the honest people in the community. When the honest people discover that; they have being duped by the ‘’pretend Skeptics’’ they will not blame the Warmist. The ‘’Original Sinners’’ and their lots of past ‘’phony’’ GLOBAL warmings, will turn into the biggest rotten eggs. Especially when the majority of people on the street discover that: after I presented the real proofs that; warmings / coolings are localized; the laws of physics don’t permit to be GLOBAL warming; the leading Fakes were obsessed in covering up the truth – to protect the Warmist and their own ‘’phony proxy GLOBAL warmings’’ Then it will be ‘’proxy GLOBAL warmings up the arse shoving’’. Fakes: instead of horoscope / solar / galactic influences – I suggest: ‘’reading tea cups accuracy has improved by 30%, you should go back to reading tea leafs, when supported by tarot cards, even better, than relying on the ‘’lucky sunspots, stars / heavenly bodies and their dust’’.

Sunspots are blotches of carbon / graphite that surfaces from deep down in the sun. They come and go – temp on the earth stays the same.  Sunspots are the new superstition. So: if you are a superstitions person -to be safe, eat lots of garlic – but if you want total protection – carry your rabbit’s foot  anyway you go – otherwise those sunspots will get you some day… If you don’t have a rabbit’s foot, order one immediately – until it arrives, stay indoors; the safest place is under the bed, stay there! OR: same as Inca people worshiping the sun; you must sacrifice three virgins every year… if you are lucky to find one in the western countries…  to please the sunspots…?!

If fluctuation in sunspots was dictating the climate = would have being same climate in Brazil and northern Australian deserts. Same sunspots, same latitude, same CO2; BUT COMPLETELY DIFFERENT CLIMATES. GLOBAL warmings / coolings in the past were not GLOBAL!!! Laws of physics don’t permit that. First they must abolish those laws of physics, by legislation and in UN.

Fake’s gullible daydream # 12:


Was it really? 98 turned out as ‘’the hottest year’’ for two reasons. For a start; 98 was as warm as 97 and 2010, as in 1849, and any other year. But the reason the Fake’s masters (IPCC) declared it as the hottest year; 1] because: was the year after the Kyoto conference = to scare the crap out of you. Second reason 98 was the hottest, was because: when their colleagues in East Anglia and IPCC realized that they overdid it – year 99 had to be colder. Otherwise, if they were adding every year as they did from 97 to 98, by the time they con every country = would have being getting warmer by 10 degrees, without thermometers noticing any warming. It will be known in history, as the most pathetic: Now ‘’the Fakes are proving the Warmist wrong; by using the Warmist invented lie… ‘’98 as the warmest’’ – turned out to be Warmist water pistols given to the ‘’phony Skeptics’’ and their blind followers as a present; to arm themselves.  That’s why Warmist declared: ‘’the science is settled’’ because of the calibre of their ‘’opponent’s’’ stupidity. Warmist are worried that: it might be discovered that 98 wasn’t warmer or colder than any other year. Fakes are beating themselves in the chest, by having proof that 98 was the ‘’warmest’’… the traitors of everything honest are legitimizing the Warmist’ opportunistic lie.

Over the sea, 2/3 of the planet’s surface area; not a single monitoring – on land; monitoring on major airports – between airports… 99,999999% of the land surface area not taken into account… that’s not part of their planet also… how the hell Fakes know that 98 was warmer than any other years – for what other years they know the temperature, and how did they discover?! You cannot compare one unknown with another unknown; but both camps ”pretend” that they can… What do you think? Example: in a distant galaxy; there are two planets – lets name them planet Gore and planet Plimer; which one of those planets is bigger?

The Fakes lie that 1000y ago, the WHOLE planet was warmer – Warmist use that and state that: 1000y ago, the WHOLE planet was cooler by 1C⁰. WOW!!! 1000y ago, people were scared to sail more than 50miles west of Lisbon – not to fall off the planet – the planet was flat and 70% of it didn’t exist, who was monitoring for them the other 70% of the planet?

 Atmosphere is not same as human body. I.e. when gets warmer under the armpits by half a degree= the whole body is warmer by that much. Atmosphere is completely opposite; when one part gets warmer = another part must get equally colder. That’s what the laws of physics do, by expanding oxygen & nitrogen in change of temperature. Determining warmth in the atmosphere, by monitoring on 6000 places, is only proof that the Swindlers ‘’AVOID’’  to know my formulas / the process of ’’temperature self adjusting’’. Not knowing the most basic, or not wanting to know the laws of physics, but squandering billions, is a double crime. Example: if a thermometer represents 50 000m2 – you put in that area another 5 thermometers on different places – if they show different temp than the one informing IPCC = scam proven!

 Leading Fakes are much more scared from the truth than the Warmist. Leading Warmist know that: by all the monitoring; they don’t know what was the planet’s temp last year, to save their lives – not a single thermometer over the sea / 2/3 of the planet’s surface area… But the Fakes are ‘’pretending’’ to prove the Warmist wrong, by ‘’proxy phony GLOBAL warmings’’ from before the thermometer existed?! Mother of all crimes!! Some of the Fakes are soliciting for cash, on false pretence. Pretend that they are against carbon tax – but when I present the real proofs – they throw tantrum, or run away and are actively silencing the truth. If you ask any Skeptic: -”how can you prove that is not going to be any global warming in 100y; with all those past phony global warmings and global coolings? Not one has an explanation. For the Warmist is most important, the Skeptics to con the people on the street that: earth’s temp can go up or down at the drop of a hat – better for them, those lies to come from their ”opponents”

10]Bottom line: over 90% of the original Swindlers that have being concocting that ‘’localized warmings / coolings; as GLOBAL, are now in the Warmist’ camp. If the rest were still alive – they would have being in the Warmist cult. 2] Warmist can decimate Skeptic’s lies in 5 days, but they don’t, because it suits them. They know that; all the Skeptic’s fairy-tales are wrong – they have being part of those  fairy-tales; most have being even concocted by them. Hubert Lamb was promoting: Nuclear Winter for year 2000, because of CO2 dimming effect’’ (the building where the Warmist Swindlers in East Anglia university are, is called ‘’Hubert Lamb, Building’’  ”The English Building of Shame”

Honest Skeptics, you have being constantly duped by your own leaders. They are defending the ‘’original scam’’ which is the foundation for the Warmist fortress. Wake up Skeptics, you have being blindfolded by prof. Plimer, Monckton; now their apostils and few other bloggers are doing everything possible, for you not to discover the truth and the real proofs. Don’t be prof. Plimer’s  (galah, is an Australian very noisy bird, that can talk; but doesn’t  understand what he is saying) Demand; for them to abolish LEGALLY the laws of physics and the winds, before you start to believe their destructive shonky science.

B] Can anybody imagine: ‘’if  Hansen, Lindzen, Mann, and few other top Warmist criminal Swindlers; admit that they were wrong – what would happen to them; from ‘’their own supporters’’? I’m not talking about their supporters of the lower genera and IQ, but from: politicians, academics, media personalities; that stuck their reputation / credibility on those criminal’s lies’’…  please think about that, then try to answer this question Q: if you are one of them top Warmist criminals; would you admit guilt, because of the Fake Skeptic’s Pagan proofs?! Take your time, before you answer. You can see why the Warmist declared; ‘’the science is settled’’ Would you admit guilt, to end up in jail; when 1000 Fake Skeptics conmen are fighting to defend you, with their bigger, cheap shameless lies. Now you see why the Fakes are silencing my proofs, facts, the truth = two criminal gangs, defend each other; ‘’Thief’s code of silence’’  If somebody was genuinely interested for the truth to win, would have welcomed any new, reliable evidences from me.

C] Apart from the Fake ”Skeptics” that are genuine Warmist, embedded in the Skeptic’s camp; to present themselves as ”opposition” I have a question to the rest. Q: did you ever ask yourself; how do you look in the Warmist eyes?! Here it is, people on the street are realizing that; temperature is not changing / it was all concocted lie -but active Fake Skeptics in the blogosphere are still hallucinating and searching for the existence of the phony GLOBAL warming -that they look in the Warmist eyes as a mentally damaged people…?  If the enemy loves you / needs you – there is a reason for it! When you don’t have a self-respect / ethos= you are the opponent’s fool.

Warmist intentionally confuse the phony global warming, with normal climatic changes – Skeptics keep repeating: ”Climate Change, climate, climate, climate change” same as Harry Krishna people… Skeptics, WATER REGULATES THE CLIMATE, NOT CO2!!!

D] Bottom line: now you know why the Warmist declared; ‘’the science regarding GLOBAL warming is settled’’  Because, their ‘’pretend opponents’’ are shooting themselves in the foot by a machine-gun, instead of pistol… Warmist are winning by telling lies  -/ the Fake Skeptics are losing by telling lies. Only my real proofs can see the end of the scammer’s scum. Hansen, Mann, Plimer, Gore; should be attached to a lie detector; to answer the simple question: do they believe in GLOBAL warming? No, not in climatic changes, climate never stops changing, some places for better, other for worse; but ‘’do they believe in their own ‘’GLOBAL warmings crap’’?!


If anybody believes that: by the ‘’phony GLOBAL warmings” above; the Fakes will proof that is no global warming in 100y… my tears will not help you much, you need a shrink! The truth always wins on the end. 


Santa has a same ”PAUSE” between January and December… as the phony global warming, which only arrives before important conference!

Warmist invented the ”pause” because there are still lots of people on the street that can think for themselves, and are noticing that IS SAME TEMP AS ALWAYS WAS… AND: to prove to the politicians and the media that: –” skeptics are capable of thinking and reasoning as five year old kids, OR as a 25y old fencepost”…

Warmist lies have limited shelf-lifeFAKE Skeptic’s stupidity is unlimited.

There is no such a thing as warmer the WHOLE planet – therefore, the Warmist don’t have a case / it’s all lies; but the Fakes are covering up the Warmist lies / shame – by inventing phony GLOBAL warmings = the ”Skeptics” became Warmist’ Fig Leafs

They made it official that: ‘’during the northern summer; the planet is WARMER BY up to 3,8C than during the southern summer.’’ WOW, what a science!…

I believe that: their data shows even bigger difference; but they are not heroic enough, to admit -> ‘’smoothing the data” follows..

The truth: not enough EXTRA WARMTH is in the atmosphere during the northern summer than during southern, to boil one chicken egg with it!!! BUT, it shows that ‘’their modelling’’ is complete crap! It shows warmer, for two unscientific reasons::

#1:  because 75% of the monitoring places are on the N/H, 25% only on the southern. Example: if 75 workers get pay increase by 10% for 6 months and 25 workers get pay decrease by 10% = overall together they will be getting more money; than for the next 6 months – when 75 workers get salary decreased by 10% and the other 25 workers get increased their salary by that much. What a con science is used; by not having monitoring places spaced equally!!!… Reason everybody is scared from the truth, and are trying to silence my proofs / science!!! (to be even more pathetic: because of elliptical orbit around the sun, earth is closer to the sun at Christmas, than in July)

Reason #2: on the S/H is much more water, than on the northern hemisphere. Where is ‘’more water’’ DAYS ARE COOLER / NIGHTS WARMER!!! It proves that: monitoring only for the ‘’HOTTEST MINUTE’’ in 24h, and ignoring all the other 1439 minutes – is the mother of all con and misleading science!!! BY BOTH CAMPS!!! Warmth in every minute in 24h has SAME value; but doesn’t go up / down equally as the hottest minute!!!

That’s admission that they are wrong by 3,8C in 6 months – then look at their ”GLOBAL” temperature charts for the last 150y, 1000y, 6000 years – they ”pretend” to be correct in one hundredth of a degree and occasionally in one thousandth of a degree, for every year. That’s what kind of people FROM BOTH CAMPS are talking about their  ”scientific proofs”… where is their credibility,  what kind of ”computer models” can be wrong by 3,8C for 6 months non-existent difference in temp – but are talking ”with precision” about 1920’s, 1850’s, 5BC, 7200BC…?

150y ago, there were only few unreliable thermometers; data collected by unreliable people. But that data is used as correct – sometime, by some, is stated as: unreliable; but was / IS used as reliable anyway, by those same people. 400-500-700 years ago.. well the correct GLOBAL temperature ”BY THEIR PROXY’‘   was discovered from: if there were 12 bushels of grain per acre in Devon-shire, England; then next year was only 11,5 bushels, because of damage by locust, or neighbour’s goats ->  that means that: in all of Oceania, south America, Australia and the other 90% of the planet – the temperature following year was ”COLDER BY 0,04C, on the WHOLE planet…. WOW! What a science – precision in one hundredth of a degree. Look at their GLOBAL temp charts = it looks as seismographs / the planet has a hi-fever…?

Their GLOBAL temp cycles are even more sick. They found in Colorado Canyon erosion that: certain deposits repeat themselves -> instantly they name them as ”factual cycles” in other country, or other continent, alluvial deposits don’t match the ones in Colorado – instead of admitting that: THOSE CYCLES were not GLOBAL – they just ad more and more different cycles. Blame the sunspots, solar dust; blame everything that cannot take them to court for defamation. Instead of starting to analyse: how the deterioration of vegetation / climate was gradually affected by human inventing the ARTIFICIALLY CREATION OF FIRE. In Eurasia + North Africa 50000-60000 years ago – north America 15000y ago – in Australia maybe 30000y ago. After 20-30 intensive bushfires, the vegetation gives up -> without vegetation -> rainfall decreases = become hotter days / colder nights / more extreme climate, not warmer.  Unfortunately, admitting the truth – so that the climate can be improved – which would bring money to the engineers and working people; but not to the Organized Crime

Before the invention of artificial fires by human – the only fires the earth knew, was from volcanoes and lightening storms. Volcanoes aren’t very often – electric storm is associated with rain = because of wet; fire doesn’t go far.  Artificial fires first started, when was mulch everywhere – after many generation; the mongrels were turning the best lowlands into deserts… now the Fakes are ”SKEPTICAL” if human can change the climate… self destructive idiots… born losers!

                                              DOUBLE CON IS BETTER

The leading ‘’Skeptics’’ realized that: it’s easier with a telescope to see distant objects in details -> concocted that: Galileo, and after him, people were observing the sunspots (if Galileo looked at the sun with his telescope -> would have burned a hole from his eye socket to the back of his head, in minutes). Then they added that: ”since 6000years ago, Chinese were absorbing and documenting sunspots” – (must have being lots of blinded Chinese…) So, they falsified for every year in the last few thousand years – sunspots to fit their original lies and misleading GLOBAL temp charts… perfect fit! Marvellous crap!

In reality, for the first time a filter was made, to see that the surface of the sun is not just red; but has sunspots; in 2004. Before that, for 100y they were blocking the sun with a cardboard and observing the sun-flares; NOT sunspots!!! Because the sun-flares from the corona were going in 8 minutes, where the earth will be in 6 months; the flares that affected the earth directly were blocked… wasn’t any benefit. B] looking directly at the sun, in 7-8 minutes; you will not see any sunspots, BUT, will see sunspots after for a day, even in a completely dark room; and you will never see anything else, in your life.

C] if you look at the sun with a telescope, will burn your eyes COMPLETELY  in half the time, than looking direct at the sun. Depends the power of the telescope; in 2-3 seconds complete blindness – in 10 seconds, your head will be steaming – in 2-3 minutes: the light through your eye socket would be going out from the back of your head. Galileo wasn’t so stupid, to look at the sun; he was looking at Jupiter. But the ‘’Fake Skeptics’’ to make the skeptical people to appear as bigger liars than the Warmist -> made for every year their ‘’forgery sunspots’’ to clip exactly to match their misleading global temp charts… what a criminal scam… to degrade the genuine, honest skeptical people!..

D]Their phony GLOBAL temp charts for the past, were created from their phony ‘’proxy’’::: if records say: 12 bushels of grain per acre, in Yorkshire / England = was warm year, on the whole planet. Next year only 11,2 bushels; they made official: colder year on the WHOLE planet by 0,4C. other years locust, or neighbour’s  goats damaged the grain; only 9,3 bushels -> mini ice age declared officially on their ‘’GLOBAL’’ temp charts. Therefore: if the neighbour got drunk in the tavern, instead of looking after his goats; the extra bottle of vino; changed the number of the sunspots…?! miracle, or a grotesque CON, by the ‘’leading’’ Fake Skeptics… In medieval ages people were more religious and were paying correct 10% tax to the bishop – after, in Renaissance (phony LIA) the mongrels were laying how much they produced – to pay less tax to the bishop. 3] using same crops on same land from Medieval times to Renaissance, no synthetic fertilizer – was less crops, not because of phony LIA!

They found 3 beetles in a pit moss in England, those beetles now are only further south – they declared ”was warmer the whole planet in medieval times” I pointed to them that: ”because of pesticide, those beetles are gone now, not because of different global temp; b] one peatbog cannot tell the temp from England, for the whole planet” To prove me wrong, they found another peatbog in Chile…   Well, any ”researcher using peatbog, as proxy data for the past – only shows that: the White Collar Criminal is a con, AND he is giving the ”Skeptics” longer rope, to make bigger fools of themselves!!! Why are meteorologist using thermometers and lots of man-hours, to collect temp every day of different places – when two peatbogs can give them correct temp for every city and country and ocean on the planet, for hundreds of years?! meteorologist should learn from the skeptics, and chuck their thermometers away!… Bucketful of shells in some corner of China can give them the correct temp for the WHOLE globe that was colder, OR lump of wood on the Alps will prove of ”global” warming, OR peatbog in Chile will tell about ”global” cooling, OR pit bog in Siberia will tell about a ”global” warming…?!?!

It started by vandalizing stalagmites in the cave – the ”build up / texture” of the stalagmite in the cave will give them the ”accurate” temp for the ”whole” planet…?! The compulsive, chronic, pathetic liars cannot see that: -” if the ”global temperature” was affecting the building structure and size of the stalagmites: every stalagmite in that cave would have being same, as built in the factory; BUT they are all different shapes and sizes – because many other different factors affect the structure! All the ”proxy data” are the same con, all concocted by White Collar Criminals (WCC) = all those ”proxy data” were collected and put in prof. Ian Plimer’s book – that book became ”Skeptic’s Bible”… precursor of all evil…

E] if Colorado canyon alluvial deposits say that: for certain period in the past was more rain, or less – for the Original Swindlers, that was telling the temp on the WHOLE planet…? Instead of admitting that: those deposits cannot even tell about the rainfall for the whole state of Colorado. Because of that; they have being declaring: Palaeocene,  Eocene, Crapocene – phony GLOBAL temp cycles = what a scam, declared as official records, by the original scum. Therefore, to cover up the mountains of the original Pagan lies – GLOBAL temp charts, which look as seismographs, with precision to one hundredth of a degree – they made the ‘’Sunspots Forgery’’ to support the biggest continuous con, since Darwin published his book. Before that; the climate entirely depended on St. Peter’s mood.

Would falsifying sun’s activity chart, make the politicians, media; and especially Mann, Hansen: to admit that they are lying about the phony GLOBAL warming? NOP, they, and the bias media know the date in 2004, when the first time powerful filter was used, to see details on the surface of the sun; and the company that made that filter. They keep under their sleeve that proof, to be used, when is most important time; to rub ”Skeptic’s” nose.

Proxy data ”extrapolated” from stalagmites: yes, they like the word ”extrapolated” -which means: concocted more crap… So: they cut the biggest and most  beautiful   stalagmite in the cave, in the name of ”science” – magnify it, and like tree-rings; for when it shows thicker rings => was more rain on the surface => it was warmer planet / thinner rings => less rain => it was cooler planet, cool. It goes in the university books, and is official; can’t argue against university knowledge!!!  Lets double-check:

Exactly above that stalagmite on the surface, a cow droping brought some extra calcium in the digested grass long time ago – for couple years was sipping more calcium deep down to ”that lucky stalagmite” , but not to the others in that same cave – nevertheless; it was declared officially as ”warmer years on the WHOLE planet” because: everything that comes from those shonks is bullshit BUT not cows-shit, cows-shit is definitely not bullshit, but the best organic fertilizer; unfortunately most geologist are big city slickers and don’t know that. After many, many years again, just above that stalagmite dropped a dead bird, or a rodent AND from the bones lots of calcium was sinking down to the lucky stalagmite for many years, the rings said: it was very wet / hot 55 years on the ”whole” planet – that calcium got exhausted after 55 years -> because of  that followed by much colder planet. Then suddenly a snail decayed above, and from his shell released good amount of calcium; that stalagmite got fatter few-rings again, AND the ”climate expert” declared: 7200BC was hotter planet by 2C! ”One dead snail” made much hotter planet for many, many years; what a climatology science, what a science…  That snail must have being a big sucker. to increase the temperature by 2C, on the whole planet 7200BC?  What about IF there was 5 dead snails on the surface, above that stalagmite, as they use to congregate together; would have boiled the whole planet completely – from Australia, Antarctic, America, Africa and ALL the water in-between… (now the skeptics hope; that science, because is written in university books, will get them over the line) Only if the leading Warmist were so dumb…

Professional manipulators as the Warmist / Marxist know that: ”when that climate scientist / geologist first walked into that cave; he saw 75 stalagmites in 20m radius; all different sizes and shapes stalagmites – wouldn’t be even theoretically possible 75 different rainfalls and different climates above the  cave in 20m radius; so he didn’t have a heart to vandalize the stalagmite, and he put that in his logbook: he wouldn’t got on the front pages in newspapers, not in the school books, and he wouldn’t got funds and grants” -so: the Warmist / Marxist know the truth about every ”proxy data”! But they will never ask the ‘‘different global warmings geologist: -‘‘on some years is only showers, for surface moisture that doesn’t penetrate deep, to bring calcium to the stalagmites; years like that are not recorded on the stalagmite and, which confuses, like non existent tree rings on a tree – other times: there are 3-4 different big storms on different times in a SAME year, BUT are registered as three different years…?! Prof Plimer as the Skeptic’s Prophet, he gave lots of boomerangs to the Skeptics, to fight the Marxist thieves; unfortunately – with those boomerangs, the Skeptics only clabber themselves / always backfires… Warmist are marching from victory to victory, on Skeptic’s backs – using the Skeptics as their  own geldings…

If the Warmist admitted that they are wrong -> will lose billions of $$$ benefits every year  b] will lose grip and control over the nations c] some of them will end up in jail, for ”profiteering under false pretence”  Does anybody believes that: because of a dead snail, because of a picture people scatting on Thames and some stupid sunspots, they will give up all the power and privileges and declare themselves as criminals?!?!?! Think, think for few days, and then give us your answer.

Somebody said: ‘’Some geological fakes and frauds are carried out solely for financial gain whereas others maybe have increasing aesthetic appeal (faked fossils) or academic advancement (fabricated data) as their motive. All types of geological fake or fraud can be ingenious and sophisticated. Fake gems, faked fossils and mining fraud are common examples where monetary profit is to blame: nonetheless these may impact both scientific theory and the reputation of geologists and Earth scientists. The substitution or fabrication of both physical and intellectual data also occurs for no direct financial gain, such as career advancement or establishment of belief. Knowledge of such fakes and frauds may assist in spotting undetected geological crimes: application of geoforensic techniques should help the honest scientific community to detect such activity, which ultimately will undermine scientific integrity.”  ”honest scientific community” cannot be found between paid so called ”climatologists” needs intervention from outside ‘’

Q: do the Skeptics believe that: -”the leading Warmist will admit that they are lying, and give up all those billions of $$ and end up in jail; because the Skeptics keep repeating: LIA, Medieval ”global” warming, Roman ”global” warming, Palaeocene, Eocene, Crapocene?!?! A: in Pagan Beliefs thinking and honest debate not allowed… When for the ”Skeptics” Sahara and Brazil have same climate; the Warmist won, thanks to prof Plimer’s foot solders, his ”closed parashoth brains”! Because Sahara and Brazil have same amount of CO2; if CO2 was regulating the climate – must be same climate on both places…? Wouldn’t make sense to an earthworm, because earthworms don’t read Plimer’s Pagan Bible…

Why is difficult of learning the most important factors: ”ABSORPTION OF HEAT IS ALWAYS ”EQUAL” the RELEASE {A=R} because O&N are responsible for regulating same amount of heat to be always in the troposphere. By expanding / shrinking and vertical winds increasing / decreasing, and getting higher, when extra warmth!!!

Phony ”Global” temperature cycles: the only cycles on the planet are: day / night cycles – summer / winter cycles and Paris Hilton’s menstrual cycles, BUT: even they are not ”global” – when is winter in N/H, is summer in the S/H – then reverses. Also; when is day Australia, it’s night in Canada. Same: when gets warmer, for ANY reason on same place – simultaneously gets ”colder” on other place / places. Never is warmer the ”whole planet” or colder the whole planet – the honest laws of physics don’t permit that! Same as children’s see-saw plank – the higher one side goes, simultaneously the lower the other side goes – never both sides go up, or down simultaneously! Because of the Earth’s Temperature Self Adjusting  Mechanism (ETSAM)! (see the post COOLING EARTH for those proofs)

Yes, Colorado canyon is like pages in a book; the alluvial soil on the banks of the canyon can tell a lot about the past. When was more rainy years => bigger and more sediments are brought and deposited. So, you can see that similar sediments repeat themselves in different layers on the bank => that was declared as ”global TEMPERATURE cycles”. Conveniently they overlooked that: could be really big storms for few weeks, and dry for the rest of the year b] when in the distance some submarine volcanoes became active for few years -> evaporation increased in that area ->brought lots of rain in the headwaters of Colorado river. It’s hard to warm up extra the sea from sunlight; because: a: sunlight warms up the surface of the water only, warmer water doesn’t sink down, because the cold-water deep down, as heavier, is not letting the warmed water to go down b] when the surface water warms up ”extra” evaporation increases, evaporation is ”cooling process”–  when more evaporation, more clouds, clouds are as sun umbrellas, instantly intercept lots of sunlight high up, where cooling is much more efficient and less sunlight gets on the ground. Therefore: it’s total mistake to blame the sun, or sunspots for warming all the oceans, because of Colorado sediments; it’s localized event, submarine volcano’s heat is 100% absorbed in the water and spread by the currents a lot, but not around the planet. Well that heat increases localized evaporation , BUT: Anthropocene, HoloceneEocene, Crapocene because was warmer / colder  the whole planet… because was lots of rain in headwaters of Colorado river...Dear brothers, Skeptics: don’t put all your eggs in the ”sunspots basket”! All ”global cycles” were ALWAYS localized!!! Those stupid ”sunspots” cannot be blamed for affecting differently on different meridians!

Same as now, the shonks  blaming the ”sunspots” for El Nino and La Nina, example: when is El Nino, off Chilean coast is warmer and ”more rain” BUT: simultaneously is drought in Australia and India – in La Nina Australia gets much more rain, but not Chile! Because those natural events are occasionally produced: when is a movement in tectonic plates -> activate volcanoes on different places (99% of the volcanoes on the planet are submarine; because the tectonic plates are thinner there AND the “”Rim of Fire”” the plates move same as you; left leg, then the right leg – and affects differently on different places on the planet!

They have different ”extinctions of animals; to support their ”global temperature cycles”!Big mistake to blame phony global warmings / coollings for extinctions! The good Lord made different altitudes and latitudes for the critters to move away, when localized temperatures change, to survive; also he made it for adaptation and diversification. B] see, bacteria can survive in the soil, but not viruses – they are completely helpless – they need a host body, to survive in the blood. So, viruses are smart, they kill only 50%-90% of the host, and leave 10%-50% to produce immunity and carry the virus. Therefore: all critters, including human are survivors from those 10% – 50% that invented immunity for many different viruses, and those viruses don’t bother us, or gets us a bit sick, like from different flue viruses, but seldom kills us – BUT:

on many occasions in the past, many viruses were stupid; they evolved, were easy to spread by the wind and birds -> killed every host dinosaurs, or bird or animal, simultaneously killed themselves also – because without a host, they were not able to survive. Now we find fossilized bones from the host, but the killer virus thanks Lord is gone forever and we’ll never know about it. So: if the Butler did it and is gone, shouldn’t be blamed any ”global” ice age, or  phony ”global warming, or CO2” !!!

Dear Skeptics: when you are discussing about the phony ‘’global’’ warming, BUT: you are analysing some localized temperature =you are a collateral damage from the intensive misleading propaganda. Even IF that local temp is correct; does it means that; their ‘’global’’ temperature is correct?!

#2: when a Warmist refers as ‘’climate change’’  for the ‘’phony global warming’’ he is doing it, to confuse the ignorant / if a sceptic refers as ‘’climate change’’ for the ‘’non-existent global warming’’ is his admission that he is a ‘’Warmist’ gelding’’

#3: some of you are old, others young – wish you all, to live to be 100. BUT: on your death bed – you will see that: will be SAME overall global temperature  as it was in 1970’s and 97, and 2011, and 2015 and any other yearAND THE ”PAUSE” WASN’T REALLY A ”PAUSE”so: then you will realize that: stefanthedenier was always 100% correct.

I made this post; brother Skeptics to open their eyes. Surprise, surprise; the Warmist hate this post MUCH MORE, than the Skeptics – obviously because the Warmist don’t want the Skeptics to open their eyes. That’s what’s  really happening on the net. SINCERE SKEPTICS, YOU ARE SHOOTING BLANKS AT THE WARMIST; BUT ARE CAMOUFLAGING YOURSELF WITH THEIR CRAP… wake up!!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Both Emperors are Naked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Ps. I just found the evidence about those planes that landed on Greenland during the WW2, on the link it says that: they found the planes 46 years after they landed – and intended to recover them. BUT, obviously they haven’t recovered them, because I was reading few years back in National Geographic, and they are still there, under 170m of ice now, here it is:

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