Published on 6/30/13

1]Confusion for ‘’water vapor increasing the planet’s temperature’’ arrived from two ‘’deceiving’’ reasons : 1] in humid area, warm-blooded critters (especially human) cannot efficiently discharge the ‘’constantly produced body heat’’ B] In humid area is NOT warmer for the rock, for crocodile, or for the thermometer. C]If you monitor the temp in humid area and compare V other places ‘’on same latitude’’ where is dry climate;  you will see that: ‘’day temp is much  HOTTER /night temperature is cooler’’ where is dryer!

D]Metabolism produces constant heat; to keep the human body at 37C. If outside the body is 25C + the heat produced in the body = perfect. Burning fuel in the body, produces the other 12C. In other words: human body has enough surface area – to waste the extra heat that produces, in a 25C environment; unless physical activity, or too many warm cloths on. In tamp over 25C, human body starts to perspire -> evaporation of sweat / water, is cooling process. E] where is humid  (‘’water vapor’’ in the air)– ‘’evaporation of sweat decreases = ‘’BODY’s’’ cooling decreases’’ – body overheats -> gets into panic -> starts to sweat even more, because; if body temp increase from 37C, only by 5C in the body, human is dead on 42C. e]When is humid -> your washing needs 2 days to dry / in dry areas, or dry days; washing dries in 15-20 minutes. The hotter the athlete gets – the colder he / she feels, when sprayed with water – evaporation is cooling process; but not in a very humid place.

The good Lord said: let it be, the evaporation to decrease in humid areas, otherwise; in the tropics would have being more water in the air, than in the sea. Deceives the Warmist, but not the coldblooded crocodile. Plenty ‘’water vapor ‘’ areas are much cooler at daytime than areas on ‘’SAME LATITUDE’’ without water vapour, for the thermometer. Compare any place of Sahara V Brazil, on SAME latitude. That makes mockery of the contemporary theology. Water vapor &CO2 are the best, for improving the climate; ask the trees for advice; trees are exposed / depend on the climate; unlike the carbon Bashers.

Bottom line:  metabolism contributes 12C to human body heat; 12C + 25C outside temp= 37C, perfect. If room temp / outside is  30C + 12C from metabolic heat = 42C; on 42C body heat, infant can survive, but not a grown up person.  Evaporating sweat prevents overheating / water vapor outside, slows / stops sweat evaporating; that’s where the trick for confusion is. If you want to know that: for the thermometer doesn’t make difference / because it doesn’t perspire – in dry climate; to imitate /prevent the sweat evaporation; by putting plastic foil / bag, to cover your skin (lets call it: lid on the pot. Preventing sweat to evaporate; is same effect as putting lid on the pot = the pot boils quicker, not the kitchen) – YOU WILL FEEL MUCH WARMER IN DRYER CLIMATE, on same latitude / altitude; than where is (”water vapor” /humid climate with plastic bag on you; to prevent evaporation!

The bottom line is: if you are dead – you would have being ”room temperature” or, same temperature as that log in the backyard, or in that valley. But,  because you are reading this, it means that constantly you are increasing your body temp by12C- 14C, on the top; more than any other objects – that’s what your body thermometer registers / with the 12C – 14C (depends if you are reading or jogging) on the top of the surrounding heat. B] that ”internal combustion” heat produced, allows warm-blooded critters to populate cold regions – but it’s a draw-back in hot / humid places; by overheating, if sweat doesn’t evaporate. Confusing ”decreased evaporation” with a phony GLOBAL warming; it’s much more than ”silly”.  Stupidity doubles; when CO2 is included. Because CO2 increases CONDENSATION, CO2 is a rainmaker**. Condensation is for decreasing humidity / water vapor in the air and converting it into dew, rain.   Time to start apologizing to the H2O & CO2 molecules, and to the already duped  /coned / robbed people!

Another bottom line: where and when is humid, human feels warmer than coldblooded animals and thermometers; BUT, if human wasn’t using the body produced heat = every human  would have being dead from hypothermia on the hottest 24h in the year -. Because: when body temp drops below 34C, goodbye to this world. On the other hand; coldblooded snake is not warmed extra in humid area;  but cannot stay very active when surrounding temperature drops at night, or in winter.

F] in humid areas, nights are warmer; but, NOT DURING THE DAY!!! Because H2O absorbs / maintains for longer heat; than oxygen & nitrogen can. Water vapor makes cooler days / warmer nights; those two factors cancel each other, so: the Warmist theology about CO2&H2O is completely wrong and back to front. F] humidity = means clouds; clouds are the ‘’sun-umbrellas’’ for the surface of the land / sea. They intercept big part of the sunlight, 7-8km high up, where cooling is much more efficient (where much more cold vacuum’’ zooms trough). By the laws of physics: heat goes UP / coldness goes DOWN; therefore: heat produced high up by the H2O&CO2 cloud- never comes to the ground. Then at night; because the proportion in difference of warmth between the ground and upper atmosphere is less – cooling slows ( it’s same rule as with CO2, only is more of H2O in the air). More CO2+H2O in the air = better climate! You compare Sahara V Brazil’s climate: find a place / places that are; Same distance from the equator and polar caps ( same latitude)  SAME altitude’’ You will see what  ‘’WATER VAPOR’’ does for the temperature and CLIMATE! In the process, if you are clever, you might find out; what “water vapor” or absence of it; does for the vegetation, also!

2] second DECEIVING REASON /evidence:

What has given the inspiration that CO2 produces GLOBAL warming is: when gets cloudy – becomes warm and muggy hot. Now, because of that; they are stuck with that: water vapor is GLOBAL warming gas. Nothing to do with any science! The deceiving part:  usually, more water evaporates during the day – by the evening, soil hot / the air is saturated with water vapor – creates clouds -> slows down cooling / traps the heat below the cloud for longer. So-far so good; but, if the cloud arrives in the morning -> day is much COOLER!  With CO2, it doesn’t apply, which time of the day, or how many days; CO2 stays for 3-7 weeks in the atmosphere, until the rain washes it down. B] if is cloudy for 2-3 days; on the third day; is much cooler, than last year, on the same three days, when was NOT cloudy! That demolishes the shonky theory that: water vapor & CO2 are creating global warming!

C] because in the genesis of the GLOBAL warming conspiracy; them ‘’comparing CO2 with H2O’’ – now they are stuck with the misleading mythology; it’s not funny – they have bigger problems than you think. Brazil and Sahara are big enough exhibits/evidences.

D] water vapor increases the ‘’quantity of the troposphere -> troposphere is same as the radiator on your car – same as increasing the size of your radiator. In other words; vapor doesn’t go more than 8-9km altitude; but by increasing the volume of the troposphere -> O&N go further up -> discharge extra heat / collect extra coldness -> fall down with that extra coldness to the ground and cancel any extra heat / temperature self adjusting mechanism is completely ignored, by both camps. Which means: H2O & CO2 are as bigger ‘’Shade-cloth’’ during the day / sunlight; bigger blanket during the night. That is ‘’milder climate’’ not GLOBAL warming, or GLOBAL cooling. E] in Sahara gets from 3C at night, to 45C day time – in Brazil, on SAME latitude, goes from 20C at night, to 32C at day time. It means: in extreme dry, gets warmer by 30C more, than in extreme humid. But it cools much more in dry climate at night, than in humid areas. It means that: ‘’extra heat in the troposphere is NOT accumulative!!! Otherwise, if cooling was SAME – in Sahara, in one month would have being warmer than in Brazil by 900C. learn about the ‘’temperature self adjusting mechanism (TSAM)’’(in my other posts)**

Bottom line: H2O & CO2 in the atmosphere, create ‘’milder climate’’ – doctor’s order for growing bigger, denser and healthier trees; what is wrong with that?! D] if you burn a 5ton tree – would be left 0,5kg of ash / trace elements; the rest, all gone in smoke as CO2 + water vaporSo much about the misleading that: less CO2 & water vapor = green. How pathetic! If a scientist cannot see if is greener in Brazil than in Sahara; he is a ‘’Warmist & Fake, contemporary climatologist’’ same goes for their Zombies / followers of the lower genera and IQ. No offence, nothing personal, facts.

Warmist misleading: the term ‘’Green Energy’’ is completely misleading. B] who is the clown to guaranty that: 150y ago, day before the industrial revolution was the best amount of CO2 for the trees and crops?! Around Kyoto city, where is lots of CO2&WV, the trees are much healthier, than in Sahara and any other desert. C] On SAME latitude / altitude, where the Australian deserts are – in Burma, Vietnam is rainforest. Because of increase in cultivation of rice for the last 3000years in S/E Asia – they have healthy vegetation and no bushfires. In Australia cultivation of rice is treated as the biggest evil; by the evil cult. Nobody has ever silenced a ‘’public secret’’ in the past, and never will!

The simple truth:: If the truth is known, that: ‘water vapor’’ improves the climate -> climate can be improved, on many places; where is mow extreme climate. Deserts are the earth’s wounds/scurs; can be healed by some extra dams for saving storm-water – extra water vapor. No, I didn’t mean dams in the desert, but in surrounding areas. Because the ‘’desert’s heatwaves’’ are affecting the vegetation in surrounding areas – in reverse; moisture from surrounding areas can minimize / shrink the deserts and the negative effects from deserts. Simple solutions.

Because of the misleading that: water vapor is bad for climate:

 Smoking canon # 1: Himalaya’s glaciers are created by the rice paddies in S/E Asia and India. By industrialization of China, India; they might replace those ‘’water vapor’’ producing paddies, with other crops and trees – the glaciers will disappear in less than 10 years – dry / hot air can evaporate the glaciers, without turning them into liquid water first. B]Paddies are producing raw material for renewal of the deficit of the ice; as long as the rice paddies are there = the glaciers will be there forever… because of ‘’water vapor Bashers’’ glaciers are under treat – self fulfilling prophesy, by the cult.

Smoking canon # 2: the same people that are ‘’worrying’’ about the climate; imposed on the Australian government, to buy back farmer’s water for $9 billion, during storms, to be drained into the estuary / into the sea… because Pacific doesn’t have enough water…?! Until now, when some farmers irrigate – produce water vapor in the air – that decreases evaporation in the area – benefits other farms and surrounding vegetation – that attracts extra clouds from the sea = prevents deterioration off the climate. Minus that water vapor – evaporation increases and prepares in distance the vegetation for bigger bushfires. C]surviving farms will need more frequent irrigation / will not get it = they will go belly up. D] Australia already imports food from China – cargo ships walk on water, but drink lots of diesel. E]Australians per capita own much more money to the world’s financiers than the Greeks. When the anarchy starts without food, Warmist will blame the capitalist financiers, instead of themselves.

B] Australian deserts produce more and more dry heat – to destroy the ‘’water vapor’’ created in the surrounding waters; which WV belongs to the Indonesian archipelago, from Port Moresby to Sumatra – already Australian dry heatwaves are occasionally affecting their vegetation as ‘’flame-throwers’’. The dry heat constantly created in the Australian tropics is 99% responsible for the Indonesian forest fires! Lots of ran drops during monsoonal season in the Australian tropics, BUT: all that freshwater must be drained instantly into the sea; because green senator Bob Brown & Tim Flannery imposed: no dams for saving freshwater allowed, on the driest continent on the planet!’’ Australian Green People will blame the Indonesians and CO2, for deteriorating Indonesian vegetation… Australia is committing ‘’crimes by negligence’’ – Indonesian forest fires are because of Australian dry heat produced in the tropics, which can be prevented. Same as Sahara’s and Arabia’s dry heat causes fires in Greece and Spain, same as California’s desert produces big fires in California. Example: if the ‘’brown water’’ from San Francisco and Los Angeles is piped into the desert; fires will completely decrease, rainfall will increase AND: snow will increase in the mountain that is water catchment area for Sacramento river – more snow = more freshwater! B] As long as the countries around Himalayas have lots of rice paddies, the glaciers on Himalayas will be there – if dams in Pakistan are made to save stormwater -> glaciers will grow even bigger; if those countries dry most of their rice paddies and plant eucalyptus trees -> glaciers will shrink completely. Eucalyptus trees made Australia to be mostly desert (in India are already planting eucalyptus trees = Australia is exporting environmental terrorism) Eucalyptus likes fires, produces toxins which kills the essential bacteria in the soil

C] most of the time, already west of Australia; in the warm-waters of Indian Ocean is regular; area as the map of Australia, without clouds. (because of the earth spinning eastwards – the dry heat from Australia goes west and destroys the ‘’water vapor’’ west of the continent)  That ‘’water vapor’’ is important to be protected from the Australian produced ‘’dry heat’’, because::

D]For 8-9 months in a year; when the air becomes too cold above Antarctic – the earth’s centrifugal force is puling that cold / dry air, north ( meteorologist call them the ‘’highs’’) – they keep coming north up to Arafura sea and south Pacific. To avoid creation of vacuum on Antarctic, because of those millions of cubic kilometer of air – from Indian ocean, low level winds travel constantly towards Antarctic – bring ‘’water vapor’’ there; and by freeze-drying, renews the ice. Less ‘’water vapor ’ in Indian ocean; because is destroyed by the Australian dry heat = less ice created every season ‘’around’’ the Antarctic continent.

E] I never worry about the amount of ice on Antarctic (Tera firma) – but the winter ice creation around, on Antarctic’s water; is off paramount importance!!! Surprised?! From the north, currents bring warm-water towards Antarctic – by the time it gets there, the temp of that surface water drops to +4C. That water goes under the ice for long distances – then goes north again. White ice is full of air, as polystyrene is insulating the water from the unlimited coldness in the air. I have given the name of that ice in my book: ‘’the Whale’s White Greenhouse’’ protects in winter the krill / plankton, from the air temp above of minus -50C – 65C. By the laws of physics; heat goes up / coldness goes down; but thanks to that ice, all living critters below are shielded in winter. Less or no ice created, because of ‘’less ‘’water vapor; because of more Australian dry heat produced – ‘’Whale’s White Greenhouse’’ will shrink completely. Thanks to the crocodile tears of the Green People; because they demand farmer’s water to be repossessed + imposing ‘’no new dams’’ rules – Green senator Brown’s & Tim Flannery’s ‘’Water Embargo on Australian environment’’

F] on the top of that; ABC is regularly, proudly shoving: how the ‘’CSIRO’s Antarctic Division of Researchers’’ are senselessly, unnecessarily vandalizing that same called ‘’crushed ice’ on Antarctic’s ocean / ‘’the Whale’s White Greenhouse’’ by Ice Crusher Ships. Ice is brittle like glass – when many corridors are sliced = the ruff water brakes millions of larger areas chunks of ice = exposing the water to the unlimited coldness in the air. The lunatics are getting paid (including all expenses) by the Australian taxpayers, including ABC’s commissars. that makes every Australian as ‘’involuntary criminal’’, for financing them. I cannot strongly enough express; the urgency, to stop the vandals!

G] when water is not shielded by ice – absorbs much more coldness from the air = decimates everything living below. B] that extra cooled water, currents take north again, to Australia and south Africa = colder water = less evaporation -> good for the protagonist; but less evaporation means = less rain in near future in Australia and southern half of Africa. Wildlife in Africa & Australia mummified, or scorched – more people / animals/properties-vegetation  burned in extra intensive forest fires; they are blaming CO2 and the phony GLOBAL warming. CO2 is a fire retardant gas, same as water; WV + CO2 don’t produce forest fires, idiots!!!

Smoking cannon # 3: less water vapor in the air = smaller troposphere

Water vapor doesn’t go up to the edge of the troposphere; but is increasing the volume of the troposphere, by simply increasing the quantity of gases. Smaller troposphere = more extreme temp on the ground. For example: on the moon is no troposphere – gets from 105C at day time, to minus -145C at night. That’s 250C difference between day and night. Which means: smaller troposphere = more extreme temperature between day and night; called: bad climate!!!. B]Water vapor / clouds are the sun-umbrella for the land / sea surface at daytime / blankets at night.

Trees can prosper in the tropics and in cold country; but they suffer from ‘’extreme’’ temperatures between day and night – on short period/ spontaneous big change in temp; the water into the trees shrink / expands a lot and trees suffer from ‘’decompression effect’’ Only people that benefit from ‘’extreme climates’’ are the phony GLOBAL warmings protagonist – to cover up for their  misleading ‘’predictions’’. Dams prevent floods and droughts – but protagonist ‘’predicted floods and droughts’’ Same as Arsonist ‘’predicting’’ when is your house going to be on fire… big deal. I call it: ‘’Enforced Prophecy’’  That’s the reason I’m exposing the conspiracy – if people know that: the Desperadoes are setting up bad things intentionally; it will discourage the Conspirators of sabotaging the climate – when people know that: big / small, good / bad climatic changes have nothing to do with any phony GLOBAL warmings, water readjusts the climate. ‘’Enforced Prophecy” = double crimes!

Smoking cannon # 4:

Less “water vapor’’  in the air (raw material for the renewal of ice on the polar caps) it means: more and more water on the Arctic ocean is exposed to the unlimited coldness. Exposed water absorbs extra coldness – including together with the normal January coldness – with double strength, sends much colder air south – that ‘’extra cold air’’ intercepts the moisture south and creates extra snow / blizzards; south in Europe / USA and Atlantic = no raw material, water vapor left; to renew the ice on Arctic – chain reaction has already started. Instead, they use even nuclear powered Ice Crusher Ships; to damage even more of the permanent ice – in the hope that: Arctic’s waters without ice will prove that the phony GLOBAL warming is for real…

2]If one knows exactly; where ice is missing, plus from which point of Arctic –  to where south, the winds blow = can predict where will be more extreme next winter (as it was few months ago in central Europe, year before in Poland, USA… their ‘’back to front science:’’ water vapor bad for the climate’’ is depraving them of any reliable predictions. I have being warning them for few years – but ignored; on the end, they didn’t  understand: why with less ice on Arctic waters is colder south…?) They celebrate less ice. But my advises of: less ice covering the waters = colder; is winning. Because I have respect for the laws of physics.

Sorry, but you can see; why I’ve run out of Red Carpet, for the Warmist & Co

3] building extra dams -> improves the climate in dry countries; dams prevent floods and droughts. Dams increase humidity -> humidity decreases evaporation on the land. Moisture stays longer in the soil and in the mulch. That attracts extra clouds from the sea on land. That prevents big devastating bushfires. (where are devastating bushfires – in the proximity must be a desert; where the dry heatwaves are created). Dry heat created in the desert, vacuums the moisture from the vegetation in far distances, and is preparing it for big bushfires. Extra moisture from new dams is saturating the dry heat. When is extra ‘’water vapor’’ trees are absorbing moisture from the air = the moisture in the soil stays longer; otherwise, trees vacuum all the moisture from the soil, to protect their leafs off drying from the dry heat. Most of the time, the trees will kill some of their own branches – to decrease lose of moisture -> when fires arrive, fire starts on the dry branches and finishes the tree. Many people, animals die in intensive fires; that makes Warmist & Co as ‘Premeditated Mass Murderers’’.

4] without dams, to regulate the floodwater – lots of crops and lives were lost in Pakistan. If it was dams, to collect part of that floodwater – that water would have being improving the climate / vegetation / crops in dry months. That saved water in new dams would have produced clean electricity. Because of the spinning of the planet eastward – that moisture would have being flowing westwards – would have prevented the famine on the Horn of Africa and further west. They talk about human lives lost in droughts; but in the same time wild life and vegetation lost, is not mentioned, or is all blamed on the phony GLOBAL warming – because the offender is the Evil Cult, from both camps. Instead of donating food for famine victims – should be built dams / improves the climate; they can produce in future their own food = it’s same as: giving man a fish – you are feeding him for a day – teaching him how to fish, you are feeding him for life. New dams are a taboo, illegal, for the Evil Cult, from both camps. New dams increase ‘’water vapor, attract extra clouds from the sea = improve the climate’’

5] in Australia, the ‘’SAME’’ Evil Cult; organized the politicians from both sides, to give 9 billion dollars; for repossessing farmer’s water – to drain it into the estuary, during floods – because Pacific doesn’t have enough water…?! ‘’Green climatology’’ turned into Bullshit Mania. On many languages ‘’green’’ was a symbol for ‘’immaturity’’ same as green capsicums, green tomatoes. Green turned red, when matured; now the western Reds, since the fall of the Berlin Wall, Reds turned Green… the real lunacy began… everything is back to front, with the Evil Cult. ‘’Group Thinking + censorship’’ is for indoctrination & brainwashing, not science.   ‘’Group Thinking + censorship’’ is one’s ADMISSION in not believing in what they are PREACHING.***

Fear not from water vapor, water is live. Humidity does make people to perspire – that cannot be bad. Since the Roman time, people were using saunas – after, Turkish Baths become popular for people’s health.  Today, with obesity epidemic; extra perspiration is highly recommended.

2] when is humidity in the air (water vapor) trees absorb moisture from the air – keep the moisture in the ground for dry days. If no water vapor in the air – trees must pump water from the ground soon after the rain, to prevent leaves from drying (same as; when is humid, takes days to dry your shirt / in dry heat, shirt dries in minutes) tree-leaves are exposed to the sunlight and winds. If trees doesn’t have to pump water from the ground, to protect the leaves = more water stays in the ground, to keep the essential  bacteria in the soil alive, those bacteria make soil as sponge, to absorb extra water during storms and prevents devastating floods.  b] more moisture left for dry days 3] more moisture left in the soil to go into the creeks and rivers and supply clean water in dry days. Dry creeks / rivers for few months – it’s not very healthy for the fish, and for other critters that need water on the land.

Blaming water vapor is extreme brains degradation. Please pas that message to the public. Bashing water vapor, CO2 and methane; are the 3 pillars on which the Warmist castle is built. So, for them being wrong on CO2, you can find all over this blog – recommend reading the page ”CLIMATE” for a start – b]misleading regarding methane (CH4) is above also =they don’t have a case; they are not just wrong, but are back to front on just about everything.

why is rising CO2 in the air seen as bad? Why depletion of the essential molecule CO2 is not seen as bad?! Plenty water vapor in the jungle and other forests, not in the deserts. One oak-tree knows knows more about the climate, than all the climatologist combined. b] earthworms refuse to live in deserts, but are plenty earthworms where WV available = earthworms know much more about the climate and water effects on land, than ALL the Warmist followers combined!!!

Rain washes the CO2 into the sea, the more of it is – the more it washes down. Coral, algae, shellfish collect CO2 from the water – when they are dead -> get buried and cemented carbon for millions of years in form of limestone… Before the industrial revolution, CO2 was depleted to critically low level for the trees & crops. What’s wrong of having a bit more of it?!!! DOESN’T FIT THE CONTEMPORARY PROPAGANDA!!!


2 Responses to WATER VAPOR (H2O)

  1. kendo2016 says:

    Hi Stefan,
    i have just read many of your excellent climate blogs,the most recent being the one on water.could you please explainhow the stratosphere changes into the thermosphere &what the temperatureis there .

    • kendo, welcome – in the stratosphere temperature never changes. ALL the heat is neutralized / canceled by the ”cold vacuum” that is penetrating constantly into the troposphere; on the first 10km altitude. Occasionally some heat goes further up, from volcano or nuclear explosion, but because of the amount of ”cold vacuum” there constantly zooming through, every 9 minutes – is taken care of that or any extra heat, Without making any interruption to the equilibrium / constant ”overall” temp on this planet. Also; WV doesn’t go more than 12km up – most of it is on 3-7km altitude.

      Would be safe to say that: ”above 12km altitude the temp is constant at -90C / the therm ”thermosphere” was invented by people; to confuse AND to appear that they know what they are talking about. It’s based on presumption that ”heat radiates up into the void, and on the way is interfering with temperature, the name ”thermosphere” comes from.

      kendo, you tell them that: ”heat doesn’t radiate out in space / cold vacuum comes into the thin troposphere and is neutralizing it. Mohamed doesn’t go to the mountain – the mountain comes to Muhamed” Therefore: if it was zero CO2, or 10 times more; wouldn’t make warmer or colder planet. When is too much WV or CO2, they create ”shade cloth effect” colder days / warmer nights = but overall heat for 24h is still the same, NOT GREENHOUSE EFFECT!!!. CO2 not guilty!

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