posted on February 6. 2012

  Stefan Mitich – spokesperson for non-believers in GLOBAL warming lies, but believe in climatic changes.  Because water, seasons, altitude, latitude regulate climate, nothing to do with CO2!    

Climatic changes have nothing to do with any phony ”global” warmings, water regulates the climate, not CO2!!!.

”Predicting the climate / weather”; was the oldest profession – NO, prostitution was the second oldest profession..
2] regarding CO2 – there are two versions – one is that CO2 blocks the heat radiating out in space – second was used in the 70’s – which was: CO2 dimming effect will block the sunlight and we will have ice age by year 2000.

Children come from school depressed and some are getting insomnia; because the teachers keep telling them that: ”by the time they grow up – the planet will boil”… kids prefer not to grow up…
Paedophiles destroy the minds of 2-3 kids – the Warmist psychopaths are destroying the minds of 100 million western children = Warmistas are 1000 worse than all the pedophiles on the planet combined!!!

Com on guys, join me: no need to be a ”scientist / climatologist” to know about the climate! I’m not a bird and cannot lay an egg, but I know when the egg is rotten. and GLOBAL warming is rotten to the bone… when presenting it falsely as ”Climate Change” to confuse the ignorant; stinks even more.



All the Warmist and most of the Skeptics work on atmosphere without oxygen & nitrogen; as if the atmosphere was made exclusively from CO2 & methane, big mistake.

3]THE TRUTH: CO2 during the day goes up 3-5km, where cooling is much more efficient and intercepts minuscule amount of sunlight => that much ”less” sunlight reaches the ground! b] because after sundown CO2 cools faster than O2&N2, creates condensation of WV and drops to the ground, to feed the trees and crops. The more CO2 in the air -> the more gets washed down by the rain into the soil and the sea. The ‘scare tactics” are used as ”protection money” nothing more. CO2 is a miracle molecule that spreads the essential carbon to the vegetation.

4] heat doesn’t ”radiate” out in space!!! all heat is neutralized by the NEW ”cold vacuum” that penetrates trough the troposphere every 10 minute -and is neutralizing the heat between 3-10km altitude – although, sometime super-heated gases from volcanoes and nuclear explosions go up to 17km. CO2 causing ice ages and global warmings is the grandmother of all lies!

5]Climate is in constant change, some places for better, some for worse; H2O changes climate, not CO2! 6] For any reason the atmosphere warms up –expends upwards into space of minus -90⁰C, in the space where lots of ”cold vacuum” zooms trough – intercepts  extra coldness instantly / releases the heat, redirects it =prevents  Global  warming. The laws of physics say: if one part of the atmosphere gets warmer – other part instantly gets colder – to equalize. If is known all what is on this website; wouldn’t be any flat rate carbon tax, or repossessing farmer’s water, or burning /destroying the coal in the ground (coal seam gas); would be the end of Kyoto Protocol. Everything proven scientifically,  beyond any reasonable doubt, now; not to wait 100 years to see that they are wrong (the Nostradamus trick). Rely on what is reliable, that eliminates guessing

7] all the fuss about the phony Global Warming is because; the  scientist from both camps ignore that: oxygen and nitrogen are 998 999 ppm in the air – they expend when get warmer, expansion is instant. Where they expend up,  is minus  -90⁰C. Release heat, intercept appropriate extra coldness in 3,5 seconds – shrink, and in a jiffy drop to the ground, to equalize. Because of fast spinning of the planet eastward +winds – the extra coldness intercepted, falls somewhere far west, in much larger area. Cities get warmer = far west from cities is the sea = above the sea colder. Part of the planet’s atmosphere can get warmer and always does; reason why the winds exist. The whole atmosphere cannot get simultaneously warmer, or colderas long as the laws of physics exist. The unlimited coldness in the stratosphere is used, if the troposphere expends, or that coldness is wasted, just zooms trough. The precursor of all evil is: promoting by both camps that: past warmings and ice ages were Global. That makes both camps wrong. Past warmings / ice ages were localized – not GLOBAL. Laws of physics don’t permit / approve warming, or cooling to be GLOBAL.

My formulas solve all the confusions: If troposphere gets colder, for ANY reason. As in solar eclipse for example; or when the moon, Venus or Mercury is in-between the sun and the earth – lots of sunlight is reflected, not to come here. Atmosphere shrinks instantly / accordingly, and intercepts less coldness / releases LESS HEAT, if you will; on the edge of the troposphere, into the stratosphere; for the duration of the eclipse – overall temperature doesn’t get colder even for one day: EC->AS->LHR (Extra Coldness > Atmosphere Shrinks -> less Heath Releases) Or, when it gets warmer for any reason, my formula: EH->AE->EHR  (Extra Heat ->  Atmosphere Expends ->Extra Heat Release) or extra coldness intercepts, if you will. (in a solar eclipse – where the shadow is -> air gets colder and shrinks -> from outside the shadow lots of air goes to where the shadow is = outside the shadow LESS air -> gets hotter than normal – as soon as the eclipse is over, winds equalize = zero effect. (reason; as the moon makes shadow on a particular place – instantly winds increase)

Learn about the ” Self adjusting Temp Mechanism” the earth has:
When is a solar eclipse – on part of the planet is full eclipse for 6 minutes / partial eclipse for 20 minutes – the big part is only partial eclipse – but the earth ”overall” doesn’t produce enough extra GLOBAL cooling – not enough to cool one beer. Because: where is the shadow from the moon, it instantly gets cooler -> the air ”instantly” gets cooler there and ”shrinks” -> ”instantly from other areas air gets there, to avoid vacuum = on other places is less air; gets warmer than normal – after the eclipse, the winds mix the extra warm withe extra colder air and overall ”global” temp doesn’t change

2] Mercury blocks 5% of the sunlight all day, when gets between the earth / sun – that means: as if the sun didn’t exist for 30 minutes in 24h. Presume: if it wasn’t any sun; earth’s temperature would have being close to ultimate zero Calvin. From ultimate zero – to +15C above zero – if you take 5% of it – that’s how cold the planet would have got, would have gone colder by 12C; when mercury is in-between – IF IT WASN’T for the oxygen & nitrogen shrinking instantly, when cooled. But, unless you are into astronomy or astrology – you wouldn’t even know that Mercury is blocking part of the sun. Meteorologist don’t even take in consideration for predicting next day’s temp; if Mercury or Venus is in-between the sun / earth. Each one of them blocks 5% of the sun’s light, not to come here – same goes when is solar eclipse / the moon gets between the earth / sun. The self adjusting temp mechanism is brilliant. Talking about CO2, or sunspots affecting that brilliant phenomenon, is ignorance of the normal / honest laws of physics

 In the military book says:  if you see a flashlight from atom bomb explosion in the distance – instantly hit the ground, with your butt towards ground zero and put the gas-mask on – and after the original blast, if you can turn your head towards ground zero. Because after three (3) minutes – the wind with same speed as the explosion, goes BACK towards the ground zero and demolishes just as much, already weakened concrete buildings. But, turning in the opposite direction without getting up – otherwise – the returning wind will take you to ground zero.

What the issue here is:  atom bomb is heating oxygen + nitrogen to millions of degrees – they explode/expand and their SPEED damages concrete buildings; not the 20-30kg  of plutonium – (reason atom bomb is useless out of space, where is no oxygen + nitrogen) effect would be as few shotgun pellets (apart in Hollywood entertainment). Please note: O2&N2 wouldn’t have SHRUNK after three (3) minutes – IF THEY WERE NOT COOLED –that’s the issue!!! But, they shrink almost as fast as they expand from the explosion. They shrink with the speed of the bullet going and demolish the already weakened concrete buildings. MILLION OF DEGREES, O2+N2, COOL IN THREE (3) MINUTES – OTHERWISE THEY WOULDN’T HAVE SHRUNK –  the shonky ‘’experts’’  tell you that: in 10 years, the planet will be warmer by 0,156C… Cannot cool fraction of a degree in 10 years ?!  

No, when air close to the ground warms up EXTRA, by 1-2-3C, doesn’t expand as fast as by atom bomb; but expands accordingly, by the amount of extra heat / INSTANTLY.  Just that atom bomb is taking dust + WATER VAPOR + CO2 – it gives better chance to be analysed visually; what normal extra warming does to oxygen + nitrogen. I.e. if is localized extra warming – that part of the troposphere expands into the stratosphere as a nuclear mushroom (in Sahara happens every day in summer) – then intercepts appropriate amount of extra coldness in 3,5 seconds – then INSTANTLY shrinks and brings that extra coldness to the ground, in a jiffy = nights are colder than normal; colder than on same latitude than in Brazil, even though the days are hotter in Sahara. The ”cold vacuum” that goes trough the ”thinner” air up, cancels ALL the heat!!!

Second version: If the WHOLE troposphere warms up – troposphere expands into the stratosphere instantly and equalizes in minutes. Another shocking truth: O&N don’t wait to warm up by 2-3C, then to start expanding – they start expanding when get warmed extra by 0,000000001C! So, in atom bomb mushroom from explosion, is lots of CO2 and ‘’water vapor ’ but don’t stop O&N of expanding. 2] We notice the horizontal winds, but not the vertical. For our convenience god / nature made the ‘’verticals’’ to speed up as they go up; and can keep an 80kg man + his glider in the air for hours. Horizontal winds cool the soil and your french-fries – vertical winds cool the planet. They can be a breeze, or as fast as a bullet, depends on the amount of EXTRA heat. The ‘’ conveyor belt’’ taking heat up; speeds / slows, as necessary. 

Please note: heat is NOT wasted by conduction, or by ”radiation!!! O&N are very lousy heat conductors. When oxygen or nitrogen atom collects the heat from the ground -> expands instantly and is taking that heat personally to the edge of the troposphere; where lots of ”cold vacuum” zooms trough, as the planet orbits around the sun at 108 000 kmh ->releases that heat ->shrinks -> becomes heavier per volume than any other atoms of O&N below and falls down to the ground as a shotgun pellets -> and push other hot atoms =conveyor-belt speeds up = similar as when water from the block of the engine on your car speeds up going to the radiator; only, your radiator is in space of 20C – O&N take the heat to space of minus -90C – THAT IS 110C COLDER PLACE.

The troposphere is earth’s radiator/ as on your car radiator. You don’t put truck’s radiator into a car, or car’s radiator in truck, because it wouldn’t cool enough. b] when you are in bed and is cold – you shrink in a fetus position – when you get hot, you spread arms and legs, for bigger exposure, you don’t succeed much, but it helps. Earth’s troposphere can double in size, in an instant, if warmed that much. c] imagine if you have a radiator on your car, to instantly / accordingly expand when the engine is hot and to shrink when is cold; as a piano accordion radiator; but only imagine, because if you install that kind of radiator- you will attract too much attention and cause traffic hazard. So, if your car radiator can expand when warmed extra -> lets more cold air to go in-between the the water cells, will cool much more. When is colder than necessary – to shrink and less air goes around the water cells, will DECREASE cooling. That’s what the earth’s atmosphere does: the air becomes thinner and lets more of the ”cold vacuum” to go trough the atmosphere; and of course ”encompass” extra cold vacuum.

WELL, THE TROPOSPHERE IS LIKE PIANO ACCORDION (O2&N2) ARE EXPANDING / SHRINKING ALL THE TIME AS NECESSARY. Reason: sun eclipse, CO2, CH4 or the stupid sunspots cannot change the overall planet’s temperature. Unless the Skeptics realize that – they will stay as born losers, with their sunspots! (the car regulates by thermostat when is cold – and the fen speeds up when you are revving the engine more for speed – that’s mechanical and fails. The EXPANSION / SHRINKING of O2&N2 never failed – therefore: in the past, warmings / coolings were ALWAYS localized, never global all ”proxy data” is a crap!!! that’s why: if the Skeptics didn’t exist, Warmist would have invented them… Next time when you look at somebody’s car radiator, remind yourself and appreciate how more efficient is the earth’s brilliant troposphere – as ”SELF ADJUSTING MECHANISM”  The ”NORMAL” laws of physics were same in the past, as they are today – and they will be same in 2100. Crap as ”Maunder Minima / Maxima” LIA, GLOBAL cycles, and similar, is the Skeptic’s milestone

Not the people on the net Warmist & Skeptics; but if somebody ask those questions people on the street  – they would have known the answers, without any ”doubt” without any reservation:

Q: do you know that the earth has oxygen& nitrogen, lots of it?

Q: do you know that they expand when warmed and shrink when cooled, ’instantly”?
Q: do you know that: where the troposphere expands up; there is -90C, very, very cold?

Today Warmist& Skeptics don’t know that the earth has oxygen &nitrogen – that’s why they are comparing the earth with the moon and Venus…?

Let me tell you the ”PRECISION” the earth’s  ‘’TEMPERATURE SELF ADJUSTING MECHANISM” has:

Example: when you light a cigarette – it produces heat for the one cubic inch around where is burning – that cubic inch of air expands and becomes two inches by volume – the extra cubic inch doesn’t go in the yard, because is already air there – instead, as warmed, it goes up towards the end of the troposphere and discharges that heat – swaps it for enough coldness to cancel the heat produced by the fire – and one cubic inch of air continues going up and down every minute, until you put the cigarette off, then it stops instantly, not to bring more coldness than necessary. That same thing happens for heat produced by CO2, heat from the erupting volcano, heat from smelter for melting iron ore, and for any other heat. Troposphere expands and shrinks constantly, as required, like piano accordion. Can expand by one inch, by 3m, actually, the troposphere can double in volume, instantly  = can discharge double the amount of heat in minutes

Q: how does the troposphere knows how much exactly heat to waste for every individual day?

A: the good Lord has inserted a thermometer in EVERY atom of oxygen & nitrogen – those thermometers are ordering the atoms how much to expand / shrink ”precisely” according to heat/coldness! The extra heat produced in individual day determines  the ”precise” volume of the troposphere.   

Therefore: for the last 150y, the sun produced lots of heat on the earth, lots of heat produced by the geothermal, lots of heat produced by burning fossil fuel – all that heat is gone, all of it – Since the ”middle” of LIA until today hasn’t accumulated enough ”extra” heat ”overall”, what one cigarette burning can produce!!! That’s infallible precision. If you collect ALL the ‘’extra’’ heat accumulated for the last 10 000y, you wouldn’t have enough heat, to boil one chicken egg. Extra heat in the earth’s atmosphere is NOT accumulative

Satellite monitoring is for bullshine adicts, nothing more. They are not even monitoring – the ”pretend monitoring” is for justifying expenses and abuse of NASA’s name. There are variations in temp on every 10m altitude, but not on NASA’s infrared picture. If you are a big city slicker – go to hi rise building and check trough the window – as you go higher, temp drops. On NASA’s picture is same temp on the top of 5km mountain as on foot of that same mountain on sea level = proof that they are lying. #2: IF satellites did monitor, their infrared photos would have being showing the difference in temp between sea, lake and dry land, Because, water is colder on the surface, BUT warmer 3-7km altitude in the troposphere = on dry land is hot on the ground, but higher troposphere always colder! No contrast on NASA IR pictures, are they saying that: they cannot pick up difference in temp of UP TO 50C? Using the word *AVERAGING THE DATA* –is the biggest con that doesn’t hold water. When honest person averages the temp for the top of the mountain and foot of the 3-5-6km high mountains, and is SAME temperature top and bottom = NASA’s commissars became very destructive for humanity and NASA’s integrity accumulated in 60’s ans 70’s. I wish I can put those commissars on a witness stand, under oath..!!!    

LIA is the Skeptic’s biggest weapon – what it was? A: river Thames was frozen for few days – WOW! What was the Medieval ”Global” Warming? A: genuine proof exist, written record from a farmer in Buckingham-shire was producing an ”extra” bushel of grain per acre – another WOW! Friends, planet is a very big place – the ”globe” is NOT spinning around  England, would you believe that?

Yes there was an ice age for 12000 years, but it wasn’t ”global” cannot be global – the ”honest” laws of physics don’t permit that – unless you have abolished those laws of physics by legislation in parliament and in UN – otherwise, those laws don’t compromise!!! Please learn first about the ”self adjusting temperature mechanism the planet earth has”!

In the hot air balloon – the warmed air in the balloon is lifting 5-6 people + the bucket + the gas bottle + the very heavy balloon cloth = over half a ton – because that extra warmed air is fighting to go fast up and release that extra heat. Imagine if the balloon just wasn’t there, to contain that hot air = that warmer air would have shot up as a rocked into the stratosphere – spreads as the top of a mushroom into the lower stratosphere, and releases the heat into the unlimited coldness in the stratosphere – becomes colder than the rest of the air below = on the way to the ground, as shotgun pellets. Therefore, is not something that is not known, proofs exist all over the place, for every Swindler’s con. Swindlers, and the ‘’fake Skeptics’’ constantly are using as a ‘’smokescreen’’ the words: thermodynamics, convection, sensitivity, flux, equilibrium’’ but avoid to implement the truth. What about the: Oxygen (O2)+ Nitrogen (N2) sensitivity?! I have put that ‘’O2 / N2’’ because the Swindlers instead of saying oxygen & nitrogen; they use O2 / N2; as smokescreen; for the public to think that the Desperadoes are talking something scientific / important. To expose the scam, needs to cross the irreverent zeroes and simplify! When you see some of con artist’s O2 / N2; tell them: is not ”only” two O and two N; but 998999ppm of the atmosphere are those two elements, cut the Bullshit! People on the street never say: oxygen two / nitrogen two.  By the way; climate is ALWAYS changing, but NO GLOBAL warming. By the way: after 20-30 minutes hot air balloon in the air – is 20000ppm of CO2 inside; but is still pushing upwards! 

It all boils down to is, two things: 1] when they keep repeating ”convection”  BUT THEY DON’T TAKE INTO ACCOUNT THAT: ”VERTICAL WINDS” CHANGE STRENGTH AND SPEED, AS REQUIRED!  THAT’S THE CONVEYOR BELT; SPEEDS WHEN WARMER THAN NORMAL – SLOWS WHEN COOLER. 2] THEY DON’T TAKE INTO ACCOUNT THAT: WHEN TROPOSPHERE WARMS UP, FOR ANY REASON – TROPOSPHERE INCREASES VOLUME -> GOES FURTHER UP INTO THE STRATOSPHERE AND ENCOMPASSES EXTRA ”COLD VACUUM”. 2] Becomes thinner and lets MORE cold vacuum in! If that was taken into account – destroys any misleading of the WHOLE planet getting warmer. Or the WHOLE planet having Ice Age. Laws of physics don’t permit anything like that /  impossible  even  theoretically. Those laws of physics don’t work ”only sometimes” / they don’t compromise! The ”normal” laws of physics were SAME 8000y ago, 1200y ago, 300y ago, as they are today; and those normal laws of physics will be the same in 2100!!!Unless you can get over that hurdle – going around it; everything you say / do; is a ”sandpit job”  Warmist don’t have a case – the only reason they prosper is: thanks to the fanatic ”Skeptics” 


Q: do you know that: oxygen + nitrogen are 998999ppm in the troposphere, CO2 only 260-400ppm? Q: do you know that O+N expand /shrink INSTANTLY in change of temperature? Q: do you know that: where they expand upwards, on the edge of the troposphere is minus-90⁰C? Q: why O&N  expand more, when warmed by 5⁰C, than when warmed by 2⁰C? A: when warmed by 5C, they need to go further up, to release more heat / intercept more, extra coldness, to equalize. Q: if O&N are cooled after 10 minutes to previous temperature, why they don’t stay expanded another 5 minutes extra? A: not to intercept too much extra coldness, to prevent too much cooling. A2: they stay expanded precisely as long as they are warmer – not one second more or less – that’s how they regulate to be same warmth units overall in the troposphere, every hour of every year and millenia!

Q: do you know that: if troposphere warms up by 2⁰C extra – troposphere expands up into the stratosphere by 1km, how much extra coldness is there to intercept? A: intercepts extra appropriate coldness to counteract the extra heat in 3,5 seconds -> that extra coldness falls to the ground in minutes Q: if O+N are warmed extra for 30 minutes, why they don’t shrink after 15 minutes, or after one day? A: if O&N after cooled to previous temperature; stayed expanded for a whole day extra -> they would have redirected enough extra coldness, to freeze all the tropical rivers / lakes.

Q: can CO2 of 260-400ppm PREVENT oxygen + nitrogen (998999ppm) of expanding, when they warm up? A: O&N when warmed extra – they expand through the walls of a hi-tensile hand-grenade. Q: do you believe in the laws of physics, or in IPCC and the Warmist / Fake Skeptic cults? The laws of physics say: part of the troposphere can get colder than normal – only when other part gets warmer than normal. B] if the WHOLE troposphere gets colder > air shrinks > releases LESS heat /intercepts less coldness -> retains more heat and equalizes in a jiffy. C] both hemispheres cannot get warmer simultaneously for more than few minutes – if they do -> troposphere expands extra >releases extra heat / intercepts extra coldness and equalizes in a jiffy. Q: do the O+N wait to warm up by 2-3⁰C, before start expanding, or expand instantly extra when they warm up by 0,000001⁰C?  All those things can be experimented and replicated now; no need to wait 100y and see that: all they come up with, are immature lies


If any of the active Warmist & Skeptic gets outside the ‘’big city island heat’’: you can see 10km radios +10km up = 700km3 of air. There are horizontal and vertical winds. From those rocks over there, vertical wind goes up – behind there, vertical winds goes in direction down towards the swamp – on the other side – vertical winds go fast up from that red exposed soil to the sunlight – further there vertical wind goes in direction down towards the rice paddies – behind you, the wind goes upward from the farmer’s house walls / roof. Those winds slow down when the cloud comes above… but depends on the angle the cloud approaches and its density / altitude… then those winds speed up again, but not at the same speed… red soil is warmed faster than the rocky outcrops.  After sundown 2h, from the sandy soil and that house, vertical winds change directions. From the red soil and the rice paddy / swamp, change direction, but ”after” midnight; and at much slower speed.

2]Those vertical winds are attacked by horizontal winds that are on different altitudes / directions every 30m, up. Sometime SOME winds travel at 3knots – others at 27knots – others at 40knots and rearrange the temperature constantly – then some slow down – others speed up. Who is recording the DIFFERENT temperatures on every few cubic meters that is changing EVERY 10 MINUTES in the year; in the space you can see?! The space you can see with your eyes, without moving, is area of 600 000 different temperatures, and those temperatures change every 10 minutes. There are 6 000 thermometers monitoring for IPCC on the WHOLE planet, not enough for monitoring in the space you can see without mowing; what about the rest of the planet?! To make it even more sick, they are monitoring only for the hottest minute in 24h! Isn’t that weird? They call themselves ”scientists” Normal scientist has an open mind.

They have only 1% of thermometers for what is needed, to monitor the space you can see with your eyes. How many thermometers you think you will see in those 700km3?! How much larger area on the planet you cannot see without mowing?!? Be honest to yourself. Not 100-200-300-600 years ago… NOW they have 6 000 thermometers for the WHOLE planet that is sending them data, mostly on the ground, only for the hottest minute in 24h; which is not at same time of every day / most of thermometers concentrated in Europe /USA… what a scam… What that makes the ”phony Skeptics” that buy that crap?!…

Nobody knows correct the temperature in the troposphere for last year, to save his life; but they pretend to know for year 1700, 1200AD, 5BC. They know which year was warmer by 0,12⁰C or colder than the previous year… look at their charts… What was the temp 345km NE of Wellington at that time, shonks? People didn’t even know that New Zealand existed at that time… What about 432km SW of Hobart, at 357m altitude on the year after, on 4 of July at 9,35AM; or 456km SW of Easter island on that same time of the day at 69m altitude? Is Easter island not on their globe? Easter island in Pacific represents 20 times larger atmosphere than Europe + USA combined. Was it cloudy on that day? When gets cloudy – upper atmosphere gets warmer – on the ground cooler; but that rule is only for daytime; at night is opposite; but not if it wasn’t cloudy… depends on the thickness AND altitude of the cloud, also. Com-on ‘’leading scientist with temperature charts’’ should shove them up your own ”rings” Temperature in the troposphere is 3 dimensional. Would you buy a used car from a temperature chart maker?! Because of them, billions of $$$ are getting ripped-off, because of them, tremendous damages are getting done to the economy, environment and to kid’s brains in school and university. People shouldn’t profit from crime; the existing laws say.

With that lousy accuracy, when they state that: one year was warmer or colder than the next by 0,015⁰C, that is to one thousandth of a degree precision… it’s only admission that he or she is honesty deficient! For correct data, must be from every cubic meter of air, equally; for every 10 minutes in the year; from the ground to the edge of the troposphere. Not only from the hottest minute in the day – unless the hottest minute is on same time of the day; unless when the hottest minute goes up by a degree from yesterday – every other minute in the 24h get warmer by a degree,  every day on every place on the planet. Otherwise is all bull. When some place is warmer than usual – declaring the WHOLE planet is warmer – is same as saying: the planet is warmer at lunch time by 12C, than before sunrise…?!(genuine Flat Earthers) That’s how reliable their data collection is.  They collect data on 6 000 places on the planet / not  evenly distributed. It’s ESSENTIAL to have from 6 000 trillion places data to be collected, for every few minutes, before can start talking about reliability of GLOBAL temperature. They are not interested in correct data; because correct data would prove them wrong. Local temperatures always fluctuate – GLOBAL overall, never! (do you notice that: when some place is warmer than normal for a week – they instantly say in the media: ”it’s because of global warming” but when on that same place gets colder than normal – no Warmist / media deviate says: ”that’s because of GLOBAL cooling)

Do you know why the hottest minute of day is not on same minute, not even in same hour every day?! B] Why different places  / days have different minutes as the hottest minute of the day? Therefore, collecting temperature for the hottest minute in the day is completely meaningless!  If one day has one hour above 20⁰C, but the following day has 3h-4h above 20⁰C is much more important than picking  the hottest minute.  2] average temperature for every minute in 24h and the hottest minute don’t fluctuate the same.   3] if vertical wind with extra coldness was only 55m on the way down; when the temperature for that day was recorded for that place, but not tomorrow, or not on the other side of the hill, is recorded / stays not recorded…

Extra heat in the atmosphere ”overall” is not accumulative – because of the expansion and shrinking of oxygen + nitrogen in change of temperature > if you collect all the extra heat accumulated in the atmosphere for the last 150 years – you wouldn’t have enough of that ”extra” heat, to boil one chicken egg!!! I suggested in my book: ‘’all charts about the ”global temperature” should be printed on soft paper only, to have at least some positive use. 

Stefan‘s formula: EC > AS > LHR (Extra Coldness -> Atmosphere Shrinks > Less Heat Releases)  Most important: when any extra heat created on the ground -> vertical winds increase instantly, AND go much higher! That’s the whole secret of constantly having same overall heat in the atmosphere. Secret the leading Warmist makes to panic!

References about colder years / mini ice age, LIA, the big one; they were ALL localized  For the duration of the Big Ice Age in Europe / USA (N/H); on the southern hemisphere was much, much warmer than normal. Don’t forget the laws of physics; same laws of physics were then, as today, AND will be same in 100 years from now!!! If the whole troposphere get colder; oxygen + nitrogen shrink, INSTANTLY! Which means, release less heat / intercept less coldness, if you will; and equalizes in a jiffy. Let me tell you something that everybody overlooks: tomorrow the planet will be exactly as warm as yesterday – today the sun will produce tremendous amount of extra heat on our planet; but ALL of it will be wasted, all of it + all the geothermal heat released into the air, plus all the heat produced by burning wood/ fossil fuel, volcanoes, precisely, all of it gone, instantly. Who is ”regulating” to know: which day is more heat produced on the roads and factories and submarine volcanoes, heat released in the air? Oxygen & nitrogen, of course, they are the most sensitive in change of temperature! (the good lord inserted a thermometer in every atom of gases)

But presume that the whole troposphere got much colder for some reason –> troposphere instantly shrinks and WASTES only half of the heat that the sun produces on earth for 10 minutes – do you know how much extra heat would stay / save /accumulate in 5 minutes?! Would finish the biggest ice age in 5 minutes!   Similar as when you are cold in bad – you go in fetus position – to minimize surface exposure – when you get warm, you spread arms and legs for bigger cooling exposure. In other words, you are doing a lousy imitation of what the troposphere can do. You minimize / maximize of 5% of extra surface area; troposphere can shrink / DOUBLE in volume INSTANTLY, if necessary!!! Q: how fast can oxygen and nitrogen expand when warmed up? A: by expanding, they are pushing the bullet with high velocity from the barrel of the gun.

The only way one hemisphere can get colder / ice age, is: if the other hemisphere simultaneously gets WARMER than normal; by as much, to equalize; to accommodate for extra volume of air  Yes, in the past Organised Crime was robbing banks and shops; now with CO2 / Methane conspiracy, they are robbing nations / countries… They are robbing the poor, the pensioner, the low paid; because carbon tax is a flat-rate tax. On every product in the shop, the pensioner pays same carbon-tax as the millionaire. The loot money disappears in the jet-setters pockets + for unnecessary phony GLOBAL warming ‘’researchers”. The ‘’spoils’’ are not evenly divided; the biggest liars get the most. The ‘’Believers’’ of the lower genera and IQ, as usual, get the middle finger on the end; they are the collateral damage. Born losers.

Q: do you think that: during the medieval PHONY ”GLOBAL” warming, the laws of physics were different than today?
Q: do you believe that 15000BC or in a 100 years from today, the SAME laws of physics didn’t and will not exist? They want you to believe them. What’s their motif? You don’t need 6 guesses.

Another one: Greenland and Antarctic are as large as USA. On Greenland, and Antarctic are few (3-4) thermometers clustered on a very small area. B] if the weather bureau was reporting the temperature for few places in Florida – as the temperature for the WHOLE of USA, many people wouldn’t believe that is same. In the evening when they report the weather for the whole of USA; remember what Stefan was saying: compare yourself if: when the temperature in Florida goes up by one, or two degrees for next day, does the temperature in all of the other states goes up by EXACTLY that much. Or, some places goes up, some down. Some place by more, some by less. Therefore: not having data collected on every kilometer on Antarctic / Greenland = is blatant misleading (smoking gun). Then see on how many places the temperature is monitored from there to and in central Pacific for IPCC? Central Pacific is 15 times larger than USA. That is for temperature on the ground. Unwritten rule is: when close to the ground is cooler than normal > upper atmosphere is warmer than normal. Q: upper atmosphere is 95% of the troposphere… occasionally they send a balloon… to monitor on 1m3…?! Satellite takes occasional TWO DIMENSIONAL infrared photo…?! King Al is NAKED!!! The ‘’fake Skeptics’’ are Al’s Gore’s fig leafs / as the Devil’s Advocates.

Q: can the Warmist realize that: heat distribution on the earth is 3 dimensional?  A: of course they can, but is against their theology.  Q: can the fake Skeptics realize the truth? A: only if is a secular Skeptic. ‘’Closed parashot brains’’   don’t function.

Another one: Even though is not; just presume that: data collection is spread ”evenly” around the planet, on every 500km. b] In your backyard you can find 3-5 variations in temperature; disregard that – here is a catch for the Warmist & Skeptics: Q: is it from one thermometer for 150km same temperature – then the other 1250km is temperature same as the next thermometer that is recording? What about when the temperature from one thermometer is same for 6km2 at 21C- but is 23C temperature as the other thermometer is recording for 494km2?! it’s regular occurrence. Only that’s enough to blow out of the water any GLOBAL temp chart / any proof / suggestion that anybody knows what is the temp overall in the troposphere. One cannot compare one unknown with another unknown!!!

Then next day around the first thermometer is  for 390km2 at 21C- but from the other thermometer is 110km2 at 23C. Larger area would have bigger value; for any normal profession; but not for climatology ”statistician” and fanatic Warmist & Skeptics. Which means: the inaccuracy is minimum of 1,8C; they are talking about accuracy of one thousandth of a degree. That’s the temperatures only about the 2m above the ground. Look at ALL the ”GLOBAL” TEMPERATURE charts, on Warmist & Skeptic’s charts: it goes ”precisely by 0,003C up; than for next year goes down by 0,002C – then next year up by 0,004C – all of their GLOBAL temp charts look as a seismograph… They are definitely  not talking about the GLOBAL temps, but about their integrity and their follower’s stupidity.  Agree?



Forget about USA temp, or Arctic, or Antarctic, or Mediterranean; unless is ALL the heat combined in the troposphere, it’s = misleading / brainwashing crap. Promoting Frankenstein temperatures is, to deceive, confuse:

1] Forget about the temperature in the sea; submarine volcanoes /hot vents increase the temp. B] winds, ruff sea cools the surface water. C] below if is 10cm of 20C and 55m of 23C; or is the opposite, nobody notices the difference; even though tremendous difference in the amount of stored heat. D] yesterday’s rain brought coldness from high up and cooled the ‘’surface’’ water; below hasn’t changed – but record will show: the Whole ocean to the bottom as colder by 2C. It’s stupid data for immature people. Designed exclusively for fundamentalist and for the Urban Sheep.

2]Forget about Arctic temperature, or surface temperature, or Antarctic temp; they are all for confusing the ‘’already confused’’ The whole temp of the troposphere is the earth’s temperature!!! If one is taken on Arctic in July, was warmer than normal, England was warmer than normal in May, Brazil in December was warmer than normal, Australia was warmer than normal in January… it’s all meaningless crap. Smokescreen / puling wool over ignorant eyes. To get; from 10 light years away from the truth, down to only 9 light years: they should take the temperature simultaneously, on the whole planet. for example, at 12 pm Greenwich time; then to take it at 3am Greenwich time, on the WHOLE planet, and compare those two. Lets call it: ’People’s request, model for monitoring’’, because it would be a bit more accurate

3]Forget about the temperature in the stratosphere. That temp doesn’t fluctuate. B] in the stratosphere are gases as aerosol, helium, ozone. Those gases just seat / spin there orbit around the planet and never come to the ground to bring any coldness = they are  COMPLETELY  irrelevant for the planet’s temperature regulation. But are used frequently, for confusion  There is no methane in the stratosphere, it’s a lie. Methane sinks in the ground, because is produced together with other compounds. If some goes up in the atmosphere  at night – as soon as reaches altitude where is sunlight, UV, infrared; zaps it instantly and turns every molecule of methane into 2 molecules of water and one CO2.CH4 + 2O2 = 2H2O + CO2

4] Forget about cherry picking, always is someplace warmer than normal; unless the Swindler finds out and report the other places where is colder than normal also; he is lying to you; or fundamentalist is usually lying to himself also / reassurance – fear of reality.

5]Forget about heat from the smelters converting ores into metals, or heat stored in the atoms, or in the sea. It’s all ”earth’s energy budget” – BUT NOT part of the GLOBAL temperature! Or warmer, or wetter some place in England – My oven was yesterday 240C, making roast; does that mean that GLOBAL temp is gone up by 225c? (England is not bigger dot on the ”global” map than my oven) Idiots! Energy that came from the sun yesterday and was locked in the trees or crops. Red soil absorbs more heat than rock. It’s not difference than them talking about the energy locked into the fossil fuel, or into the atoms = con, con. Those ‘’energy budgets, positive / negative signals and albedos’’ should all go into Hansen’s & Plimer’s butts. Sand exchanges heat easier than red clay. What’s the difference if the absorbed heat during the day is released instantly; or released during the night, or released after 6 months by the grass, or in 15y from the tree? Fundamentalists from both camps: Q: what’s the difference if CO2 in the air releases the heat 2minutes before, or after?! It’s the O2+N2, stupid!!! Rocks and clay don’t go up towards the stratosphere, to release / waste heat and exchange it for coldness. It’s the oxygen + nitrogen, they are 998999ppm, stupid! The amount of wool the Warmist pulled over the Skeptic’s eyes; to keep the Fakes warm and cook their brains, is bigger than Mt Ararat.

6]Forget if the sea-level goes up or down, that has noting to do with any phony GLOBAL warming.

7]Forget about the ice on the polar caps + glaciers. They don’t depend on temperature, average temp there is minus -30C. on the land ice is melted from below, by the geothermal heat / on the sea is melted by the salty water, from below. More ice / less ice; 100% depends on the availability of raw material for renewal of the ice every winter. That raw material / water vapor in the air, is treated as ‘’ bad for the climate’’ by the fanatics from both camps. Ice on the polar caps is NOT created from water vapor created on the polar caps, but comes from warmer latitudes – therefore: warmer oceans = more ice

As soon as heat is released from wood, coal, plutonium, volcanoes, smelters for creating metals, from your oven into the air; ‘’then it belongs as GLOBAL temperature’’. No matter if it’s in your room, backyard, Arctic, equator, 2-40-700m  in the air, or 1-3-5km altitude. That is GLOBAL temperature. All other crappy staff is for creating zombies / fanatics / rip-off and destruction of the democratic west. If not with red Kalashnikovs, trying to win with a green one. Trying to rebuild the Berlin Wall, in every democratic country

When any extra heat is released, or produced in the air / troposphere; on the place / places released -> that O+N expand upwards, accordingly to the extra amount of heat released AND thinner air lets more ”cold vacuum” to go trough the lower troposphere also. Intercept EXTRA coldness, to equalize, and instantly shrink; not to redirect too much extra coldness. That’s what regulates the global temperature. Any other heat than the heat in the troposphere; is a smokescreen. No matter if is Arctic’s, Africa, Antarctic’s heat, or heat in the sea, or heat stored in the atoms, in the fossil fuel, or in your oven; only becomes as ”official GLOBAL temp”, when is released in the air, not before! How many times they talk about a place for being warmer than last year ”for few days” and don’t mention the temp on ALL the other places on the planet – but are referring at as ”global” temp?! If you are discussing about ”global” temp; don’t debate about an isolated place and avoid the temp at that same tome on the all the other places!!! Otherwise: you can only con the fanatic ”Skeptics” not the secular guys!

1] If you exclude part of the planet – that is not GLOBAL temperature. If you exclude 98%, as it is the case with the Conspirator’s GLOBAL temperature – it’s brainwashing business, nothing to do with the reality. If is monitored on 6000 places for IPCC, that says about the temperature on 6000m3, not GLOBAL temperature. On one small hill there are 1000 different temps; AND THEY CONSTANTLY CHANGE for every 10 minutes in 24h. There are even days when between 10-11AM is warmer than at 12, doesn’t that matter? Temperature changes every 10 minutes – unless is data collected for every 10 minutes – is only fodder for the Urban Sheep. If upper troposphere is warmer than normal (because of dimming affect) – lower troposphere / just above the ground is always cooler during the day / if upper atmosphere is colder – on the ground is hotter. Excluding one or the other – is not earth’s temperature; because on the earth, temperature distribution is 3 dimensional. Thermometer is for monitoring the temp in a room; not one thermometer  for a hundred or thousands of cubic kilometers.  With 6000 thermometers officially monitoring for IPCC; can collect temperature for 6000 rooms; Hilton hotels have 12000 rooms – not enough thermometers to monitor those rooms; what about for the rest of the planet?!?! actually most of the time in a room; close to the sealing is 102C warmer than close to the floor

Therefore: must be included the warmth in the WHOLE troposphere / for every 10 minutes / on the WHOLE planet. Only if that is done, can be calibrated. But if that is done – no need for calibration, because ”OVERALL” the warmth units in the Whole troposphere is ALWAYS THE SAME. Because the laws of physics and my formulas say so. They use the word ”sensitivity” to confuse the ignorant. If they use ”sensitivity” in oxygen & nitrogen in expanding when warmed / shrinking Instantly when cooled + vertical winds speed up AND go higher… the conspiracy would have fallen a part in days. When gets warmer than normal close to the ground, VERTICAL WINDS speed up! As soon as it cools – they slow down; why the real laws of physics are discarded? Using the Stefan Boltzmann’s experiment in a tube- to compare with free CO2 in the air?! Using the word ”thermodynamics” but not using it, WHY?! Arguing about some local temperature somewhere, when debating ‘’global’’ temperature overall, is the lowest level con, or ignorance, by whom? Which people don’t want to see the end of the propaganda? The Warmist believe in; 90% possibility in GLOBAL warming in 100y + most of the brainwashed Skeptics believe 101% in GLOBAL warming. They are the Devil’s advocates – doing the Warmist dirty job…

Horizontal winds take the heat away from solid objects / vertical winds are taking the heat up and exchange it for extra coldness / as soon as it gets warmer -> the vertical winds increase in speed / strength and height. 2] Warmed troposphere expands accordingly / increases in volume INSTANTLY; that is the second and most important factor; taboo for both camps… Look at it on the bright side: the brainwashing propaganda will make the psychiatrists rich, when the truth is known on the street.


If there are more dams built, to save extra storm-water  TO INTRODUCE MOISTURE IN THE AIR / TOPSOIL – surrounding areas become cooler during the day – but warmer at night. Example: If Brazil’s vegetation is destroyed and turned into desert – day temperature will go up – but night temperature will become colder; by Warmist shonky / con monitoring, would have registered as warming planet; because for them only counts the hottest minute in 24h; the independent fluctuation in the other 1439 minutes is COMPLETELY irrelevant. Those things make ‘’CLIMATIC CHANGES’’ but not Warmer, or colder planet!!! Because; now on the ground in Brazil is cooler during the day than in Sahara; BUT in upper atmosphere above Sahara is COLDER during the day than above Brazil. Overall same temperature; heat in upper atmosphere has same value as on the ground. Unlike on the moon, on the earth the heat distribution is 3 dimensional!!! The Conspirators succeeded to confuse the ‘’ignorant intelligentsia ’ that the phony GLOBAL warming and the constant climatic changes are related, or, one and the same thing…? WRONG!!! The SPEED and HIGHT of the vertical winds regulate the temperature to be same overall in the troposphere every day and night of every year and millennia.

When nights are warmer than usual, as in Brazil, there is reason for it. When days are warmer than should be on a particular latitude, as in Sahara, there is reason for it!!! The shonky ‘’climatologist’’ don’t want you to know about those reasons – because they declared water vapor as a bad gas, to support badmouthing CO2 (because CO2 + H2O affect is same, only is more H2O = greater effect, than from  CO2).

That SAME affect means: they make cooler days and warmer nights, on the ground – absence of those gases, especially H2O, as in Sahara = worse climate. Which means: on many places on the planet, where is bad climate, can be improved! Warmist hypocrisy exposed!!! In Sahara the ‘’vertical winds’’ are much STRONGER than in Brazil. As a result, in Sahara cools down from 45C to 5C at night, in 12h. In that same 12h, on same distance from the equator and the polls, in Brazil cools from 33C day time, to 22C at night, in 12h. Which means: in Sahara, the ‘’faster vertical winds’’ cool by 29C more in 12h, than in Brazil; where those winds are much slower. Those vertical winds  CAN INSTANTLY SPEED UP and go higher, ON THE WHOLE PLANET, IF IT GETS WARMER!!! If those vertical winds can cool by 30C more in 12h, is an INSULT TO HUMAN INTELLIGENCE  the Warmist lie that the planet will get warmer every 10years by 0,5C. It wouldn’t make sense to an earth worm, but it does make sense to prof Ian Plimer’s &Jim Hansen’s Smarties…
Q: why those basic factors are not used by the Conspirators and their B/S distributors?
Q: why those basic factors are not noticed / but are avoided by the ‘’fake Skeptics’’? Warmist believe of 90% possibility of GLOBAL warming / Skeptics believe 101% in GLOBAL warmings… ? That is not a Skeptic; but Hansen’s Fig Leaf / covering up Hansen’s Gore’s shame
Q: can the Warmist realize that: heat distribution on the earth is 3 dimensional? A: of course they can, but, truth is against their theology.

Q: can the ‘’fake Skeptics / the B/S addicts’’ notice those things? A: NO, because they are busy, busy with their buckets and wheelbarrows actively collecting IPCC’s & Al’s B/S….

2]CO2 is only 260-400 parts per million; not a Greenhouse gas, but a shade-cloth affect, gasCO2 intercepts 1000% better UV, than ozone can (remember the fuss about ozone depletion?). Because carbon intercepts sunlight, warms the 2 atoms of oxygen in the molecule = they lift and keep him in the upper atmosphere all day; (where cooling is much more efficient). At night, CO2 loses the benefit from the sunlight – as a good heat conductor intercepts much more coldness than oxygen and nitrogen can (biggest mistake, to overlook that); falls down to feed the trees /crops.   The ”normal” Laws of physics control the infallible self regulation of heat in the air, not CO2, or the shonky climatologist.

3] human can save extra storm-water on the land (dams) and improve the climate, where is now extreme. Subhuman can reposes farmer’s water – to drain it in the estuary; less water inland and humidity = less rainclouds coming inland in the future = worse climate. Rain-clouds avoid dry land. Topsoil moisture, water storages attract clouds from the sea. Moisture from cotton and rice farms create buffer between the desert and the big city on the coast, in the land of OZ. When their water is removed to the lakes in the estuary; the dry heat from the desert will be to the outer suburbs of Brisbane Sydney and Melbourne. Less rain in their water catchment areas = more sewage filtered water for drinking, bigger bushfires and house-fires, people will be ready to pay $300 per ton of carbon, and be oppressed by western Bolsheviks (Bolshevik comes from –bolshe– means –better– that’s what the western Green top-coated Reds are promising you constantly; destroying capitalism and democracy is for ‘’better’’). (CO2 has nothing to do with the climate. OR with the phony global warming)

4] O&N in the atmosphere are transparent for the sunlight. The carbon atom in the CO2 molecule is not. (even though CO2 is invisible to the naked eye. Bushfire smog makes big dimming to the sunlight – because is concentrated = less CO2&WV -> less dimming effect). Carbon intercepts the sunlight and warms up the 2 oxygen atoms in the molecule of CO2. Those 2 oxygen atoms in the CO2 molecule expend more than the surrounding atoms of oxygen and nitrogen = reason CO2 during the day goes high up (far away from your nose). Up there intercepts more UV and infrared = less sunlight comes to the ground (dimming affect). In the upper atmosphere cooling is much more efficient, because is colder and much more new ‘’cold vacuum’’ zooms trough, every 9 minutes = less heat on the ground.

After sundown, CO2 loses the benefit of the sunlight; at night, carbon in the CO2 molecule intercepts much more COLDNESS, than oxygen +nitrogen can. CO2 falls to the ground at night, to feed the trees, grass and crops. Intercepts more heat during the day, intercepts extra coldness during the night. Those two factors cancel each other = zero warming affect. Same as metal intercepts more heat during the day / more coldness during the night, than wood =( CO2 compared with O&N). CO2 is not a Greenhouse affect gas, but ‘’shade-cloth affect’’.   Remember the fuss about ozone depletion?! CO2 is 10 times better for blocking UV in the upper atmosphere ”dimming” than ozone.

5]Past Geologic discovery showing that on some place was warmer, or colder; some year or millennia  then declaring that the whole planet was colder; or was GLOBAL warming, it’s same as saying: planet is warmer by 12C degrees at lunch time, than before sunrise. Abolish the laws of physics first. Atmospheric temperature cannot be taken as human body temperature; when under the armpit is 1C warmer = the whole body is warmer by that much. Because is different temperatures on every cubic kilometer  on every 2m from the ground to the stratosphere + horizontal and vertical winds never stop, and are never carbon copy as last or any other year. Unlike on the moon; on the earth the warmth distribution is 3 dimensional. Talking about warmer or colder year, without monitoring on minimum of 60 trillion places for every few minutes of the year, is ludicrous. Trend taking-even theoretically impossible!

Especially when stating that one year was warmer than the next by 0,125⁰C…?! Nobody knows what was the temperature overall with inaccuracy of + /- 3C, for last year, to save his/her life; how can anybody compare it with any other year?! To one thousandth of a degree precision…?!?!?! Especially the OVERALL GLOBAL temp for hundreds or thousands of years ago, before the thermometer was even invented…?! Climatology declared as; ‘’the most dishonest and destructive profession’’

As Example: instead of heat, replace it with water: if you monitor the amount of water in the 6 creeks in your area – this year is 25% less water in those creeks than last year… that doesn’t mean that the planet has 25% less water – it means that some other place is more water. B] but doesn’t mean that because of lass water in your creeks that Amazon river has 25% more water, because of it. Same as if in USA + Europe gets warmer by 3C – in Oceania needs to be cooler by 0,3C, to equalize, because Oceania is 10 times larger.  2] Bigger ripples in the pond don’t make more water; because the bigger the ripples = the bigger the groves in -between; same with temperature – the warmer than normal gets on some place / places – the colder other places / hemisphere gets; laws of physics don’t work only sometimes! 

They only collect the hottest minute of the day. How about the other 1439 minutes? Do they go up as much as the hottest minute? Between 5 -11AM is more minutes, than the hottest minute – but they never go up or down as the hottest minute. 3] Unwritten rule is: if upper atmosphere gets warmer than normal – on the ground cooler days – because of dimming effect; which is the opposite when is not cloudy – but nights are warmer in dimming. 4] There is 40km thick layer of troposphere – they are monitoring on few places / 2m above the ground; what about the temp, because of different dimming effect for the other 39km and 998m? Don’t that warmth counts; why did they disowned 99,999% of the troposphere?! 5] in Europe + USA can get warmer by 2C, all it needs to get cooler by 0,2C in Oceania – to be equal balance.

6] Satellite takes infrared ‘’TWO DIMENSIONAL’’ photo..of the ground – which is the hottest; some red/brown soils can get up to 80C hot – it doesn’t mean that the whole atmosphere above is at 80C  7] For the satellite is irrelevant if it’s a layer of 500m of 12C and 5cm of 15C, or is 500m of 15C and 5cm of 12C; BUT THE CONTENT OF HEAT IS BIG, BIG DIFFERENCE  All important factors conveniently disregarded. 8] for another con; they release a balloon up; does that balloon monitor the temperature in the WHOLE troposphere; or just a gimmick, to justify their expanses?

6] What was the temperature 123m above East Anglia university on 11 /7 /2010 at 10AM? If they don’t have that simple data; how will they know the temperature at that same time 432km NE of Fiji ?! When Europe gets colder by 8 degrees – Oceania needs to get warmer by 0,8 degrees, to equalize; because is 10 times larger. B] For a start, is it 10 times more monitoring places in Oceania than in Europe + USA?!?! How about 93m, 156m, 278, 890m above the ground, doesn’t that count? Isn’t that in the same atmosphere that you are talking about?! Cloudy – upper atmosphere warmer – on the ground milder; clear sky – on the ground hotter days / colder nights = overall, always same temperature. Like changing fistfuls of dollar coins from one pocket to other – doesn’t make you richer or poorer.

BOTTOM LINE: temperature on the earth is 3 dimensional, not like on the moon! #2: All the heat is neutralised in the first 10km from the ground; by the cold vacuum that is penetrating trough the atmosphere – heat doesn’t ‘’radiate out in space’’ to be prevented by CO2, as the propaganda misleads. On 10km altitude ‘’in the tropics’’ is colder than on Antarctic – that’s enough proof for any normal person, not affected by the propaganda, to see trough Warmist, NASA’s lies

Do you believe me now, that: Atmosphere is not same as human body. I.e. when gets warmer under the armpit by half a degree= the whole body is warmer by that much. Atmosphere is completely opposite; when one part gets warmer = another part must get equally colder. That’s what the laws of physics do, by expanding oxygen + nitrogen, they are in charge of regulating the temperature. Determining warmth in the atmosphere, by monitoring on 6000 places for IPCC, is only proof that the Swindlers don’t know, or avoid my formulas / for the process of ”self adjusting”. Not knowing the most basic, or not wanting to know the laws of physics, but squandering billions, what does that makes them…? You be the judge.  

The atmosphere starts expanding, as soon as it warms by 0,00001 degree. No, not on the northern or southern hemisphere; but when the whole troposphere starts getting warmer – that is GLOBAL, isn’t it? When warms up by 0,1 degree – the troposphere expands by 50m, upwards. Intercepts appropriate extra coldness to equalize, instantly. Please note: air doesn’t wait to get warmer by 2-3-4 degrees, before starts expanding. So, if the whole atmosphere cannot get warmer by 0,05 degree, how can it get warmer by 2C or 5C degrees? The laws of physics sometimes appear weird, but they are consistent and always correct.

Same sunspots are affecting Brazil, Burma, Sahara, Namibian desert, and central Australia, but different climates. CARBON IS THE GOOD GUY, THE CARBON MOLESTERS ‘‘from both camps” ARE NAUGHTY:

Clouds/humid air have lots of static electricity. Carbon /CO2 is perfect electricity conductor, O+N are not. 2] CO2 absorbs much more coldness in the upper atmosphere at night than O+N, reason CO2 is used to make dry ice instead of O&NThat extra coldness  and ability to absorb electricity, CO2 uses for condensation; it’s essential for rainmaking. Without CO2 – humidity increases – but no rain. When is high humidity – decreases evaporation = much less rain. + (evaporation is cooling affect – less evaporation = less cooling of the seawater and on the ground) that’s why, where is a dam + topsoil moisture – is cooler during the day, than where water is absent.  Cooler days /warmer during the night = better climate!!! *

The laws of physics, chemistry and arithmetic are 100% reliable sciences. THEY were same in the past -WILL BE THE SAME IN 100 YEARS AS  they are TODAY. Do you trust the laws of physics, or the shonky Climatologist?

TEMPERATURE IN THE ATMOSPHERE DOESN’T GO UP AND DOW AS YO-YO. If fluctuation in sunspots was dictating the climate = would have being same climate in Brazil and northern Australia and Namibian deserts. Same sunspots, same latitude, same CO2; BUT COMPLETELY DIFFERENT CLIMATES. GLOBAL warmings / coolings in the past were not GLOBAL!!! Laws of physics don’t permit that. First they must abolish those laws, by legislation and in UN.

Otherwise, those laws say: both camps are wrong – people and economies are suffering, because of silly outdated theories. People in 5BC, 1200AD were scared to sail more than 50km west of Portugal – not to fall of the planet; but the shonky climatologist + Skeptics, with confidence are telling; without knowing the temperature for both Americas, Oceania for that time. Rely on the reliable, laws of physics, chemistry, arithmetic. Maunder maxima / minima, Holocene were localized extreme climatic changes, because of tilting of the planet; not GLOBAL warmings. Similar as every January for the last 3 years, only on a larger scale, for prolong periods. Was colder in Europe – but warmer Oceania. Than warmer Europe by 2 degrees = colder Oceania by 0,2 degrees, because is 10 times larger. They pretend to know that 800y ago was SAME temperature in Oceania as in Europe / before thermometer was invented – when the earth was flat – you should take their own temperature = they must be  hallucinating,  or shamelessly lying…???!!!

They made it official that: ‘’during the northern summer; the planet is WARMER BY up to 3,8C than during the southern summer.’’ WOW, what a science!… The truth: because the southern hemisphere is more covered with water = is more moisture in the atmosphere. Where is more moisture; clouds / water vapor – it’s cooler on the ground and warmer in the upper atmosphere. b] it’s much less heat in the first two meters from the ground, where ALL the thermometers are, than in the other 10km above – aren’t those 10km part of the ”globe” – obviously not for the Warmist criminal organization… and for their assistants, most of the ”Skeptics”

I believe that: their data shows even bigger difference; but they are not heroic enough, to admit -> ‘’smoothing” follows

The truth: not enough EXTRA WARMTH is in the atmosphere during the northern summer than during southern, to boil one chicken egg with it!!! BUT, it shows that ‘’their modelling’’ is complete crap! It shows warmer, for two unscientific reasons::

#1:  because 75% of the monitoring places are on the N/H, 25% only on the southern. Example: if 75 workers get pay increase by 10% for 6 months and 25 workers get pay decrease by 10% = overall together they will be getting more money; than for the next 6 months – when 75 workers get salary decreased by 10% and the other 25 workers get increased their salary by that much. What a con science is used; by not having monitoring places spaced equally!!!… Reason everybody is scared from the truth, and are trying to silence my proofs / science!!!

Reason #2: on the S/H is much more water, than on the northern hemisphere. Where is ‘’more water’’ DAYS ARE COOLER / NIGHTS WARMER!!! It proves that: monitoring only for the ‘’HOTTEST MINUTE’’ in 24h, and ignoring the other 1439 minutes – is the mother of all con and misleading science!!! BY BOTH CAMPS!!! Warmth in every minute in 24h has SAME value; but doesn’t go up / down equally as the hottest minute!!!

That’s admission that they are wrong by 3,8C in 6 months – then look at their ”GLOBAL” temperature charts for the last 150y, 1000y, 6000 years – they ”pretend” to be correct in one hundredth of a degree and occasionally in one thousandth of a degree, for every year. That’s what kind of people FROM BOTH CAMPS are talking about their  ”scientific proofs”… where is their credibility,  what kind of ”computer models” can be wrong by 3,8C for 6 months non-existent difference in temp – but are talking ”with precision” about 1920’s, 1850’s, 5BC…?

150y ago, there were only few unreliable thermometers; data collected by unreliable people. But that data is used as correct – sometime, by some, is stated as: unreliable; but was / IS used as reliable anyway, by those same people. 400-500-700 years ago.. well the correct GLOBAL temperature ”BY THEIR PROXY’‘   was discovered from: if there were 12 bushels of grain per acre in Devon-shire, England; then next year was only 11,5 bushels ->  that means that: in all of Oceania, south America and the other 90% of the planet – the temperature following year was ”COLDER BY 0,04C, on the WHOLE planet…. WOW! What a science – precision in one hundredth of a degree. Look at their GLOBAL temp charts = it looks as seismographs /as if the planet has a hi-fever…?

Their GLOBAL temp cycles are even more sick. They found in Colorado Canyon erosion that: certain deposits repeat themselves -> instantly they name them as ”factual cycles” in other country, or other continent, alluvial deposits don’t mach the ones in Colorado – instead of admitting that: THOSE CYCLES were not GLOBAL – they just ad more and more different cycles. Blame the sun, solar dust; blame everything that cannot take them to court for defamation. Instead of starting to analyse: how the deterioration of vegetation / climate was gradually affected by human inventing the ARTIFICIALLY CREATION OF FIRE. In Eurasia + North Africa 50000-60000 years ago – north America 15000y ago – in Australia maybe 30000y ago. After 20-30 intensive bush-fires, the vegetation gives up -> without vegetation -> rainfall decreases = become hotter days / colder nights / more extreme climate, but NOR warmer planet. Unfortunately, admitting the truth – so that the climate can be improved – which would bring money to the engineers and working people to build extra dams for saving the storm-water; instead, the politicians are competing who is going to drain more storm-water into the sea – as if Pacific doesn’t have enough water

Before the invention of artificial fires by human – the only fires the earth did know was from volcanoes and lightening storms. Volcanoes aren’t very often – electric storm is associated with rain = because of wet; fire doesn’t go far.  Artificial fires first started, when was mulch everywhere – after many generation; the mongrels were turning the best lands into desert… now the Fakes are ”SKEPTICAL” if human can change the climate… self destructive idiots… born losers! Confusing the phony global warming with the regular climatic changes is the biggest lie since the Hommo-Erectus invented language!

Why is difficult of learning the most important factors: ”ABSORPTION OF HEAT IS ALWAYS ”EQUAL” the RELEASE {A=R} because O&N are responsible for regulating same amount of heat to be always in the troposphere.

why is rising CO2 in the air seen as bad? Why depletion of the essential molecule CO2 is not seen as bad?!

Rain washes the CO2 into the sea, the more of it is – the more it washes down. Coral, algae, shellfish collect CO2 from the water – when they are dead -> get buried and cemented carbon for millions of years in form of  limestone… Before the industrial revolution, CO2 was depleted to critically low level for the trees & crops. What’s wrong of having a bit more of it?!!! DOESN’T FIT THE CONTEMPORARY PROPAGANDA!!!


fault #1:
All those past ”global” warmings and ”global” coolings and ”cycles” were NEVER global. The normal laws of physics doesn’t permit the ”whole” planet to be warmer, or colder for more than a day, there are logical explanations for what was really happening on individual occasions! Therefore: same laws of physics will be in 100y from now = proofs that is not going to be ”global” warming. b]As long as people on the street think that; the earth’s temp goes up and down as a yo-yo = Warmist won, will rob and oppress the world based on fairy-tales. You people should learn about ”the earth’s self adjusting mechanism” ::: a] earth’s troposphere is like piano accordion – constantly shrinks/expands, as required and wastes all extra heat. b] why did the engineers built bigger radiator in a truck than in small car?.A: truck engine produces 3 times more heat, BUT has same temp as a small car – because truck has bigger radiator – the troposphere (O&N) are the earth’s radiator; can double in an instant, if necessary b] when for ANY reason gets warmer than normal, which is most of the time close to the ground – the ”vertical winds” speed up = same as: when you rev the engine more -> instantly car moves faster, fen next to the radiator speeds up and water pump pumps faster BECAUSE: the engineers that build trucks, cars they are smart people and put different size radiators. On the other hand; on the blogosphere, earth’s radiator O2&N2 don’t exist. reason they are ALL comparing earth with the moon and Venus………

fault #2:
the ”correct” monitoring is completely WRONG, not only the manipulated data; therefore: the temp is same every year, BUT, even if there was any fluctuation in temp, nobody would have known!!!

1] monitoring only for the hottest minute in 24h and ignoring the other 1439 minutes, in which the temp doesn’t go up, or down as in the ”hottest” minute…. statistically 1439 against one…
it’s same as: if the car is got 2440 different parts, but you are building that car, ”with one bolt only” you will not get very far…!

2] the ”highest temp minute in 24h, is not at the same time every day!!! sometime is the ”hottest at 11, 50AM, most of the time is after 1pm = that is many more warmer minutes.

3] pointing some place that is warmer than normal – is SAME as saying: ”the planet is warmer by 12C at lunch time, than before sunrise…?

4] a thermometer can monitor the temp in a room; but one thermometer for 10 000km2?

5] even those ”few” (6000) thermometers are not evenly distributed; no honest statistician would have taken to make ”statistic” if he wasn’t told; which individual thermometer, how much area represents.Example: if the workers in 4 countries have their pay packet increased by a dollar, and in 2 countries had ”decreased by a dollar Q: would the ”overall’ all workers in those 6 countries get more money, or less?
(the 4 countries were Luxembourg, Monaco and Belgium and Portugal, increased by a dollar. The other two were India and Chinese workers, decreased by a dollar

6] when is sunny – on the ground is warmer / in upper atmosphere is cooler – BUT, when is cloudy, upper atmosphere is warmer, on the ground cooler – overall same temp; BUT, because ALL thermometers monitoring are on the first 2m from the ground = they are completely misleading!!!

Therefore, the truth: in the 70′s was exactly the SAME temp as today, and will be exactly the same ”overall” GLOBAL temp in 100y = Warmist in jail
unfortunately: in the 70′s they were scaring the people from: CO2 ”dimming effect” that will produce cooling by year 2000 – so they were manipulating the data to reflect ”cooling planet”. After they started scaring the people with global warming and manipulate data ”as warming” — people compare those two ”manipulated” data and confuse the crap out of themselves…

They are a ”climate from changing Stoppers” by building those stupid wind turbines for electricity…?! Let me tell you about reality: -”before Nikola Tesla invented hi voltage electricity – Edison had to produce electricity on the spot, where is used; because 240 volts has very high resistance in the cable – in 2-3km cable most electricity is lost by resistance, cable overheats. So: Tesla invented hi voltage in the power stations AND the transformer, to  reduce it back to 240 volts in the town / suburbs, to be used. Well; those wind turbines produce ”low voltage” electricity – only when the wind is from appropriate direction – on the top of the hill. From the top of the hill, to the city main greed, if is 10-15-30km, almost all electricity is LOST BY THAT ”RESISTANCE” in the cable, but you as user are paying more than double price; FOR SOMETHING THAT YOU DON’T GET at all!!!

Aristotle said: ”the truth is much more important, than million believers”:
The truth always wins on the end.
Past ”phony global warmings” don’t prove that is not going to be global warming in 100y!!! It only confuses the honest people on the street that the ”global” temp goes up and down as a yo-yo

The truth: in 2100, if you collect ALL the ”extra” warmth accumulated since the Kyoto conference in 97, you wouldn’t have enough extra heat, to boil one chicken egg!!! extra heat in the earth’s atmosphere is not accumulative!!!

so, they are the ”two things” that I’m correct and can prove everything now, no need to wait 100years, when the spend the money and are gone
Q: can you remember in 100y from now to ask them for the money back? The Warmist know the answer on that question


If there wasn’t one molecule of CO2 in the atmosphere; ”OVERALL” temperature would have being exactly the same as it is now – because CO2 has nothing to do with the temp; which is completely / 100% regulated by oxygen &nitrogen. Climate is controlled by H2O

2] local temp always change – global overall is ALWAYS the same, BUT, hypothetical: even if it did get warmer, or colder ”overall”  nobody would have known; because on 99,999999999999% of the planet nobody is monitoring! B] planet is not as human body – if under the armpit is warmer by 1C = the whole body is warmer by that much – on the planet fluctuates on every 100m, every 15minutes, independently – They ”pretend” to know the overall global temp to one thousandth of a degree – the thermometer is not even calibrated to hundredth of a degree. If you can remember all that; you already know more than all the climatologist combined.

Mitich formulas:       1]   { EH =>AE =>EHR } Extra Heat => Atmosphere Expands => Extra Heat Release  #2: Extra heat-> vertical winds increase AND go much higher.  That’s the Temperature Self Adjusting Mechanism (TSAM) 

Green Power… Here is some reality:: Tesla invented high voltage and transformer, so that electricity can be produced outside the city, not as Edison’s way, to be produced in every suburb. Because low voltage loses electricity in ”’resistance in the cable” Well, those wind turbines are producing low voltage electricity -> even when the wind is from favorable direction and is blowing -> most of that produced electricity is lost in the ground cable, before reaches the main power greed, in 10-15km distance. Therefore: those turbines are installed on the top of the hill, to promote the NON-EXISTENT GLOBAL WARMING, and: for fleecing the Urban Sheep and money laundering.


16 Responses to CLIMATE *

  1. omanuel says:


    Those who have illusion of control are no more evil than the rest of us.

    The illusion of power corrupts as much or more than the actual possession of power.

    Since Japan had facilities to produce deuterium (H-2) at Konan, Korea and the H-bomb uses an atomic bomb to fuse H-2, USSR had access to H-bomb technology when USSR troops captured the Konan site in Aug 1945.

    Thus, USSR had the strongest hand at the negotiating table when the UN was formed in Oct 1945 and seems to control most of the globe today.

    Despite Ronald Reagan’s assurance the Evil Empire died !


  2. Andy Hurley says:

    Dear Stefan,
    I must admit that I have read and reread your articles and I am totally staggered by the simplicity of the science you expound. This being the case why are there no Scientists, Warmists, Alarmists , whatsoever disputing your points?
    I am no scientist ,but the simple explanation that the Troposphere expands and contracts ,acting as “an intelligent flask” due to absolutely indisputable basic physics ,thus setting the global temperature and brushing aside all the nonsense being expounded by all sides on the subject , is so clear as to be beyond belief !
    No longer a Skeptic, a convinced Global Warming denier and proud of it!
    Andy Hurley

    • Andy Hurley says: ” I am totally staggered by the simplicity of the science you expound. This being the case why are there no Scientists, Warmists, Alarmists , whatsoever disputing your points? ”

      Hi Andy, they are intentionally complicating, to keep people in constant confusion.

      b] both camps are skilfully avoiding the truth, because lots of money is involved in keeping the religiously fanatics as they are for as long as possible. Not just the Warmist, but the ”Skeptics” would have to admit ignorance about the past ”childish proxy data” :

      they blame the sun and the water vapor… their childish proofs are giving oxygen to the Warmist:

      Andy, when you know the truth and watch the circus from a distance, it’s entertaining. The more people know the truth – the more difficult will become to ignore it, any sugestion

    • to Andy Hurley:

      Andy, I cannot access my ”face book”’ page. I even forgot the password for it, and for some reason, doesn’t even let me comment on it. Please, any message or discussion, use my website, here.

  3. Andy Hurley says:

    Having been looking at lots of different web sites , I can see that some people are coming around to your way of thinking. There still seems to be a tendency to believe there has been some global which in accordance with your views cannot have taken place without = global cooling .Not just your views of course , but in line with basic physics.
    I have been in contact with Lord Monkton, who kindly replied over 4 pages worth , I asked if he could explain , where your theory failed , but got no reply to that. However I note that in recent communications with Greenslime , he has used some of your research (IT appears similar anyway) regarding the barrier reef and the making of the sea less alkaline by virtue of intake from acidic run off, kudos to you on that !

    • Hi Andy; the laws of physics say that: warming, or cooling of the WHOLE planet is not possible. Parts can get warmer, and always do – BUT simultaneously other parts get colder, to balance.

      Both camps work on atmosphere made of CO2 &methane only; as if oxygen & nitrogen didn’t exist. O2&N2 -the winds are cooling the atmosphere by 10-15-20C in 10-12h from midday to midnight – that’s why they think that planet cannot cool by 2C in 100y.

      Monkton and other activist have stuck their necks too far; they cannot admit that they have being wrong, unless the public knows the whole truth. Anyway, at least truth will give them insomnia… Andy, I’m very busy – you spread the truth, make it your baby

  4. Andy Hurley says:

    Doing my best boss! if you ever need any proof reading done , I will be happy to do so free , gratis, for nothing. I enjoy a good read and have a critical mind for the analysis of good English.

    • Hi Andy, English is not my first, or second language – your English is impeccable – spread the truth

      Warmist will avoid to debate you, because they know that they are wrong. ”Skeptics” involved, tend to be less intelligent and they believe that ”proxy” data will help them win; in reality: the phony proxy GLOBAL temperature from the past is only giving oxygen to the Warmist…

      Nevertheless, the more people know the truth, will became imposable for all of them to avoid debating; none of them has any solid proofs

      Remember: atmosphere is NOT as a human body – when under the armpit gets warmer by a degree – the whole body is warmer by that much. In the atmosphere changes temp independently / constantly. The 6000 monitoring places doesn’t cover 0,00000000000000000000oo1% of the planet’s surface area – therefor: declaring that they know to one hundredth of a degree precision, is just sick, for both camps…

    • Andy, guess what’s the temp in your room, now; – then look at the thermometer – you will see that you guessed wrong by 2-3C plus / minus… that is now

      Both camps ”pretend” that they can guess exactly what was the temperature 600y ago 2000y ago, before the thermometer was even invented; when the planet was still flat and the half of the planet didn’t exist… Andy, you are against those ”believers”…

  5. Will Janoschkas says:

    Mr. Mitich,
    I agree with most you write! If you can, please explain the process/stuff that controls the atmospheric WV so very well?

    • Will Janoschkas, welcome!

      Regarding water vapor: Everything on the planet is controlled by the ”honest’ laws of physics. Compounds that don’t have good cohesion – they have brilliant adhesion. Which means: O2&N2 and H2O attract each other. Example: now I leave in the tropical rainforest, humid as in Turkish bath – when wind from the western desert blows here -> humidity is collected by the dry air (O&N) B] farmers can tell you: when dry winds blow – they need to irrigate much more often, because dry oxygen & nitrogen collect the moisture = H2O attaches to O&N. Therefore: water vapor is as essential in the atmosphere as CO2, for the vegetation!

      Warmist / greens badmouthing CO2 and water vapor…. one oak-tree knows more about climate than all the warmist & skeptics combined! Q: why trees don’t like semi-deserts and deserts. Deserts have same amount of CO2 as rainforest, BUT completely different climates! Water regulates the climate, not CO2!

      When on the subject of CO2: when humidity increases -> evaporation decreases BUT: CO2 at night gets colder than other gases in the atmosphere, and that makes CO2 to increase condensation and makes more space for evaporation = CO2 is a rainmaker also! here is a post on Water Vapor:

      • Will Janoschkas
        1] now you know why oak-tree knows more about the climate, than all the Warmist & skeptics combined! Because the tree depends on the climate for survival – not like the big city ”environmentalist”; with permanent water in the kitchen and bathroom AND air-conditioners, AND electric heaters…(your oaktree told you what both camps are ignorant)

        2] you are saying: ”I cannot see why CO2 would be at a lower temperature than any other gas at any altitude. Please explain” A: different masses react different to heat.- O&N are best ”insulators” CO2 is perfect heat conductor:: – during the day, CO2 absorbs more heat than O&N – at night is ”opposite affect, CO2 gets colder! Experiment: because you don’t have laboratory for gases – substitute CO2 for a metal pipe and O&N for a lump of wood. Put them both on the sunlight -> pipe (CO2) will get ”hotter” than wood (that represents daytime effect of the CO2 – gets hotter and lifts ”higher”, where cooling is much more efficient)

        B] same lump of wood and the pipe leave in the yard, on a very cold night (because where CO2 goes up, is very cold) You will notice by midnight that: the pipe (CO2) will get much colder than the wood (O&N) That’s why they make ”dry ice” from CO2! When CO2 gets ”colder” at night – condenses the humidity. (can experiment with graphite powder / graphite is carbon) -: sprinkle it during the day outside, when is humid – by midnight will be covered with water droplets, condensed H2O from the air. They are seeding for rain with very fine salt particles / because salt has similar effect BUT: salt dust doesn’t stay high up for long enough, not very suitable / CO2 stays longer – condensates water and both fall down to feed the trees (also, salt is not the best for trees, CO2 is) therefore:carbon molesters from both camps don’t give the credit to CO2 that deserves.

        3] the ”Carbon Bashers” in the 70’s were saying: CO2 intercepts sunlight and gets hotter-> lifts up and blocks the sunlight -> less sunlight comes to the ground and will produce ice age by year 2000. b] same carbon molesters now say: CO2 absorbs more heat and will produce ”global” warming! One thing the White Collar Criminals (WCC) don’t want the public to know is: ” the effect of CO2 on temp during the day is completely opposite than during the night!” Because those two ”opposite effects” CANCEL EACH OTHER! =zero warming or cooling!!! Of course: if you only promote one effect, or the other – easy to con about ”global warming” or ”ice age” BUT that’s if you think that is 24h sunlight, or 24h dark on every individual place on the planet!… That makes both camps as genuine ”Flat Earthers” Please read this post, to give you clear picture:

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