posted on February 18. 2015


 We have lots of facts; first: nobody knows  what’s exactly ‘’overall’’ earth’s temperature, BUT: they succeeded to present Venus as a hot potato in a microwave oven; same temperature everywhere, 864F, was it 462C? Will be disproved! #2: 92 atmospheres  pressure, will be disproved! We’ll go now by what is known correctly: #3: when the sunny side of Venus is facing the earth – she is on the other side of the sun – #4: when Venus is closest to the earth, we can see where is night – reason Venus never gets over 45 degrees in the sky, before sun is out => therefore, we should know  and talk more about that side, why we don’t?. #5: in Venus orbit, temperature is minus -90C (-130F) #6: the night on Venus is 4  months long; on the earth is only 12h, and in those 12h of night, cools by 40C in Sahara, where is no water, same as on Venus; cools by 40C, in 10h, please don’t forget that. #7: CO2 loses heat much faster and absorbs much more ‘’coldness’’, when not exposed to the sun, than oxygen &nitrogen (reason CO2 is used for making dry ice). #8: 92 atmospheric pressure on Venus is another big con #9: Venus represents women #10: they are lying about the temperature here on the polar caps and missing heat on the bottom of the sea; because on those ‘’remote’’ places, honest people don’t go, to check the temp for themselves – Venus became the  perfect candidate for lying; for the same, even bigger reason, about badmouthing CO2. Same as: if Martian was flying over the earth and detected 50C heat in Sahara – went back home, and to make it more interesting, because earth has different atmosphere than Mars, he informed them that: the ‘whole’ earth has 159C, because the Martians don’t know that: in winter night in your backyard gets to below zero centigrade, but YOU do, AND: on Antarctic gets to -75C, in the same day and time when in Sahara is +50C, 125C  difference; even though Sahara is getting cooled every 12h. from -70C to +50C is 120C difference, simultaneously #11: NASA became devil’s advocate, regarding the CAGW. They are known facts, we’ll make many more. Saying that Venus temp is 846F, you don’t need 3 guesses, to know for what reason! (CO2)


A] first, we’ll see about the 92 atmospheres pressure, lie: Yes, the pressure there is a bit higher than here, but maybe 1,5-2 atmospheric pressures maximum, not as they say 92 atmospheres! 92 atmospheres pressures is concocted, because ”greater density of a gas can have higher temp” BUT they forgot that: ”higher temperature expands gases, including CO2!” Well lets work on the ‘’air pressure’ first: Air pressure on a planet depends on #1: what kind of gases. #2: strength of gravity  #3: quantity of air /volume, AND temperature; depends: how much air can fit in, on how ‘’strong gravity’’, under what temperature.

B]: well most of it is CO2, some SO2, OR is it all of it into H2SO4 state, not much oxygen &nitrogen as free gases. CO2 is a bit heavier than oxygen &nitrogen, which is  most here on the earth, but not much, 50% heavier. Hot CO2 here goes up, together with hot O&N; you have seen it in forest fires and from chimneys, we know that. When room temp is 27C, which is made from O&N, CO2 in the chimney is 50C, and goes UP, because at 50C CO2 is lighter than O&N at 27C. You see, CO2 is two parts oxygen to one part of carbon anyway, same goes for SO2, which is fraction heavier than CO2. But we have to accept that they are a bit heavier than most of the air on the earth, which is nitrogen. To ‘’almost’’ cancel that effect, Venus has a bit less gravity than the earth! #3: factor (temp and volume of air)  is a bit complicated; well they can’t argue that is cooler on Venus and therefore can fit more air; would be shooting themselves in the foot, BUT: ‘’volume of air’’ is our Achilles’ Hill, but don’t worry: if Venus atmosphere was reaching up to the roof of your house; wouldn’t make any difference; because above 100km altitude is almost zero gravity – Venus doesn’t have strong enough gravity, to pull the gases down, to create pressure. Venus is surrounded by ”cold vacuum” which pulls the gases out as the strongest vacuum cleaner – is a constant thug of war about the air, between gravity and the vacuum. Is not as pumping air in a car tire, to build pressure / because the tire contains the pressure in; BUT: most of the space in the solar system is ‘’cold VACUUM’’!

Well, upper atmosphere pressure cannot be much different than here, close to the ground is a bit higher than here. If somebody can get some Russian university book from the 80’s on the subject, please we would like to know: the exact pressure close to the ground AND volume of the atmosphere? (hopefully they got some evidences, in a short time they received messages from their satellite landing on Venus)  P.s. don’t rely much on what Russians would say now – they were offered money on Kyoto Conference, as ‘’carbon credits’’ to buy silence from them. (when that credit stops, hopefully they will spit the dummy) (Warmist can scare the Canadians from 2C phony warming; hopefully Russians are smarter, they are living inside a similar fridge as the Canadians; warming in Canada and Russia would have being big, big improvement BUT will never happen) Somebody should inform Putin, to release whatever they know from the 80’s about Venus!

C] back to the subject: because gravity is not greater than on the earth; we’ll just cancel any ‘’higher pressure effect’’ of any amount of nitrogen, oxygen and sulphuric acid are there; like ‘’crossing irrelevant zeroes’’. CO2 is 1,5 atmosphere pressure, under similar gravity on the earth; it means: 92 atmospheres is a grotesque con. If you tell me about Jupiter, Saturn, with very strong gravity, to pull the gases down and create big pressure – I’ll believe anything you say, BUT: not about Venus, which has fraction less gravity than the earth! Atmospheric pressure is not like pumping car tire – unless the heavenly body is got strong gravity, to pull down and create pressure, forget it! Much more air, doesn’t mean much stronger pressure. Example: if the earth’s atmosphere was reaching to Mars orbit – wouldn’t had much more pressure; you know that: 350km altitude, where the satellites orbit, is almost zero gravity; the satellite made of metal is few ounces heavy. Are you with me: if YOU seat now on Venus, you’ll be a kilo less heavy, not more; but if you are on Jupiter, you’ll be a ton; same as for any gases! (the story about Mars in the past had lots of air and big atmospheric pressure; well, maybe had more air, BUT not much more atmospheric pressure, because Mars always had same small gravity AND: if he had more air -> lost it to Jupiter, or just the outside vacuum vacuumed it instantly!  But they never let the truth get on the way of a good story – especially when that story was sowing the seeds for more tax$$$ in the future) (please don’t confuse the physics that engineers learn – they need to deliver the goods; ‘’astrophysicist’’ are same as ‘climatologist’’ must bring regularly new lies; to justify big expenses) they concocted 92 atmospheres pressure, to lie about accumulation of heat; when YOU know that: on heat, CO2 instantly expends, that expansion pushes the bullet from the gun! Venus, as they liewith 92 atmospheres, under 460C heat, would have instantly exploded as the biggest atom bomb!  Reason the smog goes out of your chimney is because; warmed CO2 expends a lotUnless the Warmist put mountains of those blacksmith’s anvils on the top of the Venus atmosphere,  to press down; they are lying trough their teeth!!! It’s only left now to deal on quantity of gases in the air, regarding their 92 atmospheres pressure con:

D] actually, quantity of gases don’t make much difference in air pressure! Here is why: first; we’ll go on round numbers – people that tell lies, go with precision – like: Warmist Venus is exactly  864F, on the whole planet – (same as: when bureaucrats calculate how much will cost to build that bridge – they put $32 millions and exact thousands of dollars and 69 cents on the end – to GIVE  IMPRESSION, as if they know what they are talking about – even though, by the time the bridge is built, costs over $100 millions). O.K. On the earth gases are up to 100km altitude, that press down, we have one atmosphere. If Venus had 10 times more atmosphere, 1000km. Well, the other 900km on the top, wouldn’t make much difference; because gravity wouldn’t pull them much down. Same as if you build a house – you don’t build on quicksand, because is heavy- and if you build 10 story building, would be 10 times heavier, BUT: that’s not the case with gases; because the other 900km are not affected much by gravity => would have being as if the other 9 stories are built from polystyrene. Which means: IF Venus had 10 times more gases up; the ‘’extra’’ 900km, if you are a weight lifter, would be able to lift all those ‘’extra gases’’ with one arm! We were too generous with 1000km thick atmosphere anyway, because Venus would have lost half of those gases to the sun’s gravity. On the sunny side of Venus, atmosphere is thin, because warm CO2 expends a lot; reason CO2 goes out of your chimney and up.

Here is perfect, the most realistic experiment: put in one container oxygen & nitrogen at 20C, to represent earth’s atmosphere – in another container of same volume put CO2 at 200C, to represent sunny side of Venus; when you measure both containers – O&N container will be heavier – reason the O&N in your room at 26C are squeezing the  ‘’warm CO2’’ trough the chimney and out! IF you go on your roof and measure the temperature of the smog that is coming out of the chimney, would be about 55C, and is still lighter than the O&N on the ground level! Case proven, by YOU! Australians don’t have chimneys, to see that, BUT: in regular forest fires they can see that ‘’warm Co2 gas goes UP!’’ Therefore: Venus atmosphere could be a bit ‘’less’’ than one atmosphere pressure, BUT: because we don’t work on ‘’could be’’ as the Warmist, final concession is: Venus atmospheric pressure is between 0,8 -3 atmospheres max! If you really twist my arm, to be more precise… well, 1,4 atmospheres – cannot say; on sea-level, but: on the lowest points – higher altitude, if there is high mountains, is much less.

Between Venus, Earth, Mars is lots and lots of ”cold VACUUM” – TRYING  to pull away the gases off those planet’s atmospheres; without sufficient ”gravity”  -> the ”cold vacuum” would have pulled all the air. Atmospheric pressure of a planet depends on her ”strength of gravity! Therefore: Venus atmospheric pressure ‘’on the ground’’ is about 0,8-3 atmospheres max, not one gram extra!92 atmospheres on Venus is a big con, as most of the other  Warmist’ knowledge, harvested from thin air! (the old saying: when you tell a lie – tomorrow have to tell another two, to cover up for the first one- next week must tell another 3 lies, to cover up for the first three – next month must tell another six lies, to cover for the past six) that’s how they accumulated too many lies, easy to expose themselves; because they started confusing their own lies.  92 atmospheres pressure, my foot; Sir Isaac Newton must be turning upside down in his grave, Warmist are lying for a badreason; to lie about 864F temperature; bad Poe ! Imagine CO2 on same gravity as the earth, on 864F->would have being spontaneous explosion and expansion; and Venus would have lost most of her gases that she doesn’t have, to the unlimited ”cold vacuum” that is  surrounding  her atmosphere!   92 atmospheric pressures, BUSTED! 

                                  NIGHT TEMPERATURE ON VENUS:

1]We’ll get into the ‘’hottest minutes and place on Venus’’, after, below, but that number is 230C max, not what they say! O.K. When CO2 atmosphere of ‘’maximum 230C’’ on Venus goes into darkness for 4 months –‘’cold vacuum’’ of minus -90C, yes, with a bit greater difficulty than on the earth, but still penetrates instantly into the Venus atmosphere. I’m saying it wrong; the ‘’cold vacuum’’ penetrates inside day and night; only at night the warming stops, that’s better. B] in the upper atmosphere the air is thin, same as on the earth; therefore: the ‘’cold vacuum’’  penetrates just as easy as in the earth’s upper atmosphere  c] your deep freezer is only -17C, but if you put hot smog of 230C in, will cool it in ‘’less’’ then 15 minutes; Temp in Venus orbit is 5 times ‘’colder’’ than in your deep freezer AND the night is 4 months long! Experiment: Put a red hot iron of 1500C in a cold-room, or freezer – in the morning that cold iron will be as cold as ex wife’s  heart, will give you frost bytes (even though; solid metal cools slower than CO2 gas)Which means: the ‘’cold vacuum’’ freezes the crap out of that CO2 atmosphere! We are talking about 4 months of dark night on Venus.

In your backyard cools by 10-12C in 8h, after sundown – how many 8h are in 4 months? Anybody don’t believe that, that coldness will not freeze the CO2, hand up; and tell me why not. Long before midnight on Venus is snowing CO2; IF is enough pressure close to the ground, it would have liquefied CO2. On the earth CO2 wouldn’t liquefy under any temp, because of only one atmosphere pressure, BUT: under big pressure; CO2 goes from gas into liquid, than into ice – therefore: if it was 92 atmospheres, at night on Venus would have being many creeks, rivers and lakes of liquid CO2, but I told you that is not that much pressure, didn’t I? There is definitely plenty dry ice on the ground for skiing!!! From gas CO2 to get directly into ice, must be minus -109,5F (78,5C). The only place on the earth the coldness can produce dry ice is, for 200h, only in winter, on the south Poll. If you call South Poll in mid winter a ‘’Runaway greenhouse’’ my tears will not help you much… you need a shrink. Hello Warmist!

So, for example: we know much more about the side of the moon that is facing the earth, than the other side – simple logic; we can see it b] when Armstrong landed on the moon – he landed on the side that is facing the earth, it’s closer, and if they landed on the other side, cannot receive radio signals here from his rocket. Therefore: Russians landed few rockets on Venus in the past . Of course they landed on this side of Venus, because is closer, because the rocket was able to send signals; wouldn’t be able to receive radio signals from here, if they landed on surface that is facing the sun (hopefully they landed somewhere where was early in the night, to be appropriate temperature for the sensitive computers to function, not too hot / not too cold (because when old models batteries get too cold, become slippy). B] when Venus is closest to the earth; we can only see her ass, the night side, with telescopes/ same as looking at new moon; when Mars is close to earth, we see daytime / same as looking at full moon.  So, it’s known much more about the night side of Venus, but no talk about it; because it doesn’t fit the propaganda! Isn’t it Warmist? Admit the truth, half of the crimes will be forgiven.

Yes, trough a bit thicker atmosphere ‘’cold vacuum’’ doesn’t penetrate as easy as on the earth(same as; if your car radiator had only pinholes between the water tubes) BUT: in the upper atmosphere on Venus is not many atmospheres pressure, same as in earth’s upper atmosphere, the pressure is 1/5 of one atmosphere and less, trough that space lots of ‘’cold vacuum’’ zooms trough, constantly! use logic! Closer to the ground may not cool as quick as on the earth, 40C in 10h as in Sahara, but it should cool as much in 24h! AND when you ad up 120 days of night, plenty time to cool; 40C multiply by 120 =?! No, no: on Venus is no oceans, to slow down cooling at night; on Venus cooling must be faster than in Sahara! Which means: there is plenty dry ice 200hours after sundown, because for dry ice only needs -78C (-108F) Verdict: IN THE TROPICS AND SUBTROPICS ON VENUS AT NIGHT GETS MUCH COLDER THAN HERE ON ANTARCTIC!!! Mate, why do you need colder than that?!?! is that ‘’runaway greenhouse’’ Some leading Warmist should be put on a dry ice for few days, to warm up and enjoy Venus ‘’runaway greenhouse temp’’? what do you think?

The sulphuric acid turns into liquid under one or three atmospheres pressure, even on zero centigrade temp, CO2 turns at night into ice, O&N stay as gases there. even at night. Did I forgot some other insignificant gas? As the earth; evening on Venus starts cooling BUT: from midnight on Venus the temperature is minus -90C (-130F)  you can take that to the bank! BUSTED!

 (many times Warmist of the lower genera and IQ give links to articles that brainwashes them; where cannot make comment, or ask questions – exclusively put there for brainwashing! Most of the ”Skeptics” fall for that trick… IF it has anything to do with badmouthing CO2; is there for the gullible, put by the professional, political commissars)

                   WINDS OF 1000 kmh ORBITING VENUS, CON:

That was concocted to suggest that: those winds are bringing heat to the side where is night. Let’s see the truth:: All I can remember from the 80’s is: maximum 230C, and very calm on the ground. The ‘’strong winds’’ was obviously concocted in a hurry, to justify that at night on Venus is same temp as daytime, Bullshine! Warmist ‘’science on the run’’ reminds me of the coyote in the Roadrunner’s cartoon show – can you recall: when the coyote needs something, he just stretches his arm outside of the TV screen and here it is, ACME, tools suitable for any occasion. ‘’strong 1000 kmh winds orbiting Venus’’ is only one small example, but lets work on it, by using the earth, as a yardstick:

On the earth, winds are created for few different reasons. No, I’m saying it wrong; winds are needed for many positive reasons, BUT: we’ll work only on ‘’how they are created’’ and compare with Venus: #1: on the earth day /night changes every 12h –rapid change in temperature creates winds b] the sunlight advances so fast, jumbo jet cannot fly so fast. On Venus, night is 4 months, the sunlight advances so slow – you can run that fast; which means: because of day / night factor, on Venus is NO wind. #2: on the earth polar caps are much colder than subtropics; so: the earth’s centrifugal force picks that ‘’cold / heavy air’’ from the polar caps and is bringing it towards semi-tropics. In N/H are called Sirocco, Košava / kind of vortexes – on the S/H are called ‘’highs’’  On Venus is no ‘’centrifugal force’’ because Venus orbits around herself very, very slowlyB] on the earth is big difference in temperature between polar caps and subtropics – because one or the other polar cap is in darkness; on Venus, because of proximity to the sun, AND fraction smaller planet; both polar caps are in ‘’permanent’’ sunlight = less difference = no polar winds.

#3: on the earth are occasionally cyclones, most probably on Venus also. Those Hurricanes and similar, are created here, because: when water evaporates, gets electrically charged – create clouds, electrically charged – from some desert ‘’dry / hot air’’ goes and destroys half of the moisture in the cloud, but not the electricity – that happens many times, and cloud ends up with 10 times more electricity than normal cloud – and starts spinning – if is over the sea, sucks more moisture and becomes cyclone – if over land, becomes a tornado. Venus doesn’t have plenty water as here, for creating electricity. CO2 can absorb lots of electricity, but doesn’t create any. BUT: there suppose to be lots of sulfuric acid, that thing does create electricity; and I believe that can produce electricity – big possibility, maybe less than here, but in a blue moon can create some kind of a big cyclonic wind on Venus. The bottom line is: cyclone cannot supply heat from where is day, to where is night a] is not constant b] same as when is typhoon in China, cannot bring any heat to US, which is on the opposite side of the planet/ on different meridians– OR hurricane in Atlantic cannot make any effect on the other side, say, in Japan. Therefore: ‘’1000kmh winds on Venus to bring heat from where is day, to where is night’’is a grotesque lie, for a reason; BUSTED!!!

#4: on Antarctic is complete darkness for about 2,5 months b] the sunlight at that time is only stone trow from Antarctic AND the currents bring warmth towards Antarctic BUT: the temp gets up to minus –80C; when simultaneously in Sahara, in SAME time gets up to 50C, from -80C to +50C is 130C difference simultaneously, even though at that same time in Sahara gets dark night every 12h, is cooling! C]Winds don’t bring heat from the other side of the planet, to where is dark. Imagine how cold Antarctic would have got, if the WHOLE southern hemisphere was in 4 months darkness, because half of Venus is in darkness, AND if the ocean currents didn’t bring warmth! Therefore: IF day / night was 8 months long here, as it is on Venus, days would have being ‘’hotter’’ than on Venus! Because most of the sunlight on Venus is intercepted in the upper atmosphere by CO2; where cooling is more efficient; on the other hand: on the earth O&N are transparent and let all the sunlight to the ground – apart of some sunlight that is intercepted by the clouds / on Venus is no water clouds. Actually oceans are as shock absorbers, for less extreme temperature here; that shock absorber is not on Venus; another reason why on Venus nights cool much faster! At night O&N as perfect insulators, slow down cooling. Busted!

                                 TEMPERATURE  ON SUNNY SIDE OF VENUS:

Soviets in the 80’s were saying that: ‘’on Venus afternoon can get up to 230C max, around the equator, which is a lot;– because people make roast in the oven, on that temp… but not on the ‘’whole’’ sunny side; and definitely not even close to what the Warmist, including NASA lie; for badmouthing CO2! In Sahara in 12h gets from 10C to 50C; that’s 40C increase in 12h, then is cooling for 12h; IF it was sunlight for 4 months on the earth, which is lots and lots of 12h – would have being hotter than on Venus, because of absence of water in Sahara, same as on whole of Venus… (the sea prevents fast warming/cooling, no sea there.

Having in mind that: Venus gets stronger radiation from the sun, because of proximity, is more concentrated.  b] also, because of proximity, and the sun is much larger object; more than 51% of Venus is under permanent sunlight AND less than 49% is in darkness. Actually; on Venus the day is 123 earth days long / night is only 120 earth day long, 72h shorter nights than days C] because of proximity AND a bit smaller planet* (same as: if the moon had polar caps, would have being both illuminated, simultaneously) – on Venus ‘’both polar caps are in PERMANENT sunlight; because Venus is a bit smaller than the earth, AND is a bit closer to the sun.  On the earth – one polar cap gets dark, when the other is illuminated by the sun – simple geometry; those differences makes big, big difference! D] both planets are in the ‘’Goldilocks’’ space, BUT: if the earth’s day and night were 8 months long; believe me, nothing would have survived here – would have being exactly as EXTREME between day / night temp as on Venus… the sea would have softened a bit, but not enough. E] if Venus day/night was only 24h, that mysterious bitch would have being as pleasant as the earth! You have 6 guesses: – why was Venus declared by the Warmist Organized Crime (WOC)  as ‘’Runaway Greenhouse’’?! A: they know that: you’ll never go there and see that they are lying; same TRICK is used about: missing heat on the bottom of the sea AND all the phony warming on the Arctic and Antarctic, and sea rising in the middle of Pacific, (where you cannot put a stick in the mud, to monitor yourself, because the ocean is 5-6km deep – they know that you would need a long stick) BUT: when you know that: earth’s gravity is evenly distributed; IF the sea is rising in mid Pacific  either is gone something wrong with earth’s gravity OR; NASA’s political commissars are LYING! What do you think, be honest?!?! Example: that water molecule travels from the headwaters to the estuary, for 2000km – because in the estuary is a bit closer to the center of the earth, than in headwaters – any bulge of water in the middle of the sea, that water doesn’t need to put up with solid riverbed-> it just sinks and spreads in minutes = evenly distribution of gravity makes the river water to flow – because a single water molecule has bigger brains and knowledge, than the bigots believing NASA’s lies…! NASA knows that: IF they say that on the beach the sea level has risen; just stick in the mud can prove them wrong – so: they lie that the sea has risen in middle of Pacific, where is 5-6km deep, and you would need a very long stick… Many skeptics believe that; that same mob is monitoring correctly the temperature on the whole planet, from the satellite…

Bottom line: Venus is warmer than the earth on the day side; but definitely not even half from what NASA and the Warmist cult are lying! #2: on the night side Venus is much, much colder than on the earth, because: Venus has ‘’less winds’’ to spread the heat. B] no water currents to spread the heat to the night side. C] CO2 releases much quicker the heat, than oxygen &nitrogen AND definitely releases much faster heat, than the water in the oceans on the earth. D] on Venus, IF with higher atmospheric pressure, the ‘’cold vacuum’’ has more problem to penetrate trough the atmosphere E] lets repeat: if Venus had 24h day/night – the temperature would have being exactly as on the earth, or a bit cooler / if the earth had 243 earth’s days as day/night – would have being exactly same extreme cold / hot as on Venus! E] on Venus the nights are 4 long months! Therefore: ‘’Venus runaway greenhouse’’ is a pathetic lie; because Venus represents women, the description should be replaced by: ’days on Venus are as warm as your young bride / nights on Venus are as cold as the Mother in law’’ For now; Venus is like a lesbian, she looks good from a distance, but completely useless… thanks for nothin’… Venus Goddess of love, my ass, the Greeks were worshiping an extreme feminist bitch!

Warmist declared: ’when Russians landed a rocket on Venus; in 2o minutes was squashed by 92 atmospheres pressure, and melted by 465C heat’’

The truth: the part of the rocket that landed on Venus, was the size of kitchen refrigerator; after landing, was sending messages for 45 minutes and battery went flat. They didn’t install solar panels, because were landing on side that is night. Without electricity, radio signals don’t work!

When somebody is proven lying about something; appropriate is: first for public apology, before another barrage of lies. ‘’Before apologizing’’ everything else they say, should be treated 100% as LIES!  Warmist, Venus needs and demands apology! Also, the honest people demand apology, before any new lies!

I have to insert this: already couple of guys on Facebook were telling me that: they have ALL the informations from Venera rockets, the lies they find on Google, that is definitely 92 atmospheres pressure’’ want me to except it as factual. I can’t explain to everybody individually, so:-‘’ask the conmen that put those misinformations on Google first: what makes those 92 atmospheres pressure, then argue on the subject! Not just because swindlers lies, to be forced to me, as factual. Here is the answer:  In the Cold War, Soviets kept data as ‘’state asset’’ because cost lots of money and brains power. They didn’t give all the informations to some western junky; so that can use it after 2010 on Google, for badmouthing CO2. What I have is the truth, small detail are missing – I’m now in Australia, not easy to get it from them; but I was reading it in the past, on Russian language.

#2: they have only the name correct ‘Venera’’ Slav name for the goddess, the planet and the rocket. Planet Venus (пᴫaнeтa Beнepa) pronounced: ‘’planeta Venera’’ ALL the rest is swindler’s attached lies, what suits for badmouthing CO2! Same as if you say: ‘’ by Apollo 11 Americans landed on the moon and discovered that the moon is made from mozzarella cheese – reason is melting every 2 weeks, from the earth’s ‘’missing heat’’  and needs replenishing every month”. To repeat again: everything you Google connected to CO2; has being put there for the gullible; the Swindlers knew that the ignorant will Google for knowledge. What I say, you can take it to the bank, but some details are missing – when one lies, there are never ‘’missing details’’!

                                  COOLING ON THE EARTH

Because of transparent atmosphere on the earth -> all sunlight reaches the surface (a bit of sunlight is intercepted by water clouds and CO2 in the atmosphere=> where cooling is much more efficient-> reaches a bit less on the ground; combined temp in the ‘’whole atmosphere’’ is always the same. The ‘’cold vacuum’’ the earth is travelling trough, by orbiting around the sun at 108000kmh; new ‘’cold vacuum’’ penetrates trough the troposphere every 9 minutes; and is neutralizing ALL the heat. Same as when you put a block of ice in a bucket of hot water, is cancelling / neutralizing the heat; not ‘’heat radiating out in space’’ as the propaganda says that: CO2 is preventing that radiation out to space! Truth: when any extra heat is produced, for ANY reason; the Earth’s Temperature Self Adjusting Mechanism (ETSAM) is: #1:troposphere instantly enlarges and encompasses appropriate extra ‘’cold vacuum’’  #2: as the altitude increases, air is thinner and lets more of that ‘’cold vacuum’’ trough #3: the ‘’vertical winds’’ from the ground up increase instantly!

#4: the ‘’vertical winds’’ go HIGHER up; where air is thinner and more NEW  ‘’cold vacuum’’ zooms trough every 9 minutes. Most of the heat is neutralized between 2-7-9km altitude. When are super-heated gases produced by a volcano, or atom bomb explosion -> that heat is known to reach up to 12-17km altitude. Up there the air is very thin and too much ‘’cold vacuum’’ zooms trough, and neutralizes any super-heated gases in a jiffy. Yes, vertical winds are taking ALL the heat from the ground up, and dispersing it, for the ‘’cold vacuum’’ to neutralize it! No heat ‘’radiating’’ to out in space! If it wasn’t one molecule of CO2 in the air – no heat would have being ‘’radiating out in the void’’ IT’ ALL CANCELED/NEUTRALIZED here in the troposphere 2-9km from the ground!!! Can be proven so easy – well why the 30000 dishonest scientist are lying?! Why is the media and dishonest politicians lying?!?!

If you don’t know what ‘’vertical winds’’ are, ask the people with hang gliders! People with gliders prefer to be above ground that produces more heat -> that makes strong ”vertical winds” – and those winds go higher, where air is thinner and more ”cold vacuum” zooms trough; Why I mentioned this is: say, like in Sahara, those ”vertical winds” are much stronger during the day, reason they go ”much higher” become ”colder” and at night drop down and bring extra coldness! IF for any reason extra heat is created, those ”vertical winds” speed up for 10-20 minutes AND instead of going 3km up, they go to 3,5km, or if much more heat; they go to 8km – there is plenty new coldness available there at any time, to neutralize any heat! IF gets colder than normal, for any reason; those ”vertical winds” slow down, and troposphere shrinks, to preserve heath.

The ”global warming because of CO2” will be treated in criminology as the biggest con ever. See, here in the tropics, on the Pacific islands on average. temp between day / night is 5-6C, days don’t get much warmer, but nights don’t get much colder! In other words: water improves the climate!!! IF people bring water to the desserts, would improve  the climate on the whole planet; because now big deserts effect for bad climate on great distances, far away from the deserts. Remember: IR &UV that comes from the sun and create heat here, are not same thing as kinetic energy / heat, that ‘’radiates only microns or inches distance!  Those five factors are conveniently overlooked by both camps. Overlooking the most important factors what I say – is not science!!!

Therefore: heat doesn’t ‘’radiate’’ out in space / heat cannot radiate for more than one micron to couple of feet, when that heat is over 200C. All heat is cancelled / neutralized instantly in 2-10km altitude; fact: extra heat in the earth’s atmosphere is not accumulative! BUT: always some places is warmer than normal, SIMULTANEOUSLY other places are ‘’colder than normal’’ – otherwise horizontal winds wouldn’t exist! As children’s see-saw plank: the higher one side goes, the lower other side goes, both sides don’t go up, or down simultaneously.

#2: When heat decreases-> troposphere shrinks, density of O&N increases / a bit less ‘’cold vacuum’’ goes truth. #2: vertical winds decrease AND they don’t go high at all; in other words: as required The  *ETSAM* is brilliant and infallible / because is controlled by the honest laws of physics!!! Even if one CO2 molecule didn’t exist in the atmosphere – heat wouldn’t ‘’radiate to out in space, it’s neutralized in the lower troposphere! Therefore: heat doesn’t radiate out in space, instead: the ‘’cold vacuum’’ penetrates into the troposphere and neutralizes ALL the heat!!! In other words: Mohamed doesn’t go to the mountain / the mountain comes to Mohamed!!! Therefore: billions of pages literature written about the phony ‘’global’’ warming, by the 30000 shonky scientist; is ALL deceiving crap! Show them that: the ”cold vacuum” penetrates right deep down into the Permafrost in the ground! Now  you know what the 30000 scientist don’t know?! Therefore: both camps are barking up the same wrong tree! Because: the honest laws of physics are the Lord’s real ‘’10Commandments’’; you don’t brake those commandments! Western socialist politicians, should try to abolish the laws of physics, by legislation, AND in the UN – before start lying about any phony global warming! (called for misleading ‘’Climate Change”)

Fact #1: O&N expend / shrink instantly, according to temperature. Fact #2: on 5km high mountain in subtropics AND in Europe is permanent ice, can freeze your nuts on that temp; on Mt. Kilimanjaro in the tropics in Africa is permanent ice – on 10km above your head is so cold, if you are exposed to that temp, certain death; why do you need colder than that?! Fact #3: NASA, American pride in the past; became the Devil’s Advocate / a weapon for the western Marxist, to destroy the democratic west! Shame, shame Yankees!!! NASA is same name / people controlling NASA are different. Marxist succeed to position their own people in NASA, they have replaced long before the people collecting temperature data on the ground… it is heartbreaking; when Skeptic uses that data, to prove the Warmist wrong… OR any data, information, released by NASA’s, EPA commissars…(because is on taxpayer’s expense) those Marxist Motherf*%$#s should be all in jail; for abuse of privileged position, trust, and misappropriation of taxpayer’s funds!  IF you are on a sea-level in Tanzania, Ecuador, Congo – 6 miles above your head is COLDER THAN ON ANTARCTIC! Because the ”cold vacuum” destroyed any heat created below! The Marxist psychos are scaring you with planet getting warmer…?!

NASA’s lie is: they are monitoring from satellite: ‘’more IR gets in / less IR gets out’’ = THE BIGGEST LIE OF THE 21 CENTURY!!!

Satellite monitoring ”global temp”  is for bullshine adicts, nothing more. They are not even monitoring – the ”pretend monitoring” is for justifying expenses and abuse of NASA’s name. There are variations in temp on every 10m altitude, but not on NASA’s infrared picture. If you are a big city slicker – go to hi rise building and check trough the window – as you go higher, temp drops. On NASA’s picture is same temp on the top of 5km mountain as on foot of that same mountain on sea level = proof that they are lying. #2: IF satellites did monitor, their infrared photos would have being showing the difference in temp between sea, lake and dry land, Because, water is colder on the surface, BUT warmer 3-7km altitude in the troposphere = on dry land is hot on the ground, but higher troposphere always colder! 

The truth: ‘’if NASA was monitoring, would have seen that: IR &UV in, no IR / kinetic heat out, because the kinetic heat is neutralized in the first few km from the ground, by the NEW ‘’cold vacuum’’ that is penetrating trough the troposphere, every 9 minutes, day and night. That ‘’cold vacuum’’ that neutralizes the heat, stays where it is – the earth cannot take it with her; because the ‘’cold vacuum’’ doesn’t have gravity, or friction, into new cold vacuum every 9 minutes, upper troposphere can never be warmed up #2: even if same amount of heat was ‘’radiating out’’ if it wasn’t for the ‘’cold vacuum’’ penetrating into the troposphere: only geothermal heat released in one year, would have boiled the planet + all the heat from fires released and any other heat from any friction produced, would have cooked the earth– Other countries are deceived by NASA’s lies, to destroy their economies… shame, shame US!!! Many birds, when get too hot, go 1-2km high up, to cool down / NASA’s Commissars and the ones that believe them, supposed to have more brains than birds…?! b] only few days ago was over 35C (95F) in England; 1000km south, on the Alps, on 3 miles altitude is permanent ice. Because the air is thinner on that altitude, and plenty NEW  ‘’cold vacuum’’ zooms trough that altitude every 9 minutes! Higher up zooms even much more ‘’cold vacuum’’

Let me tell you a bit about what the ”cold vacuum” does-> you will know much more about the truth about cooling, than all the 30000 shonky scientist: Mt. Kilimanjaro is almost 6km high; say between 5km -5895m on the top, is completely exposed to the tropical sun, and produces lots and lots of heat, BUT: because the air on that altitude is thin-> lots of ”cold vacuum” constantly penetrates and cancels that heat; reason permanent ice can survive there in the tropics! Example: if you go on some low altitude  100km away from Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania; when the temperature is 40C (104F) – let a weather balloon 5km -5895m high, the temperature would be even colder than on the top of the mountain – even though on the ground is scorching heat, because: from the ground to that altitude the ”cold vacuum” had enough time and space, to cancel / neutralize any heat; when you are monitoring on the top of the mountain, your thermometer is only 5feet off the ground, the ”cold vacuum” didn’t have enough time and space, to destroy all the heat radiating from the ground and being collected by the air. (when you are on the top of Kilimanjaro mountain, you are on the ‘’closest point on the earth to the sun’’) Therefore: from the ground to ”less” than 6km altitude 40C heat has being neutralized / cancelled / destroyed! NO heat ”radiating to out in space CO2 to interfere with!! Even hot CO2 from the surrounding forest fires, ALL cancelled / neutralized/destroyed!  Therefore:  ”disregarding the power of the ”cold vacuum” and the Earth’s Temp Self Adjusting Mechanism (ETSAM) is the precursor of all evil about the western Marxist robbing the public for billions, AND gradually imposing dictatorship in the democratic west! NASA, EPA, CSIRO and Met Office became the Politburo Commissariat. Traitors of humanity and the environment!

Remember guys: Mohamed doesn’t go to the mountain / mountain comes to Mohamed! CO2 is not a greenhouse gas!!! CO2 doesn’t prevent radiation of heat, because heat produced on the earth, doesn’t radiate out in space!!! It makes all the difference!

Children come from school depressed and some are getting insomnia, nightmares; because the teachers keep telling them that: ”by the time they grow up – the planet will boil”
Paedophiles destroy the minds of 2-3 kids – the Warmist psychopaths are destroying the minds of over 100 million western children = Warmistas are 1000 worse scum, than all the paedophiles on the planet, combined!!! Thanks to the Political Commissars representing NASA…!!! I hope Sir Isaac Newton from up there will PISS on NASA’s offices and funds!

CO2 is made 2/3 of oxygen, without it, you cannot survive longer than 5 minutes, and 1/3 of carbon; your body is ¼ made of carbon! Oxygen is only distributing the carbon atoms to the trees and crops, because carbon is a lazy atom. So: no CO2 = no life for plants and animals. Unless CO2 feeds the crops, trees with carbon, wouldn’t be any plants to feed NASA’s commissariat! NASA, in a room the temp close to the sealing is 1C warmer, than close to the fireplace on the ground; BUT: all the heat taken ‘’up’’ by the warmed O&N+CO2, WV. On 10km altitude cannot be any heat detected, because is ‘’destroyed / neutralized’’ by the ‘’cold vacuum’’ long before reaching that altitude; on 10km altitude is 70C colder than close to the ground, where all the heat is created and released! Because the mountain comes to Mohamed!

They lie: The Moon has no CO2, reason is colder than on the earth; another LIE:  

They can notice 350ppm of CO2 on the earth, not on the moon, BUT: they conveniently cannot notice  that the earth’s atmosphere is 998999ppm of oxygen &nitrogen! How blind and dumb ‘’ climate researchers’’ can get…?! On the moon, the ‘’cold vacuum’’ is touching the ground – on the earth is 55km of thick layer of O&N, as the best insulators in the universe, O&N keep the -90C coldness on GREAT distance from the ground! Yes, the ‘’cold vacuum’’ penetrates trough the O&N, BUT with some difficulty; same as: trough your thick cloths, in winter the coldness penetrates, BUT: is not as if you are completely naked as the moon! because in your cloths is trapped oxygen & nitrogen! Yes, the moon is completely naked; probably is the reason for representing the lowers…?   #2: the moon travels around the sun in the same COLD Goldilocks’ space as the earth, BUT: the moon makes simultaneously 13 orbits a year, in a large radius around the earth also; that means: the moon travels almost twice as fast than the earth, trough that cold space! #3:on the moon day/ night is 28 days long – on Venus day / night is 8 months long – on earth is only 24h!!! #4: on the moon and Venus don’t have any oceans lakes and rice-paddies, to make mild, better climate, day/night temp to be closer / milder! My favored saying: nobody, nobody can accuse the Warmist of comparing apples with oranges; because they are comparing apples with a watermelon!!!

#1: Mohamed doesn’t go to the mountain BUT: the mountain comes to Mohamed! That makes all the literature regarding the phony global warming as ‘’the biggest blunder and lie ever, on the earth.

What ”solution” will be made on Paris Conference? Depend what ”solution” means for you. Will be a bit louder than on other conferences, thy will succeed to promote the ”non existent global warming” / called climate change, by arm twisting = success for them.

Because the leading Warmist know that ”global warming” doesn’t exist – IF people keep increasing CO2-> the public will realize that co2 has nothing to do with any phony warming/ because it doesn’t exist; billions already spent = those Warmist will be in deep trouble.

Second version: even if people keep increasing co2 release – if they can con the west, that they stopped increase of co2 = non existent global warming obviously cannot  come -> they will take complete control of democratic west, will keep rewarding themselves, by ripping off the public forever= democracy lost. When both sides of politics are lefty = no different than dictatorship. Yes, when the media is ridiculing everybody for telling the truth – you end up with candidates on both sides that will walk the line and promote the Marxist lunacy.

It’s same as: you declare that: before Christmas the moon will slam into the earth BUT: for billions of dollars you can prevent that of happening -> when next January the moon is still in the sky -> you demand respect and many more billions of dollars for next 100years, to keep the moon in the sky AND: people must do everything you say, because YOU saved the planet earth. That’s was, and still is the plan.

Footnote: they were planning on Kyoto conference to make agreement with every country to cut emission; because global warming doesn’t exist – obviously cannot come, and they accomplished to be ”the saviours of the planet” – unfortunately for them, China, Brazil, India AND many others kept increasing pollution…. so: the swindlers declared that the phony ”global warming is got a ”pause”
Simultaneously that was used as ”reverse psychology” for the ”Skeptics” to blindly support the ”phony pause” Now they are fighting to prove that: the phony global warming is real, only is got a ”pause’‘ and the Warmist will crank it up, before any important conference (same as: Santa is got a ”pause” between January and December, every year, only arrives around christmas)
IF the public on the street knows the truth – anybody with two brain-cells functioning can see that the ”overall’ global temp is same as any other year! Nobody monitors on 99,999999999999% of the planet – nobody knows what’s the global temperature, to save his / her life; the temp changes every 15 minutes, on every 100m2, independently. That’s the truth, nothing but the truth!

In the 70’s they were ”predicting”: ”Ice Age by year 2000, because of CO2 dimming effect”  Now the same shonks are ”predicting”; ”global warming by 2100, because of CO2 warming effect”  THE TRUTH: they were on both occasions half correct / half wrong.  CO2 during the day produces global cooling by 0,001C – because of dimming effect BUT: at night is warmer by 0,001C – Those two factors CANCEL EACH OTHER! Similar as; when is colder days when cloudy, but warmer nights =overall if you calculate the temp for every minute in 24h, would be same.

The precursor of the evil was established in the 1800’s, by Stefan Boltzmann’s crappy experiment: heating CO2 in a tube… Instead of the shonks realizing that: warmed CO2 in the tube doesn’t move, instead it keeps building pressure inside – in the air; as soon as CO2 warms up a bit-> instantly goes UP, where is colder, to release the heat. Therefore: everybody on the street knows that: smog from cigarette, from chimney, from forest fire, instantly goes up, BUT: the brainwashed graduates know less than children… So: they swapped the ”CO2 in a tube” for a ”greenhouse gas” … how convenient… BUT: they conveniently overlooked that: normal greenhouse has ”solid” glass, or transparent plastic roof / covers 100% of the roof -on the other hand, CO2 is only between 300-400ppm, and oxygen & nitrogen are 998,999ppm; which means: CO2 would represent as a postage stamp as only ”part” of the roof, OR: as fishnet for roof!! which means: warmed gases can get out and UP, via the 99% of the roof! IF any of the Warmist shonks built a greenhouse, with fishnet as a roof – the neighbouring farmers would have put a Straight Jacket on him. Those same Warmist Commissars are preparing to take full control of the democratic world…

They are ”saving” their planet, by building those expensive wind turbines…?! It cost $5 million for one to be built – only works when the wind is from appropriate direction, AND: because is ‘’low voltage electricity’’ produced – most of it is lost by  resistance in the cable, before reaches the main greed – would be lucky to have enough electricity before contacting the greed, to run a transistor radio. Those wind turbines are exclusively used on the top of the hill for advertising the NON-EXISTENT GLOBAL WARMING, and B] for  laundering taxpayer’s $$$, to the cronies (leading Warmist’ new gravy train). Their followers are the collateral damage… 

 #2: Please join me, we should demand: -‘’all leading Warmist to be attached to lie detector! Question: do THEY believe in ‘’global’’ warming?! No, not in ‘’climate change’’ climate is constantly changing; BUT: do they personally believe in ‘’global warming’’?!?! NO, not in ”climate change” BUT: do they believe in ”global warming”?! under oath! If they refuse; all of them in jail, the longest jail term possible! ‘’Profiteering under false pretence’’ is a crime in every country! Climate is in constant change – from summer climate goes into winter climate and back into summer climate – wet climate gets dry for few months – even bad desert climates gets wet  occasionally AND can be improved on many places on the planet, by saving storm-water OR redirecting water to dry land BUT: because they blame CO2, no climate will be improved on dry places… That’s a crime in itself!!! Forest fires burn, because from some distant desert dry heat was vacuuming the moisture from vegetation and was preparing it for intensive fires. That is ”premeditated mass murder” of people and animals! OR: fires started on desolated places by the Warmist arsonist, to promote their phony global warming!!!

P.s. everything that is on this blog; can be proven in nature, or in improvised environment, BUT: I made ”prediction about the future of Venus” – which has: ”may, could, if” they are the Warmist favored words, which I otherwise don’t ever use, unless for ridicule. So: if you want to read the interesting ”predictions” about ”the future on Venus” click on the link:



  1. Cytokinin says:

    As always Stephan, I love your style. That bit about hot Venus and cold Venus really made me laugh. There is definitely a poet in you. Once again you have provoked my imagination, so now I have to look for evidence that will either either confirm your hypothesis or take me down the path of orthodoxy. It’s a bit like reading a murder mystery. You know that someone had been killed, but searching for motive is not so simple. On the science side I grasp what you say, it makes sense theoretically, but need to go through the thought experiments a bit longer. Thank you for provoking my brain.

  2. jacobress says:

    I can’t take seriously a blog post which has no date.

    • Jacob
      This ”post” was for sometime on the ”homepage” – with date and the lot. Then I put in trash AND a copy of it put as a ”page” on the side – for people easier to find it. Unfortunately wordpress doesn’t put automatically dates on ”pages” only on ”posts”

      Same as I already made it as ”page” on the site; which is already THE second post on the homepage called ”COOLING EARTH” does it make sense to you? Visit the other posts and see my clumsiness:

      • @Stefan
        Add a date, manually, to the end of your “page”, don’t wait for WordPress to do it, that’s what I do on my blog. A blog entry without date is sloppy work.
        Good points otherwise, about Venus’ pressure and temperature. It’s incredible that the climactivists at NASA have spend billions in the AGW fad and nothing to send probes to Venus to record real data. So incredible I am at pain to believe it.

  3. Given what you have said about the surface pressure being close to earth’s, what would it take to terraform Venus? Sounds like the day night cycle is the real problem not pressure or heat.

    Bob …

  4. kendo2016 says:

    7/3/17Hi Stefan ,i am just wanting to ask u if my idea is on the right path .all my numbers have been gathered from google websites on the various topics .Info that i have on venus’atmosphere is as follows 1.CO2 96.5 percent,
    N2. 3.5percent .
    trace gases : .028percent consisting of so2, .015 pc.He, A r, Ne, in even smaller amounts .H2O.002pc
    density of air,1.225kg/cu metre
    CO21.98kg/cu metre .This is 1.67 x that of air .
    Now the height of the atmosphere i.e surface to space ,on earth is said to be 100km .venus ‘atmosphere is said to be 250km .in height .or 2.5 x that of earth ,yes?
    Now , atmospheric pressure is defined as the pressure (or force )produced by the weight of a uniform column of atmosphere above a unit area (of the surface .of the same cross section ).pressing down on that surface ?The total quantity of that atmosphere doesn’t matter .only the weight of the ‘column ‘above the area whether that is a square meter ,foot or inch .so the weight of 100 m column of earthairof 1 sq metre = 1.225kg x100,000 m. = 122500kg/sq metre the pressure exerted by this at sea level is said to be ‘ 1 atmosphere'(which is about 1.03kg/cm2or 14.7 lbs/sq in.)
    Using the same for venus ,we get 1.98 x 250,000 km =495000kg/ sq metre .As 122500 is 1 atmosphere ,that of venus is 495000/122500 = 4.041atmospheres this is not allowing for the lesser gravity of venus .wich i suggest would reduce this figure , also ,the higher temperature would also reduce the density of thecCO2 .giving a value some what lower . ? what do you think .i look forward to hearing from you ,best wishes ,kendo

    • kendo, the problem with science is; they don’t want to use the words ”but we don’t know” – unfortunately always they have to make up something ”with pretend precision” – from big bang, to what was exact ”global” temperature 1234 years ago. Most of the time they are ”precise” to impress, in global temp is to mislead, AND regarding Venus: they started with higher temp, to blame CO2 – and then had to ad 92 atmospheres pressure / stupidity – to get them out of high temp lie – because dense objects can contain more heat. Th bottom line is: nobody sat there and measured all details, and because of the conspiracy regarding CO2 – nobody ”publicly” had an EDUCATED GUESS. Your guess is very close to the truth – problem is; nobody wants to invest for going there, to get the precise details on the spot. Costs lots of money, and the ”cold war competition” doesn’t exist anymore. kendo, keep up the good work

  5. kendo2016 says:

    Stefan ,many thanks for your rapid reply . I agree with you that the venusian atmosphere cannot be anything like 92 ..what gas could be that dense that it could produce that weight & pressure ??on a planet the size of venus ,lol,
    Another thought of mine (which maybe totally wrong ), …. the warmists also say that the atmosphere (of venus ) is very reflective of sunlight ,& has a thick layer of H2SO4.clouds. Really?? Hmmm, but that gas is only present at less than .02percent ..but this reflects the sunlight ???.(they say!) .my guess is this maybe frozen CO2 present at 96.5 percent ,.or dry ice particles as the temperature of the top layerof atmosphere is in contact with the cold vacuum of space at ??less than – 90 c. any ideas ?
    best wishes ,kendo

    • yes, CO2 is in ice crystals at -83C. What you find on google regarding Venus; most of it must be; ”to make it sound convincing that CO2 is making Venus hot, not reality, not even educated guesses”. I never read those, so I don’t know what is on Wikipedia or other places; but I know from similar subjects – they knew that people would look for knowledge there, AND they left lots of misinformations.

  6. pietjemol says:

    Congrats. I always found it strange that Venus could hold so much more air than the earth. It just felt wrong because logic is that gravity holds the air so it may vary due to details, but so much difference with the earth is impossible to explain. Unless they explain to me the concept of holding all that air in around Venus compared to earth, I accept your explanation over theirs.

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