Seawater is getting more and more alkaline. Less alkaline doesn’t mean more acidic, and coral bleaching.  Unless pH is below 7, is not acidic – the sea will never be acidic; salt is alkaline. ASH, MAGNESIUM, LIME POTASSIUM,   SALTS WASHED FROM THE HILLS EVERY YEAR IS ADDING TO THE SEA ALKALINITY!!! Because salt is alkaline -> the Warmist need to take the salt out of the seawater, before start lying that; ‘’the sea water is getting acidic’’!

( if your question is not answered below, ask and will be explained and proven in details)

The truth is almost always opposite than what comes out of the propaganda machine: getting less alkaline would have very bad affect; but because the Warmist are constantly into damage control / to cover up for previous lies; they cannot realize; what the REAL bad affect would be. I will tell you, but first please read the real facts; before we get into their hypothetical.

One would say that: pH7 (neutral) would be the best for fish / coral; but would be wrong again. (I had that remark, when was proving to a person that: alkalinity in the seawater is increasing – HIGHER alkalinity is more harmful to fish/ coral, than lower) Therefore, some extra acidity is essential to come into the seawater, to keep constantly increasing alkalinity under control.


For the world to know: water in rivers and in the sea; if pH is neutral – would be the most harmful for the living critters. Reason is: acidity in rivers / alkalinity in the sea purifies the water. Otherwise bacteria / viruses multiply a lot in pH7 and would  decimate the living critters that we like.  As an experiment: leave some rainwater in a large dish; you will see the colour of it, after a month. Rainwater is pH7 = neutral. Therefore; I hate to say that: everybody is wrong… but me…


Constant scaremongering that: carbon is bleaching the coral, global warming will destroy the reef by 2030. The only reason marine biologists cannot be called: the biggest scum of the earth is: because they are on the water. Unless the real problems are known to the society, no real solutions can be applied. Deceiving the people with phony problems = the real problems are growing bigger. Who is to blame? Let people be the judge   1. Global warming – doesn’t exist2. Acidification – the sea is alkaline, not acidic!    3. Climate change – yes climate is changing, more than marine biologists would prefer for their ideology! Climate in Australia is changing for ‘’dryer Climate’’ apart of the marine biologists + ABS &SBS, who else believes that: where the corals are, on the bottom of the sea – will get dryer?! *

Climate in Australia will get much dryer. Apart of the marine biologists + politically bias media, does anybody believe that: where the corals are, it will get dryer? (coral actually prefers drier climate)  Wetter climate means more sediments washed onto the reef = bad for coral. Wetter means reef water gets too much oxygenated by freshwater from the hills = bad for coral, more silt; (coral is cactus of the sea). By the way, Barrier Reef is safe,  because the Dividing Ranges are close to it = no big water catchment areas to wash on the reef. The trick is; to move the clouds on the western side of the Divide. The only way that can happen is; if the creation of dry heat is decreased inland = to improve the climate. Carbon levy has the opposite affect, because deceives the people that: if they produce less CO2 – climate somehow will stop changing. But if continues to change (climate constantly changes) it’s your fault, people! You should have started paying immediately carbon tax, when they suggested! In other words: they have everything planed.  Wrong!!!

Clouds prefer to be over land. But, when you fly from Cairns to Sydney, can see that all the clouds are on the beach. Why? Clouds are created in the sea by evaporation, but in most places in the world, the clouds instantly go overland. Reason is: the good Lord made the ‘’mirror affect’’ sun-reflection from the surface of the water. That makes the secondary reflection for the clouds from below = lifts the clouds higher up. That mirror affect reflection of sunlight from the most of vegetation doesn’t exist. (accept from some eucalyptus forests. They have silvery colour leafs – to imitate semi-desert and repel clouds away from land.) Otherwise, if you implement geometry; the angle the sunlight hits the water = reflects as billiard ball up = is effective up to 20km over the land – to push the clouds further inland = west of the Divide. But is not happening, because no vegetation with dark green leafs + the tremendous dry heat from inland is the most important factors for making the clouds to go; as cars around traffic island around Australia, instead of getting inland.

The land of the Long White Cloud is because: they don’t have the dry heat created inland. For the clouds, big or small – coming towards New Zealand from the sea is same as car going downhill. Stays overland because the winds cannot push it away over the sea again, on the other side of the island. Because, for the cloud to go over the sea again, would be as car going 40 degrees up steep hill, because of the glare from the seawater. On the other hand, going from the sea over Australian land, to penetrate trough the dry heat is as car against brick wall. That brick wall sometimes repels even cyclones not to go overland. Imagine the millions of smaller clouds that are kept away from the land in-between cyclones. Imagine the humidity from the reef that is avoiding the land. By clouds/humidity staying above the reef > decreases evaporation – evaporation is cooling process for the sea.

Those factors are controlling the climate, not CO2! If any climatologist intends to become honest – please contact me, you will learn a lot of beneficial truth /facts, for the good of the reef / country.    

1.Coral is made from Calcium-Carbonate. The only way to get its carbon is; by CO2 getting washed from the atmosphere, by the rain. The only way to absorb it, is: by mixed CO2 with salty seawater and creating ”CARBONIC ACID”. Yes, carbonic acid is the best food for the corals. Corals are made of carbon; but cannot go up in the air to collect CO2 – for the simple reason that they are stuck in the water. CO2 when in contact with the water – as ”carbonic acid” is delivered to the corals / sea-grass, sea-algae. Carbonic acid is not acidic at all, your blood is full of it. The shonky ”experts called Marine Biologist” are scaring the ignorants that: ”the basic food for corals; the carbonic acid is bad for coral” If that’s not a lie; the word ”lie” shouldn’t be in the dictionary, to take space. IT’S THE MOST BASIC FOOD FOR SURVIVAL AND PROSPERITY. Unless every individual con artist biologist apologizes in writing, for lying – shouldn’t be allowed to go on the Barrier Reef, unless  accompanied by an adult / and be out of the reef, before 5pm!

Calcium as alkaline /soluble element, washes from the land for the coral and shellfish. When some calcium washes from the farmer’s super-phosphate into the sea= it’s extra bonus. I hope that the honest people can connect bleach = bleaching. Acidity comes from nitrogen + sulphur compounds,  not from CO2. That acidity from nitrogen, SO2 is essential for the algae that are giving the beautiful colours and protection to the coral. Otherwise coral by itself is white as a porcelain. Nitrogen is also essential for all the algae and the sea-grass. (Remember the Swindler’s resent crocodile tears about the dugong?)

Coral evolved and was most prolific, before was any trees, before was any coal deposits or crude oil or natural gas. All the carbon trapped in all trees + grass + coal deposits + crude oil +natural gas, was 10% in the atmosphere, about 90% in the sea and lakes. Because rain existed – rain washes CO2 = most of it was in the sea, not in the air. The pH in the seawater was lower than today, because of extra sulphur in the water! Every continent was a desert = was not much rain on the land to wash sediments. Because was tremendous abundance of CO2  available in the seawater at that time = made the coral to be a lousy carbon collector = the more CO2 = better, healthier and more prolific coral. It was more nitrogen, sulfur at that time, because was no trees and grass to compete with the primitive critters as coral and algae. Was no fossil fuel with sulphur stored in the ground. Nitrogen +sulfur was more abundant – the algae that protect the coral need it for their survival as much as they can get.

CO2 was most abundant, when coral was most prolific, 1500% more CO2 in the seawater than today.

#2. H2O (WV) to start condensation in the atmosphere, it needs CO2. Together they fall down as rain; rain is around pH7, pH.7 is pH. neutral, not acidic or alkaline, but neutral! Anything above pH7 is alkaline. Higher alkalinity harms the coral more, than lower. With 7,3pH, water would have being much more gentle to coral /fish (but other evil would have evolved). To bring the seawater down below pH7, would need the acidity from thousands of planets equal to the earth. Tragic part is that: the warm coral seawater doesn’t absorb much CO2. That makes coral between rock and a hard place. I.e. cannot survive anymore in cold waters, because is too much oxygen in it – on the other hand; warm seawater can keep much less CO2. You can experiment with shaking warm beer, with salt in it. Salty seawater shakes constantly; when warm = beer gets flat much easier = loses CO2 (the bubbles in beer are CO2 molecules). You have seen bubbles on the seawater when splashing. The more CO2 in the water = more bubbles. Those bubbles don’t heart anybody.  Coral is desperate for extra CO2!!!! Much more desperate than the trees. Easy to prove. The bubbles in bread /beer / champagne are 899999ppm CO2

Blaming CO2 for making the seawater acidic is pretty sick. CO2 is essential building block for the coral, same as for the trees. The sea is already very alkaline. Lots of extra magnesium, calcium, salt and potassium as soluble elements are coming by the floods from the land into the sea and are increasing the alkalinity. They are blabbing about the ppm of CO2, but never say: what are the parts per million of calcium, magnesium, potassium, ash and salt from the hills as highly alkaline arriving every year in the seawater!!! Let me tell you another fact: acidic water comes to the reef from the rainforest creeks / rotting leafs. Amazon + Congo rivers bring more acidity into the sea.. nitric / sulfuric acid, how about chopping their rainforests?  To blame CO2, is not just sick, but destructive! Carbonic acid is almost not acidic. coral absorbs the carbonic acid to become 25-30% of his body. Carbonic acid is essential, your body is full of it; when your body burns the carbohydrates – releases CO2 – as carbonic acid, to travel to the lungs; and CO2 out. When you get from Yorkshire to London – you are not getting in France, but still in England =when the pH in the water goes from 8,3pH, to 8,1pH, is not getting acidicbut less alkaline = that is improvement for the coral and fish.(experiment on your eyes: seawater and rainwater effect, fish have eyes also) – less alkaline water = less burning.

Unfortunately acidity doesn’t survive, because is made from organic compounds. Magnesium, calcium and potassium as basic elements +salt compounds just keep accumulating in the water. High alkalinity bleaches the coral + lots of extra oxygen in the water bleaches the coral,  not CO2.

1] bleach as hydro-chloride, kills the algae that give the colour and protect the coral = bleaching. Chlorine in the city water supply and in the swimming-pools ends up on the reef to help the bleaching. Most of the household cleaning sold in the shops contains bleach. The amount of bleach and bleach products sold/used between Brisbane and Cairns are unknown to me, but is possible to find out. If you don’t know – is: because the marine biologists are not interested in the truth = it’s in their interest the coral to get bleached. Bleach is pH 13= very alkaline. Extra acidity in the seawater is essential, to counteract the constant increase of alkalinity!!!!

2]  long time ago, the environmentalists were justifiably complaining that; people should use only bio-degradable soap and detergents. People were reluctant to use bio-degradable for 3 reasons. 1. The cost was double.  2. Needed to be washed twice – to get some result.3. If the washing stayed in the cupboard for more than 3 days – the washing starts to be offensive to the nose. B] To make normal commercial soap and detergent, it needs to boil caustic soda and oils or fats together. Caustic soda is very, very alkaline. When the lunacy quadruplet, the electronic media went into overdrive; that we must use the water from the laundry and shower on the yard as gray water (to justify why the storm-water in the environment must be drained into the sea = to save it for the next generation + because Pacific doesn’t have enough water + for digging the lowland islands).

Brainwashed’’ city’s farmers’’ on the beach for using that gray water, because they want to be progressive. Rain washes those thousands of tons of caustic soda/bleach, household  cleaning products. Bygone from the towns onto the reef =handy to blame the normal farmers and fishermen.  Caustic soda/bleach kills the algae that protect the coral and give the pretty colors. Industrial oils, olive oil, fat from the bar-be-que, kitchen gray water washes on the reef. From the backyard, from the sewage treatment plant, everything ends up on the reef. Oils smother the coral above low tide level. That coral is dead, or on the dead bed.  (Ironically, those oils and fats are doing positive for the coral below low water mark, by depraving the water of oxygen). Coral cannot tolerate highly  oxygenated water. When coral was most prolific and adopted to low-level, oxygen as free agent, was less than 0,1% in the water. Big difference, isn’t it? That’s why coral is sheltering around the planet in calm warmwaters depleted of oxygen, as refuges.  (in the beginning of coral, water had much, much less oxygen – therefore coral was prolific everywhere. Shonky scientist discover coral deposits in temperate regions from 100million years > instantly declare that the planet was much, much warmer. In reality, it wasn’t much oxygen in those waters then, as now, AND: those places were not in temperate climate then)

3] listen to this, very important: by overpopulation on the planet – more and more of those fats and oils end up in the sea. Oils and fats are not compatible with the seawater = spread on the top, as invisible foil. Water in the sea can only replenish its oxygen from the air. By splashing in the air – collects oxygen (not when on the top of the water are those oils and fats). #2. Those oils prevent evaporation. A] evaporation is cooling process for the water = less cooling. #3. Less evaporation = less rain.  Rain is cooling process – brings coldness from high up. #4. When water evaporates, as humidity, is in direct contact with the oxygen in the atmosphere = replenishes itself with oxygen. As clouds in the air collects extra oxygen– falling down as rain, collects even more oxygen. Storm-water cascading from the hills replenish extra oxygen. Because of the decrease of rainfall – big part of the year, big part of the seawater around the planet doesn’t contain enough oxygen to sustain fish. They blame the fishermen. Is not over-fishing, but  lack of oxygen in the water, because of extra industrial oils, olive oil and chicken fat +++.

The only positive affect of overpopulation is; producing extra CO2. Rain washes the extra CO2 in the water, coral, sea-grass algae collect the CO2, keep the carbon for themselves – replenish the water with oxygen. If it wasn’t for that positive contribution – most of the seawater would have being unfit to sustain most variety of fish; especially fish as tuna that need more oxygen than others… thanks again CO2.(the propellers of outboard motors increase oxygen level in the water = good for the fish, not for the coral) If people know what is in my book – when they park their bouts above coral-turn the outboard motor of, instantly. If no coral below – the outboard motor is replenishing oxygen for the fish – good on you fishermen, 95% are modern fish, they all need more oxygen than is in the water now. Big areas, for big part of the year are oxygen depleted; cannot sustain fish; thanks to the misleading propaganda. Why do you think that many variety of fish avoid the reef?

Yes, by less evaporation, because of oils and fats – the reef water cannot cool itself. That doesn’t bother the coral. Coral in the past was able to tolerate cold and hot water. That is not any problem to the coral. Coral today prefers warm-water for different reasons. The only things that predate in evolution the coral, are the algae. First, the algae were collecting CO2, releasing oxygen from it in the atmosphere. When the coral evolved, the atmosphere had 1% of oxygen as free agent. The rest of oxygen was all in the H2O+ CO2 + FeO, SO2 molecules. Coral helped in releasing extra oxygen from the CO2. Algae + coral, shellfish supplied the atmosphere to up to 4-5% of oxygen (now is 21% in the atmosphere, 2% in the water). When the coral was most prolific for millions of years, in the sea the oxygen was less than 0,5%. That’s how the coral likes it. Today, coral is sheltering in waters depleted of oxygen. That’s why it prefers warm / calm water. Water that is on the bottom  above +4⁰C – is oxygen depleted. Why?

Only one litter  of water at +4⁰C is one kilogram heavy. (that’s how the learned people invented the kilogram as a universal unit for measurement). Water below +4⁰C, or above, expands and changes the specific gravity per volume. Therefore, if the water temperature on the bottom is any degree above, or at+4Cis heavier than the water on the surface = there is no water circulation = no replenishment with oxygen = only shelter /sanctuary for the corals, coral predates  even the dinosaurs. If the water on the bottom gets below 4⁰C, that water starts to expand – the water-pressure squeezes it to the top – cools some water molecules that are smothered with oxygen on the surface – those molecules become colder = heavier = circulation starts = water increases oxygen level – those algae that protect the coral dead = coral bleached. There is big, big possibility in the near future some freak currents from Southern Ocean  to bring water at much colder than +4⁰C, to Barrier Reef. Another way the reef water gets occasionally over-oxygenated for the coral, is by monsoonal rainwater from the hills…

No, not from the rain falling on the reef. The reef can tolerate that much oxygen with no damage. Plus that freshwater stays on the surface. It’s the rainwater that comes by the rivers from the hills. We discussed how rainwater get saturated with oxygen. During storms, the rivers bring lots of that muddy water onto the reef. Muddy river water is as heavy as the salty seawater. That heavily oxygenated muddy water pushes the salty seawater away and, as a big iceberg is saturating the coral with too much oxygen and mud. If dams are made on those rivers – in the dam the mud settles – oxygen gets slowly depleted. So if the next storm pushes the stagnant  water out of the dam onto the reef = not much oxygen and mud in that water. Do you know if the marine biologists are for making dams; or belong in the other mob that is against saving water on the driest continent on the planet?

I’ll tell you why: If extra water is saved on the land, that makes milder climate, more trees and no more species on endangered list. With extra water on the land, CLIMATE IMPROVES, everything becomes abundant. Who will be the loser if the climate improves? Who will be the loser if birds, animals, trees become prolific? Who will be the loser if the coral become more prolific??? The more things on extinction list = more cash / power for the Green People. Conflict of interest exposed! Warmer water doesn’t harm the coral. In Red Sea of Negev Desert is beautiful coral – much warmer water than on Barrier reef. Up there is no rivers to bring lots of extra oxygen and mud. Not far from there, similar temperature, similar conditions, but lots of human introduced industrial pollutants =  coral dead. Marine biologists are screwing our Barrier Reef, ABC and most newspaper’s reporters are the reef’s Pimps, by promoting lies / silencing the truth.

  1. When boats go on the reef for a whole day or more; for the poo not to stink, they put Formaldehyde on it. Formaldehyde is just another name for Formalin. It kills everything living for many years, after released in the water.  Instantly kills the algae that cover and protect the coral = bleaching. Then continues to kill fish and anything that eats the fish. Instead, carbon is blamed by the shonky Experts. Everything living depends on carbon for existence.  Recently some coral was bleached in Torres Straights by some boat dropping the unwanted about 200m2 (half a football field area) of coral was completely bleached next to the jetty. Daniel Bateman reports in Cairns Post: coral bleached between Horn and Thursday island, because of Global Warming. Believe me that: between those two islands is much more than half a football field area. But if he pointed out the truth = future crimes could have being prevented. Plus, for them is the most important to con the people that: the Phony Warming is bleaching the coral.

In the Torres Straights, localized warming of the water of 200m2 is impossible! The constant currents water going from Indian into Pacific – then back in opposite direction every 6 hours; stronger currents than in the fast flowing river. Unfortunately, the Marine Park Authority is telling him crap, knowing that: Daniel and Cairns Post are doing their dirty job for them, to con the nation (their own free role of toilet paper (newspaper owned by… Murdoch).  Coral loves extra CO2 and warmer water! Now you know why in the past coral lowed cold-water also, but not now.  Because when coral was most prolific – too much oxygen wasn’t an issue – but for the coral,  is now. Fish unfortunately (as more modern in evolution)

There is more Marine Biologists diplomas in Australia than fishing licenses. Yes, tourist spend money to come to the reef, but the reef belongs to all Australians. Why from that profit we don’t pay-off the foreign deficit. Why the marine biologists are multiplying faster than the Queensland’s cane toads?  Brainwashing the kids in the university that CO2 is destroying the coral – coral is made from carbon, you idiots! The phony global warming is destroying the economy, not the coral. Climate changing to dryer is suitable for the coral – detrimental for fish everything else. Climate can change for better also. Because ETS didn’t eventuate, instantly astronomical extra levies on tobacco, electricity, mining. Must collect extra revenue to reward the promoters of the phony warming; otherwise many of them will spit the dummy, admit that CO2 is not warming gas; water changes the climate. The spoils will not go for building extra dams – to improve the climate / protect the reef from mud and too much oxygenated storm-water. Will be intercepted to reward increasing  number of the green leeches. Wait a minute: – Flannery, Will Stephen and ove Goldberg are scaring us: -‘’ climate will get dryer and will effect the coral’’! What I want to know is: do they really think that; where coral is attached to the bottom of the sea, will get dryer?!?!

Farmer’s calcium is good for the coral. Farmer’s nitrogen is essential for the algae that protect the coral + extra sea-grass/algae, good for the herbivore critters in the sea. If no herbivore – will not be any carnivore fish. Bleach, chlorine, caustic soda, ash, destroy the coral and everything in the waterways. It comes from the city, not from the farm.

Sugar farmers are marine biologist’s best punching bag. Fertilizer that is good for the farm – is good for the sea-grass, for the algae – including for the algae that protect and give beautiful colours to the coral.  1] the run-off from the sugar cane in those creeks, abundant fauna and flora. 2] sugar cane is the biggest vacuum cleaner for CO2 from the air of any plant or tree on the planet.  3] sugarcane per hectare collects 500% more CO2 than rainforest. Sugar is export dollar – rainforest produces lots of acidity that ends up on the reef- they say acidity is bad for the reef b] rainforest fungi produce lots of CO2 + in the mulch bacteria produces lots of Methane. They demonize those.  4] sugarcane collects 2000% more CO2 than eucalyptus forest. Sugar and molasses is converted CO2 into food – eucalyptus forest goes in smog/CO2. Hello Marine Biologists ‘’experts’’! Fucken Red deviates!

Reporting both sides of the story – those marine biologists / ecologists wouldn’t be able to use the media as their roll of toilet paper = the media to do their dirty job. Therefore one day soon, when the truth is exposed; the shonky experts can justifiably blame the media i.e. if the truth was not silenced by the media – they wouldn’t have gone that far with destruction and misleading. Only real, honest, not bias science, can prevent the destruction of the reef, climate and the environment. The ingredients at the moment are opposite… bias media + shonky science in sick ideology = catastrophes guarantied. Environmentalist’s  predictions of catastrophes is same as arsonist predicting when your house will be on fire… no need much brains/skill for that.(now temporarily, because of sudden movement of tectonic activity, lots of hot vents on the rim of fire has opened and the seawater is warmer/extra rain – will not last.  New dams must be built, the benefits of extra dams are tremendous.

1] Blaming the innocent farmers for coral bleaching is a crime. Marine biologists saying in Cairns Post that: extra monsoonal rain protects the coral by cooling it… even their own records say opposite. Remember the bleaching in 98+99 cyclones? Only important for them is to sneak into the text: Global Warming + Climate Change. It only shows that they don’t have any respect for the people in the media. Why? If people in the media had any respect for themselves  they would have printed both sides of the story = will get instant respect from the shonky experts – will get respect from the honest Australians. After couple of months would get respect from their fanatic followers also. Those fanatic followers are fanatic for being constantly brainwashed. Imagine when they find out that: even after the media was presented with the truth, they increased the brainwashing, instead of presenting the truth. Most of those fanatics believe that is the truth what comes from the media; otherwise they wouldn’t be fanatics. When those Green fanatics find out from other sources that they have being duped, denied the truth by the media + they have being used for destruction  by the Organized Crime; they will get very, unhappy. Higher temperature doesn’t bother the coral. That is only trick by them to promote the phony global warming, by exploiting the ignorant + the bias media + to avoid fixing the real problems and the real threats to the reef.

It’s in Marine Park Authority’s  interest the reef to suffer = bigger funds, more cash and power for them = conflict of interests. Those Green fanatics have being brainwashed to think that they are doing positive. Therefore, the Desperadoes in the media, which persist to con the people that: producing less CO2 will stop the climate from changing, that are silencing the truth are: the biggest threat to the reef and the climate. No both sides of the story = no democracy. Josef Göebbels lasted from 1933- 45 = 12 years. From Kyoto Conference is 13 years. You are on the losing side boys, think now. It’s the best advice you will ever get. Repeating constantly same lies, doesn’t change the truth, only the damages grow.

Bleach + products with bleach in it + chlorine + soap and detergents made with caustic soda + formaldehyde + most important  too much oxygenated storm-water from the hills are bleaching the coral.  Carbon, calcium are essential for the coral, they are made of it. Nitrogen is essential for the algae that are covering the coral + for the sea-grass /algae that feed the herbivore in the sea. No herbivore = no carnivore fish, no whales. Hello Organized Crime…   ‘’the marine experts Charlie Vernon, Will Stephen, see in their crystal balls that by 2050, most coral will be dead. Similar Marine Buccaneers  told us in 97 that: in 2030 all coral on Barrier Reef will be dead  because of extra CO2. By now  at least 33% should be already dead. At that time, the increase of CO2  was grossly underestimated = by now 50% of the coral should have being dead. Com-on Swindlers!..

Now because you know that the sea is not getting acidic; I will tell you the ‘’hypothetical’’   If the seawater gets lower to pH7,3  wouldn’t affect the coral structure at all; but lots of plankton, different algae, viruses and bacteria will multiply, they can be detrimental for many sea fish. Alkalinity is sterilizing / fumigating those harmful bacteria / viruses. Patches of the sea that receive lots of acidity from the rainforest, become not very hospitable corals.

So, acidic in the river, alkaline water in the sea are doing something as: using hot curry in your food in the sub-tropics. It’s burny, burny; but without it > green slime gets on your food if no fridge and makes you sick. (this time ”green slime” I wasn’t referring  as  ”the Environmentalist’’) But,  too acidic or too alkaline is for preserving; therefore: to avoid the seawater of getting too alkaline and melt the coral and blind the fish – needs regular aiding acidic things To soften the pH!!! People lying that the seawater is getting acidic – they don’t know what they are talking about; but are talking, because they target the Urban Sheep / ignorant 

Fact: all the alkaline elements are water soluble. As calcium, magnesium, potassium, ash get washes from the land into the sea = increasing alkalinity.

Fact: derbies from vegetation, especially from rainforest release acidity, that is washed into the sea by the floods

Fact: with increasing in population / better living standards – lots of industrial oils, olive oil, chicken, beef pork, lamb fats ends up into the sea – spreads on the surface of the water as invisible film > depraves the water of replenishing with oxygen, by splashing.

Fact: those oils and fats decrease evaporation – less evaporation = less rain > Swindlers blame CO2 for droughts. By blaming CO2 – they are committing double crime – because bad affects can be minimized; if the truth was known.  THE TRUTH WILL WIN on the end, time is always on the side of the truth. UNTIL THEN, LOTS OF EXTRA DAMAGES WILL BE DONE UNNECESSARY



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  2. The upper layers of the ocean have been getting less alkaline (more acidic) since about 1960

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