Published on 8/29/2011

 Methane  is the most misrepresented gas**  (© )   

Methane & carbon dioxide (CO2&CH4) are the new western Marxist Hammer and Sickle.

 To cover up for the damages they are doing / damages in progress, by using methane for misleading; Warmist used another dirty trick. You will be shocked about those damages; first here is their trick:

The good Lord made, methane to be produced as a molecule with other HEAVIER compounds TOGETHER. By itself, methane is odorless; but is very smelly, when produced. The ‘’smelly’’ bit is the organic particles, the sinker; to make it to sink in the ground. When cow / human releases methane; comes out together with 30-50 other different compounds – (depends on what the cow / human has being eating). It’s called: ”MOLECULAR ADHESION” After sinking in the ground; those organic particles disintegrate deep in the soil. Or, together with methane; get eaten by bacteria. (”man cannot leave by bread alone) – those bacteria consume the yummy package of CH4, SO2, ammonia, and many other goodies in the fart, all together.

Warmist and some Fakes to discredit me, they point that; methane is not as heavy as air. Well, they don’t have to tell; how does it sink? Why is so much of it in the ground for fracking, how did it get their; you are not suppose to know. Many times they go to Antarctic, Greenland and bring lots of lies. For you is cheaper to believe them, than to go there in person and see that they are lying. But for methane is NOT necessary – because all of you are producing it! Admit, that it smells, when fresh, is not odorless!

Same as when the cow is belching, or releasing methane from the other end. ‘’METHANEGATE’’ is to cover up the smell. Well, unless the Green People go behind every cow, elephant, bison, sheep and instantly purify the methane = they are lying; by using methane, for destroying the grazing animals. P.s. methane produced from coal doesn’t smell; that’s where the ‘’canary in the coal-mine’’ comes from. In the coal-mine the good Lord didn’t need to invent something, to make methane to sink, because is produced in the ground. Organically produced methane above the ground, is never in a pure form. You don’t need to go and sniff the cow’s exhaust, grass clippings from the lawnmower after a week, smell same as the cow’s methane. Simple proof of Warmist ‘’Methanegate’’. Please read the rest below, to see what they are really covering up; it will knock your socks off::

Experiment: in a transparent bottle, catch some methane from cow, sheep, or your own; let it on the sunlight for few hours (as long as there is oxygen in the bottle also – to imitate atmosphere. In couple of hours that methane will turn into 2 droplets of water; magic. Methane disintegrates in less than an hour on the sunlight, doesn’t stay in the atmosphere for 10 years!!!

Creation of every extra methane molecule, as a by-product creates 4 brand new /free oxygen atoms, or = extra ozone isotope (O3+O). For every molecule of CO2 collected, the grass need to absorb two molecules of H20. Grass keeps the carbon atom from the CO2 – releases the two oxygen atoms into the air. From the two water molecules; keeps 2+2=4 hydrogen atoms – releases from it another two oxygen atoms into the air. Two molecules of  2H2O + CO2 = grass. Cow + grass = CH4 + 2O2.  If you are given a job to create one molecule of methane (CH4) you have to destroy one molecule of CO2 + two molecules of H2O (water). When you take the carbon atom from CO2 and 4 hydrogen atoms from the 2 water molecules = you make one methane (CH4) molecule; the leftover bits is 4 brand new free oxygen atoms.  Is that bad? THAT’S WHAT COW & SHEEP + GRASS DO

When the grass is dead, if burns; the 4 hydrogen atoms and the carbon atom absorb 4 oxygen atoms from the air = zero benefit. If it doesn’t burn, but fungi rot the dead grass = same affect as in fire process = zero benefit. Only great benefit is; if grass is converted by the cow into methane. Methane doesn’t  interfere with the oxygen; instead, because of impurity when the cow belches or releasing it on the other end; that mixture is heavier than air – sinks in the ground and stays there for a million years. Natural carbon sequestration of carbon at no cost. Sequestrating CO2 is = burying oxygen with the carbon.

Grass needs the cow as much as the cow needs grass. Cow trims the grass / collects grass seeds – distributes / spreads, drops further away those seeds, together with a package of organic fertilizer.  Cow & sheep are the most noble animals. They have being looking after people for millennias. Now, the Green People become official cow &sheep Molesters

2. Natural gas was in the ground for millions of years – oxygen as free agent in the atmosphere was for just as long. When burning one molecule of natural gas (which is 96% made of methane) is destroying 4 atoms of oxygen in the air. Turning them into CO2 + 2H2O molecules. Hydrogen atoms from the methane bind with oxygen = create new molecules of water. We don’t need extra water in the sea, but extra oxygen in the atmosphere, for many different reasons. With depleted oxygen, fuel in the combustion chamber of the engine instead of exploding to push the vehicle – is smoldering and creates more carbon monoxide (CO). Carbon monoxide is harmful, not CO2.

CO as heavier gas than CO2, stays low at eye level. When inhaled – warms up in the bloodstream and collects the oxygen from the blood, to become CO2. Depleting oxygen in the bloodstream makes every organ in the body to deteriorate faster. Especially the brains and the muscle tissue, as the biggest users of oxygen. Because burning  natural gas destroys the biggest amount of oxygen than any other fossil fuel; reason is dignified by the propaganda machine. B] when fossil fuel is converted into CO2, algae, corals, trees, crops and grass collect it – keep the carbon for themselves – release the free oxygen. On the other hand, when burning natural gas – oxygen that was in the atmosphere as free is converted into new water + CO2.


Splits the CO2 molecule + splits 2 water molecules, to create methane molecule – as bi-product releases for every methane molecule created, extra 4 oxygen atoms in the atmosphere. Because they are obsessed to blame the CO2, the truth and what is normal or positive is silenced; methane used for badmouthing / destroying our grazing industry. What is in my book is easily proven now; not in 50-100 years. Millions of dollars are spent in research how to destroy methane.  Former PM in Australia Mr. Rudd has given another 20million dollars to CSIRO, to accomplish their modification of bacteria that produces methane in the digestive system into bacteria that inhibits methane instead… to ‘’save the planet from cow’s fart’’.  Have in mind that: Mr. Turnbull was minister for climate, when the experimentation started to modify bacteria that produces methane in the digestive system – to inhibit methane instead.  Biggest crime in progress.

Methane in combination with other gunk released by ALL the grazing animals; is heavier than air, sinks in the ground, same as water from shower. The difference is: water in the ground is converted by the thermal heat into gas state and reverses it back into the atmosphere, to join the clouds = preventing of losing the water deep in the ground. On the other hand, methane in gas state sinks and stays in the ground for millions of years = natural geosequestration of carbon, without the oxygen in it. Geosequestration of CO2 on the other hand  is: decommissioning of oxygen that is in the CO2 molecule; which is needed in the air for many reasons. (carbon is needed also, but that is another story)

Burning natural gas is the most harmful for the atmosphere. New methane creating is the best for the atmosphere and for the climate. Unfortunately the extremists hate our grazing industry = they badmouth methane. Wool and cotton are the most aggressively attacked products. Because they are profitable for the country. B] because wool, cotton, leather are renewable – not producing them = more plastic and synthetic; which is made from crude oil = non renewable recourse. C] after using your cotton or woollen shirt, shoes and socks – you can use them in the garden as mulch. Synthetic fibre / leather lasts for many more years in the soil than shopping bags, and release extra toxins. If it was any honesty by the Green People, cotton and wool would have being treated same as renewable energy. Unfortunately they are always honesty deficient.  CSIRO with taxpayer’s money is researching how to modify those methane producing bacteria; to turn them into bacteria that will inhibit the methane into the digestive system instead.  Same methane producing bacteria in the cow’s intestines are in human’s also (more so in the vegetarian Green’s intestines .

 It’s essential for all placenta animals, they need the methane producing bacteria.  Creating methane in the digestive system is for 3 reasons. 1] Because is never food in the whole length of the intestines at the same time – methane gas is to keep the intestines in round shape in the parts where is no food. Otherwise those parts flatten = twisted intestines – without surgery = painful death in 2-3days.  2] Methane is constantly created into intestines to slowly push the already digested food on the way out. Otherwise in that very warm place, the already digested foods dehydrates – get cemented. Using laxatives for more than a week, the body starts to recognize the laxatives as food and become inefficient. Who will give laxatives to the elephant, giraffes, buffalo, bison, cows and wildebeest? Unless the phony environmentalists get inside animal’s intestines, to shovel the already digested food for 2-3 meters on the way out = death to all grazing animals. Without grazing animals, the carnivore will not survive much longer.

3] Another reason the methane is essential in the digestive systems of all the placenta born animals – including human is: the body has two protective mechanisms: a] methane b] the white blood cells. Apart of processed food from the tin, all fresh food is covered in 1000 viruses /bacteria. Methane fumigates most of  those bacteria / viruses. The only bacteria that is left, is the bacteria that produces methane and the bacteria that can tolerate methane – the good/essential  bacteria. Occasionally some harmful bacteria tricks that defense mechanism and needs antibiotics to be treated. Fortunately those bacteria live in isolated places and are easy to control. Without methane for protection,  the beneficial bacteria will be destroyed by the thousands of different harmful bacteria. Because methane is their defense mechanism also. Maggots and shonky scientists don’t like methane.

Not only human, but every placenta born animal; without methane will resemble a road-kill after 10-15days, covered in maggots + other bacteria and viruses inside. Because of regularly food / moisture available in the intestines– harmful bacteria would breed in days. 4. The good bacteria turns the food into useful enzymes for the body. Harmful bacteria and fungi that cannot tolerate methane turn the food into toxins. Without methane as defense mechanism – white blood cells become completely useless. All that just to badmouth the cow & sheep – to destroy our grazing industry.  Because of burning lots of natural gas – it is essential to produce as much as possible extra methane; to counteract the damages to oxygen!

The superior Frankenstein bacteria that CSIRO is modifying, will spread in tourist’s intestines to every continent in weeks. The Green people are objecting about modified cotton and canola. If you don’t like modified canola – just don’t eat it. But the superior Frankenstein bacteria will not ask for permission to get in your body. The rate of multiplying of the bacteria that produces methane is second to none. Everywhere you seat on the grass, they are there. Can get from the front or the back end, in days;  in every placenta born animals. Those bacteria protect the vegetarian environmentalists more than anybody.  In England foot and mouth disease escaped from the government laboratories onto the green pasture. So can that modified superior bacteria for inhibiting methane in the animal’s digestive system. To interfere with the normal natural processes. If that bacteria escapes, will change the world beyond recognition. (Extensive proofs in my book) Irresponsible media = catastrophes follow. Bring Glasnost back in the democratic West !!! (to really understand the important contribution of the methane producing bacteria,  please read the next page: ”CREATION OF CRUDE OIL” 

 Do they really worry about methane harming the climate? A]Same people are actively demanding only organic fertilizer to be used. Never say how much methane is created, to produce one beg of organic fertilizer. B] did you know that:  all the rainforest on the planet is carbon neutral? The amount of carbon in a form of CO2 the rainforest absorbs in one calendar year – the same amount of carbon releases in the form of CO2 + methane. All the fungi are converting the organic debris on the rainforest floor into CO2. The other half is converted into methane, by the beneficial bacteria. Rainforest is factory for producing methane. Rainforest is factory for producing CO2 + for turning half of it into methane. If methane is 21 times more harmful for the climate – rainforest is the biggest factory for turning CO2 into methane! Rainforest absorbs CO2 as food – releases the oxygen from the CO2 – keeps the carbon for its celluloid – when the leafs / twigs / branches / logs / roots are dead; what fungi demolishes > releases all back in the air as CO2 -bacteria that converts it into methane + SO2 all that sinks in the ground, or gets burned by UV and turns it into H2O+CO2

If methane is spread into the atmosphere – UV burns it in minutes – because methane is the most flammable molecule. They lie that methane will last 10y in the air. Even if is 10y of darkness, small flame ignites it in minutes. Why did you think they invented ‘candlelight romantic dinner’’? dinner = methane = dry throat / watery eyes +candle = no watery eyes = romance possible.  Outside if is darkness for 10y without sunlight / UV; methane sinks in the ground. If all the surface of the planet is covered by concrete – how many fires from cigarette fire to big fires; the winds are constantly bringing methane to flames, to be instantly burned.   If the Green extremist thugs and shonky climatologist were worried about methane, why they want millions of wildebeest, millions of bison, gorillas, elephant, caribou, moose, giraffes, zebras? Those animals are very big producers of methane. Why?!

CSIRO should be stopped from accomplishing their modification; destroyed what they have already accomplished, as it is of utmost importance and urgency. Modifying that bacteria will make more damages than WW1+WW2 combined. Plus it is irreversible, cannot contain that bacteria once is in nature.

After the WW1, Biological Warfare has being outlawed under the Geneva Convention. Australia is a member of the Geneva convention. One cannot think of anything worse than to modify bacteria that can live in animal’s intestines of 37⁰C and is essential. Will spread on every corner on the planet in few weeks. We suppose to hate the grazing animals = destroying the livestock. In other countries would be the biggest crime ever on the planet.  They love their animals. Modifying that bacteria = depleting the oxygen in the atmosphere. Oxygen is not only for your lungs; it’s perfect insulator for the planet. On the edge of the  troposphere is minus -90C. Less oxygen in the air =that coldness comes a bit closer to the ground= more extreme temperatures between day / night. That is not global warming / cooling, but more extreme climate. Better give up CSIRO, now!!! That crime if accomplished is irreversible.

When you include  that: those big flames on the oil rigs are turning oxygen into water molecules + CO2, by burning natural gas. B] from Russia piped natural gas all over Europe. B] Middle East supplies lots of gas + American, Australia, Chinese production. C] natural gas has few different names, but is all same stuff as cow’s fart (including the gas for your bar-be-que, have a good appetite). D] CO2 is made 2 parts of oxygen to one part of carbon. Geosequestration of CO2 = burying twice as much more oxygen with the carbon. All that is depleting oxygen in the air. Creating extra methane is, reversing the process = increasing oxygen in the atmosphere. They constantly brag about 11000 scientists support the theory that CO2 produces warming + methane is 21 times more global warming gas than CO2. That tells everything for every individual of those 11000 scientists.

By the way, natural gas is the best to be used for city transport; because releases less CO2 than petrol. That’s where the recommendation stops. Former monarch of Banania, Commissar Peter Beattie legislated to outlaw the electric hot-water systems – because electricity is produced from coal, instead to use gas. Reality: electricity is produced outside of the big city – where the vegetation is desperate for more CO2. Because of the Swindlers in the scientific community – they are even building natural gas for electricity power stations. Even though gas releases less CO2; CO2 is essential for green vegetation. Unfortunately, gas burning is the most harmful for the atmosphere and the climate, because is turning the oxygen into water molecules. Oxygen regulates the warmth in the atmosphere. 2: using electricity produced from coal, outside the big city is the best. A: every molecule of gas burned in the city; destroys /depletes the oxygen in the city, where oxygen is already depleted. B: burning gas, every molecule of gas produces one CO2 molecule. Inside the city, for gas heated water. Coal produced electricity outside the city, CO2 for the vegetation; increasing gas burning in the city = releases the CO2 in the city + depletes the oxygen tremendously.  

Fact 1: Creating extra methane (CH4) is natural geosequestration of carbon, without oxygen in it, at no cost

Fact 2: putting methane in same basket with CO2 is misleading. Methane is flammable, UV burns it in minutes

Fact 3: CO2 is fire retardant gas, H2O is fire retardant, good for bush-fires prone country as Australia (not when H2O is flushed in the sea during storms).

Fact 4: methane sinks in the ground and stays there for million years.

Fact 5: creating extra methane is essential to at least partially compensate for burning lots of natural gas that is destroying the oxygen in the atmosphere – producing methane is as bi-product releasing  brand new free oxygen in the air.

Fact 6: producing methane is: fumigating in the digestive system thousands of harmful bacteria / viruses.

Fact 7: destroying the defense mechanism (methane creation), tops the stupidity, lunacy and arrogance. That makes part of CSIRO public funded organization, almost as bad as ABC & SBS Pty Ltd.

Fact 8: if tropical stormwater is allowed to be saved – climate / trees and grass to improve – dung beetle and good bacteria will sequestrate more carbon in the ground than all the remaining carbon in the remaining coal reserve in Australia. Getting mulch in the ground by the good bacteria is improving absorption and retention of rainwater = that is improving the climate. Simply, rain washes CO2 and any other pollution from the atmosphere into the ground. Remember that: day after the rain, the air in the big city is better than day before the rain. If the tropical stormwater is saved on the land, to attract extra clouds from the sea, to improve the climate –  lots of extra carbon sequestration by the rain. Think the space between Townsville to Broome. Compare this with the ideology of the Green people of this country. I hope prof. Flannery, Karoly, Don Henry, Mark Scott, Dr. Megan Clarke, Ross Garnaut and others will be asked some day all those questions and facts in a court of justice, under oath.

Fact 9: we need climate change urgently in Australia. Climate change for the better, to be green as in Japan, China and Germany; where the biggest concentration of CO2 on the planet is. Extra CO2+H2O = climate improves – extra Green People = climate deteriorates.

Fact 10: biological warfare has being outlawed after WW1 under Geneva Convention, Australia is signature to it. CSIRO by turning the most essential bacteria that produces methane into Frankenstein superior bacteria to inhibit methane is the biggest crime ever. Not just for humanity, but for everything living on the planet. More methane created = more oxygen in the air, oxygen is raw material for ozone. Oxygen is best insulator, protector of the planet from extreme climate. Oxygen + nitrogen are greenhouse gases, for regulating the temperature in the atmosphere! Less methane produced = less oxygen in the air. Combination of; burning natural gas / decreasing production of methane is the most destructive criminal act; for the temperature regulation + to sustain warm-blooded critters.

Fact 11: attacking methane is the best proof that is nothing scientific in the Shonk’s science. Yes, they all agree that methane is 21 times (2100% more potent greenhouse gas. THE TRUTH IS  COMPLETELY THE OPPOSITE. Use this text and organize a  petition in your respective areas: CSIRO to immediately  stop experimenting with modifying the bacteria that produces methane; into bacteria that inhibits it instead. What they are doing is the biggest ever crime in progress. 

Fact 12: Leading Skeptics and Alarmist are against producing new methane. Please become non-believer in GLOBAL warming, instead of skeptic. Simply: burning methane turns oxygen into water = depletion of oxygen in the atmosphere. Lots of gas has being burned and will be burned = lots of oxygen converted into water. Producing new methane reverses that process, how can that be bad? Reason why Alarmist and the Skeptics are scared to acknowledge my work and my book. Their pathetic ego + narrow vision is harming the climate, not CO2!!! (constructive criticism) In New Zealand, the cattle &sheep farmers are already paying ” Permission to fart tax”.  

Fact 13: government in Australia is delaying methane tax; to split the conservative vote; until they introduce the ‘’flat rate carbon tax’’ first.  Thanks to Mr. Windsor and Oakeshott, (senator Brown’s laptops in Canberra.) Thanks to professor Plimer and his  Smarties.

Cow & sheep are the most noble animals; they have being taking care of people for millenniums. Sheep give warm socks and jumpers, to keep them warm and healthy; not to use synthetic – which comes from crude oil, not renewable. Cow has being giving them baby formula since day one – after gave them milk and cheese and stake and leather shoes; cow is their surrogate mother. Now they are brainwashed to hate and destroy the cow = that’s ”Dog’s Mentality” – I.e. two years after breastfeeding, dog is screwing his own mother.

For sequestration of CO02 by the farmers is squandered millions of bucks. Double stupidity!!!

1] when injected CO2 into the soil -> bigger biomass crops is produced; well, after collecting the corn, beans; the rest is decomposed by the fungi after the first / second rain -> CO2 is released by the fungi back into the air. Therefore: 6 months after CO2 is sequestrated by the farmer, crops harvested – 2-3 months after CO2 is back into the air. What’s the benefit: only propaganda benefits; to portray CO2 as a problem, needs money to get read of it…… for 7-9months?!?!?!

2] sequestrating pure CO2 in the soil, disinfects / kills the essential bacteria in the soil, that’s stupid. Farmers need organic fertilizer, which has carbon in it anyway; to feed the essential bacteria; in the other hand: CO2 pumping in the ground in concentrated form, kills / fumigates all the essential bacteria in the soil…

Sequestration of CO02 by farmers is designed to only corrupt the farmers.

We believe /we know that climate is changing, human can change the climate for better and for worse! We don’t believe in the phony GLOBAL warming; please help us, join the Resistance.


Mitich formulas:       1]   { EH>AE>ECI }         Extra heat > Atmosphere Expands > Extra coldness Intercepts

2] EC >AS >LHR        (Extra Coldness > Atmosphere Shrinks > Less Heat Releases 

               Fire =            2] CH4+4O = 2H2O+CO2  

Cow & sheep =    3] 2H2O+CO2=CH4 +2O2     

methane bacteria contributed in creating every other kind of fossil fuel::


3 Responses to METHANE (CH4)

  1. geeaye says:

    wow… O4

    A rare and wondrous molecule that comes from cows!

    • Baa Humbug says:


      You read the full article and all you could come up with is “wow…O4”?
      Anything constructive to contribute?
      Do you have any criticisms or any obvious errors you’d like to point out?

      Do you feel intellectually inferior? You should.

  2. In the beginning, when I started writing; O4 was 2O2. But I got a lecture: that thing ‘’two hundred and two’’ must be one of those food additives / preservatives, ends up on the pastures, that’s why is coming out of the cows!’’ No, it’s not, but putting the alternative ‘’4O’’ is even more confusing, as ‘’fourthy ’’ – verdict: oxygen has a bad symbol. As O4 it’s as ozone isotope, O3, O4 what’s the difference. As long as letter ‘’O’’ doesn’t bland as a number. It’s much more important the text above. Actually, the most correctly should be: O2+O+O. Yes, people talk about releasing oxygen from the CO2 molecule; but nobody takes in consideration that: grass splits twice the amount of water molecules, than CO2. Well, all that oxygen released by the grass, fire or fungi in few months turn it again into CO2 + 2H2O. The only benefit is; if is turned into methane -> together with other compounds sink in the ground, the methane stays in the ground for million years = released oxygen stays in the air as free, best benefit!

    When somebody is picking on O4, but ignoring the damages in progress, in the name that methane is presented as bad gas – genetically modifying the methane producing bacteria… Instead of helping me to inform the nation of the truth… it says much more about the cows molesters, than about the cow. Shame, shame to both camps!

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