LETS GET TO THE BOTTOM OF IT

Both camps are in opposite direction from the truth on every subject, including sea rising. When in the early 80’s the Warmist changed from Nuclear Winter for year 2000, to GLOBAL warming of 5 /6⁰C by year 2060, the sea raising was the second biggest issue; not climate change. (climate change was inserted years after, when they realized that; they cannot con the western democracies in short period, to pay carbon tax = so they can claim that they prevented the phony GLOBAL warming; by imposing carbon rip-off). Sea was going to rise between 2m -7m. (Al Gore said on one occasion in Australia, that; the sea will rise by 15m) So, Global warming by 5 /6⁰C will melt the ice – that will increase rising; plus warmer ocean water will expand…? WRONG!


The Tectonic plates are constantly squashing, by pressing against each other -> parts are sinking / other parts are rising from the water / mountains are rising, to compensate for erosion. If that wasn’t happening… erosion would have made the lands flat – covered by water; by 1,9km. The highest point would have being 1,8km under water = no grain of sand would have being dry, on the whole planet!

Therefore: in the past 150years, when the ‘’shonky experts’’ see somewhere on the beach; where the high water mark is 50m above today’s seawater level = they declare that: the sealevel was higher by 50m = must have being ‘’warmer planet’’ BULL!!!. BUT, if they go on the other side of that landmass, same imprint doesn’t exist ( some places only on 5km away, it doesn’t exist. But, telling the truth, doesn’t  bring the funds and recognition…

1] all the water in every sea and ocean combined is about 81% of it below 4⁰C, and about 19% is above 4⁰C (39⁰F). Water below 4⁰C, when cools down more – it expands; when warms up, it shrinks. Water in a one-litre container full, or (10cm3) is only one kilogram when is at +4°C. That’s what we are interested in, the magic number (+4°C / 39⁰F). The unit for measuring kilogram has being established by using one liter of water at +4°C temperature, as standard.  When is colder, or warmer than +4⁰C – one litre of water is less than one kilogram, because it expands. In warming of the seawater by 5 / 6°C, 81% of the water in every sea and ocean combined shrinks and 19% of the seawater expands. Please note, seawater, not shallow lakes, but every sea and ocean on the planet that is connected one to the other. If you take one liter of seawater at +4°C and let it cool down 5 /6°C, about 5% will overflow. Or warm it – it will shrink. I am saying about (5%), because of irregular impurity. As salt / mud and other impurities don’t react the same as water to changes of a few degrees.

Experiment: fill up a bottle with seawater at zero degrees, warm it up by 4⁰C, the water in the bottle will shrink. Than put it back into the freezer and cool it by 3/4/5⁰C, the bottle will explode. If that bottle was 1m toll, by cooling it from 4⁰C down to zero, will expand by 5/6%. If that 1m was converted in 1km deep sea = expansion by 50m. On the other hand, by warming – will shrink by 50m (average depth of the oceans is 2,5km). No need to wait 100y to know those factsThe seawater expands when gets colder – shrinks when gets warmer. The laws of physics will be same in 100y as they are today. (unless the shonky scientists make the shallow politicians to abolish the laws of physics in parliament and in UN…?!?! What do you think? Are you a Believer in abolishing the laws of physics, by legislation in parliament?) Or to make ‘’amendments’’ to the laws of physics, to suit the propaganda?!?!

B] Probably you will say: no, the water in the sea yesterday was +30°C and plenty of it, you had a swim. First of all, have in mind that: from 55 parallel north to the North Pole and from 55 parallel South to Antarctica, the surface water does not get much over +4°C. In the tropics warmer water above +4°C does not get deep. I will try to explain why. When you go diving, say about 15m deep and you scratch yourself on the coral, you start bleeding, your blood is a blue colour. Why, unless you are from the royal family, your blood looks blue, because the water close to the surface has intercepted the sunlight photons that register red, UV. Actually every colour of the sunlight that produces heat UV, infrared is intercepted close to the surface. That’s why deep sea and the sky look blue, because blue colour is reflected, what your eyes register (otherwise, sky is black / water transparent. Sunlight reaches up to 100m deep, but when you go down to 90m, you will get more light from a wax candle than from midday sun on a clear day, and that light does not carry /produce any heat. Why nature, or God if you will, made it that way? Whoever made the laws of physics with these phenomena succeeded in two very important things, to get oxygen + warmth down to the bottom.

C]Surface seawater by splashing collects oxygen, plus the rain brings oxygen. Then the current mixes that water with cold water, which is not deep. Reason is to get that surface water down to 3/4/5 and 6°C. Water at those degrees is the heaviest and in the split second that it gets to those degrees, every molecule drops down towards the bottom like shotgun pellets. No losing time, but taking that collected oxygen from the surface to our relatives down towards the bottom. And some warmth of course, +4°C is not warm for you and me, but for those critters on the bottom it’s hot. Nature’s important aim is to get the surface water, that is replenished with oxygen, down quickly. The only way to get it down, is to cool it quickly. Therefore cold water must be close and ready to cool it. Therefore if you dive to 20m and maybe it’s still over +4⁰C, it’s not from direct sun’s heat but by mixing the warm water from above, with the cold water below. From the 55th parallel North to the 55th parallel South there is a very narrow strip of +4°C and above water, we will take a conservative estimate… about 19/ 20% of the seawater in the world. Where the surface water in the sea is about +3 +4 +5°C +6 and +7, it’s easy and quick to get oxygen down (you will find most fish below on that spot, but don’t tell anybody). Just surface water is heaviest at that temperature collecting oxygen from the air and dropping towards the bottom. Big part of the seawater, for big part of the year is oxygen depleted, to sustain fish. (in another article I will explain why; and how to be prevent the water of getting oxygen depleted)

D]With the rest of the ocean, it’s more complicated. We are talking about the first 5mm on the top that is in contact with the air, say water at +30°C on the surface. One molecule takes the warmth from the molecule next to it, upon evaporating makes a refrigeration effect to the other molecule (similar effect as sweat evaporation is cooling your body). That other molecule by losing its heat – loses volume, because its temperature goes closer towards +6 or 7°C (which makes it colder – heavier than the surrounding water molecules). It drops a few metres down where it mixes with some molecules of water that are available at +3°C. Because they are regularly coming up from the bottom where it’s cold. It mixes with those cold molecules and as soon as it gets the temperature that makes water the densest, of course by the law of gravity, drops towards the bottom. That’s how it gets oxygen to the bottom. Of course it distributes warmth too.

E] Another phenomenon from the laws of physics, that never fails, comes from the bottom. By the law of physics the heat goes up = the water on the bottom gets colder. When it gets colder, being far below +4 degrees – those molecules are trying to expand. Because of the tremendous pressure on the bottom cannot expand, instead – the coldest get squeezed up to the top by that tremendous pressure on the bottom like- get squeezed to the surface as in fizzy drink. Yes, if you get powerful magnifying glass, you will see cold water molecules coming from the bottom as in fizzy drink constantly from the deep water. Jumps to the top – brings coldness – cools the warm water molecule on the surface that is replenished with oxygen next to it and makes it to sink. With the moon at an appropriate distance and with help from the wind and tides, mixes the water on the surface constantly. All that process of swapping heat and coldness takes a minute or two. It’s a mechanical pump that never breaks down, or is in need of maintenance. Just using the laws of physics – the real Lord’s 10 Commandments .

Fact: because is much more water of below 4⁰C than above, when seawater gets warmer = it shrinks – when gets colder = the sea-level rises. What the laws of physics disproves = it’s wrong, boys!!! Therefore: suggesting that: warmer seawater = sea rising, is misleading!

ANOTHER FACT:  when sea water warms up extra (usually is on part of the ocean / oceans – as in El Nino warms up one part of the ocean – in La Nina another part (it’s happening, because: depends where the movement of the tectonic plates are in individual year -> that triggers the submarine volcanoes and hot vents to get more active) (99% of the Faulty Lines are on the bottom of the sea = 99% of volcanoes / hot vents distributed there)  B: warmer seawater -> evaporation increases -> 30 -40% more rain on the land. The soil absorbs more water, rivers, lakes get more water; more water on land = less water in the sea, simple arithmetic. They are all back to front! C] on the polar caps, ice is melted from below, day and night, summer and winter; by the geothermal heat. It needs replenishing every season! Warmer seawater = higher evaporation = more ‘’raw material’’ for replenishing the ice! Ice is replenished by freeze-drying the water vapor from the air. Warmer oceans = more water vapor = more ice. Therefore: warmer seawater = more ice. They are back to front on that one also!!!

2] ice that seats on the top of the water in Arctic ocean, is actually about 82% submerged.  In freshwater only about 11% of the ice is above the water, but give them credit, in salty water; up to 18%. The other 82% of the ice that is submerged in the water contains equal amount of air, as there is water in the part above the surface. Therefore, when all that ice melts – air from the ice goes up – water from the ice above, water goes down = zero affect – no rising or falling of sea-level. You can experiment: put in a half a bucketful of seawater a lump of ice. Some of the ice will stick out of the water; but you mark the level of the water on inside the bucket. When the ice melts, water will not rise one bit. So, if all the ice on Arctic ocean melts, and all the ice on the water around Antarctic – will not rise the sea-level by one millionth of a millimeter.

3] the amount of ice on the polar caps doesn’t depend on temperature; but on the availability of raw material to replenish itself every winter. a] the ice seating on the top of salty seawater; strong currents and salt melt a lot. Not from the top, but from below. Needs replenishing, if there is raw material for ice, to replenish it regularly. Average temp on the polar caps is minus -30⁰C. That is 12⁰C COLDER THAN IN YOUR DEEP FREEZER. If it warms up by 5⁰C, will be still 7⁰C  colder than in your freezer. Ice starts defrosting on one degree centigrade (+1⁰C). ‘’Starts melting’’, but, because there is a kilometre thick ice on Greenland, Antarctic -> that ice refreezes the melted few bucketfuls again.

B] therefore, when Greenland got her name, was less raw material for ice = it was colder, not warmer. Same as in the permafrost; the temperature gets to -60 /-70⁰C, below zero, but no ice. The ice on Antarctic continent, same as on Greenland, is melted from below, by the geothermal heat – if less raw material for ice – ice starts decreasing. On same latitude where Greenland has 1km thick ice, in Norway, Finland potatoes are growing. On same latitude, east in Siberia, is the Permafrost. Is not complicated, is it? Ice on Antarctic will never disappear; because she is surrounded by water that provides the raw material for ice replenishment. If some part is without ice, is not because of atmospheric temperature; look for other /real reasons. (There is permanent ice far north in New Zealand and Patagonia).

Less water in the atmosphere and on the land = more water in the sea; simple arithmetic.  Who is against building extra dams to collect storm-water and produce extra humidity / raw material for rain and ice… same Green top-coated Reds; Tim Flannery, senator Brown. Less water on the land = more dry heat produced, to destroy the moisture produced in the air above the surrounding oceans.

Their Verdict: the sea-level will rise. Because of decreasing of ice on Arctic ocean. Less ice as insulator; the water there will absorb much more coldness. The currents will spread that extra coldness south to Mexican Gulf  – than to Black and Baltic sea. Because that extra colder water is heavier than the water on the surface in front of New York – is deep down, but is slowly doing the job. Colder seawater = the sea-level will rise. Same goes with demolishing the ice around Antarctic by ice crusher ships. Exposed water without ice as insulator; will release the heat / or absorb extra coldness, if you will – currents will bring that extra coldness north = less evaporation = less raw material for replenishing the ice. Chain reaction has already started. They are not just wrong on everything, but back to front as well.  The only reason hasn’t happened yet is because of farmers irrigating and compensating with extra humidity in the atmosphere / rice paddies are the best for improving the climate – they have being badmouthed by the ‘’green Warmist’’ more than any other crop.

If only the people knew: how many characters are already making careers on the phony global warming bulldung, and much more intend to, the picture will get clear; why so much aggressive propaganda – and silencing the truth. Who is going to suffer most? The blind supporters of the Green Elite, the people on the bottom. That elite hates CO2, but loves the bubbles in the beer / champagne, made from CO2. As long as they feed their Bulshine addicts on crap…

During the last big Ice Age; northern hemisphere was colder – S/H had warmer days than today. Nevertheless, they state that: because of extra ice on land = the seawater shrunk. WRONG! The sea-level was higher than today: 1: seawater expands when is colder. 2: Mediterranean system was only puddles of water, because Gibraltar was closed; Mediterranean, Ionian, Aegean, Adriatic, Black sea, Caspian, Aral seas were almost dry… WHERE YOU THINK ALL THAT WATER WAS?!!! They contain more water now, than all the water in the ice on Greenland and Antarctic has now. If you drain now all the water from the above-mentioned seas into the oceans, can give clear picture how much wrong they are, by stating that: during the ice age, the sea-level was lower. Instead of draining them: calculate: how much that water would ‘’LIFT’’ the sea-level up; and rub their nose!

Verdict: Fact 1: if the seawater gets colder – water expands a lot, warming water  = shrinks

Fact 2: amount of ice on the polar caps entirely depends on availability of raw material for replenishing every season, not on the air temperature.

Fact 3: expanding deserts in Sahara / Australia – create more dry heat. That extra dry air destroys the humidity created above the oceans = less raw material for rain and for replenishing the ice on the polar caps.

Fact 4: anybody objecting new dams to be built for saving extra stormwater; is indirectly destroying the ice on the polar caps = creation of worse climate.

Fact 5: more stormwater saved on the land = less dry heat created = more ice on the polar caps + better climate on the rest of the planet = green. Less H2O +CO2 in the air = more extreme climate.

By human inventing how to make fire artificially; the mongrels for the last 50 000- 60 000 years burned all the mulch on the ground – water / winds take the ash away -> less and less organic matter on / in the soil – land doesn’t absorb / retain moisture = less rain comes on lands = more dry heat produced, to destroy remaining moisture produced from the sea = less water in the topsoil, less water in lakes = more water in the sea; worse climate. Only 1m3 of less water on the land -> lifts the sealevel on 1km, by 1mm. Lake Chad, is getting dry, Aral sea is almost dry – where do you think that water is??? Sahara can absorb enough extra water, to lower the sealevel by an inch or two. Does anybody talk about building dams and improving water vapour in the atmosphere? NO, they are badmouthing CO2 & water vapor, as bad for the climate = even though those two molecules are essential for the trees / crops

Warmist & Skeptics have a wrong starting point, are backing up the same wrong tree

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