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 Most of the bad warming’s effects from the phony ‘’global’’ warming are happening somewhere far, far away, so: for you is much cheaper to believe them, than to go there and see that they are lying, wrong; your taxes will keep financing the swindlers to go to those desolated places and con the ignorant. BUT: by using the honest laws of physics and common sense -> you can prove that they are lying, without going there; but not for this one:


For the last 20 years, on TV they keep showing chunks of ice falling off the cliff; as their best and biggest proof that ‘’global’’ warming is happening… (they forgot their original ‘’prediction’’ which was: ‘’90% possibility of global warming by 2100’’) How can that melt the ice now, by remote control, from 2100? Don’t ask…

The truth: #1: on sloppy terrain, ice moves slowly; because ice on the bottom is compressed / without air the viscosity of that ice is as good as engine oil. In temperate climate, children know that: when a bit of ice melts during the day – at night refreezes, that ice is transparent / airless and very, very slippery, is like that compacted ice on the bottom of the glaciers; unfortunately, grown up people AND ”scientist” cannot put 2+2= together…

#2: when little-bit of ice on the northern polar cap, on the surface defrosts; because of coming sooth from somewhere -> that ‘’coldwater’’ sinks into the ice and instantly refreezes. B] when coldwater at 4C (39F) refreezes -> it ‘’EXPANDS’’ by 11% / proven by laws of physics. Where is many square km of ice, 11% is a lot of expansion, that ‘’expansion’’ slowly pushes chunks of ice off the cliff. So: ice ‘’expands when is ‘’colder’’ not warmer, and occasionally pushes chunks off the cliff… (experiment: fill up a glass bottle with cold water at 4C (39F) and put it into the deep freezer; the bottle will explode, the colder the freezer, the sooner bottle will explode from the expending ice) The colder the ice, the more it expends and pushes bigger chunks off the cliff; always was happening, and always will!

#3: when too much ice accumulates on the top there -> ice is like dough, keeps spreading, and some falls off the cliff (in northern Europe they make very steep roofs (Gothic roofs); ice to fall down when starts accumulating too much; but that’s another ‘’globe’’ imposable for them to connect) up there is 100m thick ice, much more than on your roof. Is that proof of ‘’global’’ warming? Glaciers move constantly like river. So, the politically corrupt and bias media can show lies in front of your eyes on TV, and make the Warmist happy…  rubbing the Skeptic’s noses constantly, what they can regularly con the public, in front of their eyes

#4: when ice is genuinely melting, starts dripping liquid water, not big chunks falling off the cliff into the water. B] most important:: if the ice was falling for the last 20y, as they present – how com there is not cleared land of 20-50m already in front?! Instead, always their ice is falling from the cliff into the water, in fast moving current. Simple logic would have told them: when ice expends, some goes over the cliff, into the water; because ice has gravity, cannot float in the air as Persian carpet. Only 1m3 of ice is 890kg heavy, when 100m3 of ice is pushed off the cliff, that is many tons of gravity. If Al Gore was pushed off the cliff, he would have fallen also; is big Al melting? Ice falling- is not ice melting (next time when you fall down, drunk, say: ‘’I melted’’)

So: they are not avalanches from the hills either, but glaciers, they travel slower than water in the river, BUT: when same as when water comes to the estuary, mixes with the water there => same with those glacier; if it moves 200 feet. Or 200m in a year; when comes to the edge, chunks are falling into the water; AND THAT IS CONSTANTLY SHOWN ON TV, their biggest proof, AS THE ICE MELTING because of the phony global warming…?!?! Rubbing viewer’s noses, how capable conmen they are… Shame academics watching those lies on TV, and hiding under their rock, shame, shame!!!

If ‘’Warmist’’ are so concerned about the phony ‘’global’’ warming: – why not one of those shonky scientist, or media going there; didn’t stick the thermometer into that ‘’fallen’’ chunk of ice; would have seen that in ‘’that  falling ice’’ the temp is about minus -26C (-13F). Kids would have told them that: ‘’ ice ‘’STARTS’’ melting when inside the ice gets to +1C (33F) = from -26C to 1C needs warming the planet for another 27C, before starts melting from the heat!!! And, we will tell them more: if ice is warmed from the outside, starts melting and dripping water from the surface exposed to the sun. B] heat from outside doesn’t penetrate deep inside the ice, to separate big chunks for showing on TV; because white ice is full of air as a perfect ”insulator”(reason Eskimos build igloos from ice, to keep warm inside)  

A: – every ‘’scientist’’ and reporter going to the polar caps – first must tell publicly lots of lies about the phony global warming – as a prerequisite, to get funds for going to the polar caps; otherwise they don’t want somebody on the polar caps that will squeal and spit the dummy. Question now is: which ‘’independent person’’ is prepared to get there first, and stick a thermometer 3 inches deep into that ‘’falling ice from the cliff’’ to see the correct temperature inside; and ask for court order: –‘’ TV stations to repeat showing as many times as they did, those pictures of ice falling from the cliff / accompanied with apology that: ‘’in the past they were deceiving the people that ice can melt at minus -26C (-15F) and promise to ”LIE LESS” to the public’’ b]scientist that have being going to the polar caps and didn’t bother to take the temp of that ”falling ice” – to reimburse the taxpayer, the money squandered, with modest interest’’ c] academics that were lying to their students; written apology to every student, for brainwashing them.

So: ‘’falling chunks of ice is NOT proof of global warming, but is a proof for few other things: #1: ‘’scientists’’ and media have too much free time and lots of money – to seat there and wait for chunk of ice to fall off the cliff and be filmed. #2: it proves that: if the Warmist had any ‘’genuine proofs’’ wouldn’t be showing that con / crap, as their ‘’best proof’’ for so long b] it shows how reliable all the other data that comes from the polar caps is!!! #3: it proves that: when ice pushed from the cliff, falls down into fast current, because ice is got gravity. Every cubic meter of ice is 890kg heavy, compacted ice even heavier. When 200m3 of ice are pushed off the cliff, that’s 180 tons of ice, cannot stay in the air. Why such a cheap con is getting presented regularly on TV?!?! So: one honest person going there to stick the thermometer ‘’into’’ that fallen ice and a solicitor, can reduce the bias TV and the Warmist to what they really are – traitors of humanity.

                                     ALBEDO ON THE POLAR CAPS

 This comment is from a hardcore Warmist conman /apparatchik:

 { robertscribbler  /  November 19, 2014

No surprise at all. When temps are +30 F above average in the Arctic, the cold has to go somewhere. In this case it’s CONUS.  }

Compare his logic, with the truth: tropics and subtropics are warming the polar caps / polar caps are cooling the tropics and subtropics by winds and currents. So: -for tropics & subtropics to warm up Arctic by 30F – in tropics &subtropics need ‘’first’’ to warm up by 150F. Experiment and see why: make an open fire and stand 15 feet away from it – you will be warmer by only 1F, than the rest of the yard – to get warmer by 2F – you’ll need ”to double the heat in the fire”; because as it gets further away from the heat, less and lees effect; because under the laws of physics, the heat prefers to go UP, not much sideways. From the subtropics to Arctic is much more than 15feet. The sun did go from the parallel of Cancer to parallel of Capricorn before the industrial revolution, as today, and will be the same in year 2100. Therefore ‘’prof’’ Robert Scribbler is constantly lying!

The psychopath Robert Scribbler  doesn’t have any shame at all = Robert: now the bias media fully supports you, but: when the truth is known on the street; that same media will get mercilessly onto you – just to prove to the public: that they were only reporting Apparatchik’s lies –even though they are guilty as hell. Even your peers will start pointing the fingers at each other, when people on the street hear about my proofs; when the thing hits the fen. Robert: ‘’cold doesn’t run away from any heat, as you are saying; but cold would get only warmer’’! So: if Arctic gets warmer by 30F => the warmer areas on the planet would get five times warmer  5 X 30F +20=? That’s how warmer would have being, on the top of the existing heat in tropics and subtropics, including in your Australia, deviate!

Lots of Skeptics have being already confused by the Warmist wrong theories about ”heat radiates a lot” and ”heat goes to where is cold’ wrong again! Heat goes up / ”cold vacuum” brings coldness down. Experiment: make a campfire for 10 days somewhere where is snow  – all the heat produced from the fire will go UP; yes, 15 feet around the fire the snow will melt, BUT: that is because the ”horizontal winds were occasionally collecting  heat and were spreading it around”; definitely not because of any ”heat radiating” or albedo! If you had a car made from steel above the fire would have melted, but all that heat released doesn’t melt the snow in the valley.

Constant celebration on Robert Scribbler’s blog, for Sao Paolo in Brazil not having water. That city is probably the biggest city on the planet, 20 million people – instead of saying to the Pope: ‘’to allow contraception’’  they befriended the Pope, went in the same bed, because the Pope is a populist Warmist…? They know that: overpopulation is bad for the planet, BUT: they never complain about the Pope’s policy; no contraception allowed. Because: they know that: overpopulation = starvation and anarchy, because: they are the most prosperous during anarchy; the more people in misery = their support grows, reason they intentionally create misery Q: what will you get when you cross Marxist Warmist and a catholic Pope?:


Already 3 people pointed to me: on Google illustration about the albedo (two of them Skeptics, but don’t tell anybody) I think it was saying: snow reflecting 80% of the sunlight, forest 40% and water only 8%. No mentioning there about the phony global warming on the polar caps, to make the con more legitimate for the skeptics. Same as anything on Google that can be connected to their global warming, is complete lie, Bullshit produced for the ignorant’s consumption. They don’t allocate space on those posts, where one can make a comment, or ask question; guess why?! Anyway, when I point to them that: a 10 minutes old turtle knows that: water reflects moonlight and from stars, not the forest, reason they go into the water; they think is me who is stupid…

Well, not many people wear sunglasses, when the land is covered by snow; but everybody has sunglasses on the beach. Because water surface has a ‘’mirror effect’’ and you know that mirror reflects much more sunlight than white paint or snow. Look into 2’’ deep puddle of water, deep down clouds and upside down trees and houses. BUT: they are into scaring the people that: on polar caps ice will melt and exposed water will absorb sunlight and create global warming. The truth: a] water reflects more sunlight, than ice b] for 6 months in a year there is no sunlight there to be reflected, BUT: exposed water to the unlimited coldness, without ice on the surface as insulator – would absorb much more coldness and the currents would spread that extra coldness southWarmist ‘’science on the run’’ is always wrong and back to front=when Skeptics using Google for any information connected to the phony global warming, called Climate Change, for confusion; is doing exactly what the Warmist Organised Crime (WOC) expects from them… Those advises are put their exclusively for the gullible and people who want to be trendy and accepted by the Warmist…


#3: Hurricanes, tornadoes, cyclones bring the biggest happiness to the Warmist. My friends, here is real science: ”Hurricanes, cyclones and tornadoes are made of H2O + O2 +N2, -rain made from water and wind, made from oxygen &nitrogen; when get highly electrically charged; nothing, nothing to do with CO2!!! If you don’t want hurricanes and tornadoes – you need to get read of the water, and get read of oxygen and nitrogen, like on the moon – you see: there are no cyclones, hurricanes and tornadoes on the moon, very peaceful place, beautiful. As long as is H20 +O2+N2 on the earth, was and will be cyclones!

How those clouds get too much electrically charged? Starts with a water molecule, when  ”evaporating” gets electrically charged -> lots of molecules make the cloud = lots of electricity. Then, from some desert dry heat comes to that cloud and absorbs half of the moisture, but not the electricity. That happens few times = that cloud ends up with 10 times more electricity, than if it was normal thunderstorm fallen before, on time.

That tremendous electricity accumulated in that cloud starts spinning and sucks plenty of moisture from the sea = you get cyclone, hurricane, typhoon. Because tornadoes are over land, they suck dust, BUT, because they don’t have the burden of spinning too much water, they spin even faster. Nothing, nothing to do with CO2!!!

Solution: get water anyway possible into the deserts – less ”dry heat” produced = less of those natural phenomena. Warmist are against new dams, to save extra storm-water on dry land, because dams improve the climate! See, where is dam or lake, climate is milder around and vegetation is happy; not where H2O is absent. For the climate, for vegetation, it’s irrelevant if is lakes or dams. For example: if in tropical part of Australia; monsoonal areas, creeks and tributaries to rivers that are dry for few months every year, was built 2000 small dams -> most of the deserts inland would disappear – trees would be growing everywhere, as good as in Brazil. Imagine: if in Australian tropics were 2000 natural lakes and trees were everywhere; and somebody tried emptying those lakes, to turn most of Australia into desert (as it is now) would have being international outcry – especially from the Warmist. That can be done in many other countries, where drought is a problem, and improve the climate on the whole planet; Mozambique, Pakistan, Texas, Californian desert. Floodwaters of Congo river to be turned north, can make Sahara into a great Savannah. But now their leaders in OZ, green Senator Brown and Tim Flannery are obsessed with brainwashing the Urban Sheep that: dams on the semi-dry creeks is bad for the environment?!?! Calling us: ‘’Climate change deniers’’ is a desperate lie by the Warmist!!! We are not ‘’climate change’’ deniers – we can prove that climate is changing, climate can change for better also, HO2 changes climate, not CO2!We are ‘’GLOBAL WARMING’’ deniers!! Nothing ‘’green’’ about the Greens – they are against H2O &CO2 that can make the environment green and them back to red; their original colour. For them is SAME climate in deserts and rain-forests, because is SAME amount of CO2. Stop lying Chameleons! and repeat after me: What do we want?! Climate Change! When do we want it?! NOW!!! What do we want?! Climate Change! When do we want it?! NOW!!! very good.

Here just changed from summer climate into winter climate / on N/H the opposite; climate keeps changing. Wet climate becomes dry, even Sahara gets wet climate ones in blue moon. It’s a dirty trick Calling somebody ”Climate change Skeptic, or denier” to give impression to the public that they are all idiots. Actually most of the Warmist use only ”Climate Skeptic” or ”climate denier’‘ How can one deny existence of climate, or be ”sceptical”?! Mercury and the moon don’t have climate, because they don’t have gases BUT: earth, Venus, Mars all have climates – therefore: if you people don’t expose to the public the Warmist dirty tricks = you are endorsing their lies, just to be trendy!

#4: the Missing Heat; people on the street are realizing that the planet is not getting warmer; Warmist concocted that: the heat is gone deep into the sea. What a science… any scientist should know that: warmer water is not as heavy as colder – if you pump warmer water by a pump and pipe deep down ->  would surface in a jiffy. As experiment: because water is colorless – instead of warm-water, use old engine oil for contrast, with a syringe pump it down to the bottom in a bucket full of water, and monitor with a stopwatch; how long will take for the oil to surface; because oil is a bit less heavy than water, same as warm-water is ‘’less’’ heavy than colder water. Therefore: one rusty bucket and $3 syringe experiment, will tell you the truth; instead of wasting millions for equipment to ”search” for the non-existent heat on the bottom of the sea. Therefore: this is a proof that they are lying about ‘’warmer water is deep down’’ plus is a proof that those ‘’scientist’’ don’t know that warm water cannot go deep down, If is down warmed; as from submarine volcano – that warmed water surfaces in a jiffy! Heat from the air has difficulty to warm the water, because: warmer air has contact only with the first millimeter of water on the surface – when that’s warmed, doesn’t go deep down; because warmer water is lighter per volume than the rest of the colder water below.

b]warmer air increases evaporation; evaporation is ”cooling process”. Plus: more evaporation => more clouds, clouds are as sun umbrellas for the sea and land – intercept lots of sunlight high up, where cooling is much more efficient-> ‘’LESS’’ sunlit gets down to the surface – it’s: Temperature Self Adjusting Mechanism (TSAM) Water is only warmed by the sunlight, which penetrates to 100m deep; although, the colors of the sunlight that create heat, don’t go deeper than 12m. Below 100m is always dark and COLD, day and night, EVEN IN THE TROPICAL WATERS!!!

#5: They realized that is not as much co2 in the atmosphere as released for last 150y -> they declared: ’rainforest absorbs much more co2 than we thought’’ what a crap! Rainforest absorbs CO2 exactly as much as it releases in one calendar year. Otherwise every few months rainforests would have exploded as an atom bomb. Instead; the fungi by decomposing all the dead leafs, twigs, branches, logs and roots are releasing the CO2 back into the atmosphere! Every rainforest is carbon neutral. PLUS, nature to make the Warmist look even more ridiculous: up to 30% of the derbies / mulch is converted into methane (CH4) by the bacteria, especially during the wet season! Same as lawnmower grass decomposing clippings, release methane  ch4 —- Warmist: the ‘’lungs of the earth’’ have arse also!!! B] From every rainforest lots of nitric acid, sulfuric acid is produced in the rainforest mulch, and that potent acid is washed by the acidic rivers water into the sea… Warmist, sharpen your axes, and get read of all rainforests, OR admit hypocrisy!

B] Presenting that, all the CO2 emission produced this year – will stay in the air forever, is a great con. Truth: the good Lord made water to wash things, from your dirty hands, to pollution in the air. CO2 becomes ‘’colder” at night than surrounding O&N, CO2 makes water vapor to condense – both together go down to feed the crops and trees – reason 2’’ of rain = crops are more prosperous, than from same amount of flood irrigated water. Rain ‘’WASHES’’ CO2 +SO2+N2 from the atmosphere into the soil, to the leafs, roots of the trees, crops. Therefore: WV is perfect for perfect climate; WV is badmouthed by the Chameleons B] mineral water is actually carbonated water / CO2 washed by the rain in the past from the atmosphere into the soil. Therefore: the more CO2 in the atmosphere -> the more it gets washed down by every rain. We need more rain, where is not enough! 405ppm is  only fodder for the bull-dung beetles on the net, AND for the Urban Sheep, fleeced by the Warmist every day.

C] they declared that: now is 405ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere. If that was the truth – they would have organized already gadgets for monitoring CO2 to be available to buy in every supermarket.  Instead, you have to believe some conmen from Mauna Loa, Hawaii observatory, where are active volcanoes…? Get yourself a gadget and you will see the truth: inside the city is more than outside b] at night is more of CO2 close to the ground, than daytime, when the sunlight is lifting it high up c] before rain is much more than after rain. In the rainforest is more CO2 than in Sahara; if CO2 was regulating climate – in deserts and rainforests would have being same climate!  IS IT?! You ask that a ”climate scientist” D/H.

#6:records from ice cores on Antarctic and Greenland tell about the past. Truth: Ice on Antarctic, Greenland is melting on the bottom, constantly, by the geothermal heat, the heat constantly coming from the center of the earth; up to 1-2m a year gets melted. Similar amount of new ice is created on the top, by freeze-drying the moisture from the air. Therefore: if is 2km thick ice = is 1500y old on the bottom, or close to that age. Ice melts from the bottom – there are lakes, creeks and rivers under the ice – they drain that freshwater to the beaches and in winter that freshwater freezes on the surface / called ”crush-ice”, as perfect insulator, to protect the critters below, from the unlimited coldness in the air. Therefore: the 75m deep ice core already drilled and analysed as 60 000y old, by that doctor; is actually 50-60y old. When you calibrate 60 000y in 60y old ice, what do you get?! Think! There is no older than 3000y old ice on Antarctic, max. They constantly are warning us: Antarctic ice is melting, panic, panic! Truth: on Arctic &Antarctic, when the water vapor from your coffee cup goes out at 95C (203F) – in 7-10 seconds turns into ice crystals. Those crystals are lying, or the Warmist Organized Crime (WOC)?! What do you think? Example: if you can pump enough moist / hot air from around Indonesia to Antarctic -> there is enough coldness on Antarctic, to create another 30km thick ice there, on the top of the existing one, in one season!!! Ice on the polar caps is not created by rain or snow; but by freeze-drying the moisture from the air. (like the old freezer compartments in the fridge, accumulates ice, with zero rainfall or snowfall in the kitchen; that needed defrosting every few weeks) Moist air constantly comes to the polar caps from warmer latitudes; and the coldness there is freeze-drying the moisture from the air.

I use those aircraft on Greenland; as natural, not manipulated experiment / data: since 1943 when those military aircraft landed on the surface – they are now over 170m deep down. That doesn’t mean that Greenland has 170m more ice – on the bottom has melted just as much during that time, by the geothermal heat. That heat is not much, but is shielded by the ice as insulator above, from the unlimited coldness in the air; so that constant small amount of heat is melting the ice day and night, 365 days a year!

B] David Attenborough was saying on ABC TV (the Lefty’s Trumpet) : -‘’where I’m seating here on Greenland,  15m of ice has already melted for the last 20y, that ice was representing the last 10 000 years’. BBC spends big money, to con the public. C] Australian conservative government has given half a billion dollars to CSIRO a month ago… the boss of CSIRO said: ‘’we’ll build an ice crusher ship for our ”Antarctic Division” – to find one million years old ice there’’. In reality: if is 3km tick ice, maximum, is only about 2-3 000y old. This days lies = money – if you want the truth -> you get fired. All proxy data in the past have being concocted for cash, or; to demand cash / funds – that phony ”proxy data” is worshiped by both camps… tragic…

As I always say: all proxy data are ‘’the Grandmother of all lies’’ that data is no exception! All proxy data collected in the past; about the past ‘’global’’ temp, are concocted to con, not to inform! Skeptics, using ‘’proxy data’’ because you think it suits you – is same as putting a rotten apple in your bag of apples => the value of all the apples instantly goes down, in other words: -‘’cherry picking proxy data is not worth it: Skeptics lost the battle against the Warmist, lost the plot; only because of relaying on ‘’proxy data’’… because: all ‘’proxy data’’ is designed to spook the public about ‘’phony global warmings / coolings’’ because: -‘’data about global temp doesn’t exist’’ if it did; would have said: ‘’overall global temp is always the same’’!!! ‘’climatology’’ is not a science; what kind of person would expect to be good weather on the whole planet, all the time? Climatology is an organized crime – confusing the public that bad weather has anything to do with the phony ‘’global’’ warming. They are against saving storm-water on land, which would improve the climate. Dry heat produced in any desert is doing damages in far distant places a] preparing the mulch for bushfires b] destroying moisture in the air and denying rain to many countries, and many more harms. ‘’Climatologists’’ had in the past, and are now tarnishing the name of the honest scientific community. For the city slicers climatologist, rain is bad weather –instead of asking the farmers that are constantly in the environment – Australian farmers are sick of good weather – too much good weather in Australia. In the last 25y ‘’climate scientist’’ increased tenfold /1000% and= are cannibalizing the honest,/ essential professions in university…


I bet you are not going to Siberia, to see if they are lying, so; it’s cheaper to believe them… that’s what they rely on. Well, we’ll know the truth, without going there: #1: when methane explodes in a coalmine, oxygen is present in the mine-shaft for the miners – that explosion disperses only few wheelbarrows of dirt and maybe collapsing a wall/sealing. #2: burning coal deposits in the ground, in Australia; to produce methane – that methane deep in the ground doesn’t explode, even though is fire present and some air pumped in, for continuous coal burning– because of insufficient oxygen available deep down. #3: reason gas bottle explodes and makes lots of damages, is because the bar-be-que is in the backyard, where is unlimited amount of oxygen available for spontaneous combustion, otherwise: if methane is released from the ground, it burns in the air, same as those flames on the oil rigs. #4: therefore: even if methane is available in the ground, without oxygen, can never make any craters, can only push couple of spoonfuls of dirt up!!! On your gas stove is fire, but doesn’t burn inside the pipe that delivers the gas, because in the pipe is no oxygen!

#5:The evidences they are showing on their photos, are either around, or square shaped holes, made by machines / by gold prospectors. #6: in explosion, the dirt is scattered all over, on large radius – around their ‘’holes / craters’’, the dirt is deposited on the first 2m around the hole, by the excavator! Some really big crater they show; is from some desolated place; where in the past Soviets were exploding atom bombs, actually that big crater looks too big even for nuclear bomb explosion – must be a crater from extinct volcano, not two spoonfuls of dirt = ‘’bad Poe’’ . When on a subject: when one of the Warmist tells a lie; not to be embarrassed from his colleagues, who know that he is lying – they call it: -‘’a good Poe’’ which means: -‘’it’s a convincing lie, ‘’ for the cause’’ good on you’’! People can see that: where they are living in tropics, subtropics and temperate areas, temp is same as always was – so: Warmist are constantly informing you of phony ”heatwaves” in Alaska, Siberia – overheating on Greenland; places where honest people don’t go; well Warmist, isn’t it wonderful, we can grow pineapples and bananas on Greenland, Alaska and Siberia?!

B]Lots of timber is harvested in Siberia, for export to western Europe. Branches are left on the ground to rot, as organic mulch. When dry – Warmist extremist start fire, need for the misleading propaganda; because they are the only beneficiaries,. Every moron should know that: ‘’if fire starts because is ‘’warmer planet’’ the biggest fires would be in equatorial Amazon basin, not in Siberia, Alaska and north Canada’’!   President Putin should be told about the fires in Siberia; to look for the arsonist, they are from the Western Warmist Organized Crime (WWOC) in the area. The opportunist will sabotage anything, to promote the phony global warming. Arsonist go to northern Canada, Siberia and Alaska and start fires, a] to get public’s attention, for constant bombardment with lies b] fires release ash -> ash goes away and spreads on the top of permanent ice, they love to repeat ”black ice”; further more: ash is anti-freeze/ defrosts ice! People put salt in winter on slippery ice on the roads / we were sprinkling ash, ash does same job, and is better for the soil than salt.

C] when 170 people burned in Australian bushfires, few years ago – they were still getting scorched in the fires; when the leaders of the Warmist Organized Crime, prof. Tim Flannery and David Karoly were on ABC TV (Lefty’s Trumpet) telling the public that: ‘’those fires are because of the phony global warming (which they refer as ‘’Climate Change’’) and will be much bigger fires in the future’’  They were ignoring that: in that same week when the fires were in Australia – in England, Germany and Poland people were dying from extreme cold’’ and ABC’s reporter wouldn’t ask them that question Therefore: the ‘’Skeptics’’ should open their eyes when any catastrophe; and start pointing the finger at the Warmist Organized Crime (WOC) as beneficiaries /offenders, arsonist, saboteurs! Warmist are most often the arsonist, starting those fires!

D] because they are constantly blaming methane as big global warming gas; some lunatics, given half a chance, to get their hands on ‘’Foot and Mouth disease” or some other exotic virus for cattle, sheep and pigs’’ –they will spread it to Australia, Canada, US, Africa and Europe. Because their propaganda is against eating meat. #2: Also the train derailed transporting tar from Canada to US, big chance was a foul play / sabotaged. Government ‘’Investigators’’ will never point the finger at the extreme Alarmist as Greenpeace; because they are their front line promoters of the phony warming. Unless the public starts first to point the finger at the extremist saboteurs from the WOC…

B] methane produced by decomposing organic matter in intestines, or in mulch – because is produced with other compounds, because of ‘’molecular adhesion’’ sinks in the ground; reason there is lots of natural gas in the ground is: in the past was sinking (natural gas is 95% methane, same family of gasses) – what goes in the air from the cow’s & sheep’s fart, is burned by the UV & IR in the same day. BUT: because they hate people to enjoy a nice fat juicy stake – they badmouth the grazing animals, BUT not the elephant, wildebeest, bison and the rest, do they release different CH4…?! Sheep &cattle turn grass into food, milk, cheese, wool and leather. If is not wool and leather as renewals; would be synthetic, from non-renewable crude oil, AND: when wool & leather is too old, can use it as mulch in the garden – discarded synthetic leather and clots, poison the soil much longer than shopping bags. You get the picture about them?

Satellite telling the ‘’global’’ temp, and 2mm sea level rising; WOW! 

Some people use their brains, and don’t trust the temp data collected on the land, because: #1: they use ”only” the hottest minute in 24h and ignore all the other 1439 minutes in the 24h. #2: thermometers are not evenly distributed, 200 thermometers report for England but 6 for Russia #3: N/H has double the numbers of thermometers than southern hemisphere #4: 2/3 of the planet is covered by water, they have ALL thermometers on land #5: temp is 3 dimensional distributed; when is cloudy – upper atmosphere is warmer, but cooler on the ground, places where is no clouds, is the opposite, even though combined is same temp, but shows different #6: example: in Australia all thermometers reporting to EPA are located on the coast, on the airports in the capital cities, and nothing from inside the continent #7: most important; planet’s temp is not same as in human body – if under armpit gets a degree up it means the whole body is warmer by a degree. In the atmosphere is different on every  100m3 and changes independently every 15 minutes!!! Therefore: they have a back-up, the satellite:

That’s the Father of all lies: #1: satellite makes TWO DIMENSIONAL infrared photos from the ground in a three dimensional atmosphere, because ground is the warmest; similar as you see on the weather report, or in newspapers; big blotches of different colours; in a single colour is over million variations in temp, they don’t discriminate much (even though IR camera does)! For example: when the blotches in north Pacific off Canada start to appear more red than the blotches in the equatorial Pacific – that’s because important conference is coming soon, nothing to do with the real temp. Most of the time they superimpose extra colors by the computer, when is for brainwashing and confusing the Bull-Dung Beetles on the net. Satellites are good for following movements of clouds, for the meteorologists, full stop! Regular showing on the net maps with big red blotches on many places, desolate places = desperation. Cameras don’t tell lies; those blotches have being decided, where to be, when he was seating on the toilet in the morning.  When you make a photo from a person by infrared camera, makes precise silhouette of the person, or animal and background, if different temperatures – same would make with camera from satellite – now the tricky bit: that IR picture is made from 30% of the planet, as example; which means: it covers different time zones – on one end of the picture is 8am, to the other side where is 5pm – any moron would know that: where is midday, should be more red, than where is morning, BUT is not  b] on equatorial regions should be more red than around Canada, but is not – which means: those blotches are made on the instruction from EPA &IPCC. (satellite orbits around the planet in 80 minutes)

Satellite monitoring is for bullshine adicts, nothing more. They are not even monitoring – the ”pretend monitoring” is for justifying expenses and abuse of NASA’s name. There are variations in temp on every 10m altitude, but not on NASA’s infrared picture. If you are a big city slicker – go to hi rise building and check trough the window – as you go higher, temp drops. On NASA’s picture is same temp on the top of 5km mountain as on foot of that same mountain on sea level = proof that they are lying. #2: IF satellites did monitor, their infrared photos would have being showing the difference in temp between sea, lake and dry land, Because, water is colder on the surface, BUT warmer 3-7km altitude in the troposphere = on dry land is hot on the ground, but higher troposphere always colder! 

Can you understand what I’m trying to say: say you have a normal camera and are making a picture from that beautiful rosebush in the backyard – if on the picture the leaves of the red-rosebush look more red than the red flower => you better get yourself another camera, to be a bit technical; your camera is fucked. Same with NASA’s infrared camera in the satellite: if it shows more red in Alaska (because the commissars started forest fires and reported ”heatwaves” there – instead of 6C, was 9C) but is not red in Mexican gulf and Ecuador AND is not more red where is midday on the picture, but somewhere suitable for scaremongering, where is not easy to verify => NASA’s camera is either fucked, OR: those ”red blotches” are definitely superimposed AFTER, in the politburo’s bunker!!! Because NASA became Devil’s Advocate!!! Other countries are squandering money for the phony global warming, based on trusting NASA…. shame, SHAME Yankees, shame!!!

Next time if you see blotches with more red color in desolated places of Siberia than in Congo b] more red in the waters of north Korea and Kamchatka, than around tropical Pacific islands- don’t consume that bull; make that bull to bounce back to NASA – find a way to contact them and give them your opinion. Because: that commissar ”pretending to collect temp data by satellite” – if he intended to fly tomorrow to California beaches -he would have to find out what’s the temp in California, from the weather report, people that are collecting the temp on the land, because regarding ”global temperature” he wouldn’t know shit from clay, from those infrared cameras in the satellite!!! It’s only “sandpit job” 

They are also LYING that: they constantly monitor upper atmosphere temp, and surprise, surprise, is gone warmer?!… You can’t go in their command center and see that: they are lying, but: you know that: 8km altitude on Himalaya, in the subtropics, the snow and ice is as much as always was. All the CO2 produced in Japan and China, as the planet spins eastwards –> all that CO2 goes west over the Himalayas, all ice would have melted by now, but is not warmer! Upper atmosphere cannot get warmer, because: the air there is thinner, and lots of ‘’NEW cold vacuum’’ zooms trough, every 9 minutes, and ‘’the warmed cold vacuum’’ stays million miles behind; as the planet orbits around the sun at 108000kmh! (the only ‘’temp records’’ they have for the upper atmosphere is: when they occasionally send a weather balloon up, but that is monitored only for those 10m3 around the gadget, for couple of days; which is completely unreliable, because of constant change in wind directions at that time AND definitely not for the whole planet) they know that, data must be released, they are paid to mislead -is exclusively for deceiving the Urban Sheep and the Bull-Dung Beetles on the net.

#2: for Global Positioning System (GPS) needs 3 satellites to zoom on, for coordination, and those coordination’s precision is +/-2m variation/ unreliability. B] the satellite to monitor ‘’distance’’ to the earth; can be done by laser from the satellite shooting to the surface of the sea – the time takes the ‘signal to travel to the ground and back to the satellite, divide by two, and you know the distance, cool… BUT: the problems are: a] because the gravity of the moon, Jupiter, Venus, sun effect the earth differently, depends where they are in the relation to the earth; are making the earth to ‘’wobble constantly’’ also the uneven distribution of the water on the earth makes it to wobble. Also the satellites don’t go constantly in a straight line. How to explain… a] those heavenly bodies affect the satellite only a bit, BUT: if you had a pressure point for your feet – you can push the satellite by two fingers, doesn’t need much force.

BUT: they constantly tell that: ‘’satellites are in zero gravity’’  which is very wrong! Satellite’s gyroscope wouldn’t work in ‘’zero gravity’’ –gyroscope constantly points to the center of the earth, to give the handlers coordination; otherwise satellite would be flying in straight line and lost. Second proof for presence of gravity there: the moon’s gravity makes mess of the water in the sea here; earth’s gravity is 9 times stronger and reaches up to Mars orbit. Therefore: satellites  are in much ‘’less’’ gravity, but because is no friction there, they get constantly easy affected in movements.  Bottom line: if you watch from distance the satellite and the earth travelling; would resemble as two drunks walking down the street – sometime 3m apart, then after a minute only 0,5m apart. Reason from the command center, they regularly keep lifting the satellites in higher orbit. The real bottom line: when they say; they can see to a millimeter precision sea-level is risen ‘’in middle of Pacific’’ they are telling you: ‘’they have an order from the Warmist cult, EPA, to tell any lies that would work on the taxpayer’’  Will not tell you that: the distance between earth and satellite changes constantly by more than 2m, 5m, how can they notice 2 millimeters difference?! Sophisticated crap… If you thought that: Jim Hansen, or whoever it is now; sticks telescopic thermometers from the satellite down to the ground on every cubic meter of surface, to monitor the temp; and enrols the 350km long tape  for measuring distance, to see if the water surface is 2mm closer to the satellite or not… you could be wrong by a country mile… They only use those ”laser gadgets” – pointing at solid land; to know: if the satellite loses altitude – to lift him higher. IF they were pointing at middle of Pacific – would have shown that: the sealevel is going up or down by 30 feet, every few days; because the  satellite goes further away from the earth by that much, not the water. NASA is the same name as in the 70’s; BUT completely different people AND are instructed to support different ideology, if they want to get funds. CEO are from the Warmist Cult. When some ”Skeptics” start comparing ”temp data” given to them by the cult; trying to prove the Warmist wrong, by a hundredth of a degree – it’s heartbreaking…  Please, don’t be a collateral damage – instead, keep asking them: how did they obtained the data? b] is he prepared to say that he honestly believes in the phony global warming; when attached to a lie detector?! The way they concoct cheap lies, apart of the Warmist of the lower genera and IQ, not one believes in it!

I guaranty you that:-the old fashioned ‘’stick in the mud’’ is billion times more reliable for monitoring the sealevel, than satellite. Reason they lie that: the sea has risen in the middle of Pacific – where is 5-6km deep = they know that; you would need a very long stick. B] person from NASA that reports those lies must be ‘’hand picked’’ reliable person that will not squeal, but a hardened / loyal experienced liar. All it needs is: to find an honest senator – in an inquiry, ”under oath; to demand NASA conmen to demonstrate what satellite can do, and what are the limitations; with a skeptical scientist present, and expose the lies to the public. I say: to demonstrate; (because in past inquiries, climate scientist have being misleading the senators that CO2 is a global warming gas – now they will manipulate everybody they can, they prefer to collapse US economy, only the truth not to get to the public, instead of admitting that they were misleading the politicians. (By the way: ”I have the real proofs that CO2 is not a global warming gas, in other posts’) Senators should have that right to ask those questions, because NASA is paid by the taxpayers, not by the Warmist Organized Crime (WOC). That would pull the carpet from under the Warmist feet, and they will never get off the ground anymore. Simple job; just ask your senator, to read this postI’ll supply the real proofs, it’s on other posts; that CO2 is not a GWG.

#8: Skeptics think that: if anything suspicious, would be investigated by the authority. Wrong, bullshit, bullshit!!! By now, the bosses for FBI, CIA, Pentagon are Warmist. They are already promoting the phony global warming. Instead, the Skeptics would be investigated, to portray them as bad, not the members of the Warmist Organized Crime; because WOC are creating fear, to promote the same phony global warming. Already politicians spend billions, to promoter the same. They would be investigated,  only if exposed to the public, what they have ‘’already prepared’’ what the real Warmist agenda is!!!…

#2: ‘’Skeptics’’ see themselves and the Warmist on the net as a football spectators from two teams…(if they win this year, we’ll win next – WRONG! When the Marxist insert their people in every government establishment; the stranglehold will last 100y. Bolsheviks gave up after 80 years; because they had Ronald Reagan as strong opponent, not anymore. They already have their people in the White house, in CIA, Pentagon, NASA, and all they need is, to have only their men in the judicatory and heads of police; but: skeptics think that people collecting temperature data every day are reliable / honest…?! I have only one question for the Skeptics: Q: because they were capable to put their men in White House, NASA, Pentagon and CIA; do you really think that; they haven’t replaced long time ago the people that collect the temperature data?!?! So, when you start shovelling and comparing different temperature numbers; for the leading Warmist, you look as a toddlers calculating: how many grains of Oates on different days Santa gives to Rudolf!  Santa is not for real, brothers…!!! Hit them where it hearts them most – expose their lies to the public. They can’t have any legitimate proof of global warming; because cannot be any proof of something that doesn’t exist.  Only the truth is their Achilles’ Hill! All the ”temperature data” are lies produced by THEM.

I strongly suggest to the ‘’Skeptics’’: go to some Warmist blogs – you will see this: they are the happiest, when they get up in the morning and hear on the news that somewhere are floods. droughts, cyclones, forest-fires or any other sufferings – if there isn’t any for that morning; they invent some, far away from the public eye = global warming lost its compass, again and again, and again… Because the psychopathic genes are the most prevalent in them. You ‘’skeptics” should go occasionally to their blogs and remind them: -‘ if on 3% of the planet is a bad weather and on 97% is good weather, even though CO2 is everywhere = they should say: ‘’thanks CO2 for the good weather!’’(good weather is very depressing for them / when they talk about being warmer some place – ask them: to look at the same time where is colder than normal. Because: under the honest, normal laws of physics: when is warmer than normal somewhere ALWAYS is colder than normal some other place / places) Most the debate on those blogs is about Marxist doctrine; destroy the capitalism / democracy by; prevent use of fossil fuel, and any other means; to destroy the economy (not many capitalist in Ethiopia and Somalia). Here is an example::

Naomi Klein: To fight climate change we must fight capitalism by John

Yes John, Pol Pot and his friends had exactly the same ideology and doctrine, as you and your apparatchiks… destroy businesses that employ people and create wealth – agrarian, subsistence utopia is better…?! In agrarian utopia parasites like you John and other Warmist Foot solders are the first to fall off the truck!

Their followers from the lower genera and IQ cannot comprehend that: if fossil fuel is not used => four billion people would be dead from starvation in few months => that makes them  ‘’premeditated mass murderers of 4 billion people’’. They will be the first to fall off the truck – because not one of them produces anything. When economy collapses – the producers only survive, not the parasites depending on a bankrupt country/ government! Below is example from a typical hardcore Warmist blog, psychopath indoctrinating other psychopaths:

Induce the collapse of particular successful companies, industries, to bankrupt democratic west – when empty belly, people are ready for anarchy; they know how to manipulate people. Warmist are against building new dams, where is dry climate; because dams / water on land improves the climate. Warmist create catastrophes, so they can fix the problems, for big cash –same as: with one hand they are squeezing your nuts, and to show the public how good they are – with the other hand are selling you painkillers – you have to buy it, to minimize pain.  Are you going to buy their solutions for the problems they are creating? Or, will you read the instructions on their blogs; what they are really  planning to do, to establish Pol Pot’s  Utopia of Agrarian subsistence?! They would be investigated, only IF: first copy their 3 posts on a disc (below are the links); because they are using the net for informing and enlisting; but would wipe it off, if cops start investigating them – then expose their plans to the public, what they have ‘’already prepared’’ what the real Warmist agenda is. Expose their plans to the public! Here are the 3 links to their leader’s posts, see their ”Smocking Gun” preparing sabotages; please click and go there, copy on discs what they have, and inform some honest politicians; if there is any non believer in the phony global warming elected left; this days not many ”honest” get elected, go on, click on those links below:

Implementing DEW                                          Collapse Scenarios

The Four Phases of DEW



  1. omanuel says:

    They were using the compass Joseph Stalin designed for them in 1945.

    The AGW debate is over and the reputations of scientists, the National Academy of Sciences and research journals are now only memories.

    AGW proponents lost the debate but retained all the political power and all the federal resources used to promote this and many other scientific scams.

    The question is, “Why does our government use public tax funds to deceive the public?

    Nobody wants the answer: Stalin effectively won WWII and united nations [UN] and independent national academies of science [NAS] into an Orwellian Ministry of Consensus Science Truth on 24 Oct 1945:

    Click to access Introduction.pdf

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  3. futuretimeline says:

    What a load of moronic shit. The science is settled – only a total moron would deny this.

  4. ONE SHOT MANY BIRDS: via @Raveendrannaray WHO WILL WIN THE CLIMATE WAR? The Climate War will be won by those who are having the Oceans & Seas analysis since 1980. So by strictest regulations and strictest enforcement CAPTURE Concentrated DEICERS by erecting ZERO DISCHARGE SYSTEMS ( Z.D.S.) in Desalination Systems and build more ice masses & glaciers –>>>> ONE SHOT MANY BIRDS —->>>>> 3° C TEMPERATURE REDUCTION IS POSSIBLE + NO MORE ESCAPING OF METHANE FROM ICE SHELVES + NO MORE OZONE HOLES + NO MORE SEA RISE + NOT MUCH STRONGER HURRICANES + NOT MUCH CALAMITIES+ NO MORE EXTREME WEATHER + PLENTY OF DRINKING WATER FROM SEA WATER + MORE FOOD & VEGGIES + WORLD ECONOMY WILL BE GOOD + WORLD PEACE –>>>>> ” AIR CONDITIONING OF MOTHER EARTH ” = WORLD PEACE.

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